bean nebula

Plz add more post IW headcanons !!!! Can we talk about some potential post infinity war headcanons plz n thank u???? Like I want a Tony Stark who SURVIVES and STAYS STRONG™ during and after the fight against Thanos! A Tony who seeks out PROFESSIONAL help after everything is cleaned up– i.e a therapist, social worker literally anybody who is willing to LISTEN and HELP HIM work through his potential PTSD and grief!!

I want a Pepper who DOESN’T get upset/scared when her loved one has a PTSD/grieving episode!!! I want Tony to have support from her– knowing that even if his actions scare her, she will stay with him and hold him when it’s dark

I want a Peter Parker who SURVIVES and SUCCEEDS after infinity war (plz god plz). I want him to be able to rely/trust his new avenger friends– BUT still have a normal life (plz don’t spoil his secret identity it is so marvel-y pure™)


Headcanons continued: I want a peter Parker who has grown from his new experiences when working with the avengers, I hope he has new SUPER FRIENDS™ but keeps his regular friends (luv u Ned n Michelle) – Idk I also wish this lil bean doesn’t get any srs PTSD he doesn’t need that in his life.

I ALSO WANT A RHODES WHO STAYS IN TONY’S LIFE AND WHO IS GETTING THE TREATMENT HE DESERVES BC I WANT HIM TO WALK AGAIN PLZ. I want this manz to have the world and the moon. Give this man his legs and more bc Tony needs him and he needs Tony (plz give me a pepperony wedding w/ him as best man????)

I want a Thor (beautiful n wonderful Space Labrador) who is HAPPPPPPYYYYY who is able to live a normal life in Asgard and be a part time avenger still (only when the world is in grave danger) I want him to be friends w/ Peter Quill, just kicking intergalactic ass together.

I want a Peter Quill who is finally reunited with his grandfather plz n thank u- his grandfather needs to know that his daughter was not ‘crazy’ when she was always talking about the stars. I also want a Peter Quill w/ a fricking IPod with music picked from every avenger / Marvel superhero (you betcha Tony would pick some AC/DC for his new pal)

I also didn’t realize I really needed a Peter Quill x Thor friendship until now plz lord help me tooooo cute!! (This is my new favourite headcanon)

I want a Rocket and Groot duo finally taking a break plz just doing easy work after infinity war – also keeping in contact with their new friends!

I want a Gamora who is independent now because she has no more evil power hungry purple lard-ass dad to worry about. I also want her to let Peter more into her life plz marvel be nice to her she deserves the world n more –> plz note I also want an actual SIBLING RELATIONSHIP WITH HER AND NEBULA. I NEED THESE TWO GIRLS TO BE STRONG TOGETHER AND JUST KICK ASS!! I WANT THEM TO DO SISTER STUFF

I want a Steve Rogers WHO CAN FINALLY TAKE A BREAK BRUH IDC IF U GIVE UP THE SHIELD AND CAP FOR GOOD BUT Plz plZ PLZ LET THIS BB BOY JUST CATCH A BREAK – I also want him and Tony to talk things out after IW (@marvel plz don’t kill either of these angels)!!! (Somebody plz add more I am too emotional to think of anything else for this precious sun n light of America)

???I maybe want a Bucky Barnes(yah I just want Bucky tBH)?? Jk jk I want a Bucky Barnes who is working on himself now (mAYBE EVEN IN WAKANDA he can eat all the plums he wants, read all the books he wants, catch up on all the history that he missed out on whilst being a badass hydra assassin – maybe I also want him to be the new cap but we can talk bout that another time.

I WANT A SAM WILSON AS A FRICKING FULL TIME AVENGER WHO HAS HAPPINESS AND GOES ONTO ROAD TRIPS TO SEE BUCKY N STEVE PLZ N THANK YOU. I want this bb to just be amazing and still work as a social worker (bless this boy honestly) with soldiers n maybe even SHIELD agents who are suffering w/ PTSD

I want a Natasha who is taking some time by herself, plz let this role model of a icon (English plz) maybe teach girls of all ages how to defend themselves against the evils of the world (plz not Clint would host the male equivalent of this bc the world is a scary place for everybody). Maybe let nat even let her guard down for a bit— let her live her life she deserves– have girl nights with her friends– visit Clint n his beautiful family– keep in contact with Steve n Bucky n Sam n Tony n everybody tBH but let her live

I want a Clint Barton who stays sarcastic as always but is finally with his family, maybe teaching archery to his kids??? I’m so glad he has a lil farm plz don’t blow up his lil farm

I want a Wanda WHO FINALLY GETS THE COUNSELLING SHE DESERVES AFTER LOSING HER BROTHER AND GETTING BLAMED !!!! I want her to have a normal teenager years/ early adulthood– maybe let her be friends with peter they can gossip bout everybody. I want her to be happy and not scared. I also want her to be w/ Vision plz


Cotton Candy Nebula - The nebula known as N11, complete with sparkly star clusters embedded in fluffy pink clouds of gas. This exceptionally energetic star-forming region, also known as the Bean Nebula, extends over 1,000 light-years in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Three generations of star formation have created shells of gas and dust which are being blown away by radiation from the newborn stars.