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The Signs as Dogs

Aries: Labrador Retriever

Taurus: Bulldog

Gemini: Yorkshire Terrier 

Cancer: Maltese

Leo: Beagle

Virgo: Poodle

Libra: Cocker Spaniel

Scorpio: German Shepard

Sagittarius: Husky

Capricorn: Pug

Aquarius: Golden Retriever

Pisces: Shih Tzu

At the park
  • Beagle: I'm sniffing I'm sniffing important business finding smells much smell very explore wow
  • Lab: NEW FRIEND!!!!?!! BOOOOOOOUNCE bounce bounce bobbaunce bounce!
  • Beagle: ..... Not bounce.
  • Lab: BUT BOUNCE??????!?! :)))))))))
  • Beagle: you're bouncing on my smell
  • Beagle: Look, kid, you are more than twice my size and half my age and you have way too much energy and walks are Serious Business STOP BOUNCING ON ME MY VOICE IS MUCH LOUDR THAN YOURS
  • Lab: ......!!!?? you yell at me? Um :(((((( ????
  • Beagle: Humph.
  • Lab: solution - BOUNCE!!??!?!! Hopefully?
  • Lab: you yell again you don't like me how to fix this
  • Lab: I have limited social vocabulary?
  • Lab: um
  • Lab: how about
  • Lab: B... b....
  • Beagle: don't do it
  • Lab: BOUNCE!????!!???!??!!!!!! :))))))))))!!?
puppy love

ok so forever ago i made this post, and i finally got around to writing it today! shoutout to @bashfulisak for helping me get unstuck :’)


The one downside Even saw to moving out and living alone was, well, being alone. He hadn’t quite realized how much social interaction he had taken for granted before, from the light banter with his mom in the kitchen, to the soft cuddles on the couch with Leo, the wonderful pupper who his mom unfortunately couldn’t bear to part with.  

“I can’t possibly let two of my children leave at the same time,” she had exclaimed when Even proposed taking Leo with him. So Even had headed to his new apartment with a broken heart and a pet store phone number scribbled on a piece of scrap paper.

Sighing to himself, Even pulled out his phone and punched in the number. Even though no dog could ever replace Leo, he admittedly could use a companion. The phone rang twice before it was picked up by a girl who Even immediately decided was not the type to mess around with.

“Thank you for calling the Furry Friends Pet Store, this is Sana speaking.  How can I help you?”

“Um hi, I was just wondering–” Even started before being interrupted by an alarming crash from the other end of the line.

Even heard a muffled, “oh my God, Isak how many times do I have to tell you not to play with the dogs inside?” The girl, Sana apparently, then turned her attention back to Even. “If you’ll excuse me, sir, I’m going to have to let you go. We’re open until seven if you’d like to call back later. Have a nice day!”

 With that, the phone was slammed down. Even took a moment to shake himself out of his bewilderment. Despite the unusual nature of the phone call, both of his questions had been answered. He now knew that 1) the shop would be open for another three hours, and 2) they definitely had dogs. Grabbing his keys and his coat, Even started towards the pet store.


A bell tinkled above Even’s head as he pushed open the door of the shop and took in the utter chaos before him. It was now evident that the crash he had heard on the phone was the sound of a display of dog toys being knocked over. There were bones, and tennis balls, and squeaking stuffed animals littered all over the floor, and the few dogs that had managed to get out of the playpen were having a field day. In fact, the only one who appeared to be having no fun at all was the rather disgruntled looking boy trying to clean up.

 Even cleared his throat subtly, grabbing the boy’s attention. He was the cutest thing Even had ever laid eyes on. If people were dogs, he would be a golden retriever with those wide eyes, and unruly blonde curls, and that adorable button nose. The sound of the boy’s voice brought Even back to reality.

 "Hi!“ The blonde said, straightening his back with his arms full of toys. “Sorry for this, uh-” he clears his throat. “Mess. How can I help you?”

 "I just came to look around,“ Even smiles a bit. "But I can see you guys are having a bit of trouble. I can come back tomorrow–”

 "No! Well, I can try and help you right now?“ The younger boy offers, walking over to the shelf behind him and begins placing the toys back where they belong. "Like, a certain animal? Certain breed?”

 Even chuckles as the boy becomes a bit flustered, “Just a dog. Preferably a golden retriever.”

 "Dogs. Gotcha. Follow me,“ the boy responds as he finishes putting away the toys and starts walking down an aisle that leads to a small area in the back and Even can see the boy’s shoulders relax once the tiny whimpers come into earshot.

 "Well, we only have puppies. The golden retrievers are over here,” the boy says as Even follows him to the small pen. “But we have plenty other dogs, like labs and beagles and such.”

 Even nods, “Thanks. I’ll just look for a few minutes.”

 "Cool. I’ll just be over here,“ the boy gestures towards another pile of small bags of dog food that need to be put away.

 Even winks, "Gotcha,” and he holds back a grin as he sees the boy’s cheek light up a bright red.

 After a few minutes of just playing with the pups, Even stands from his squatting position and heads back towards the front of the store. He notices the boy again and walks over to him, clearing his throat, making the boy jump a little, “Did you find one you liked?”

 "Yeah, but I think I’ll just come by tomorrow to come and get it. Do you work tomorrow?“

 "Why? There are plenty other people in the store that can help, like Sana–” the boy rushes a bit.

 "Well, do you?“

 The boy coughs, shifting on his feet, crossing his arms, "Yeah, but I’m not sure when.”

 "Do you have paper and a pen?“

 The boy raises an eyebrow, shrugging, "Yeah, over here by the counter.”

 Even and the boy walk over, Even in front of the counter as the boy pushes a pad and pen towards him but Even shakes his head, “Can you write down your number so you can text me when you work?”

 The boy stares, his cheeks getting redder by the second and with shaky hands, he takes the pen and scribbles down his number and hands it to Even, “Well, here. I guess I’ll text you when I work.”

 Even grins as he hears the questioning in the boy’s voice, looking down at the paper and notices the name ‘Isak Valtersen’ scribbled underneath the digits. “Well, thank you Isak. See you tomorrow!”

 And with that, Even waved, walking out of the store. Even though Even may not have left with an actual dog, he left with Isak Valtersen’s number, which was arguably even better.

anonymous asked:

Do you see many hunting dogs? I'm sure you see a lot of labs and beagles as pets but any specifically gotten for hunting? I'm just curious since there's such strict gun laws in AUS. Question tax: I've learned a lot on you blog but most notably what entropion is. Thank you!

Let’s briefly discuss Australian gun laws first, because I’m sure a lot of American readers have this idea that we’re living in some draconian system where it’s impossible to get a firearm, and that’s simply not the case.

If you want to get a gun in Australia, you can get a gun. There are just a few requirements you have to meet first, and you can’t buy one in a hurry. Briefly:

  • You have to be over 18
  • You have to have a license
  • Certain criminal histories will disqualify you
  • You have to have proper storage facilities for your firearms and bullets
  • You must have completed a current firearms safety course
  • You must have a legitimate reason for wanting to own that class of gun (eg shooting club, hunting, collector, livestock euthanasia)

There are some additional requirements for the transport of guns (eg trigger locks in cars) and no open carry. Gun owners must also submit to regular inspections of their gun storage room, and firearms must be registered. You have to wait before you can purchase a gun, you can’t do all your paperwork on the same day. There are also restrictions on the power of guns you can purchase, if you don’t reasonably need it for your stated hobby then the licence will be declined.

Details can vary from state to state, but there are two articles that are worth reading here and here.

You can absolutely get a gun for sport, you just have to play by these pretty reasonable rules.

So actually answering your question, yes. I saw quite a lot of gun and hunting dogs in rural practice, but far less in suburbia. There are less working dogs in total in suburbia, but rural practice had a mix of assorted gun dogs and retrievers who worked. These dogs were also pets, but there are also fox hunting clubs which maintain their own hounds for fox hunting.

There are also lots of pig hunting dogs in the north of the country.


warrior cats - dog breeds

sandstorm - labrador retriever / beagle mix

tawnypelt - australian shepherd / shiloh shepherd mix

mothwing - husky / shiloh shepherd mix

leafpool - corgi / labrador retriever mix

squirrelflight - golden retriever / shetland sheepdog mix

*also, as a note: as you can see w/ leafpool, sometimes the breeds of siblings, parents, or relatives will be completely different. they’re still related, but just imagine that somehow a lab / beagle mix and a golden retriever [firestar + sandstorm] can have a corgi mix daughter, it just works for diff appearances

the-outsiders-slut  asked:

What animals would the guys be

dog edition

Tim— a completely black pitbull
Curly— a lil staffie pitbull who needs cuddles
Angela— a little fucking chihuahua in my purse
Johnny— chocolate lab 🤤
Ponebone— beagle
Darry— a brown great dane
Dallas— attack doberman 💁🏼
Two-Bit— fat basset hound
Sodapop— golden retriever
Bob— siberian husky
Randy— sheepdog

Signs as types of dogs

Aries: Greyhound, Dachshund

Taurus: Poodle, Yorkie

Gemini: Husky, Mastiff

Cancer: Italian Water Dog, Labradoodle,

Leo: Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever

Virgo: German Shepherd,

Libra: Chihuahua, Beagle

Scorpio: Yellow Lab, Pitbull

Sagittarius: Bernese Mountain Dog,

Capricorn: Rottweiler, Chow Chow

Aquarius: Dalmatian, Pug

Pisces: Great Pyranees, Boston Terrier

madstarrocks123  asked:

If you were to get a dog, what breed would you get and what would you name them?

I would get either a corgi, shibe, beagle or black lab! And if I got the black lab I’d name it Sirius and for the other dogs idk I’ve always wanted a dog named toast

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