beam gun


Type 89 Kai 2 Particle Beam

Manufactured by Rokuoh-Sha’s occult investigation hardware branch between 1933 and 1944 to match the advances of the Thule-Gesellschaft in paranormal defense prior to World War 2.
35mm 120MeV hydrogen ions beam.

People don’t often think about the occult front of WW2.

Goro Akechi is kind of a child

I mean, I know they outright say it in game, but his motives and everything are all based on an immature perception of the world that only a child would have, that whole “if I’m famous everyone will like me,” though to be fair I’ve felt like that a few times.

I like how his metaverse outfits reflect that - you have the princely, pure white outfit that he has normally, because he wants to project the image of the perfect guy and because he wants to believe that his methods and his motives are just, that he’s entitled to what he’s doing. He can’t be wrong, and he’s gonna prove it to everybody.

Also his mask has a long nose and he’s a liar like Pinocchio lmao

Then you have his actual twisted form, which is this weird black and blue (like his bruised ego lol) outfit with that helmet. Everybody else just has masks that cover their eyes, but this dude is so insecure that he’s got a huge helmet. And his outfit reminds me of like, a sentai costume.

Then you’ve got his weapons, which are a toy gun and a beam saber. The toy gun is self explanatory, but the beam saber looks kinda like one of those cheap plastic swords you’d get at the fair or at some dollar store.

Even his idea of being a popular ace detective reminds me of Detective Conan, something that a lot of kids probably watch. I mean, not just kids, but you know what I’m getting at.

Poor kid just wanted some friends. Maybe in the eventual updated rerelease we’ll be able to save him or something.

Late Night Shopping

Orphan Brigade [High School Years]: Geoffs boys are growing up fast. They’re attending High School, meeting girls and participating in epic heists.

[Trigger Warnings: Guns]

Inspired by: Semikats art   (@semikats)

Jeremy lived alone. He had been legally emancipated at a young age and had quickly learned how to look after himself. He lived in a small, run down flat in the city. It wasn’t much, but it still cost a lot to maintain. So whenever he wasn’t at high school, Jeremy would be working.

In what little free time Jeremy had, he would draw and sell his designs and commissions for much less than they were actually worth. During the evenings he would work the night shift at a convenience store. It wasn’t a great job, but at least it was quiet. When there were no customers, Jeremy would sit by the cash register and work on his art or whatever homework was due in the next day. He survived the exhaustion with a constant stream of energy drinks to keep him conscious. But the exhaustion still showed. Heavy bags lay under his eyes, exposing the fact that he often got little to no sleep during the week.

One night, Jeremy looked up to find a man in a dark skull mask stood in one of the aisles, checking out the selection of snack food.

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I Like You

Originally posted by sh0wnu

pairing: shownu x [y/n]

genre: ultra fluff (im really bad at writing fluff sorry;u;)

word count: 2026

a/n: hey guys! i hope you guys like it and i apologize for any grammatical errors. thank you so much for requesting anon! <3


The sky was clear, light blue painted through the horizon. Not a sign of one or two, big or small, white, fluffy clouds floating across the sky. And the wind is like nothing but calm air. Oh how you wished it was like this every single day. Waltzing your way across the room, you grabbed a hair tie from the bar counter before pulling your hair up into a messy bun.

It was not like it was out of the blue, but you started to clean up the whole house before one of your good friends comes over to hang out and catch up on the things that were left unheard. 

Your eyes wandered around the room - the floors were sparkling clean, the couch pillows were freshly changed with new covers, the dark and dull curtains were replaced with white curtains that lit up the room, and finally, the dust-free furniture that have been dusted off since early morning. 

The sun was still up and you had one more hour to prep yourself up until he arrives. Making your way up to your bathroom, you didn’t waste anytime and began to scrub all the dirt and sweat away from your body, pampering your whole body with body scrubs, body wash, fragrant shampoos and many more.

Now that your morning routine was done, you stared at two outfits that were laid on your bed. A white loose shirt paired with a light brown cardigan and a pair of grey jogger shorts or a pair of thin grey sweater paired with white shorts; which you chose the latter in the end.

Slipping your feet onto your comfy gudetama slippers, you trudged towards your kitchen and looked at your baking recipes book, looking for possible desserts that you can make for a small amount of time before the catching up and watching of movies start. After finding a possible candidate, you rummaged through your cabinets and found all the ingredients except four.

It was all the way up in the top shelves and being the munchkin that you are, even if your on your toes already, it was just too high for you too reach. Giving it another try, you were almost lifting yourself up from the floor while putting all your weight on your arms when a hand reached for the flour for you.

You turned your head to meet the owner of the hand’s gaze, only to make your cheeks heat up at the sight of your good friend, Shownu. Noticing the distance between the two of you, you immediately moved away and accepted the flour that he reached for you. “T-thanks. How’d you get it?”

Carefully laying out all the ingredients on the marbled counter, you turned to look at Shownu’s reaction. “You weren’t answering when I knocked so I got the spare key hidden under your doormat.”

“Nice, nice… Say, do you want some brownies before we start watching Boss Baby?” You asked whilst preparing the bowls and other baking utensils that you were gonna use. “Yeah, sure. I missed your brownies tho.” 

“Don’t worry, Hyunwoo, I gotchu!” You beamed while shooting finger guns at him with a wink, making him chuckle at your cuteness. “Just sit back and make yourself comfortable!” Shownu nods his head and walks over to the bar stool, his eyes focused on you.

You didn’t think twice but to start with mixing the ingredients. It wasn’t really hard for you to mix everything in just a small amount of time since you were used to baking brownies and other desserts for your friends. 

While you were busy mixing, Shownu couldn’t help but smile at how you looked so cute when you were concentrating. Your eyebrows were furrowed and you had your tongue out as you whisked the mixture with just the right amount of strength. 

Anything that you do, Shownu would always find it cute and lovable… maybe because he has liked you ever since the two of you met way back in High School. But even though he’s liked you for that long, he wasn’t able to deny the fact that he was too shy to confess to you. 

And you were just the same with him. Your heart would go crazy every time he was around or when he’s doing just one random thing. Both of you have bottled up all those feelings just because the two of you were too shy to make the first move.

Anyways, back to reality, Shownu couldn’t help but let out a chuckle when you came to him with a pout on your lips as you couldn’t twist the jar of chocolate chips open.

“Here.” Shownu softly smiles at you and hands you the jar of chocolate chips and its cover. “Thanks!” With you hurrying to the batter, sprinkling it on top of the batter and mixing it. Once you’ve finished, you plopped the greased pan filled with the brownie batter in the pre-heated oven and let it set there for twenty minutes.

“Shall I go get our mugs?” Shownu asks, lifting himself off the bar stool before walking towards the cabinets. “Yes, please!” You then return your attention back to the bowl, and other utensils that had to be washed.

You couldn’t help but trail your eyes towards Shownu’s body, his arms stretched, allowing his shirt to hike up. You couldn’t help but widen your eyes when you saw his happy trail, making you fangirl on the inside with your head hang down to cover the fact that you were blushing madly.

The sound of glass wear meeting the marbled floor got you to look up and meet Shownu’s gaze. “You can grab any drink that you want in the fridge.” Nodding his head in response, he opens the fridge and pulls out a bottle of coke, making you burst out laughing.


Shaking your head, you just continued washing the dishes. Wiping off the excess water, you carefully placed everything on the rack and glanced towards Shownu’s direction before leading him back to the living room with both your mugs on your hands while a bottle of coke and milk in his. 

“So, how’s life, Hyunwoo?” You casually asked as you felt his skin graze with yours when you both placed the mugs and bottles down on the coffee table. It felt like electric spark ran down your spine, startling you for a second. 

Shownu sits down on the couch with his arms rested at the backrest, watching you grab the remote and sit back, not minding his arm resting behind your neck. “Life’s been alright.” He mutters as he tries to calm down his beating heart when he felt you scoot a little bit closer to him.

“Oh, c’mon Hyunwoo, don’t you have any juicy news that I’ve practically missed while I was away?” 

I can’t tell you how much I kept thinking about you when you were away, Shownu shakes his head and quickly grabs the remote away from you, choosing the Boss Baby since you were too slow.

“How about you, [y/n]? Don’t you have anything juicy to tell me when you were away?” Shownu emphasizes the word juicy, only to have you laughing at him. “Life’s been alright too.” You copied, making him poke you on the sides with a pout.

“I’m just kidding! I just recently got a job at Seoul National University Hospital.” You softly muttered as you leaned on his arm, making Shownu feel thousands of butterflies in his tummy.

“That’s great to hear, [y/n]! So, can I say that I can have you as my doctor?” 

You can even have me as your wife, you thought while you nodded at his question. “Well, if ever you get sick or hurt, just call me.” You gave him a wink as you slowly transferred your attention to the movie playing right before you.

The room was filled with nothing but the sound of the character’s from the movie talking. Glancing up at the clock, you excused yourself by placing a hand on Shownu’s thighs before heading to the kitchen to check on the brownies, which was perfectly done by the minute you came.

By the minute that you left, Shownu had this gut feeling telling him to just freaking confess already but it felt like it wasn’t the right time. With you waddling in the living room with the brownies in your hand, you excitedly placed it right in front of the two of you before slicing up a piece, placing it on a napkin and giving it to Shownu. Well, it was more like you feeding him the brownie.

“Woah, it’s still heavenly good!” He beams with a smile as you brought down your hand from his mouth. “I’m glad to hear that.” You smiled and unconsciously leaned back to his chest, making you frantically move away but only to be stopped by Shownu who had his arm completely wrapped around your shoulder.

“I’m so sorry!” you squeaked. “It’s okay, I like it when you’re close to me.” Shownu blurts out, only to end up with the two of you blushing and letting out a laugh. “Aye~” you teased while poking his cheek as you now leaned back to his chest. 

Chuckling at your actions, Shownu couldn’t help but stare at your eyes. You were also staring back at him but there was something that got the two of you to lock eyes for a couple of minute before inching closer and closer until both of your lips touched.

Both of your eyes fluttered close as the two of you shared a deep, yet meaningful kiss. Your hands instinctively wrapped themselves around Shownu’s neck. You drew yourself closer to bathe in his wondrous heat and energy. The kiss was soft and full of passion that you could just imagine yourself kissing this plump, and luscious lips all the time.

Pulling away after a minute or two, the two of you looked into each other’s eyes with a tint of pink dusted on top of your cheeks. Both of your bodies were heating up at the sudden intimacy but you didn’t feel awkward about it.

Shownu takes a deep breath and confessed, “I like you alot, [y/n]…. ever since we were still in high school. My heart was already beating for you by the minute I laid my eyes on those beautiful eyes of yours.”

“Really?” your eyes lit up, you finally saw hope between the two od you. Before, you thought that it was impossible for you to have someone like Shownu in your life, especially when he’s out of your league. 

“Yeah. I was just too shy to confess my feelings to you since… I thought that you only saw me as a brother but.. when all these little things happening between us today made me just you know.. gather all this courage to have my lips pressed against those soft lips of yours that I’ve been wishing to kiss throughout these years.”

Pouting at you, you slightly gave his chest a smack, “Dummy! Why would I see you as my brother? You know, I also like you a lot ever since High School too. But then, I’m glad that this happened.” You shy smiled.

“You like me too?” 

“If I didn’t like you back, would I do this?” You didn’t think twice but to give him a quick peck on the lips, catching him off-guard. As soon as you pulled away, Shownu couldn’t help but blush and smile at the same time.

Shyly scratching the back of his head, Shownu looks at you in the eyes and asks, “I don’t know how to say this but… will you be my girlfriend?”

“I would love to!” 

Wrapping his arms around you, Shownu pulls you into a tight hug before placing a kiss on your forehead. “So, do you want to continue watch this movie or do you want to….” Shownu pauses for a while before giggling, “continue that kiss awhile ago?”

“Hyunwoo!” You laughed, only to receive a look from Shownu. “So?” 

I would like to continue the kiss awhile ago…” 


_electronic.spellbook/ upgraded to 「 beamgun 」。
(Mixed media, 2015)

# wearable graphic beamgun
# action mapping device
# videograffiti unit

HL headcannons - part 1/???

I might do more of these but idk.

Here goes one for Gordon’s life before the Black Mesa Incident, even if I don’t feel like it’s detailed enough but if I will take time to add more detail chances are I would never publish this because perfectionism is a &*@!#^% :

Before BMI, Gordon lived a rather nice life, despite the fact that there were some tragedies that unfortunately occured in his life.

  He was born around early 80’s. He had an older sister who was 7 at the time he was born, and they were raised by their single father. His mother divorced him a few years after Gordon was born. He didn’t remember her well but from what his sister told him she never was a good person. Whether it was because she tried to deal with her departure or it was actually true is up to debate, but it was true that she wasn’t the most responsible of people. Their father however, always tried his best to take care of his children, often staying for long hours to make money for them to survive and live nicely. He always felt bad about that, so he also always tried to take time to spend with his kids whenever he could. Gordon and his sister would often spend long days and sometimes even nights alone, once they got a bit older.

Gordon quickly developed an interest in science, something his sister was also interested in, but while she was more interested in chemistry and medical things, Gordon was intrigued more by what science fiction books and movies were showing him.

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How Did You Do That? - Young Justice Imagine

Originally posted by ariseofthesecondson

Requested by Anon -  the team going on a mission and all falling into a life threatening trap, which leaves the reader (whom they originally didn’t think had powers) to swoop in and save the day

Notes: (Y/S/N) = Your Superhero Name

You couldn’t believe this was happening as you hid in the rafters of an Bialyan military base. The rest of the team had been captured by Bialyan soldiers when you had failed to disable the security in the base. Fear and guilt ate at your heart when you reached the spot where the team had fallen into a trap.

In your defense, the whole mission had been a set-up. Several soldiers were waiting for you in security room, and you barely escaped alive. Even if you had shut down the security in time, the team would have still fallen into the trap. 

The trap was a gravity field that increased it’s pull to extreme amounts. Kaldur and Conner were unable to stand up from the pressure, but were able to breath well enough because of Conner’s Kryptonian DNA, and Kaldur’s strong lungs. However, the others were your main concern. Robin, Artemis, Kid Flash, and M’gann were laying on the floor, barely able to breath. Tears filled your eyes when you saw how blue Robin and Artemis’ faces were. They didn’t have much time.

You couldn’t just jump down there and free them because three heavily armed guards surrounded them. While you were trained in basic combat, you had no super powers to compete with the weapons they wielded. While you were debating whether or not to call the league, one of the guards began to speak through his comlink.

“We found the intruders just as planned. They are in the gravity trap that we planted as you requested, but one got away,” the guard spoke, trading looks among his comrades. You noticed both Kaldur and Conner suddenly appeared hopeful. Shaking with fear, you hoped you wouldn’t let them down. 

“We will find the missing one, but what do you want done with the ones we have,” the guard asked, narrowing his eyes at the dying team in front of him. He nodded his head as if to confirm something. “It will be done.” The guard dropped his hand down to his gun before sharing a smile with his comrades.

“So, we can get rid of them,” another guard confirmed, gesturing towards your fallen teammates with his gun. Kaldur’s eyes widened as he shared a worried glance with Conner. Conner began to struggle against the weight of the gravity. 

“You can’t do this,” Conner shouted, slowly trying to stand before collapsing back to the ground. 

The guards smiled at Conner’s struggles before they started to walk towards a control panel. You guessed it was the controller for the gravity trap. “I think we’ll just crush them with the gravity, don’t you,” the guard with the comlink taunted when he was only a few feet from the control panel. You knew you had to do something now.

Gathering your courage and rapidly thinking of a plan, you dropped down from your perch to land right in front of the guard who was reaching for the control panel. All three guards jumped in surprise at your sudden appearance, lifting their weapons at you.

“(Y/S/N), run,” Kaldur ordered sharply once he noticed your arrival. “Go get the league.” You shook your head at him before you begin to artfully dodge energy beams from the guards’ guns.

“Drat,” you swore when you noticed the guards narrowly missed the control panel. You were hoping they would accidentally hit it with their beams, freeing the team.   

Continuing to dodge, you are eventually surrounded by the guards. Each one holding their weapon, ready to fire.

“Have any last words to your teammates, kid, before we blast you away,” one of the guards threatened as your life flashed before your eyes. Panic took over as you clenched your fists in despair. A tingling feeling raced through your body. 

“(Y/S/N),” Conner and Kaldur screamed while the guards fired their guns at you. You closed your eyes as you suddenly felt time slow around you. Suddenly, red energy began to pulse around you as the tingling feeling in your body increased. You bent your knees as your hands were being wrapped in the red energy. Sensing the urge to release it as the deadly beams from the guns came slowly closer to you, you let it go to send a red shock wave throughout the room. 

All three guards and their beams are thrown back into the opposite walls. Crashing heavily, all three slid to the ground unconscious. With the energy still wrapped around your hands, you send a blast of it at the control panel to destroy the gravity field.  You run over to teammates as the red energy around your hands dissipates. Kneeling down next to Robin and Artemis, you checked their pulses. 

You sigh with relief, feeling a strong pulse on each of them as their breathing slowly returned to normal. Glancing up at Conner and Kaldur, you found them staring at you in awe. 

“(Y/N), how did you do that,” Kaldur asked, slowly standing up to face you. 

“Yeah, I thought you didn’t have powers,” Conner interjected as he crawled over to M’gann who was starting to wake up.

“(Y/N) has powers,” Wally moaned as he slowly sat up. He recovered quickly due to his super-speed. 

“I guess,” you answered, looking at your hands in wonder. You never had any inclination that you may have powers, certainly not anything so powerful. Your hands began to tremble with nerves. “This never happened before.”

Kaldur noticed your nervousness, and approached you to place a soothing hand on your shoulder. “In any case, we owe you our lives, (Y/N),” he thanked as Robin and Artemis began to stir next to you. 

Suddenly, a gust of wind flew past you as Wally appeared at your side. “What powers do you have (Y/N),” Wally mused, nudging your side with his elbow. “I can’t believe I missed it.”

You smiled kindly at him before looking back down at your hands again. Clenching them into fists, you wondered what these powers would bring to your future on the team and beyond.

N34'6" E127'32" A265m

FT 1024 + 3DOGS +12COCK
PT 15 + 7P-GIRLS