bean is also awesome


Jfc bia do you even know how grateful I am for all the things you do for me? I can’t even say thank you enough gosh

Anyways here is the drawing you requested what felt like AGES ago I’m sorry for being so late ;-;

(Lookit at the taggs guys!)

I Have 1000 Cupcakes Now

Hehehe well, the follower count has finally ticked all the way up to 1004 as of right now, so hiiii everyone! Thanks for following! <3 And since I’m up to a thousand I thought a might write a little something. I dunno what yet. Maybe you guys can send me some reacts to do or some prompts or something. Idk we’ll see. AnywhO here’s my pages so I don’t have to prattle on about anything else: my about page, a list of all my reacts and various writings, fic recs (that I need to add to), my tags (under construction), and my OCs (also under construction). 

 Also! If you like following me you should also go follow all these cool beans cause they’re awesome too @corvegaassemblyplant @music-from-the-commonwealth @laurenallyse @railsignally @ghoulghoulneighbor @quarterpasttired @redprince @vagrant-muffin @valiant-studmuffin @deaconplz @cynicalbounce @ifiwasahannah @one-pound-milagro and @ylva-snow-veins and probs some others amazing people I’m forgetting but that’s probably enough blog recs for everybody here lol

#goals? meeting a cute guy while watching the lego batman movie, getting a number, being absolutely freaking happy and all of that one day before valentine’s.   F L I P P I N AWESOME

also hey my beans i am here-ish and will see if i can get some writing done or if i will just lurk a little. either way, hmu on IM and on d/iscord.