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So I saw this pic of Liam and I can’t help but notice that there’s a full-on Batman figure pendant hanging off his neck. Could that pendant be the one on the right? I dunno if you guys remember but Liam liked that pic on the right which is an IG post done by a well-known jeweler (Mr. Flawless) Mr Flawless’ store is based in NYC so did he make a quick trip there while he’s in NY to get that pendant?


OmniPJ Chibi Ship!

PaperJam belongs to @7goodangel

Omni belongs to @cereusblue

Art belongs to me!


Uncharted Screenshots [8/?] - for @mrscocoachaos​!


day 95/??? of ultimate bias; Lee Hongbin


I wanted to change Puppe’s height after realizing both Void and Straight are shorter then Six too. Then this happened. (Correct me if I have their height wrong)

Straight - @morbidmist

Void - @veeenaaake

Puppe - Me

Also, if this is right, Straight is smol af.

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mf and uf sans what admits they think it's kinda hot when their skeleton partner gets jealous/protective of them?

Please let me know if I assume something wrong Okay! I guess you mean their SO admits that they think it’s kinda hot?


Boss Daddy (Mf Sans): This bean loves that. Seriously. He may not be that good in a relationship but he can protect you. He’s had a few bad relationships in the past that ended because he got jealous so this actually comes as a surprise. But hey… if you like being whisked away to do unholy things whenever some asshole starts flirting with you, who is he to say no to that.

Red (Uf Sans): Fuck the Hell Yes. You’d better find it hot. He gets jealous pretty easily and his first instinct is to grab you and make sure you know you’re his. Admitting that only ups his protective game. In his eyes, you’re too good for him. Too perfect. ‘damn how did i get so lucky.’


Sorry this isn’t much. But jeez… Boss Daddy and Red…. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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Lincoln/Jordan » The Island (2005)