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anonymous asked:

Can I just tell you how much you're appreciated and loved

So here’s the thing. I try my best to keep my personal shit off my blog right. I feel like my blog should be a happy place full of ships and art and prompts. Then I have days. I call them bad days. It’s not actually that anything has happened, it’s just that on my bad days (though it’s been more like a bad few months tbh) anyway on my bad days I have more trouble with my invasive thoughts and with my anxiety and with even making myself get out of bed for christ sake. It gets so bad even my sensory tricks don’t work. Normally I can shower and I feel calmer. Today I showered for a ridiculous amount of time and in the end I got so sick of shaking and crying that I forced myself to get clean and get out and it felt like a waste of time.

So here I am, still feeling super shitty, and then this lovely anon comes along. Like I kinda know in my brain that people appreciate my answers and advice but to hear it direct? I fucking cried ok? I don’t miraculously feel better but it eased some of the pressure and I can’t even express what that means to me.

I try and keep my misery guts crap to a minimum on my blog for obvious reasons but any time my depression and anxiety creep through onto my blog I get this reaction. Dozens of kind words, hugs, offers to talk and messages like this that tell me I’m valued and I cannot even explain how much I appreciate that gesture…

Anyway, thanks nonny. You did good.