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Unlike the Muks in Kanto, Alolan form Muk is strikingly colorful. Alolan Muk looks like a colorful oil slick. Soap, petrol, grease, and other oily substances often look like colorful rainbows. But why? 

Oil is both reflective and refractive of light. When light hits it, some of the light bounces off the surface and directly to your eye. The rest of the light passes through the oil, and then bounces off of whatever surface is beneath the oil (water, the road, Muk’s body) before going to your eye. Passing through the oil bends the light a little bit. It’s a lot easier to walk through air than through water: you move slower when you’re in a swimming pool. Light is the same way, it slows down in water and oil, which causes it to bend.

Because of this effect, you can think of it as one beam of light going to the oil, and two beams of light coming off of it: one from the surface reflection, and the one that passed through the oil.

We don’t see two different beams leaving the oil, of course: the two beams combine together to create a new light beam altogether, through interference. Interference can make light stronger or weaker, depending on how the waves add together.

White light, of course, actually contains all of the colors of the rainbow. When light refracts and reflects off of the oil, different colors are going to combine through interference. Depending on the depth of the oil slick in different places, red might combine with red to create a really strong red, and so on. This constructive interference creates the rainbows in oil.

This is how Alolan Muk is so colorful: the outside of its body is coated in a layer of fatty oil, which interacts with the light in this way to make it colorful.

Alolan Muk’s body is covered in a layer of fatty oil. Some light reflects off of the oil, and some light passes through it, causing constructive interference that appears as a rainbow.


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chapter 4 is gonna be fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!!!

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Jesus Sans calm the fuck down

Outside of his standard bones, teleportation and telekenesis, Sans still has his Gaster Blasters, however, they’re useless in their normal form and he only has two. Only when they equip onto one or both of Sans’ arms is when their true potential is released, and his iconic left eye changes accordingly. Sans’ Gaster Blasters have two modes: Long-range and Close-range.

Long range comes in one form: an arm cannon. In this mode, his eye changes into a crosshair shape and the cannon can either fire in short little rounds, a small beam (as displayed) and a bigger beam. If they’re equipped onto both arms, then Sans can fire a super charged buster beam when combined. However, that will take a lot out of him, not to mention the recoil is a quite the killer.

As for close range, it comes in one of two forms: claws or an arm blade. His eye turns into what appears to be two sickles opposing each other. The claws can be on one or both arms, but the regular sword can only on one arm. However, like the combined cannon form, Sans can create a large beam sword, but also like the large killer beam, that will take a lot out of him.

Sans can have both activated. By that, I mean he CAN have a cannon on one arm and a blade/claw on the other (Omnimon, anyone?). The downside to that is that he can’t be able to do either of the super beam or sword, since that requires both arms to have the same mode. His eye obviously becomes a mix between the two modes.

The Gaster Blasters DO have a default form, but…they’re more useful as pets in that particular state (and maybe for transportation). Don’t worry, I have a ref for them, too:

Design-wise, they’re just regular blasters with markings on them lol At least it’ll be useful as a color ref.

Also, I personally like the crosshair eye better lol

Blank: Cupcakes for Two

It was feelsnotfeelings‘s birthday like a week ago and I’m just now writing this because we don’t have school today. Happy birthday, Mia! (Update: This took longer than I thought.. I’m sorry!)

Mute!Dean makes cupcakes for his baby brother’s birthday.

The sound of something heavy being dragged around the kitchen finally managed to distract Bobby from the small pile of books and articles strewn over the surface of his desk. Groaning softly, he got up from his chair and walked over to the door of his study, grunting slightly as the bones popped in his back. Walking out into the hall, he realized the house was absent of all of the usual noise that came with the Winchesters’ stay: Sam’s happy squeals as Dean tickled him into the living room carpet, Sam lisping out a battle scene, green army men clenched in his chubby fist, or even the slip and slide of socked feet from Dean moving across the old hardwood floors. 

As Bobby passed the living room, he saw Sam’s small form slumped over the arm of the couch, cartoons blaring softly from the crappy TV. Rumpled t-shirt glued to the small of his back in the early May humidity, fingertips stained with the purple shadow of grape juice, face peaceful and calm in sleep, a slant contrast to the lively, bright, mischievous boy he was when he was awake. Bobby chuckled to himself. The kid was cute; he’d give him that. Rounding up on the kitchen, he blinked in the sudden light of the kitchen windows and stopped, watching the scene before him. 

Six-year-old Dean was crouched on top of an old wooden kitchen chair; carefully pouring a bottle of vanilla into a dented mixing bowl, tongue poking out in concentration. Around him, a pile of eggshell, cupping a pool of pierced yolk, an assorted collection of what looked like all of the spoons Bobby owned, oven mitts placed in a neat cross off to the side of the counter, and light layer of flour over the whole scene. Even his fat stuffed bee, plopped haphazardly on the counter, hadn’t been spared: a light dusting of while coating his yellow and black strips, matching the smudge across his right cheek. Bobby watched as the boy carefully placed the bottle back on the counter, and then glance up sharply. 

He froze. His body seemed to shift slightly towards his small collection of ingredients, as if trying to hide himself the bag of flour, small stacks of measuring cups, and the still open milk jug. Dean paled slightly, freckles standing out more starkly in the soft kitchen light. 

“S’alright, son. Don’t let me stop ya. Just wanted to watch.” Bobby smiled softly to appease the boy, who was starting to look like he was working himself into a panic. 

Dean shoulders slumped in relief. Clambering off the chair, he dragged something off the counter from behind Herman the bee, and shyly made his way over to where Bobby was standing, holding up an aging book.


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Lasers Tame Unpredictable Electric Arcs, Steer Current Around Obstacles

If you’ve taken a high school physics class or have seen an old horror film featuring a mad scientist, then you’re familiar with an electric arc. The current that moves through air from one electrode to another unpredictably dances and slithers on its own accord. A viewer is treated to a mesmerizing light show when the electricity ionizes the gas it touches, turning it into a glowing plasma.

(Jacob’s ladder and a plasma globe shown in the 1931 film Frankenstein.)

Now researchers say they have been able to tame the undulating electric arc. Using lasers, they have been able to guide an electric discharge through midair and even steer it around obstacles. Their work isn’t just a cool update to Dr. Frankenstein’s lab–it could be used for advances in machining, electric welding, electromagnetic jamming and delivering current through the air to specific targets. Read more and see images below.

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Gravitational Waves

Somewhere very far away, a long time ago, two black holes smashed into each other.

One was around 36 times more massive than the Sun, and the other 29 times more massive.

So devastatingly powerful was this event that it did something that might not even be obvious to most of us: it sent a sort of ‘quake’ through the fabric of spacetime.

The power radiated by the combining of the black holes is estimated to be more than the combined light power of all the stars and galaxies in the observable universe.

This ripple event is something known as a ‘gravitational wave’ and we’ve known about them for a very long time ~ sort of.

Einstein predicted their existence long ago as a consequence of the theory of general relativity, but up until now we’ve never had a direct observation of them.

A team of researchers from an international collaboration known as LIGO (Laser Interferometry Gravitational-Wave Observatory) seems to have been the first to observe.

Using lasers, LIGO found a subtle stretching and squeezing of spacetime itself was going on. How this happened is actually a remarkably simple concept:

First they shot a laser beam into a tunnel, that got split into two directions:

Here’s an ‘L’ shape to help you imagine the two tunnels it split into.

Next, once both lasers reached the end of their respective tunnels, they bounced back towards the spot where they split so that they could recombine.

A way to think about this is both lasers racing towards the lower-left corner of the ‘L’ again.

Here’s the rub:

Light can be thought of as a wave, with ripples and peaks etc. The waveform of these two laser beams, when combined add into each other.

If the two laser beams have the same wavelength (as they should if there’s no gravitational waves disturbing spacetime) the two split beams will recombine again into the original beam. It looks like this:

If the two laser beams get somehow disturbed and the waves peak on one as the other crests, the resulting combined beam will be that they simply cancel out:

So in the end, if the LIGO researchers detect alterations to their laser when the two beams recombine, they can tell if spacetime’s subtle ripples have morphed the lasers.

The consequences of this discovery are profound.

It, in a sense, opens up the universe to an entire new branch of physics: the universe of gravity.

Ever hear of dark matter? How about dark energy?

These two things are bound to get close scrutiny now as they’re both a part of what’s known as the ‘dark universe’ - basically neither phenomena interact with light (meaning one can’t see them), making it tough to learn much about them.

Yet much of the universe seems to be comprised of these ‘unseeable’ things.

If this discovery holds up, there’s almost certainly a Nobel Prize in the works.

Why? They may have - and I do mean maybe, not did - well…

The folks at LIGO may have just illuminated the 96% of the universe that’s been invisible to our senses for so long. We’ll have to wait and see.

(Image credit: NASA, NSF/LIGO and Brews Ohare respectively)

12 Days of Sanvers Christmas, Day 7

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6

This is heavy on MAGGIE BACKSTORY 2k17 so it got a little long; hope it’s worth it! I combined a couple prompts on this because, happily, I got an abundance! I hope that’s okay!

From @bacop150: “12 days of Christmas prompt. Maggie volunteers at a shelter around the holidays. Something she’s done since her rookie years in uniform. She usually never tells anyone but this year a special kid has only one wish. To meet Supergirl. So Maggie is forced to ask for Alex’s help making the wish come true. Alex gets to see the connections Maggie has made through the years even meeting people she’s helped. They spill the beans about her kind heart even though she always acts tough. Backstory Maggie” and from anon “sanvers + looking for christmas trees”

Heads up: this story has a very happy bent, but includes references to the negative experiences of queer youth of color who’ve been kicked out of their homes, and sometimes physically abused, by their families. Sending love to those of our communities who have experienced or are experiencing this struggles.

Christmas was usually Kara’s department, and that was generally just fine with Alex. She had her fire place, and that was as holiday as she got. Too many holidays drinking too much wine to cope with not feeling enough for your mother, with missing your father with all your heart, with how happy your sister is and with not understanding why you feel so empty in the midst of everyone else’s joy… That’ll kill the holidays for a person.

It had long since killed them for Alex.

But this year? This year, since coming out? This year, since Maggie?

“Your place is huge, babe, at least you could have a little Christmas tree. Something to remind you that it’s not all about alien invasions and death rays from space.”

“Death rays from space.”

Maggie leaned up and kissed her earlobe, and Alex froze. “Missing the point, Danvers,” she practically growled into her ear, and Alex barely suppressed a groan.

“Just a little Christmas tree, huh?”

Maggie had lit up so brightly at Alex’s concession that it solved the matter then and there: within twenty minutes, Alex had let herself be dragged out to National City’s Garden Depot, which had all but established an artificial forest of evergreens, waiting to be attached to the top of car roofs and brought home to be draped with candy canes, sparkling lights, and photo frames of first anniversaries and lost loves.

Maggie had interlaced their fingers and Alex found herself staring down at the spot where her entire body’s senses had lit up. She gulped and Maggie’s hand stiffened.

“I’m sorry, did you not want – ”

No,” Alex said firmly, taking Maggie’s hand tighter. “I want to hold your hand. I’m just still… getting used to it, is all.”

Maggie nodded softly, but then her eyes caught a tree behind Alex and her eyes lit up.

“Oh, babe, this one is gorgeous.” Maggie let go of her hand and suddenly Alex found herself jealous of the pine needles on the tree – a little taller than Maggie, modest in girth but full, just this side of understated beauty – because Maggie’s hand was running over the needles and she was speaking, softly. Alex stepped closer with a tilted head – a habit she was picking up from Maggie – and furrowed brow.


“Oh,” Maggie shifted her feet. “I always… I always feel bad, you know. They’re killed just to make our living rooms look nice… I like to… you know, thank them, I guess? It’s stupid, I know, but I – ”

But Alex had grabbed her face and pulled her up into a searing kiss, and Maggie – a little shocked, but pleased – melted into the kiss, letting her tongue brush Alex’s bottom lip.

Alex moaned slightly, forgetting entirely where they were, and nearly whined when Maggie pulled back a moment later, tugging her phone out of her back pocket apologetically.

“Sorry, Danvers,” she flirted as she glanced down at the text. Her face – flushed and heated with desire and affection a moment before – drained of any happiness a moment later, and her eyes flew wide.

“Alex, shit, I’m sorry, I have to go – ”

“No, it’s fine, work – ”

“It’s not work. I’m sorry, I’ll explain later, I – get this tree, I – I’m sorry babe, I have to go.”

She pulled her down for a quick kiss to her lips and sprinted back to her Triumph, leaving Alex to stare after her, bewildered and worried and falling in love.

Christmas Eve, Five Years Ago

Maggie sighed as she replayed the last text message exchange with her mother in her mind, having memorized it so her eyes were free to do her job, not keep staring at her phone every two minutes.

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Bonus: Let’s Beat Them Into Shape {New Avengers x Fem!Reader}

~Part 3~ The Life of an Avenger: Age of Ultron

Prompt: The training process begins for Steve, Natasha, (Y/N), Wanda, Sam, Rhodey, and Vision. Consider this a montage of ‘this isn’t really working ‘to ‘eh, maybe.’

Warnings: cursing

Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines

 “Faster! Come on, faster!” Natasha ordered Sam, Wanda, and (Y/N) to do sprints back and forth across the training room floor. “I don’t see you sweating, снежинка (snowflake)!” Natasha ordered specifically at (Y/N).

 “It’s all in my asscrack, so you can’t see it!” (Y/N) yelled back dramatically and Natasha had to turn away to avoid laughing. Then, she straightened herself up again, stiff as a board.

 “An extra laps for the insubordinates!” Natasha directed, her face returning to the stoic state it was supposed to be, her red lips tightly shut against laughter.

 “Fuck you, (Y/N),” Sam huffed as he heaved his worn body around to sprint to the other side of the gym.

 “No thanks. I’m with Steve,” (Y/N) answered as she finished the extra two laps ahead of Wanda and Sam, then stood beside Natasha with barely a sweat and smiled up to her. Natasha just shook her head, not daring to look at (Y/N)’s face for fear of breaking her character.

 “I’ll break you eventually,” she threatened poisonously, but (Y/N) just shrugged.

 “I’d rather you broke me, than a condom between Steve and I,” then, she kissed Nat’s cheek and skipped out of the training facility as Sam laid on the floor in a puddle of sweat and Wanda leaned against the wall, wheezing slightly as she held her side. 

 “I love her,” Sam groaned, “but I hate her.”

  “Agreed,” Wanda sighed as she tried to walk, but ended up almost face-fucking the floor mat.

  “So does it hurt?” (Y/N) asked Vision bluntly as they were combining beams of ice and…mind laser? Seriously, though, what are his powers? Are there really any perimeters to his powers?

  “Does what hurt?” Vision asked.

  “Growing a cape from your back?” (Y/N) continued as she dropped the beam. “Like, where does it even come from? How does it really help you in the long-run?”

  “…uh, I do not know exactly, (Y/N),” Vision answered in a daze, for the first time not knowing anything. “It is simply…there, I suppose.”

  “Seems like a waste of fucking time, so, I’ll tell you what I told Loki, straight from the mouth of a great and powerful woman,” (Y/N) shouted over her shoulder, “’No capes!’”

  “Shove it in there! Come on! Shove it up there!” (Y/N)’s loud, yet hushed whispers echoed down the hallway where Steve had just entered, about to start a training session with Sam and (Y/N).

 “It’s too big, (Y/N)!” Sam groaned back. “It won’t fit!”

 “Try harder! You’re so close!” (Y/N) moaned, struggle clear in her voice. “Tighter! Tighter!”

 Steve was baseline murderous.

 ‘One of my best friends! With (Y/N) and…no, no, no, no…’

 “No, no, no, no!” Steve shouted as he rounded the corner, fists raised, ready to fight Sam to the death…then, there was (Y/N) and Sam…big, wide eyes at being caught…shoving one of the punching dummies in Rhodey’s War Machine suit.

 “It was Sam’s idea,” (Y/N) answered quickly, pointing conspicuously at Sam who just looked at her, putting his hand dramatically on his chest like, ‘oh, no you didn’t.’

 “Hell, no! This was all your little lady’s idea!” Sam argued, pointing back at (Y/N).

 “Yeah,” (Y/N) bent over laughing and nodded to Steve. “Yeah, it was totally me.” 

 Steve just looked completely shell-shocked, hands still in tight fists at his side until (Y/N) spotted Rhodey sauntering up the same hallway, his head buried in his tablet.

 “Sam!” (Y/N) whispered and pointed behind Steve.

 “Haul ass!” he whispered back sharply as they threw War Machine into Steve’s limp arms and booked it out of the training facility. Steve slowly turned to Rhodey who just surveyed Steve and shook his head.

 “Man, I expected better of you,” then, grabbed his suit back from Steve’s arms as he clicked his tongue. Steve numbly turned to glare at Sam and (Y/N) as they rolled on the lawn just outside the windows of the training room, laughing their asses off, pushing each other with tears in their eyes.

 “We’re so screwed,” Steve whispered to himself as he brought his hand up to his forehead, listening to the muffled hyenas continue their Comedy Club of stupidity.

  “I dare you…to seduce the dummy,” (Y/N) mused to Wanda who looked taken aback at first, then shrugged because it was just (Y/N) in the training room, and they’d done way weirder shit at their apartment including, and definitely not limited to, making pancakes shaped like aliens and penises, dancing to My Chemical Romance, Destiny’s Child, and Paramore in just their bras and underwear, and getting drunk by watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Steve even caught them waxing each other’s arm pits in their bathroom…twice.

  “Okay,” she shrugged, then she started to hump the red punching dummy, even started to serenade it with, “Barbie Girl,” just as Steve walked in. He stared for a while as Wanda continued to laugh her ass off with (Y/N) who totally saw Steve, but let Wanda continue anyway because, yeah, she was an asshole. A full thirteen seconds later (which, think about it, that’s a lot), she finally realized Steve was there, his arms crossed and face stern with a, ‘we’re all gonna die,’ look on his face. Wanda slowly stopped and looked down to the ground in embarrassment.

  “Come on, Steve,” (Y/N) contended him boisterously, “you gotta admit that’s a chiseled dummy.” Then, she got up and felt the dummy’s abs. “Plastic, yet fantastic!”

  “I am so sorry, Steve,” Wanda apologized. “We decided to play this game and…I really am sorry.”

  “It’s not you, Wanda. Believe me,” Steve glared at (Y/N) who started to hump the dummy and smile at him, “it’s not you.”

  “I feel like I’m riding a Vegas bull sideways!” (Y/N) laughed. “I’m vertical humping! I’m vertical humping!”

  “I have an idea!” (Y/N) exclaimed excitedly as she busted through the doors of the training room just as Rhodey punched Sam in the stomach.

  “Dammit, (Y/N)!” Sam groaned from the ground. “Don’t distract me!” Then, he pointed at Rhodey. “She distracted me!”

  “Don’t be a sore loser,” Rhodey stated as he helped Sam up, “that’s just sad.”

  “What’s your idea, (Y/N)?” Steve asked, slightly concerned, but (Y/N)’s face held no mischief (for once).

  “Ice surfing,” (Y/N) announced proudly. The three guys just looked confused, and (Y/N) sighed. “I was watching The Incredibles when it hit me. Just watch.”

  The three gave her space while she set her eyes on the space before her, hands spiraling in silver magic. Suddenly, she sprinted forward and froze the ground before her and…nothing. She stood on solid ground while a few feet in front of her, the ice extended in a ramp of crystal. Sam clapped mockingly.

  “Encore! Encore!” Sam appreciated sarcastically. “Encore!”

  “Oh! Ice surfing!” Rhodey exclaimed theatrically while (Y/N) just stared at the ground. “No, I get it now. I totally see it.”

  “I’m supposed to be over there,” (Y/N) hypothesized, pointing to the ramp in confusion as she brought her magic back in, then fake laughed at Rhodey and Sam. “And ha, ha, ha, fuck! You two are goddamn comedians! But you still can’t beat me,” she stated as she straightened up.

  “I thought you were funny,” Rhodey nodded to Sam who patted him on the back.

  “Back at you,” Sam affirmed.

  “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” (Y/N) chanted, mocking Sam as she lined up her shot again, Steve watching her extremely carefully. He always did because…well, (Y/N) was crazy.

  “Just show us what you interrupted our unfair fight for, Frozone,” Sam taunted as (Y/N) turned to him with a gasp.

  “You’ve seen-”

  “Yeah, now shut up and do your thing,” Sam huffed at her as she laughed and turned back. Suddenly she ran, hands outstretched, but this time she leaped on the ice like a slip-and-slide. 

  No, really. Like a slip-and-slide. She didn’t really know what she expected on a ramp of fucking ice, but Steve anticipated her fall as he caught her bridal style when she slipped backwards, almost cracking her skull on the linoleum floor.

  “What does this mean?” (Y/N) asked him with wide eyes. “Is this a sign?” she joked, but Steve wished she wasn’t.

  “Guess it means that that,” he pointed at the melting ramp, “won’t work,” Steve concluded as he righted her up.

  “Bullshit,” (Y/N) huffed, blowing the wisps of hair from her face. “If Leonardo DiCaprio can win an Oscar, then I can do this.”

  “Right,” Rhodey rolled his eyes, “because that logic adds up perfectly.”

  “Drop the hatch, Downgraded Iron Man,” (Y/N) quipped.

  “Brr,” Sam shivered, “is it cold in here or is that just me?”

  “No, it’s me, and my good idea,” (Y/N) emphasized.

  This continued on for a good two hours, which nobody objected to because A. (Y/N)’s commentary was rapid-fire, and B. She was actually getting the hang of it. (Y/N) realized she needed to freeze her own feet to the beam, and travel from there. The only issue was melting the restraints before she ran into a wall or something….  

  Okay, it only happened once, but whatever. Shut up about it, alright?

  Anyway, after a few more days…and a few more walls…to the face…she got it! Now, (Y/N) could surf the skies (okay, maybe not the skies, but she could land surf) and it was fucking awesome. Awesome like that bulldog on the skateboard. Like Nicki Minaj breaking Miley Cyrus like a twig in front of the whole world. Like cold pizza for breakfast…literally any day. No special days, just cold pizza, yeah? Fucking awesome like that.

  By the end, the team was in awe. Nat and Steve high-fived because maybe they weren’t completely screwed. Now, all they needed was to get everyone to work together.

  The new team went through several simulations formulated by Tony, who decided that to be a better use of his time than say, oh, mini-Terminators that threaten the planet…cute! Totally on trend.

  Well, the simulators, his charity program, and something else…next chapter, next chapter (a chapter that’s ten times better than this shitshow, but this is what happened before the new Avengers became anything of actual use to the world. I don’t write this stuff, this happened…I swear).

  However, one of the funniest simulations was the third one (the first two were just…let’s just say everyone swore, ankle swore for good measure, to never tell what went on. It was the same way with the OG’s and Mario Kart…just don’t).

  So, the simulation began in a forest, tall trees surrounding each of the Avengers in a hazy aisle of their own, kind of reminding (Y/N) of a beautiful bowling ally…just possibly hiding bloodthirsty demons out to kill her and her friends instead of bowling pins…but, really, no big deal. It seemed like any Slender Man setting she’d ever seen, so she just shrugged and waited for something to happen just like the other Avengers. She waited, and waited, and waited, but nothing happened, so she thought, ‘fuck it,’ and started to scratch out a dick on each of the trees down her aisle on the left hand side with a dagger of ice, not even realizing that Wanda was on the other side of her treeline…doing the exact same shit. 

  Fate is a real kick in the ass, ain’t it?

  So, the simulation goes on when all of a sudden, everyone heard, “Are those…penises?” Sam wondered aloud to the right of (Y/N).

  “You can see them too?” (Y/N) played dumb.

  “I hate Stark,” Natasha mumbled as she tried to kick down the trees, but they were too thick, and the mist behind the treeline were like smoke. Her, Steve, Rhodey, and Vision (the only ones who investigated) couldn’t breath when they tried to roam through it.

  “Can anyone get through the mist?” Rhodey called out and everyone answered, ‘no,’ while Wanda and (Y/N) continued on.

  “No, but Stark is really pissing me off,” Steve grumbled, making (Y/N) cover her mouth from laughter, but she continued on. “Seriously, what the hell is wrong with him?”

  “So, what do we do, Cap?” Sam asked while he sat on a rock and polished his wings.

  “Vision, try slicing the trees…no, you’ll hit someone…Sam can you see anything above the treeline?” Steve ordered.

  Sam looked up from his seat on the rock and shrugged. 


  “I will attempt, Captain Rogers,” Vision amended as he lifted off, but the trees seemed to extend endlessly. Branch by branch they extended into oblivion as Vision’s mind warped with the hallucination drugs used to inspire the simulation. After two minutes of spinning mid-air, he dropped to his knees and breathed out, “Nothing, sir. I cannot seem to reach a premium altitude for maximum surveillance. The hallucination continues to drag me down.”

  “Damn…” Steve whispered. “(Y/N)!”

  “Dicks! What?” (Y/N) whipped her head up too quick, causing the slip of her tongue. “Dude, these dicks just keep coming…cumming….”

  “(Y/N), can you do anything except make dirty puns?” Steve asked. “Seriously, anything.”

  “I can offer you a few sarcastic comments and a hug…no wait,” (Y/N) paused, “we can’t reach each other.”

  “You’re useless,” Steve waved at her, wherever she was, she was waved at. Not that it would’ve mattered to her. She continued hers and Wanda’s mission without much of a care. The simulations were always stupid/ Tony was still working out the kinks.

  “Wanda?” Natasha asked. “Anything from your side?”

  “Just more gifts from Stark,” Wanda stated as she carved another one, but added a bow tie. That was a special tree. “The bastard.”

  “So, when are the bad guys coming?” Sam asked as he picked off a hangnail from his middle finger.

  “After masturbation, duh,” (Y/N) stated. And Wanda had to cover her mouth, breathing heavily from her nose.

  “Like I said,” Steve huffed, “useless.”

  The new Avengers (okay, everyone except (Y/N) and Wanda) continued to discuss their situation and try to solve the issue before them.

  Well, (Y/N) wasn’t having that, so she eventually reached the third to last tree in her line before the drugs would send her back to the beginning, and she noticed a tiny red button near the very back of the tree. And yeah, ‘don’t press the red button! Don’t do it bitch! Don’t push it! The whole place is gonna blow up like a drunk college chick after too much Taco Bell! Don’t push it!’

  She totally pushed it.


  Then, she was back in the Avengers facility. Yep, that was it. Simple and easy. ‘Just always take in your surroundings’ was the message she supposed.

  Turns out, Wanda was ten minutes out behind her while the rest of the team spent three more hours in the simulation, and couldn’t find the tiny red button.

  (Y/N) and Wanda met up for coffee, then went home and napped together on the couch listening to (Y/N)’s “Badlands” vinyl by Halsey.

  “So, if the guards were to catch you during a mission, what would you do?” Steve asked Wanda during their training session while she levitated Steve in the air.

 “Knock them out before they could alert anyone else,” Wanda answered as if it was a test and she was about to be graded critically for it. (Y/N) just rolled her eyes and Wanda glared at (Y/N).

 “Why so smug, (Y/N)? I answered right.” Wanda contended. “What would you do?”

 “Fart,” (Y/N) stated. “That’d clear the room, really knock ‘em dead.”

 “You’re impossible,” Steve huffed as Wanda placed him lightly on his feet. “You’re turn.”

 (Y/N) didn’t even look up from the book she was reading, “Looking for Alaska.” She brought her hand up, and the gust of freezing wind almost knocked Steve into the ceiling while simultaneously freezing his nipples off.

 “(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” Steve yelled in a panic, making (Y/N) peer up from her book.

 “Oh, shit!” (Y/N) exclaimed, wide eyed, but definitely not bushy tailed as she brought him down gently to the floor where he just crossed his arms, waiting for an apology. (Y/N) stared at him, then pointed down at her book. “Alaska’s gonna get lung cancer.” Was all she said and Wanda almost fell over from laughter because she’d read the book, while Steve just glared at her. “Seriously, those cigarettes are gonna turn her lungs to shriveled prunes…like an old lady’s butt,” (Y/N) mused. That broke him.

 “Dammit, (Y/N)!” Steve laughed. “This needs to be serious. We’re about to go on some pretty dangerous missions here.”

 (Y/N) just raised her eyebrow at him like, ‘bitch, really?’ Steve nodded to her and sighed at him own words.

 “Yeah, never mind,” he shook his head at himself, then straightened up. “I want to see what you two were talking about. How you, um, combined your powers, you said? Back in Sokovia.”

 “Oh, yeah!” (Y/N) clapped her hands excitedly, then turned to Wanda and crouched down like a football player in a huddle, Wanda following suit. “We’ve been training our whole four days of our lives for this moment, just you and me, okay?” (Y/N) pointed two fingers at her own eyes, then over to Wanda’s hazel eyes who just narrowed her eyebrows dramatically. “And, break!” (Y/N) clapped once, then they were both standing, shaking themselves off. They both nodded to each other, then began twisting their hands before themselves, creating orbs of red and silver that spiraled together upwards, forming a shield that extended around each other while Steve moved back, safely out of the way. He watched with awed eyes at the beautiful magic around the two girls who smiled at each other in a serious “Twitches” moment, knowing that they were fucking awesome (well, (Y/N) more than Wanda who was still coming out of her shell, but (Y/N) would help her with that). Slowly, they breathed in, dissolving the shield into simply sparks of red and silver glitter that danced in the evening sunlight that streamed through the large, training room windows.

 “Yep, training over for the day,” Steve announced with a huge smile. “That was…something else. I see why the Iron Legion were so afraid of you two.”

 “Aw!” (Y/N) said as she brought her hands to her cheeks and she stode up to Steve. “Don’t make me blush,” she waved her hand at him, then paused. “No, I’m just kidding, keep making me blush.”

 “I love you,” Steve smiled as they shared a small kiss.

 “Right back at you, champ,” (Y/N) smiled, then turned to Wanda. “I’m hungry. You?”

 “Papa John’s?” Wanda asked in a side-smile. After (Y/N) had given Wanda the first slice, oh, God! She fell in love. If their friendship hadn’t already started out great (well, after she decided Ultron was a bag of raging assholes), the pizza just strengthened it more. Pizza is magical, man. Brings the whole world together.

 “Papa John’s!” (Y/N) nodded once, then high-fived her as Steve, (Y/N), and Wanda went back to their apartment. Wanda didn’t have anywhere else to go, so Steve and (Y/N) were more than happy to allow her to stay with them for as long as she needed. Especially after Pietro had just passed, they weren’t going to just leave her…wherever. Wanda would wake up crying in the middle of the night and (Y/N) promised her a shoulder to cry on (just as she had with Tony, Nat, and Bruce) which never went unused, but (Y/N) didn’t mind. She had always wished she had had someone there for her when her own brother died, so at least Wanda wouldn’t have to go through the traumatic experience alone. Wanda appreciated the hell out of both of them. Especially (Y/N).

 Tony was still (Y/N)’s best friend, but Wanda came at a very close second (oh, but then there was Bruce…ugh! And Nat…don’t even mention Clint…no she had a lot of close friends). And, yes, Steve was still the love of her life, and her his. Gosh, anyone could say (Y/N)’s life was wonderful, and at times, it was. But, the life an Avenger was never so fucking simple. Things always seemed to go wrong just when they seemed to go right. Luckily, for now, life seemed pretty good.

  Until honesty gets all up in everyone’s business. Especially (Y/N)’s.

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[ATTACK: COMBINATION] Dashing Beam & Straight Flush.

Japanese: ダッシングビーム
Romaji: Dasshingu Biimu
Mecha: Bio Robo
Weapon required: Super Maser

Japanese: ストレートフラッシュ
Romaji: Sutoreeto Furasshu
Mecha: Bio Robo
Weapon required: Super Maser

From: Choudenshi Bioman - Episode 29



She’s probably better known for her floor work, but I loved Lauren Mitchell on beam.  She has a great balance of difficult acro and dance, and the front aerial+switch leap+front tuck combination is so unique and impressive.  Enjoy your retirement, Lauren!

gym questions for the end of the year
  • favorite _____ of 2014
  • 1. vault
  • 2. bar routine
  • 3. beam routine
  • 4. floor routine
  • 5. floor music
  • 6. leotard
  • 7. competition
  • 8. gymnast from the big 4
  • 9. gymnast not from the big 4
  • 10. mag gymnast
  • -
  • most _____ of 2014
  • 11. impressive junior
  • 12. impressive first year senior
  • 13. surprising result
  • 14. exciting competition
  • 15. adorable gymnastics friendship
  • 16. heartbreaking moment
  • 17. exciting gymnast
  • 18. surprising gymnast
  • 19. annoying floor music
  • 20. interesting bars or beam combination
  • -
  • this or that
  • 21. vault - biles or hong?
  • 22. bars - yao or huang?
  • 23. beam - munteanu or kharenkova?
  • 24. floor - ferrari or fasana? (yay alliteration)
  • 25. team gb or team italy?
  • -
  • 2015 predictions (assume everyone will be healthy)
  • 26. american cup champion
  • 27. euros aa medalists + ef champions
  • 28. u.s. national champion (aa)
  • 29. big 4 worlds teams
  • 30. worlds gold medalists (tf, aa + efs)

anonymous asked:

i love all of your favorite UB connections! Do you have a dream beam connection you'd love to see and/or is worth a lot? Can either be never done before or just rarely done.

I would love to see someone do a side aerial+LOSO+kochetkova or side aerial+LOSO+rufolva.  Both would be worth 0.5 (!).  

Giorgia Campana (ITA) has competed a Kochetkova+LOSO, which I think is really interesting and exciting.  It’s worth 0.2.

Viktoria Komova (RUS) briefly competed a bhs+LOSO+arabian, which was one of my favorite acrobatic series and it’s worth 0.3.

I looooved Maria Livchikova’s (UKR) beam work.  She competed a front handspring+front tuck, front handspring+front pike, front aerial+front tuck, and side aerial+LOSO, all of which are super cool and worth 0.2.  

I really like Aliya Mustafina’s switch ½+Onodi.  Particularly because she actually hits splits in the switch half and very quickly and smoothly connects it to the Onodi.  It’s worth 0.2.

There are a lot more beam combinations I really like, but these are the ones I can think of that are valuable in terms of bonus. 

top 10 favorite beam routines of 2014
  1. Larisa Iordache worlds TF: Now, this is how you do your beam routine. In my opinion, this is the best performance we have ever seen from Larisa during her entire career and the fact that she pulled it off under such a huge amount of pressure makes it even more impressive. Sure, she could be cleaner (ugh Larisa point your toes), but she’s capable of a ridiculous level of difficulty, her combinations are well connected, she’s as solid as it gets, she moves fast without having big pauses before every skill and she has one of the best dismounts ever. To me, this is one of the best routines not just of this year, but of the entire decade.
  2. Wang Yan, YOG quals: While watching this routine I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. It just seems too good to be true. She’s not even a senior and yet, she has one of the most difficult beam sets in the world, and damn, when it comes to execution it doesn’t get much better than that. Each and every one of her skills is so high and clean, she’s simply outstanding. Her grigoras is probably the best one EVER, her layout is as high as it could possibly be, her leaps are all gorgeous, her connections are very well done. This is chinese gymnastics at its very best.
  3. Maria Kharenkova, Russian Cup: All the heart attacks we get while watching Russians on beam are worth it for routines like this. Masha is such a beauty on this event and her beam set really has it all. I still miss her junior routine but hey, I can’t complain with this high layout, the beautiful leaps, the insane level of difficulty and the stuck dismount. She is a fantastic beam worker and she has everything it takes to become a world or even an olympic champion on this event and I really really hope that this will happen.
  4. Bai Yawen worlds EF: This routine was simply magical to watch. I have to admit it, I didn’t think she has it in her. She was pretty much unknown until last year, she didn’t have much experience and she comes from a team known for its inconsistency. But damn, she proved me wrong. I was gasping after every single skill because holy shit, everything she did was picture perfect. She was so clean, so precise, so solid, this routine was poetry in motion. In my opinion she should have been the world champion, even with the step in the dismount, but it’s ok that she didn’t win. This routine will be remembered anyway.
  5. Norah Flatley pac rims EF: I thank the gymnastics gods every day for Norah’s beam. In my opinion she’s the perfect beam worker and she has everything one could ask for: difficulty, artistry, flexibility, good form and precision. She is light and graceful, but at the same time she’s aggressive and she attacks the apparatus, she has a great level of difficulty but she still finds time for choreography and does not sacrifice anything in her execution. Her legs are always streight, her toes are always pointed, she has good amplitude in every skill and she is extremely solid. And on top of that, she has been extremely consistent for the most of her career (except this years nationals but we don’t talk about that). I think she really has what it takes to become one of the all time greats on this event, I really do.
  6. Eythora Thorsdottir, Hamburg: In a world of front aerials + split jumps and switch rings + switch halfs Eythora’s beam is a breath of fresh air. From start to finish, this routine is original, artistic, unique and beautifully choreographed. And her execution, her lines and toe point are simply exquisite. Most of the combinations she attempts are only being done by one or two other gymnasts in the whole world and I just love her low to beam work in the beginning of the exercise. We desperately need beam workers like her and I couldn’t be happier to see her back.
  7. Andreea Munteanu match avoine: Some times I lie in my bed at night and cry because Andreea didn’t make euros or worlds finals this year. She’s just way too good to not have a major beam medal. I mean, her leaps, just look at her leaps. It’s not every often than I fangirl over a C rated element but damn, I could watch her johnson all day long. And her switch half is fucking fabulous as well. And her acrobatics are not any less impressive. She nails her bhs + standing full and nearly stuck her triple full dismount. This girl is amazing, she really is and I hope she manages to show it when it matters.
  8. Alyssa Baumann nationals day 1: Alyssa is so gorgeous on beam and I was rooting for her so hard through the year. However, in every single competition I expected her to screw up on beam, but she didn’t. She proved that all her problems on this event are behind her and I’m so happy for that because damn,  she’s beautiful when she hits. She’s really flexible, she has lovely lines and enough power to nail her standing arabian. She also has one of the prettiest onodis and switch halfs out there. I hope being a world champion will boost her confidence and that she’ll upgrade and stay in the mix for the next year.
  9. Aliya Mustafina russian cup: To me, Aliya’s beam is the perfect combination of elegance and power. She shows fantastic flexibility during all her leaps and her lines and toe point are to die for. I absolutely adore her original and well executed switch half + onodi combination. And it’s needless to say that the combination after that made me gasp. Also who doesn’t love a stuck dismount
  10. Andreea Iridon Match Avoine: Andreea is such a lovely young gymnast and her beam routine is full of pretty details. I adore the split mount, I adore the 1.5 Y turn which she nails every single time and I adore her leaps and jumps. And the low to beam choreography after her front aerial is what I live for. This routine is so beautiful, so clean and so artistic, I could watch it all day long.

Jordan Chiles is working on a DLO and a 3.5 twists as well as some lovely beam combinations