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I have to say that I'm in love with the depth of color in Hylewood! It is brilliant. I wanted to find out #1) if that was a terrain paint on the rocks (the dark grey with bright green moss) and #2) where you got it or the rocks from? I would love to add that to my world.

Hi, thanks for your nice comment on Hylewood :) The mossy rocks are actually a combination of rock objects and CAW terrain: The rock objects are a recolor of the ones that came with Pets, and the terrain is made up by 3 different textures (2 dark grey rock textures and a semi transparent moss texture painted over them). I will upload them now so you can add them to your world :) check the upcoming post!

“The question that keeps him up at night”

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Am I the only one freaked out by the fact that some pokemon lose body parts when they evolve? I feel like more people should care about this… Like zubat gets legs when it becomes golbat and then loses them again when it becomes a golbat. That’s gotta freak them out, especially if they evolve almost immediately (like my wonderful zubat from my HG nuzlocke who evolved twice in a row and then unfortunately died before she could get another level.) I’m much more okay with pokemon who just lack certain body parts, though.