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Hello Elvis followers! I’m back after two day’s in good ole Memphis, Tennessee.

This was my second time at Graceland and I have to say, from the bottom of my heart, I was deeply moved. It was even better than before! Instead of rushing through the house like I did three years ago, I took my time in each room. Overlooking the detail carefully, as the small things really pull the beauty of the house together. For good minute or so, I was all ALONE in the kitchen/jungle room area and I flushed with happiness. I felt at home.

I went on the early tour this time and there wasn’t many people. I even had a moment alone outside, overlooking the grounds and the horses in the hot southern heat. And in that moment, I felt like I was at a family members home, that’s how at ease I was at Graceland. There was a powerful feeling that followed me throughout the tour and all I could do was let go and bask in the moment.

Honestly, friends, you all need to make it to Memphis if you can. Driving around the town, down some of the same roads he went down, was SURREAL. Going to booming Beale St. was also incredible! Being in his home town and being utterly comfortable in it was truly overwhelming, folks.

So, anyway, now that I’m back home in my normal apartment and in my normal city (Shreveport) I wanted to settle down from the high and share my amazing and surreal time in Memphis and in Elvis’s fabulous home.

The Elvis fan base IS growing and I’m so proud to have been in this community for four year and growing!

I love you all.  

I just wanted to share how utterly mind-boggling it is there.

 It’s like…..home.

-Leah Deanne 

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Helen Ann Smith at Harlem House, Beale St, Memphis, TN, 1950s.  Ernest C. Withers—Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, © Ernest C. Withers Trust  (LIFE).

From the upcoming Smithsonian photo book African American Women. “We made a point of choosing images of people who aren’t famous,” says Michèle Gates Moresi, the [National Museum of African American History and Culture]’s supervisory curator of collections. “They aren’t known as leaders, but they were to their communities.”

Murphy’s Law (”Pancakes?” Pt. II)


Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,520

Summary: “Jungkook first date” + Part 2 of “Pancakes?”

Part I

A/N: So I merged these two because they just go together so well? Also wow you guys really liked “Pancakes?” I mean, almost 200 notes in a day? You guys are insane! I love you all so much! Hope you enjoy!

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You were weary of calling Jungkook at first. I mean come on, you first talked to him because he slept with your roommate. Did this really seem like a good idea? Short answer, no, which is why you didn’t call him. At first. You waited for two days, but decided “Fuck it.” He was cute, he seemed nice enough, and it would be dumb not to give it at least a try.

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definitely worth consideration. the lineup is totally polarizing, but there’s plenty of artists (herbie!!) that i’d love to see. more importantly, i miss memphis a lot and this seems like a pretty valid reason to visit. i would assume that beale street after you turn 21 is very different than beale street when you’re underage. you’re supposed to ‘like’ their fbook page to be able to see the lineup, which i did, but i’m sharing this so you don’t have to trouble yourselves with all that work. 

actually, my brother once got me a ticketmaster gift card for my birthday, but (thankfully,) newer online ticketing services have swooped in and mostly left me with no way of using it. this might be the one right here.