bean nebula


Wowie zowie my hands hurt. I finally finished a collab with the lovely @thegalaxyrose-art-blog and jeepers it was awesome!

The first pic (line art by me/color by her) is a fusion between Dioptase (spelling?) and Charoite to make Nebula Stone a deadly glam binch with a razor whip

and the second pic (line art by her/color by me) is a fusion between Green Bean (Light Green Pearl) and Almandine. Since Almandine is a form of garnet we decided a Sardonyx would be the way to go. Green Sardonyx uses mirrors that can zap light beams and it’ssofucckingcoolidontdeservethis.

It was fun as balls to do and I’m really looking forward to doing more shit with her, u go girl.  

Cotton Candy Nebula - The nebula known as N11, complete with sparkly star clusters embedded in fluffy pink clouds of gas. This exceptionally energetic star-forming region, also known as the Bean Nebula, extends over 1,000 light-years in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Three generations of star formation have created shells of gas and dust which are being blown away by radiation from the newborn stars.