DIY Beaded Crown Tutorial from Biserok (original source). This is all about stringing beads on wire and combining them. I’ve posted so many tutorials for wire crafts here and aDIY Everything You Need to Know About Jewelry Wire from Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters.These are excellent easy to understand posts for anyone working with wire.

For simpler wire crowns like the one below go here and for DIY Crowns go here.

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Beaded Dragon Game of Thrones Bracelet by jewelrylace on Etsy

The bracelet is created based on the famous film Game of Thrones. It reflects the fate and character of the heroine Khalis Deyeneris Targaryen. Born by storm to reign … Fire dragon wraps the arm, shimmering red, blue, hematite sparks. Dragon guards his owner. Tear of the Dragon in the pendants as moonstone, adularia symbolizes the sadness and pain of losing a loved Drogo.

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…erleben schlampige Abenteuer! Schlampig gezeichnet, schlampig animiert, total stumpfe Anime-Scheiße! :D

Mal wieder eine spontane Spätnacht-Aktion. WAS IST LOS MIT MIR??
Und JA. Ich hab Wakes UNTERHOSEN gemacht. MIT ERDBEERMUSTER. So viel Liebe zum Detail muss sein XD

Ich will auch noch Ass machen! Das klingt irgendwie falsch .__.

Danke Kaddi <3

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