beads weaving


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My boss told me a lovely story the other day about a friend of hers. This friend was an artist. This friend taught my boss how to paint encaustic. Then, my boss went to the artists house for dinner. The house was filled with artwork, pottery, and various other crafts, all made by the artist.

My boss then told me how she lost respect for her friend, because she had so many interests and hadn’t chosen one to focus on and master.

She told me this lovely story after I told her I had a lot of seed beads in my stash from my bead weaving days.

So.. I listened to her. Wrapped myself up in a scarf is knitted for myself, and went home to bake bread for dinner, check on my lacto- fermented lemons, water my balcony garden, and watch wood-carving videos on YouTube in prep for my class next week.

I wish I’d been brave enough to tell her that life is too short to spend it bored.