To all my members friends and followers asking how to break into the fitness Industry… unfortunately sponsorships and promotions will only come once youve established yourself. But without sponsors or support do you establish yourself? a seemingly vicious cycle. My advice, be so good they cant ignore you then surround yourself with the best. The BE vision is to help as many people as possible , as affordably as possible , and as efficiently as possible. Until ever major federation in the world is represented by the BE Family. From fitness competitors to professional athletes. The BE ambassador program will launch in 2014 with certification of PTs , athlete sponsorships, and affiliation. Whether you are a beginner or elite athlete , you will have a place. With a fuly defined stepping ladder to becoming a full BE Coach and fully employed athlete no matter where you are in the world…. #BEsoldier #BEambassador #BEMafia #BEAlpha #bodyengineers #natural #motivation #tavicastro #inspiration #simplyshredded #cutandjacked #doyoueven #fitnessmotivation #dedication