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Hello again everyone! I’ve decided I want to make the contest prizes fairly personalized. I’ll talk to the winner and learn about them to decide what they’ll win.

As a base though, you can count on receiving:

- a box of crayons, markers, or colored pencils
- 2 coloring/activity books
- a puzzle or 2
- a pony bead bracelet with your choice of colors and letters
- a pacifier
- a water bottle, sippy cup, or bottle
- a few pairs of cute socks
- 3 sqwishlanders (cute little pencil topper toys that have an online game to go with)
- a couple toys and stuffies
- some candies
- various other items


I made a “happy home” jar with beads for my siblings who all just got a new house. The very small beads at the bottom are a salt stand-in and each color bead above those have been charged with the respective color candle. The colors and meanings are: (from bottom up)

  • White- happiness, healing and peace.
  • Green- luck, wealth, balance and growth.
  • Red- love and strength.
  • Blue- hope, health and friendship.
  • Purple- power, spirit, and wisdom.
  • Brown- food, learning and stability. 
  • Black- Banish negativity and defense.
  • Gold- victory, creativity, and understanding.
  • Sliver- Protection

Last to top it off i put into 5 small lettered beads to represent each person in the house, each bead is the first letter of there first name.

Just stop. Tate Langdon x Reader

A/n: ok so I’m going through a lit of shit so I decided to write something dark , sorry

Warning : language, alcohol , abuse and self harm

Plot : the Reader has lived in the murder house with her parents as a last chance to restore the happiness they one had but it all starts going bad real quick.

Just stop.

Tate looked at you from a dark corner .

You were sitting on your bead , knees to your chest, a bottle of whisky on your left and a pack of cigarettes near it .

His heart broke as he saw you slowly kill yourself. And the problem were your parents .

You and your parents moved in to the murder house 2 years ago. And right from the start you fell for the blond boy hard and he fell for you just like you.

You were happy for about one and a half years , being with him was all you could ask for. But of course it didn’t last long.

Your dad was caught cheating on your mom again, and that’s when hell broke loose.

All the fights , yelling , hatred.

It got to you.

Tate saw you deteriorate on his eyes. He did see you smile anymore, your laughter or the shine in your eyes. Instead they were dull and broken.

You two often faught, over anything, it seemed to get to you , all of it.

You got in to your old habits , or at least Tate beloved they were old seeing how you downed a bottle of liquor so easily along with a pack of cigarettes.

It hurt him seeing you this way, the only person he cared for.

But he finally decided to step in.

He saw as you stepped off your bed , legs and body shaking from the alcohol in your system, you walked to the bath room , he quickly follows you , he stood in the door way , watching you , but as soon as you noticed him you slammed the door in his face.

He slightly jumped but stayed in place , not willing to live you alone. He listened as you opened and closed a few shelves, but then you were quiet for a while. He started to get nervous as he heard a few sobs and when he heard something drop on the flood , something metal, he had enough.

He broke the doors look and got in the the bath room only to see you sobbing on the flor , a small knife near you , bloody .

He reacted quickly and pushed the knife under the bath tub before you could grab it .

But you didn’t move , you just sat there , head hanging low .

Tate felt his heart braking. He sat next to you and to his surprise you almost jumped on him, hugging him as close to your body as you could.

Tate pulled Hus arms around your waist , rocking you in his arms as you silently cried in his arms.

“I’m sorry” you say , your voice , bearly above a whisper. He kissed the top of your head “its ok baby , you have nothing to be sorry for ” he said , placing one hand on your cheek , making you look at him “ just promise not to do this again , I know it hurts , I really do understand but … you are the only thing I have … The only thing I love … So please don’t hurt yourself like that ok ?” He slightly smiled at you , teats already sliding down his face.

You smiled at him , nodding your head .

“ I love you so much Tate.”

“Love you too ”

He kissed you on your lips , giving you a warm filling.

Tate stood up , you in his arms, and he carried you to your room , locking the door before lying down on your bed .

For once you didn’t feel so bad.

You had your boyfriend by your side no matter what.

Somehow that made life just a bit more bearable.

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Imagine: Halloween with Sam.

Sam x Reader
Note: Fluff & some jealousy

A redheaded college girl decked out in a skimpy referee outfit draped herself over Sam’s arm. His upper arm pressed firmly between an impressive set of breasts. Her friend, a dark brunette dressed in a metallic white bikini with ruffles on the edges, stood on Sam’s right tracing the sweat beading on his beer bottle, while leaning over the table and never breaking eye contact. Both girls hadn’t spared me a glance. I wasn’t even sure they knew I was present. They did, however, notice Sam from the moment he entered the bar. A round of shots later, they sauntered over and commenced flirting before he could take the first sip of the local craft brewery’s pumpkin beer.

“Hey handsome, wanna play?” The referee purred in his ear. “I promise I won’t call foul.”

He squirmed uncomfortably as she whispered something in his ear. He laughed nervously. Her metal whistle clicking against the table. Any slight amusement of the situation I held onto dropped in an instant when she flicked golden brown eyes toward his lap, a smirk twitching beneath full red lips. I covered my frown by pretending to sip my beer. My appetite had vanished.

“Come on, Liz.” The other girl whined, then flicked her large black eyes towards Sam. “Wouldn’t you rather be with me?”

“And what are you suppose to be?” Sam asked desperately inching his arm away from Referee.

The girl stood up straight placing her hands around her curvaceous hips modeling the shiny swimwear. A light gauzy material floated around her body stemming from a bedazzled collar. She pouted playfully with perfect full lips. Ugly black thoughts rose in my mind. I glared at the dartboard on the wall.

“What? Can’t you tell? I’m a ghost!”

She leaned against the table her hand disappearing below. From the startled movement Sam made and where his eyes dropped her hand landed somewhere sensitive. My hand tightened dangerously around the neck of the bottle. I made a mediocre effort not to entertain the idea of her neck beneath my thumbs.

“Aren’t I scary?” She grinned.

“A-ah, yes!” His voice pitched a little higher than usual giving the girls a good giggle.

From the bar a couple girls were calling names and cheering. The clamor drew Referee and Ghost’s attention. I bit back the urge to yell at them to leave. Like a selfish child, I wanted to throw a tantrum, push them away, and keep Sam to myself. It was dark satisfying sensation, if I could ignore the nagging moral implications.

“That’s us.” Referee said. “Don’t go anywhere, handsome.”

She slid away rushing toward her friends. Ghost moved past Sam, her hand moving from out of sight to his shoulder. She lingered as long as she could before she was out of reach. She blew him a kiss with a wink. She was unknowingly lucky that I restricted myself from public killings.

“I’ll be back.” She promised before joining in on the cheers.

He smiled in response, but it didn’t reach his eyes. He turned back to the table exhaling disbelievingly and shook his head. Intellectually, I knew he hadn’t enjoyed the attention, yet, the sour immature frustration remained like a stubborn cat on important documents.

“Sorry about that.”

Annoyed I replied with a scathing mocking tone. “Hey, handsome… Wanna play?”

Sam chuckled embarrassed.

“I’ll be back… Aren’t I scary?”

“Okay, okay…” He waved away my impressions good naturedly.

“What can’t you tell?” I continued with a scoff. I took a swig of my beer. It tasted metallic and bitter on my palate. “A ghost, please…”

“You’re not…” Sam was grinning, “… Jealous. Are you?”

Adrenaline rushed me. I snorted a little too hard. My eyes darted away from him.

“No! Would a jealous person mock and ridicule someone for no reason?” I glared.

“Like you just did?”

“Well… I have a reason!”

“Which is…?”

“Which is…” My mind went blank. Just how much alcohol was in these fancy craft beers? “Yes, okay. I’m jealous! But it’s not what you think.”

I took a triumphant swig of beer that in no way was a way to escape the conversation and buy me more time to think. Sam leaned in his cheerful disbelief now a smug full smile.

“So, what is it?”

“Maybe I’m just jealous those girls get to have a normal Halloween. They get to dress up in costumes and it’s just that… A costume. It’s not real to them. They get to drink carefree and hit on random guys and tomorrow they can move on.”

I felt a little bad playing the normal life card. I studied the label on the beer. A heavy hand clapped my shoulder. A quick glance confirmed it was Dean. He leaned in the space over the table as if to speak with co-conspirators.

“Or maybe it’s because those two coed hotties were moving in on what you want and you’re just jealous plain and simple.” Dean stated matter of factly with a big boyish grin.

“Dammit, Dean!” I muttered low enough Sam couldn’t hear.

“Anyways, Alex and I are going to head out, so have fun you two.” He shot an eyebrow wiggle toward Sam.

Silence impregnated the conversation. The squealing of girls at the bar seemed distant. I found myself studying them. Their smiles were beautiful, white, and straight. They threw their heads back with full feminine laughs, poised with each other in front of their phones, and casually hugged each other. A small pang in my heart told me I hadn’t lied completely before. I wondered what it would be like to have so many friends with such vibrant life.

“Hey.” Sam said softly.

I looked at him questioningly.

“Come with me.”

His smile was kind and promising, an echo of his earlier teasing. He held out his hand. Completely intrigued, I took it without hesitation. His long warm fingers closed around my hand. He led me out of the bar into the night. The heat of the bar quickly cooled from my clothes leaving my skin chilled. I shuddered. From the air or from anticipation, I couldn’t tell. Sam expertly navigated through the crowded streets. A couple blocks later, we turned. We entered a building before I could see the sign.

It took me a couple moments to realize where we were. Halloween decorations were displayed  all around. To my right was a Grim Reaper with glowing red eyes, just beyond him were racks of costumes. My eyes grew wide and I stared up at Sam my mouth a gape. He stuffed his hands into his pockets unsure of my reaction.

“A costume store?” I managed.

“Yeah… You know…” He shrugged trying to be casual. “You wanted the normal experience. I know it’s not exactly-”

“It’s perfect.” I interrupted before the misting in my eyes could affect my voice.

He cleared his throat. “Great.” His smile relaxed me. “Let’s take a look.”

We walked to a rack. Excitement made my fingers tremble. I reached out anxiously ignorant of the proper procedure of how to shop. I flipped through the clothes on the rack. I found a glittery tutu. It had a matching purple spandex top compete with a crown and wand that lit up. I pulled it away from the rest.

“Sam, what do you think?” I asked jokingly holding it against myself.

His eyebrows shot up then he carefully considered it. “It’s cute.”

“I meant for you!” I teased.

He laughed a deep rumbling laugh that sent pleasure surging in my chest. Proud of eliciting such a charming reaction, I grinned to myself. I replaced the silly costume on the rack when I heard a couple of girls in the row behind us.

“Hey, that guy is really cute.” She whispered.

“Where?” Her friend responded. “Oh… Yeah…!”

“Is that girl his girlfriend?”

“No way! She’s so…”

My hands stop moving. My heart thudded painfully. I didn’t dare look at Sam. I gripped the costume in front of me trying to cast off the hurt. The light dimmed, then a familiar scent washed over me. Startled I looked up to see Sam reaching to the other side of me pulling a costume off the wall. He brought it down, but didn’t move away. My shoulder pressed against his chest. He leaned in closer than necessary.

“What do you think?” He asked.

I blinked at him. Heat seeped into my cheeks when my gaze flicked to his lips. I wet my mouth and looked at the costume he held out. It was a simple pirate costume- red and white skirt with torn black stockings, a brown corset with a poofy off shoulder blouse, including a classic pirate hat with a skull and bones printed on the front. I took it from him.

“I like it.” I replied unable to quip anything with the blood rushing in my ears.

He reached up again retrieving another costume.  He spoke sheepishly, “It’s got a matching set. So… We can, uh, match…”

He smiled reassuringly. I returned it easily. The girls from before whispered again.

“They are together.”

“That’s too bad…”

I caught myself looking at them. I snapped my head back toward Sam. He stepped back his smile tipping into a light smirk. He held out his hand again.

“Come on, let’s go try these on.”

I nodded following him to the changing station. I came out clutching my folded clothes to by chest nervously. The skirt was shorter in the back than I thought originally. Even with the torn fishnet stockings I felt awfully exposed. Sam emerged a moment later. He wore flat shoes, matching red and white torn pants, a brown vest with a loose white shirt that hid his toned body beneath, and a rag tied around his head with an eyepatch lazily pulled back. He spotted me and froze. His jaw clenched hard.

Surprised by his reaction I blurted. “It looks bad. Yep. Okay, I’m changing.”

I turned to go back into the stall. His hand wrapped around my arm gently. Nervously I looked up at him. He met my eyes earnestly.

“You look amazing.”

In my peripheral vision I caught a glimpse of his ear sticking out of the lopsided cap. His hair was uncharacteristically pulled to one side leaving the ear exposed. The end was tipped a faint red. Thunderstruck, I realized he was blushing. I tilted to get a better view of his ear. It definitely became a shade redder. This new discovery made me lighter with glee. Affection filled my gaze.

“You look good too…” To cover my own blush I continued, “I mean, for the scum of the sea.”

He smiled brightly. “Okay, let’s go pay for these and get to trick or treating!”

The store clerk gave us complimentary trick or treat bags where we stowed our clothes. He offered his hand for the third time that night. This time he didn’t let go. Throughout the night while we knocked on random stranger’s door chanting the age old mantra to request candy, even when some of those adults gave reproachful glare accusing us of being too old for the game, and all the way back to the hotel where Dean was still absent and the streets had gone quiet, his hand was tucked firmly in mine. He finally let go when we spread our candy on the bedsheet. We ate our fill while trading stories of our scariest hunts. We settled against the pillows as the implosion of sugar came crashing down. I feel asleep in his embrace, a black and white movies droned on silently on the TV.

Short: It’s Complicated

Cas touched a knuckle to a bead of condensation that had begun crawling down the side of the bottle’s brown glass; the surface tension on the droplet burst and Cas lifted away half the droplet to examine, turning his hand this way and that. Dean watched Cas’s careful study for the space of several heartbeats before he asked, in a soft voice so as not to startle the angel, “What do you see?”

“Hmm?” Cas flicked his eyes upward at Dean.

“You were looking at it pretty hard. What did you see that was so special?”

“Oh.” Cas shrugged, grabbing the bottle and lifting it to his lips. “It’s…complicated,” he said after a long sip.

Dean swallowed a sip of his own. “Try me,” he offered.

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Michigan Gothic

There is only Faygo. No milk, no beer, no liquor has graced us in decades. There is only the artificial taste of Faygo. No one even likes it. You take a drink.

A small child tries to fold a paper airplane. He looks down and is upset to see a Ford truck, folded perfectly. It is an F-150. He tries to make an airplane again. This time he folds a Model T. He begins to cry.

“The water is clean!” Cries Flint mayor Dayne Walling. Brown water with sediment still flows from our taps. “The Flint River isn’t polluted anymore!” He insists nervously. Beads of sweat form on his brow. He clutches a bottle of Evian water in his sweaty hand.

The potholes move and grow at night, they consume cars and children alike. My father had to drive to Detroit last week. ‘Beware of the potholes,’ I warned him. I haven’t seen him since.

The sirens are tested every first Saturday of the month. You hear the sirens, but realize its only Friday. Its not the sirens, but children screaming instead.

The Detroit Red Wings never stop playing. There is a game every night. This has been going on for years and the players miss their families. Please let the Red Wings rest.

A body is pulled from the Flint River one hazy morning. The distant sound of Dayne Walling can be heard over the wind, “The water is clean!” He cries. The body resembles you.

Mer Scales (Mermaid and Merman Scales)

Part of my latest fascination of putting things in a bottle. This was made from a glass bottle with cork bought from a craft store, blue and purpleish freshwater pearl-esque beads (not sure if they are freshwater pearl beads or not), a glue/water mix (my own recipe), paper and pen for the label, matte Mod Podge, jump rings, and E6000.


NaKniCroMo: Day 14 of 31. Share your progress!

Oh! My! Gaawwd! OK… (inhale) so, clearly I’m struggling with my bunny project, but at least it resembles the Alien Resurrection newborn monster less now… mostly… geez! Noted: Amigurumi experience before trying to write my own pattern would have been good. Such is my existence… 😩

Now for lessons learned:
#1. A mix of light-weight wood beads with squares in a small plastic bottle works great for a built-in ‘rattle’. (It’s what’s inside that matters most, right??) I used a couple lengths of yarn around the bottle neck to secure it from migrating to the body’s edge. I’ll need to share sound later - this part turned out cool! 🤗
#2. That houndstooth body thing: In my family, after we determine houndstooth IS an option, the question becomes ‘why not?’ I could not think of a reason why not, so here it is.
#3. Lesson learned: do NOT crochet in eyes and nose (unless you’re going for the Alien Resurrection newborn thing). Moving forward, one or the other might work (either the eyes or the nose but not both). I made some serious salvage to the eyes and am formulating a plan for the nose. TBC.
#4. The arms look kinda like penises to me. This might be OK if I were not making this for my baby niece, so I’ll need to work on that some more. She won’t know the difference, but I will find that somewhat disturbing…
#5. Throughout this debacle I think I have stumbled across how to tapestry crochet - can’t wait to try that!

* NaKniCroMo: [Inter]National Knit & Crochet Month


A day late! but it’s OK, I wanted to put a little more effort in! My witchsona is basically a void bottler. His coat contains thousands of tiny little black holes that he can summon Voidstuff from. He then bottles it, charms it with a task and then sells them as all-purpose Voidfolk.

Need your kids taken to school? We have a bottle for that.

Need your enemies slain in battle? got you covered!

Need someone to talk to for a bit? No problemo!

These bottles are one time use only and we cannot accept any responsibility for their use once purchased. you wana use one to kill someone, fine, but if you think the witch is going to jail for your poor life choices you’ve got another thing coming. 

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Thanks you sweetie!!!

💖- favorite stim?

Chewing on plastic bottle caps (which is… eh.. I kno), or clicking my tongue

- any popular stim you hate?

Hmm not really, there’s a few that don’t really do anything for me like those bottles filled with glitter and beads, and I don’t like touching kinetic sand (it sticky), but I don’t really hate any

💕- any unpopular stims you love?

I think chewing on things and echolalia are generally less socially acceptable, but again, I don’t really think it’s technically unpopular ya kno? 

😃- happy stims?

I tend to open and close my hands quickly when excited and bounce a lil on my toes if i’m in private, and I mumble/click my tongue faster too. 

😰- stims that calm you down?

I just realized how often I use echolalia oh wow, But yeah, clicking my tongue and sounding out different letters/sounds calms me down quite a bit, and wiggling my fingers, and pressure stimming too, with tons of blankets and heavy dogs on top of me. One of my dogs likes to lay on me and is pretty compact and heavy so I kinda use her for pressure stimming lol. I also like to hold hands with people and sorta play with their fingers (if I’m comfortable with them and they’re alright with it obvi) and that’s also something I do

Thought I would post a picture of my current combination altar/shrine. Hestia, Hekate, and Hermes have art and statues/figurines. (Hekate has three fox and wolf figurines, which are the closest I could get to dogs.) They’re hard to see, but on the tray, I also keep worry beads, a pot of barley, and then a bottle of perfume I use for offerings. Finally, the jug on the right is my Hermes jar.

I've been doing a lot of thinking...

I really want to open my own online witch store. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I just really think that this would be something that I would love to do; it also doesn’t hurt that it would get me some extra money, which I’m really gonna need in my freshman year of college next year.

I was thinking I would sell:
Customizable spell bottle necklaces
Meditation beads
Jewelry charms
Lotion bars
Bath bombs
Tarot readings
And maybe some Hellenismos stuff like devotional jewelry or khernips lotion

If any of you would consider buying any of these things, please like or reblog (or send me messages about other things you might like to see in store!)

Thank you all so much


Sekhmet Prayer Beads & Solar Bottle for sale: x

SOLAR BOTTLE INGREDIENTS: Dried succulent flowers*, dried Mammoth sunflowers*, garnet, red agate, tiger’s eye, and bamboo coral.

*Succulent flowers and Mammoth sunflower petals are dried by myself! The Mammoth sunflowers are homegrown in my girlfriend’s garden while the succulent plant is grown in my home. The succulent plant looks like from the genus Epiphyllum.

You have a choice of ordering the prayer beads and bottle together or separately!

Sekhmet Prayer Beads & Solar Bottle for sale

Crafts of Little Kitty