Mr.Ishidai 鹿児島県硫黄島のクチジロ

Ishidai is the Japanese word for the Barred Knifejaw, or Striped Knifejaw, or Striped beakfish, Oplegnathus fasciatus. Here is a mature ishidai. Check out those jaws! 

A Port Orford commercial fisherman captured a juvenile ishidai in his crab pot off Cape Blanco, Oregon, and brought it to port alive. There, he turned it over to Scott Spencer of NorCal Seafood, the local live fish buyer, who held and fed the fish. The fish was then transported to Newport’s Aquatic Animal Health Program at the Hatfield Marine Science Center for wound treatment and preventive quarantine. In a few weeks, it will be on public display at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. - video of the fish in Port Orford before being transported to Newport.

Mr. Ishidai is awesome. =D