beaity creams


These night creams are very effective. I’ve tried it myself. in just 7 days you could see the effect. Many people had discovered the effective result in using these creams. These are night creams. After washing your face with the use of a carrot soap (goes with this set) apply the greenish cream (looks like vicks but doesn’t smell like it) Apply evenly all over the face make sure to put liberal amount on the affected areas. Let it dry for 3 minutes.Gives time for the skin to absorb the cream. Then apply the orange cream,(turmeric cream) same as the first one. The next morning wash your face with carrot soap then apply the Day Cream SPF 40 to protect your skin against dust & heat of the sun. This Day cream can be use as base for your make up or simply leave it just as is.The effect is like face powder.

Usually sold here in Thailand for 450Thai Baht/set. You could search the internet Thailand sites on how to avail one or you could place your order through me. State the details of your order eg your address, number of sets, etc and I will reply to you once I receive your email.

Warm regards!