The Papers Don't Do you Justice- Newt Scamander x reader

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This is a short little something where reader meets Newt.

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Words: 725

“What in the name of-” a furry little creature scurried out of my bag and ran away, turning a corner.

    “What!? What need does a beaky, furry creature need with keys!?” I shouted and chased after the little troublemaker. After turning the same corner the creature did earlier, I saw his little feet sliding through a crack in a doorframe.

    “Okay, so clearly you’re some sort of magical creature…” I groaned and tried to rack my brain for anything. Strolling up to the door, I saw it’s a jewelry shop, closed, like all the rest of the shops this time of night. Inside, the fluffy beast was stuffing everything it can get its hands on in its pocket, looking at me triumphantly.

    “Wait a minute.. You’re a niffler!” I exclaimed in realization. Its eyes widened momentarily before it spun around and scurried down the table it was on.

    “Don’t worry, dear, you can keep my keys. Have fun hoarding all the shinies!” I laughed and walked back in the direction of the Goldstein girls’ apartment, seeing as I was already late for the welcome back dinner.

    In a few short minutes, I was there, avoiding the landlady and nearly tripping on my sprint up the stairs.

    “Y/N! You made it! Oh I’m so happy to see you again! How was your trip? Tell me!” Queenie flung the door open and engulfed me in a bone-crushing hug.

    “Hiya, Queenie! Nice to finally see you, too! And Tina! How are you?” I greeted both women with quite possibly the biggest smile of the year, “Can you girls believe there’s a niffler loose in the city? And it’s absolutely the cutest thing!”

    “A niffler?” Tina asks, “Sounds like it escaped Newt’s case again.”

    “Case? What? Newt? Who is Newt?” I shrugged off my coat and scarf and set them on the chair.

    “Newt Scamander? He’s the one who helped us last year with the obscurus.”

    “Oh, him! I saw him in the paper back in Bulgaria! He looks absolutely gorgeous! Not to mention his apparent love for animals. I tell you, Newt Scamander became a sort of idol for us while we were there,” I smiled and thanked Queenie as she handed me a cup of cocoa.

    “And who just so happens to be behind you,” Tina grinned, “Newt, meet our dear friend Y/N L/N. Y/N, meet Newt Scamander.” I whipped around to come face-to-shoulder with a man in a blue coat and a Hufflepuff scarf?

    “Hi!” I tilted my head back a little to meet his (amazing) eyes.

    “Hello,” He smiled down at me, “I’m Newt.”

    “I know,” I patted his shoulder, “And may I say, the papers don’t do you justice.” A slight blush dusts his cheeks and I can’t help admire him. Queenie’s giggle snaps me back to reality.


    After dinner and after we were joined by Jacob, Queenie’s new (well I hadn’t met him before) boyfriend, the five of us were occupying the space in their living room, chatting away.

    “I didn’t know you went to Hogwarts,” I smiled again at Newt.

    “Oh, yes. Hufflepuff, and proud. They’re the-”

    “-Loyal and kind house. I know. I was a Ravenclaw when I was there. I took an interest in magical creatures as well, except no one could live up to the famous Newton Scamander,” I winked at him.

    “R-really? I hardly thought anything I did was worth remembering, except getting expelled, o-of course.”

“On the contrary. Our lessons were based almost entirely on your ideas after you left. Of course, I was a year below you so the professor had time to bring it all up to date.” I frowned at myself, “I’m sorry, I must sound like a stalker. I don’t mean to creep-”

“Oh, no, not at all! I’m just wondering how we never met before. I surely would have noticed someone as kind and beautiful as you.”

He said it so sweetly, I couldn’t help but blush. I had no idea that the famous Newt Scamander would be so straightforward. “Well, if you’d like,” I began, fiddling with my hands, “I could show you all the fun parts of New York, and we could share some Hogwarts stories. Or perhaps I could hear all about your travels and your lovely beasts.”

He smiled, “I’d like that very much.”


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Here it is! My Plague Doctor animation I worked on the last half of this semester! I still wish I had or took more time on it but it was just a rough part of my year.  so anyway here you guys go! I actually got a lot of laughing at the part I wanted so yeah that was petty exciting c: