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So I saw this pic of Liam and I can’t help but notice that there’s a full-on Batman figure pendant hanging off his neck. Could that pendant be the one on the right? I dunno if you guys remember but Liam liked that pic on the right which is an IG post done by a well-known jeweler (Mr. Flawless) Mr Flawless’ store is based in NYC so did he make a quick trip there while he’s in NY to get that pendant?


OmniPJ Chibi Ship!

PaperJam belongs to @7goodangel

Omni belongs to @cereusblue

Art belongs to me!


day 95/??? of ultimate bias; Lee Hongbin


I wanted to change Puppe’s height after realizing both Void and Straight are shorter then Six too. Then this happened. (Correct me if I have their height wrong)

Straight - @morbidmist

Void - @veeenaaake

Puppe - Me

Also, if this is right, Straight is smol af.


i know im late for sonics 26th birthday, but on the day of i cast away the imaginary shackles of cringe culture made a sonic oc!

her name is shamrock and shes a tiger!

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Did you know you're the most amazing and wonderful person alive and you put up with a lot of stuff and I don't think people realize how much you go through while still being a wonderful bean ❤️️ much love and may the stress stay away until September ends

I have literally been smiling at this for about 3 hours babe I’m crying I love you so much, I know exactly who this is because you called me a wonderful bean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but this makes me so happy I love u very much!!! I rly love u!!!! I’m healed bless u you are so amazing??? The most thoughtful person?? Always cheering me up??? Did I mention I’m lov u

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I don't get why everyone's hating on Ed and saying that "he's a snake/he's a rat/they ruined his character." He hasn't even done anything beyond vow revenge, and I'm worried that, when he DOES do something, he'll lose the fandom's love. I know people hated Isabella because she got in the way of a fan-favorite ship and hurt a fan-favorite character, but I think people forget how much it must hurt Ed that she was both taken from him, and taken by his best friend who he trusted and confided in.

Thankfully I’m not seeing that side of the fandom because I endeavour not to follow people who agree with such things. I also stay out of the noxious cesspools we commonly refer to as tags, these days. The problem is – in the eyes of some – Oswald Cobblepot can do no wrong. For example on my Oswald/Clockwork Orange gifset I noticed a tag that suggested that Ozzie had done far less to deserve such treatment than Alex DeLarge.

Oswald has murdered dozens of people. Oswald has murdered a man for a sandwich. He’s murdered a man for suggesting that he walks funny. He’s murdered a man for a pair of shoes. He’s murdered a man for booing his mother’s singing. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot has murdered his step-siblings and served them to his stepmother.

But all of that’s okay. Because he’s a precious little bean who’s in love.  

You may be thinking “Hey, Elaine, you always stand up for Eddie in much the same manner!” Wrong. Edward Nygma is a dick, and I’ve never denied that. I shan’t erase this fact simply because he’s my fave, and certainly not because he’s hot-as-hell-on-a-particularly-arid-day. 

I would suggest remaining happily oblivious to that side of the fandom – as I am – and just enjoy the show for what it is and enjoy the ride. This is Gotham, after all.