beaker and bunsen

And another one, since I had the time to draw some more to practice ! o/ 

I honestly don’t freaking know why I’m giving them some… How to describe this, some spirals on their cheeks. I think it looks cute on them, though. 

And I’m still working on Beaker’s hair and Bunsen’s glasses… Let’s be honest I’m praying to Kermit each time I come among one of these elements. It’s really challenging to give Bunsen some humanity or expressions. Arg. Or maybe I’m the only one going through such difficulties ? Who knows.

I’m baaack. :’3

So. I just got into hand lettering lately and I really love Ed Sheeran’s songs so… I thought, why not ? Here’s another Bunsen x Beaker with a quote from Thinking Out Loud. :’$ I hope it doesn’t look to bad, I still have some issues mixing trad’ drawing and computer editing… Looks like I have a lot to learn. 


Looking for some stuff in Google, we found this treasure and you should watch it.

Bunsen has so many nicknames for Beaker. I started to wonder if Beaker would give Bunsen any pet names? My first inclination was no, and he only allows Bunsen to call him the things he does out of pure fondness for him. Then one day he calls him ‘Bunny’ once to joke about the way Bunsen is always using pet names for him. But jokes on him because it sticks and Bunsen likes it.



Also, I am 100% in love with this video. I love every single part of it. THE SCIENCE. THE PINING FOR HONEYDEW. THE FACT THAT BEAKER BLOWS HIMSELF UP ALL ON HIS OWN. THE CUTE LITTLE RATS.