bean paste stew


- Name: Lee Jae Yoon
- Blood type: O
- Family background: Parents, younger sis
- Birthday: 1994.08.09 / Leo

- Almamater:
     Myungseong Kindergarten
     Daecheon Elementary School
     Daecheon Middle School
     Busan Seongji High School
     DongA Institute of Media and Arts (currently attending)

- Personality: Gentle, humorous. Sincere and polite.
- Hobby: Playing piano, listening to music, internet shopping,
     singing, doing sport

- Favorite food: Meat, bean paste stew
- Good at cooking ramyeon
- Favorite sport: Sport at gym, baseball
- Favorite movie: ‘More than Blue’
- Favorite nickname: Yoon-ah~
- Fashion style: Dandy, boyfriend-look
- Collecting fans’ heart
- These days he fell for you (FANTASY)
- Wants to appear on SBS ‘Running Man’
- Close to SF9
- Wants to get close to Kim Dong Ryul
- Ideal Type: Someone who looks like his mom
- Question for fans:
     How much do you like us~? I really like you guys

(rough translations by soobuin)

Roller Coaster

Pairing: Jihan

Words/Rating: 2.6k/G

Summary: Jisoo rides a roller coaster for the first time and holds Jeonghan’s hand the entire time. College AU

Notes: I’ve never been to Lotte World myself, all I had for reference was a map I found on Google Images ;_;

If there was one thing that Hong Jisoo knew, it was that he absolutely hated Hansol right now.

Jisoo didn’t know what made him say yes to the boy about going to Lotte World. Maybe it was the bright boyish grin Hansol had when he talked about the roller coasters he’d been on or the toys he’d win. Maybe it was the longing in his eyes of a day without having to work. Nonetheless, Jisoo couldn’t say no when Hansol asked him while clutching the tickets in his hands one Saturday morning.
“Hyung! Jisoo hyung! You’re gonna be late for school!” Hansol shouted while shaking him awake.

Jisoo woke up with a start. 

“What?! What time is it, is it 10 already?”
Jisoo looked down at the papers he had slept on and groaned at the smudged graphite. He’d have to rewrite all of it before class starts. What was even worse was that he hated that the professor gave such a large assignment yesterday. Didn’t he know that college students want to enjoy their weekend too?
Wait yesterday was Friday, and today was Saturday, which meant no school!
“What the heck, Hansol?”
“Come on, Jisoo hyung! I got tickets to Lotte World! We need to have a bit of fun before we get all old and wrinkly!” Hansol whined. Jisoo raised an eyebrow at that.
“The last time you took me to Lotte World, you tried to set me up with Seungchol.”
“I’m not trying to set you up with someone this time, I’m serious!” He gave Jisoo his signature pout, which he knew Jisoo couldn’t say no to. The kid knew he was weak to it and exploited it wholeheartedly.
“Fine, I’ll go,” Jisoo relented. “Just let me get ready.”
Jisoo didn’t have anything against amusement parks, but he prefered carnivals. He even took a few dates before to them.  He was pretty good at knocking down blocks and shooting baskets, so at the end of the day he would be able to give a huge stuffed animal to his date.

But roller coasters were different. He’d always chickened out whenever his friends wanted him to go to Six Flags with them when he lived in LA. Jisoo had heard horror stories of the rides there, rides with 9 loop-de- loops and one’s that flip you upside down and all around. He’d say some excuse that his parents were grounding him or that he needed to go to church whenever he was invited. Jisoo was scared of them, plain and simple. He was hoping that Hansol just wanted to go ice skating or visit the Folk Museum.

Much to Jisoo’s dismay, Hansol wanted to go onto all the roller coasters.

“Dude, lets go on the Giant Loop! Or the French Revolution!” Hansol excitedly suggested, pointing at the map that they had picked up at the front gate. “They look awesome!”

Jisoo looked over his shoulder to look at the description of the French Revolution.

“The French Revolution: Intense high speed train that makes 360-540 degree twists and turns,” Jisoo read, slowly feeling dread pool in his stomach.

“Man that sounds sick,” Hansol jumped up and down in glee. “Come on, let’s line up before there’s a lot of people!”

They waited in line for about thirty minutes before being able to get on the ride. The weather was pretty cool during that time of year, but Jisoo’s legs hurt. It also didn’t help that he had time to think of the many ways he could potentially die today, or humiliate himself by throwing up later. He chewed on his Twix bar nervously.

“Jisoo hyung, are you nervous or something,” Hansol asked. “Is this, like, your first time on a roller coaster or something?”

“Yeah,” Jisoo answered quietly. Hansol ignored him and started groaned loudly.

“Hyung, can you save my spot in line? I need to use the bathroom…that chili dog is fighting me right now,” Hansol whined. Jisoo nodded quickly and motioned for him to leave. He felt guilty for causing the boy to have stomachache by eating the chili dog that he bought for him.

“Sorry Hansol, I’ll buy you some cotton candy later,” Jisoo suggested.

“Ok hyung!” Hansol yelled as he rushed towards the bathroom.

The line was inching closer and closer to the front. ‘It’s been ten minutes already! Where did Hansol go?’ Jisoo looked around nervously. Was the chili dog that bad? He kept checking his phone, but he didn’t get any messages. Jisoo was seriously worrying about him.

He was so worried, in fact, that when the line moved forward, he wasn’t watching where he was going and tripped. Since everyone was so tightly packed, he ended up falling and clinging onto the person in front of him.

Jisoo could feel the heat rise up to his cheeks (and smell a pleasant flowery scent from the stranger), and quickly pulled away. When the stranger turned around, Jisoo bowed in apology. When he looked up, he could’ve sworn he saw an angel.

Jeonghan was tired of school. All he wanted was to graduate at this point. He stopped aiming for High Honors or a Distinction. Jeonghan had lost all his passion for marine biology, which bored him to death now.

The only spark to his life was the amusement parks.

Jeonghan loved Lotte World. He loved amusement parks and carnivals in general. They filled him with energy and fun and corn dogs. When his friend Junhui gave him a season pass to the popular park, he almost kissed him right there.

What he loved most were the roller coasters. His favorite were largest ones that take you so fast you can’t even think! The only reason why Jeonghan would take a vacation to America would be to go to the popular Six Flags there. He’s heard horror stories of the rides there, rides with 9 loop-de- loops and one’s that flip you upside down and all around from one of his friends who used to live in America.

For now, though, he was waiting in line for the French Revolution. He’s been on this ride tons of times, but he could never get tired of it. The wait was worth it, he thought.

Jeonghan was listening to a song cover one of his friends sent him, a Boo Seungkwan, until someone roughly back hugged him?

The stranger immediately let go of his waist, and Jeonghan turned around to see them bow quickly. Jeonghan could only see a messy mop of black hair in front of him. The stranger apologized and looked up at him. When they made eye contact, Jeonghan knew he was a goner.

The stranger had gorgeous complexion and hair that was stylishly messy. He had kind eyes, ones that looked like they smiled a lot, that curved upwards like a cat. Not to mention his pouty, very kissable looking lips. And he was wearing a worried expression.

Jeonghan hurriedly stammered that it was ok, and he’s fine, and that no bones were broken. He immediately saw the weight lift off of the stranger’s shoulders as he smiled widely, which made his eyes curve into crescents.

‘Holy crap he’s so cute,’ Jeonghan thought.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so glad I didn’t hurt you,” Jisoo smiled. “I’m usually not this clumsy!” Jisoo was relieved that the pretty boy with the ponytail was good natured and nice.

Jeonghan laughed, “It’s alright, I think everyone trips over their own feet at some point.” Then he looked around and asked, “Are you riding with anyone?”

“No, I’m by myself,” Jisoo replied. ‘I was kind of abandoned,’ he thought to himself quickly.

“That’s good, we can go together! Riding with someone else is always better than going by yourself,” Jeonghan smiled.

Jisoo smiled back, but he was panicking inside. This pretty boy wanted to ride with him, and he’d never even been on a roller coaster! Gulping down his fears, he thought of some questions to ask to make conversation.

“Yeah I like all kinds of stew,” Jeonghan answered. “Kimchi stew, bean paste stew, budae stew…”

“I like chicken,” Jisoo replied. “It heals my heart.”

Jeonghan cracked a smile. “How does chicken heal your heart?”

Jisoo lost track of time as he kept talking to Jeonghan, who he found out was the same age as him and grew out his hair because it makes him look sexy. They talked about favorite movies, favorite candies, and annoying teachers. He was so into their conversation, he didn’t realize they were about to get on the French Revolution until Jeonghan asked him which seat he wanted to sit on. The gate opened and Jisoo was screwed.

Jisoo decided to sit on the right side so he could get out first or puke, whichever came first. He was nervous, fidgeting in his seat and clasping his shaky hands together in prayer. 'God, please give me the strength to not kill Hansol for making me ride this….’

“Are you okay,” Jisoo heard Jeonghan ask. “Is this like your first time riding a roller coaster?”

“How did you know?” Jisoo replied weakly. Jeonghan pointed to his hands, which were trembling as he answered.

Jeonghan took his hand and intertwined his fingers with his. “Don’t worry, I’ve been on this ride dozens of times. You’ll be fine. I’ll be here with you the whole time.” Jisoo could feel his heart beating in his throat as he nodded at his words.

Jisoo let go of his hand when the ride’s attendants finally came around to them and started to strap them in. He heard over the speaker, “Is everyone ready? Let’s go!”

The roller coaster started moving, and Jisoo grabbed Jeonghan’s hand again without noticing in fear. He only noticed when he felt Jeonghan squeeze back to comfort him. Jisoo turned to look at Jeonghan, beautiful Jeonghan who had on a calming smile for him.

“Jisoo, I’m here for you.”

When the French Revolution went over the first bend, Jisoo screamed a high C. He didn’t even know he could reach that note. The ride was fast, faster than anything he’s ever riden before, and the wind smacked his face with each twist and turn. Jisoo almost fainted when they went upside down on a loop de loop, the force pushing on his head. He could hear Jeonghan laughing and screaming next to him joyously, carefree.

The ride was short, shorter than he expected. But when it ended, both Jisoo and Jeonghan were catching their breath, their hands still firmly clasped together.

Jeonghan turned to see Jisoo’s reaction to his first roller coaster. He felt Jisoo’s hand squeeze his tightly during the ride, especially during the loop de loop. When he looked, Jisoo was looking back with a large smile on his face.

“That was…really fun,” Jisoo panted. “A lot more fun than I thought it would be.”

Jeonghan laughed at that. “See, I told you that you can trust me!”

They let go of their hands to take off their restraints and got off the ride. Jisoo almost tripped the second time that day and was wobbly on his feet. Jeonghan put a hand on his shoulder to steady him. Jisoo started giggling, much to his confusion.

“Jeonghan, your hairband came off,” Jisoo pointed out. He reached out to comb his fingers through his brown hair. Jeonghan started to blush and grabbed Jisoo’s hand with his.

They were interrupted, however, by a beeping noise.

Jeonghan took out his phone and sighed. He looked apologetically at Jisoo.

“Sorry, I told one of my friends I was meeting up with him ten minutes ago,” Jeonghan explained, looking at the smart phone with disdain. “He’s trying to set me up with someone again.” Jeonghan sighed and started to leave, but then ran back to Jisoo. “I almost forgot, let’s exchange numbers.”

Jisoo usually never did this with someone he barely met, but Jeonghan was a cute guy, so how could he refuse?

“Alright, let’s meet up sometime, yeah?” Jeonghan suggested as he walked away.

“For sure!” Jisoo responded excitedly.

Jisoo watched Jeonghan’s back as he walked away to meet up with his friend before realizing he needed to find and kill Hansol. He looked at his messages and saw that Hansol was waiting for him at Rhine Land, which was suppose to be a place to get hamburgers and hotdogs according to his map. He sighed and replied that he was on his way. Hansol messaged him a winking face, which Jisoo knew meant that he had brought someone to set Jisoo up with again.

Jisoo knew Hansol meant well by putting him on these blind dates, but wasn’t it kind of humiliating for someone younger than you setting you up? Jisoo may have been single for a while now, but that didn’t mean that he was unhappy. Hansol had way too much time on his hands.

When Jisoo arrived in the dining center, he straightened out his shirt and smoothed out his jeans. He pushed the door open and looked inside for Hansol.

Hansol was waving wildly in one of the booths, and the person he had unfortunately dragged with him here was sitting across from him. Jisoo walked towards their booth and was about introduce himself when the other person started to laugh.

“Jisoo?” Jeonghan laughed. Jisoo could feel a weight lifted off his shoulders when he saw it was Jeonghan and not some random person.

“Jeonghan?” Jisoo blinked. “You know Hansol?”

“I should be asking you that,” he replied as Jisoo slid into the booth next to Hansol. “Hansol and I have biology together.”

“You guys know each other already?” Hansol said in disbelief. “How?”

“We met after you abandoned me on the French Revolution,” Jisoo replied dryly. “Jeonghan was kind enough to ride with me.” Jisoo couldn’t explain why he started to blush, but Hansol started to giggle at him.

“You like him already, don’t you hyung,” Hansol teased, poking his red cheeks. Jisoo hid his face in embarrassment.

“You’re so cute, Jisoo,” Jisoo heard Jeonghan say. He looked up to see Jeonghan look back at him with a pretty pink dusting his cheeks. “Don’t worry, I like you too.”

Hansol started gagging at that. “Alright, I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone,” Hansol said, leaving the booth. “I’ll see you in class on Monday, Jeonghan hyung…Or later at our dorm,” Hansol winked.

“Get outta here, Hansol,” Jeonghan laughed. “Stop making Jisoo think I’m like that.” Hansol left with his hamburger in hand and a satisfied expression. After he left, Jeonghan smirked at him.

“He gave me his credit card and told me to treat you,” Jeonghan grinned larger. “Wanna go see how pissed off he’ll be when he sees he’s bankrupt?”

“I’d love to,” Jisoo replied with the same mischievous smirk. “I need revenge from being abandoned earlier.”

If there was one thing that Hong Jisoo knew, it was that he absolutely hated Hansol right now. How could he not have introduced Jeonghan to him earlier? Jeonghan, who he found out was the same age as him, who grew out his hair because it makes him look sexy, and who was holding his hand tightly as they ran towards the nearest gift shop. 

Maybe roller coasters aren’t such a bad thing. 

140120 10asia - The reason why we became singers (Interview)

JYP Entertainment unveiled their new rookie group GOT7. On the 15th, they held their garage showcase and showcased their debut stage on various music programs, already at the center of the attention. In fusing together martial arts and bboying, they carry out an impressive performance with martial arts tricks and have come out with strong, addicting music that has JYP’s special sound. Not only that, but they also have stage manners that can’t be seen from rookies that they show off. They’re all ready to be on their toes as KPOP’s representing candidate with talent found in Namyang-ju, Mokpo, Jinhae, Ilsan, and other places within Korea as well as foreign countries like United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. By building the nest in JYP Entertainment, we decided to hear their reason as to how they became GOT7 and why they wanted to be singers.

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I scoffed when I read what TOP said in 2010 that he likes working in the industry because he could learns a lot by working with different kinds of people and all of the people he met were some sort of role models in some degree or another. But it seems true,even outside of his work, he does have the patience and the curiosity to admire different people. He learns how to cook bean paste stew from an ajumma in HK to professing admiration for the chandelier-makers in Milano. It’s interesting.



My earliest memory Guess I was six and was watching Teletubbies and refused to go to school. Then I got yelled at by my Dad.

What I picked at Doljanchi The pen (*doljanchi= a Korean tradition that celebrates the first birthday of a baby)

When I was a kid I wanted to become A doctor

Ulsan, my hometown is A city by the seaside, a very comfortable place with no many cars. Looking at the sea and eating sashimi there makes you feel awesome!

Most memorable shooting or show D GNAK BY KANG D SS14 at Seoul Fashion Week. It was my very first show and I was so nervous. That show was not like standard catwalk but playful like dancing and jumping around with loud funky music. It made me feel relaxed.

I love eating Korean Spicy Chicken Stew “Dakdoritang” (닭도리탕) and Korean Bean Paste Stew “Doenjang Jjigae” (된장찌개)

I am good and suck at I am good at enjoying life fully! But sometimes I plan too much and can’t put it into action. I always write down my plan at night in bed like “Dear Ki Yong, tomorrow you will: Wake up at 7am, big breakfast at 8am, work out at 9am, read a book at 11am, meet friends at 1pm…” But then when I wake up the next day it’s already noon… ㅠㅠ

I am happy and sad when I am happy at work and sad when things don’t go how I want.

Dear Santa, I’ve been a good boy this year please bring me A good time. During free time I love to spend time alone watching a movie or listening to music. I also like hiking and taking polaroids of the memorable times of my life.

I want to go to Southeast Asia.

My favourite music Chill out music at home. And “Fighting Music” which gives me energy when I am at work, e.g. Kanye West “I am a God” or Michael Jackson’s album “Xscape”.

My goal in five years and my ultimate dream To be a better model. And it would be nice if I could try acting one day. I like Brad Pitt and Hwang Jung-min.

My motto 이것 또한 지나가리라. This too shall pass.