I did some outdoors sketching during a brief glimmer of sunshine, but the on-flowing mysteries past the broad river-bend were barred by a beaked guardian.


I haven’t been able to focus on anything for long over the past two days, so I idly drew out a little Skydancer headcanon I’ve had floating around for about a year.
Skydancers have a little beaky bump at the end of their snout, so I’ve wondered, given their diet, perhaps it’s attached to the rest of their skull with a similar structure to what parrots have (obviously not as specialised) and semi-mobile, controlled with muscles around the front of the face. Similar function to a pair of prehensile lips, actually.

It was supposed to only be a sketchy rough skull to feel out the hinge joint. >3>

The sun god Re with the crew of his sun barque defends the cosmos against Ap/opis. Particularly at the critical moments or places of sunrise and sunset, on the borders of cosmos and chaos, is the conflict represented in the coordination of space and time. Osiris is enthroned in the underworld, but Re journeys continually…Sometimes Re is shown alone in it, but often various other gods also appear as members of the crew.
These gods have a particular relationship with Re. As occupants of the ship, each represents an aspect of Re himself. It is clear that ‘Hw’ and 'St3’, 'M3’t’ and 'Hk3’ are hypostases of the sun-god, his authoritative word and insight, his justice and magic power. It is interesting that gods whom egyptologists do not usually regard as personifications of concepts, seem to be aspects of Re when they occupy a place in the sun barque. In his very thorough monograph on Thoth, Boylan remarks that in the solar barque this god represents the businesslike and efficient character of Re’s rule. The problems of unity and plurality, monotheism and polytheism, can not be worked out here. E. Otto has drawn attention to an interesting parallel in the anthropomorphic field: in a tomb of the 18th dynasty offerings were not only found addressed to the dead man or to his Ka, as usual, but the unity was extended to a more detailed plurality consisting of name, Ka, altar, tomb, fate, lifetime, Meskhenet, Renenet, Khnum, Ba, Akh, body, shadow, and “all his forms”. Just as the human manner of being after death has many aspects relating to continued individual existence, so also the manner of being of Re, the lord of the universe, can apparently be specified in various gods or be more precisely qualified by them.

Seth, God of Confusion by H. Te Velde

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Did someone say… Gem redesigns?

My friend did! Thank you boo~
So, here’s my redesign of Lapis!

I always thought a more fish-like appearance for Lapis would be great, since she’s a water gem and all. I gave her webbed fingers and toes, fins, claws, mirror eyes, and some freaky beaky squid teeth.

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This is honestly one of my favourite scenes in animation.