Interview mit Kevin Fuchs über seine neue Arbeit MY BEAMLINE


Temperature increases affecting crop yields - Scientists discover the ‘why’ of heat tolerance in peas

From the Canadian Light Source:

A recent collaboration between the Canadian Light Source and the University of Saskatchewan Plant Science Department is proving the potential for molecular imaging in plant research that could produce greater yields, healthier varieties, and more food for a hungry planet with a rising average temperature.

U of S plant scientist Dr. Rosalind Bueckert and CLS scientists Dr. Chithra Karunakaran and Dr. Rachid Lahlali used the Mid-infrared beamline to examine the development of pollen grains during the development of two pea varieties exposed to heat stress.


Beamline Operation Manager (m/f) for Photon-in/Photon-out Spectroscopy

Job details

The ESRF is a multinational research institute, situated in Grenoble, France and financed by 21 countries mostly European. It operates a powerful synchrotron X-ray source with some 30 beamlines (instruments) covering a wide range of scientific research in fields such as biology and medicine, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, materials and surface science, and physics. The…

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