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º* Moon Braid Tutorial *º

I love the moon! I saw this as a post forever ago or else I would link the original source but I cant find it

But his is my version! So I hope you like it

What You’ll Need •

§ Black/white/grey (or silver) yarn/string/ribbon etc (I sat mine in the full moon night overnight and sprinkled it with moon water :3 but this is totally optional) So, most of the colors of the moon
§ Items that appeal to your God/god/goddess/deity/ect. (I used stones/shiny things/a pretty moon earring that I lost the other one xD)
§ (optional) Incense, tea

How To º

Okay, so this is about artistic freedom! You can weave, knit, crochet, braid, or anything else. However I weaved mine, Black, White, then Grey. However or simplicity I’ll tell you how to do the braid 

Take your black, white, and grey strands and tie them together at the top
∞ Then braid!
∞ As you braid you should be in a relaxing space, this is the time to light some incense and brew some tea, you want this braid to remind you of good times. 
∞ If you have beads weave ‘em in
∞ Take the time to pray to whatever you believe in and thank them for making/supporting the moon!
∞ Once you get to the end you can tie it or leave it as is for a fringe 
∞ Finish decorating however you like

Witchy Meanings ⦿

Protection ~ Gratefulness ~ Help With Wisdom ~ Calming ~ Help with Moon Magick ~ Strength 

And whatever meanings that relate to the extra things you put on your braid/the incense you used/the tea you brewed 

Made by @ohnoregrettio/ @spell-bound-life (same person two accounts :3)


Wavy Leaf & Blueberry Bracelet Tutorial > 

A Winter’s Day - Thorin Dabble

A short oneshot written for @lucife56 ! Thorin rediscovers the meaning of winter with the help of Fili and Kili.

He was meant to lift axes, not hammers.

He was meant to sweat from training, not the forge. He was meant to rule in decadence, not labor for meager coins. He was not meant to be bothered by the approach of winter.

And yet, there he stood, a hammer tied to his belt, the back of his shirt soaked with sweat, his limbs frozen, his fist clutching his pay. Thorin looked up to the sky and glowered, challenging the gray clouds scowling back. Winter has come to pound on his weather-weary door and smother the fields with his coat of snow. Must be an elf, the bastard.

Thorin sighed, donned his coat – already threadbare by now – and pushed himself to climb back home. Home. Laughable concept. The semi-precious metal in his hand bit into his skin as he tightened his grip. This should be enough for… something. Market prices still baffled him, so he let Dis manage the household. 

A few men nodded his way. Thorin nodded back. He continued his climb, thanking Mahal for strong, dwarven made boots. Once, he liked the cold season. Another laughable concept, that. People traveled less in the winter, fought less, spent less – no horseshoes for him to fix, pots to make, swords to forge. And everything was in short supply and expensive. And it was bloody cold. Thorin scoffed at the wind that weaved beads of snow into his hair and beard. Let her try. He sold all his finery long ago.

Mother would sing songs, comes the winter, and the cooks would bake deep fried sweets coated with honey and jam – stop it, his mind hissed.

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I have no clue if people will actually respond to this - but anyways.

I’ve been thinking about doing commissions.

Specifically, there’s a variety of things I know how to make/enjoy making and have been considering trying to sell them. That list of things includes, but is not limited to:

  • I bookbind - journals with a variety of different types of paper
  • I enjoy sewing skirts and cardigans (I can sew other things, these are just specific things I like to make, and am therefore better at making)
  • Animal harnesses (I’ve only made them for cats before, but I don’t see why I can’t make them for other animals)
  • Hands free cup holder (especially good for those who use mobility devices)
  • Knitted scarves and hats (so many hats)
  • Bags
  • Baskets
  • Jewelry (usually bead work)

I can theme things by colours (pride paraphernalia for days!) or interest (I made a notebook with an owl sitting in a window on the cover; and a jewelery set with the tower of pimps on them from Achievement Hunters).

As another note, I’m a writer (fiction, usually fantasy) and artist (drawing, water colour, some clay work, but not much), and would also be interested in potentially doing commissions of those. I am also looking into figuring out more how to make more things to help those with mobility devices and disabilities, because that’s something important to me.

So, my question being, is there any interest amongst my followers for me to do something like that?

Thank you if you take time to respond. I know that I don’t interact with my followers often, so responses would be really neat, or reblogging if you think your followers would have interest or advice.

Fairy-Work Prep

Fairy, Faery, Faerie, whatever. Faery is English. Fairy is French but most common. Faerie is traditional in folklore.

I’ll be giving specific examples from my post about preparing to interact with the Fae! This may favor feminine-presenting witches however this post is completely non–discriminatory. I intend for this to give you ideas and inspire your own fairy witchcraft rituals! Take what you like and leave what you don’t! Here are some ways for you to further connect with the Fae through beauty:


  • clips. Pull your hair away from your face. They want to be able to study you closely, you must show confidence in that you have nothing to hide
  • shampoo. If you happen to make an impromptu visit to a place of fairies, be sure that you are fairly clean. Dry shampoo or just a tad of baby powder is a life saver if your hair is visibly dirty or greasy.
  • braid magic. incorporate spellwork and glamours into your beauty routine. Braid your hair with the intent to connect seamlessly with them. Envision the border between your two realms becoming intertwined with our physical world and the spiritual plane in which they live. Develop a similar symbolism for other hairstyles you prefer
  • decorate. Weave string, beads, and feathers into your hair. Coordinate the color or your hair ties to your intentions when meeting with the Fae. Add some hair chalk. Throw on a tiara. Bedazzle a headband. Clip in some flowers. Beautify your hair in ways that make your heart glow
  • infuse. Add oil to your hair if the ingredient represents your intentions. Argan oil, Moroccan oil, coconut oil, all of these are made from plants remember! Spritz a little solution of water and essential oils. Comb through a bit of moon water or other charged waters. Charge your brush on some crystals.


  • makeup. This Cosmetics and Glamour post is a beautiful reference for all things Face related when prepping for the Fae
  • glitter. Duhhh. sells Diamond Crushers that smell sweet and look even sweeter btw, ceck ‘em out. I have Choke (sheer pink/blue) and they just came out with an Acid Fairy one ;) (bright pink/blue)


  • necklace. I highly recommend a necklace of some sort when you venture out. A crystal talisman. A charmed pendant. A chain with jars for collecting materials, leaving offerings, or spell jars. A protective choker. Anything around your neck or near your heart that provides you with beneficial properties.
  • rings. I keep posting about this but I’ll say it again. Etsy has cute claw rings for sale and I’m all about using one on your finger to direct your energy in place of holding a wand. It frees up your hand and gives you one less thing to carry or conceal
  • bracelets. Fairies love bells. Find yourself a string of bells or Tibetan clapper bells, or just layer lots of bracelets/anklets together to produce a beautiful chime noise as you walk through the forest, garden, wherever


  • Everyone’s closet is different so allow yourself to intuitively chose your outfit for the occasion. Avoid genuine leather belts and furs


  • Drink a fairy tea before aand/or after. You can find recipes on Tumblr. Scroll through my “faery/fairy witchcraft” tag or my “tea” tag. Here are a few for reference. 1, 2, 3
  • Take a fairy bath before or after. You can find instructions on Tumblr. Here are a few for reference. 1, 2,
  • Document your experience
  • Be prepared with fairy cookies or offering stones. Here are a few posts to reference. Offering stones, mine and Fairy Cookies
  • Bring a fairy sachet or construct one after with materials you collected from your visit. Here are a few for reference. 1, 2, 3
  • Carry crystals with you. Intuitively choose ones you think  the Fae will enjoy or search on Tumblr and Google for suggestions

And there you have it! A head-to-toe guide for your personalized fairy prep!

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people talk about lifesaving art like it all needs to be high and fine and mighty and expensive and complex and conceptual and impossible

lifesaving fucking art is the stickers of animals or trees or the circus or a fairy tale on the walls of a children’s hospital that makes a tiny kid feel less scared and alone in an adult world

lifesaving art is the cover designs of those magazines like the big issue that homeless people sell to turn their lives around

lifesaving art is the tiny bits or embroidery or beading or weaving that people in remote parts of this world do as continuance of their thousand-year-old cultures that have been ripped away from them by capitalism and racism, so their children still run around with tiny parts of their identity on their clothing as they play games and survive

lifesaving art is anything that someone having the worst day of their life looks at and forgets for a moment; a newspaper ad blowing past on the street, a colourful candy wrapper they’ll eat from, someone else’s cool earrings

lifesaving art is what makes people look or listen or feel when they don’t know anything about composition or method or technique or postmodernism 

get away from me if you think the only important creative works are in giant gold frames or surrounded by security or in huge hardcover books that very few people can afford

lifesaving art is the stuff we barely notice


s i n k [or] s w i m: a tale of lady pirates and merfolk

a collaborative effort by @stephanierabig and @zombeesknees featuring:

  • natalie dormer as captain harriet “harry” roberts:
    harry went to sea years ago because she’d always longed for adventure – and to find the sister snatched from her. as captain of the sappho, she’s constantly biting off more than she can chew, dueling men and rescuing slaves, castaways, and abused women at every turn. a hot-head and a fighter, her heart is always in the right place and she fully embraces the rowdy life of a pirate.
  • gina torres as first mate josephine “jo” duveau:
    harry’s lifelong and long-suffering friend, jo is most definitely the level-headed half of the pair. the more dangerous things are, the more stoic she gets, but she’s very kind and caring beneath her gruff demeanor, and just as invested in finding harry’s stolen sister, her first love.
  • jason momoa as kaimana:
    sweet, curious, and a little silly at times, kai lost his pod years ago and lived in seclusion until the sappho found his island during a typhoon. the merman is immediately taken by the crew, particularly their wild captain, and leaves them a number of gifts before finally revealing himself.
  • alicia vikander as agnessa:
    this refined beauty abandoned a noble life of privilege when she demanded to join harry’s crew – luckily, she’s skilled beyond tea services and curtsying. thanks to her twin brother alvar’s tutelage, she’s one of the finest helmsman at sea, able to navigate the most dangerous reefs and blockades without batting an eyelash.
  • q'orianka kilcher as mad maddie:
    maddie may be one of the youngest on the sappho, but what she lacks in age and wisdom she makes up for in wild energy and bravery. in fact, she goes quite berserk in battle, proving just as dangerous to her crewmates as to the enemy. no one knows much about her childhood or what makes her quite so mad, but everyone is very fond of her regardless.
  • luke pasqualino as francisco “lucky franky” cardinelli:
    franky hasn’t always been so lucky: when harry and jo first found him, he was a castaway-turned-slave with a very cruel master. but after harry won his freedom in a duel, he became an eager addition to the crew. as free with his physical charms as he is with his smiles, franky is a shameless flirt and womanizer, but he and maddie have a particularly strong bond in spite of it.
  • ruth wilson as wilhelmina:
    she may have only one leg, but that doesn’t keep will from her scientific pursuits. an amateur botanist and firm believer in mr. darwin’s crazy theories, she frequently engages in heated intellectual debates with the more religious or superstitious members of the crew.
  • gwendoline chistie as katherine:
    the muscle of the crew and covered in tattoos, katherine is as good-natured as she is strong. she’s also quite the lover, with a man (and woman) in every port.
  • fan bingbing as hope:
    the sappho’s resident mystic, hope is superstitious enough to make up for all of harry’s doubt and jo’s religious certainty. always dressed in red to ward off the evil spirits, hope has a talisman for every situation and any number of ceremonies to keep her crewmates safe.
  • arden cho as silence:
    a siren is nothing without her voice – or so they say. so what does that make silence? her muteness is the result of a sister’s betrayal and a deal with one of the most unscrupulous pirates on the waves, but she has since found shelter on the sappho and companionship with another blighted soul.
  • rosario dawson as isabelle:
    when a woman is thrown overboard and drowns, she sometimes becomes a mermaid. in isabelle’s case, the process didn’t go smoothly: her tail fused in a way that prevents her from swimming properly. she now relies on silence for her mobility, and acts as the siren’s voice in exchange.
  • melissa jaffer as miss euphemia darling:
    harry’s crew is more literate than most, but they still need someone to handle the bookkeeping and longer words: enter miss euphemia darling, a retired schoolteacher who woke up one day and decided she wanted some adventure. she can be quite the character, reciting poetry at the oddest moments and wearing elaborate dresses regardless of the weather.
  • caterina murino as zora:
    a former bar wench who grew tired of being ill-treated by drunken customers, she jumped at the chance to join harry’s crew. an incurable collector, she weaves coins, beads, shells, and charms into her skirts and necklaces and has a habit of dancing when she’s been at the rum.
  • christina hendricks as tessa:
    unlike her lover zora, tessa has no desire to go to sea. instead, she works at the sappho’s favorite bar at their favorite port and provides information every time zora pays her a visit.
  • dichen lachman as junia:
    unwilling to stay behind when her husband became a sailor, junia donned a disguise to join him. but when the crew found out and threw her overboard – killing her protesting husband in the process – she was rescued by kai and brought to the sappho. now she obsessively collects swords while plotting her revenge against the ship that so wronged her.
  • margot robbie as aveline roberts:
    aveline was going to meet her secret lover – jo – when she was snatched by slavers. harry tried to stop them and was nearly killed in the process. now no one can be sure whether she’s alive or dead, though there are rumors she was sold to a vicious pod of mermaids who may have turned her into one of their own because of her beautiful singing voice.
  • mads mikkelsen as captain wrath drew:
    once an ally, now a hated foe. wrath betrayed harry and almost sank the sappho in the process. when the full extent of his crimes becomes known, harry vows she’ll stop at nothing to see him hanged and his ship, the charon, sent straight to the bottom of the ocean.
13 - Body Modifications

Ash worked in a body modification shop in the nicer end of town which specialised in enchanted modifications: earrings that could translate Elvish into Dwarfish, tattoos that moved, that sort of thing.

They alternated between working in the back, making jewellery and sketching out designs, and working at the till helping customers. It was good work, and they enjoyed it. Ash especially liked talking to the shop’s regulars, like the witch who came in every few weeks to see what amulets were in stock, or the dwarf with charms and beads weaved into her beard and tattoos covering her arms.

iceangelmkx  asked:

For the number meme; 3, 6, 14, (the second #) 15, 28, 40, and 50. :)

Hey, friend! Sorry this took a little while to get out. :(

3. What is the last book you read?

The last book I read was actually a gift from a mutual friend of ours. (wink wink @therealpoesdaughter) it is Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

6. Tell me three things most interesting about you

I bead weave shit (I might make an Etsy account, Idk we’ll see)

I make miniature shit (not very good but I’m getting there)

I once raised turkeys. Yup, the majestic gobble gobble. I entered some in the state fair too and got some ribbons.

14. Who is your OTP?

Johnny Cage and a mirror ;)

15. Pepsi or Coca-cola

I have no preference with these two drinks. I like either or.

28. Would you rather go back in time, or into the future?

Go back in time and rework some bad financial decisions I made in my early 20’s. If I travel to the future and see something I don’t like, Im gonna wonder for the rest of my life if doing that one miniscule thing led to my downfall. Boom. Butterfly Effect and all that shit.

40.Favorite ice cream flavor?

Rocky Road, but I like a bunch of flavors. Really love chocolate gelato.

50. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Overwatch. Overwatch.Overwatch. Damn game is like crack.

ten weirder facts you maybe didn't know about me?

hey guys just wanted to tell u more abt myself bc u probably don’t know v much haha

• i can speak three languages sorta, english, up to french 3, and basically fluent in mandarin
• i always wanted to be a teacher basically up to 7th grade?? but after that ive changed my desired career to graphic designer
• ive been an avid crafter and art enthusiast since elementary school, ive done friendship bracelets, bead weaving, sketching, realistic portraiture, polymer clay, knitting, crocheting, graphic design, calligraphy(though I suck), painting, rainbow loom, rexlace, etc.
• youtube is my favorite website ever and my escape, i have about 400+ subscriptions, some of my favorites are dodie, dan and phil, boldly, colleen, lovefromliyax, shaytards, itsjudyslife, beth, mere, alisha, mia, jessiepaege, jenn im, jenerationdiy, bubz, wongfu idek how many more
• some of my pet peeves are when people complain every second of the day and people who keep doing something even when you ask them to stop
• some of my favorite tv shows are once upon a time, glee, the vampire diaries, pretty little liars, a series of unfortunate events
• i don’t really like movies except for disney because if i watch an even remotely scary one I’ll have anxiety, but my favorite Disney movie is Lemonade Mouth
• i can rap most of love the way you lie
• im absolutely into poetry, and love writing down phrases i think of, poem snippets, whole poems, quotes from shows, books, in my notes, and I hope to one day perform a spoken word
• my favorite song has got to be either fix you or the scientist by coldplay

I am super, super happy with this!

I’m making everyone Christmas gifts this year, because we don’t really have a ton of money to toss at Christmas presents. Which makes me crazy sad, cause I love giving gifts. But never mind that.

This one is for Steven’s dad, who really digs dream catchers and stuff like that. The background to the white weaving-type beading is actually clear, so I think it would look really neat somewhere where the light can come through it.

The pattern is one I came up with my self, after seeing some other peoples ideas online. I wanted a perfect circle so I just made my own, then filled in a pattern that I thought looked pretty good. The feathers are actually Mario feathers so I didn’t design those, obviously.

The feathers are attached with a bit of chain and some jump rings. Same with the top chain to hang it with. Sorry the photo is so dark, I’ve already taped up the foam boards around it or I’d take a better picture.

Like I said, I’m super happy with this and I hope Steven’s dad digs it as much as I do!


It’s essentially like a dream, a dream I keep waking up from but can’t seem to escape.

The connotation of the word dream always seems to be positive. Meh. You know how when you’re in a dream, you’re in one place, and suddenly a second or a minute later you’re somewhere else –––– without moving, or knowing how you got there? Essentially it’s the same thing, the daily… motions I go through. I’m here, and then I’m there, I blink, and I’m somewhere else. I’m awake, and aware, but it’s all cyclical. It feels cyclical. Essentially like sleepwalking.

I blink, I’m in the backseat of a car. Blink, I’m in a classroom, blink, I feel the cold granite tile underneath me and the beads of shower water weave through strands of my hair. Blink, it’s morning. Blink, fuck this.

It’s like a different kind of autopilot, like you don’t have to tell yourself to breathe or blink ––– but all the synapses in my brain just have this fluidity where I am just devoid of any kind of conscious thought ––– I make my coffee, I put on my shoes, I take my notes down, I’m sitting on my bed, about to well, go to bed, and well, I just.. I wake up.

Sure, I’m awake, but before I sleep, I really wake up, like I literally get around to actually thinking, and I think ––– what have I done today that can be considered really worthwhile? And I get around to thinking about the burden of existence, stupid, ambitious and abstract ideas, just lying down in bed on the brink of midnight until the slightest peek of dawn escapes my blinds. Am I just a gear in the clockwork of this Earth? I mean, fuck, sure, that sounds important, but really it makes me feel so miniscule and both full and utterly bereft of purpose. Like, if by some weird voodoo magic, if I was written out of existence, the fabric of the universe would probably go haywire, but that would be just an incidental casualty, because if you really saw how my life panned out on a daily basis, it wouldn’t have been much of a loss.

Blink, I’m in front of a television set, occupied and restless –––– and I feel like art imitates life and life imitates art and it’s cyclical, but it’s a nice, beautiful kind of cycle. Like the Ptolemaic model, or major scales moving only in octaves, the energy borne of circular motion ––– or… clockwork.

Sometimes, I feel. It doesn’t matter what or how, I just do. Feel, like a verb. Through every single sense ––– I see the streetlights framing the grain of the road when I open the car window, I taste the simplest joy of ultra-processed death in a fast food takeout box, I hear that Mustang Sally bass line when I’m really listening, I smell heaven in my linens when I take them out of the laundry basket. And I feel, I feel the unmistakable warmth of your breath when I don’t realize, when the hum of air conditioning finally lulls me to sleep, I feel the crater on my pillow where your head used to be, and I bolt this consciousness. I take it back, free me from this sharp pain, and take me back to apathy, take me back to avoidance.

Because I used to move my finger from blemish to blemish, tracing some kind of system in your skin, and I used to tremble when you whispered into my nape thinking I was asleep, and I used to feel the singular focus and nature of longing, I used to melt and mold myself everyday to accommodate every crevice of the fractures in your heart, in your life, in your mind. The fluidity of desire, the fluidity of my personhood –––– it was all gone, it’s all gone, now I’m a rigid shell of who I used to be, moving in a gross, repetitive and predictable pattern, unrealized and more of a demographic than anything else.

I used to relish in delusion, in your supposedly underserved attention, while you relished in the affirmation of the heat of my cheeks, and an affectionate rush of blood and a faster pulse ––– of the state of undress, physically and emotionally. The dynamic and push-pull feeling of loving less/more.

Blink, I’m tying your shoes, blink, you’re walking away.

I don’t want you back. I’m comfortable. I’m realized. Fake it til you make it. Good posture makes you seem like a confident person, why the hell not, right?

My mother said once that time stops for nobody, or did my father say that? Or was it Jesus, or Buddha, or Pablo Neruda, or Chicken Soup for The Tardy….

I don’t want to embark on some soul-searching, Drops of Jupiter, manic pixie life changing trip to France or something. I don’t need a fucking coming-of-age self-actualization triggering plot device. I don’t need that. I don’t need some sort of off-the-grid catalytic fissure in my life.

I want to be whole again, but I want to find it in the bottom of a good cup of coffee, or the froth of an ice-cold beer with a few who have stuck with me, through the rumble of train arrivals and departures ––– the cyclical life ––– I am slowly finding dimensions, eclipsing you, these brief moments of feeling, enjoyment, dare I say excitement. Someone else’s car stereo. New cycles. Intersections.

I need to find the beauty in clockwork, once more, if not endlessly.