beaker and bunsen

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Could we see this comic? ((I was reading the last question someone asked about beaker.))

Like i said these are really old and are mainly rough ideas that i never got around to finishing and have been sitting in my folders 

but yea after the fight and hospital beaker refuses any assistance from the nurses until they get to bunsens house and he drops the bruising and his binder (which he doesn’t really need but he has really bad dysphoria so he wears it) are pretty much suffocating him but beaker is out of it as its happening ( i imagine bunsen is still really smart in science and medicine as is beaker but they never got a chance to show it because the muppets never happened) but it was going to go like bunsen realizes how much beaker put as risk for him,his job after beating those guys to a pulp because they beat him up, being in slow pain for hours waiting for Bunsen and saying with him and beaker not complaining once until he is on the edge of passing out 

but it leads to those classic romance movies scenes, beaker is lying flat on bunsens bed stretching his body and bunsen is holding and ice pack on his back and they are just talking about the night, bunsen thanks him and promises to never tell anyone but is confused to why he did all of this for him, beaker just tells him that hes practically his body guard and cares for him, then its just fluff after that (kissing cuddling) soooo yea thats is :/