beads in a bottle

💧 Mermaid’s Tears 💧

a spell to create mermaid’s tears substitute, which can be used to grant small wishes, heal, or even reveal hidden truths.

💧 gather: sea salt, stormwater, seaweed, sea glass bottle, blue and green glitter, white beads or faux pearls. (only use real ones if you want)

💧 fill the sea-glass bottle with stormwater and dissolve the sea salt in it.  

💧 mix in the green and blue glitter, shake thoroughly. 

💧 wrap the outside of the bottle with seaweed. 

💧 put beads/faux pearls inside bottle. seal bottle shut. 

💧 take beads out one at a time for individual uses, whether they are wishes, healing, or revealing the truth. 

💧 when done with each bead, crush or break in half.

First Kisses

Their first kiss wasn’t spectacular. No one stood in the background, waiting to light off fireworks while hordes of people cheered and applauded. There was no performance at all, really.

The fact of the matter is that their first kiss was on a Tuesday night, and Draco was making Harry stay up with him to study for a Defense Against the Dark Arts exam they had the next morning. They were the only ones in the common room. But Harry looked at the clock and realized it wasn’t Tuesday night anymore, it was actually Wednesday morning, and somehow during their studying they’d slumped over onto each other, eyelids weighed down with sleep. The fire had all but burned out, the glowing coals casting a dim orange light across the two boys on the overstuffed sofa…

It wasn’t spectacular. They just sort of… fell together, I suppose, melting into each other, and Harry wasn’t sure where his mouth ended and Draco’s began anymore. He kept falling. Harry hoped he’d never hit the ground.

Their first kiss was in the rain after Harry and Draco were both shit-faced drunk, stumbling out of the bar while still swaying in time to the pumping music inside. Harry’s glasses were askew, and his cheeks were flushed, and god, his pupils were so dilated… Draco had intended on mapping out every corner of Harry’s face so he could remember it later when he went home alone like usual, but when he straightened Harry’s glasses for him, his hands lingered against his cheeks, thumbs tracing Harry’s lips. Their foreheads pressed together. He could feel Harry’s breath against his mouth and when he finally closed the remaining space between them, Harry’s wand shot out sparks and singed Draco’s coat. If you weren’t looking closely as you walked past them in the dark, you’d think it was one cloaked figure, standing very still outside the crowded bar.

Draco didn’t go home alone ever again after that night.

Their first kiss was in the eighth-year common room, surrounded by friends who had all had far too much firewhiskey to drink. It was Harry’s turn, and his face was already beet red. He wasn’t sure if it was from the alcohol or from what was about to happen, but he wasn’t sure that mattered right now. He spun the bottle as hard as it would go. Sweat was beading on his forehead, and the bottle just kept going… There was no way there wasn’t magic involved in how long it took it to stop spinning. Maybe he was so drunk, it had stopped spinning hours ago and he just hadn’t noticed.

The room went silent.

Harry was particularly aware of the fact that there was a floor beneath him, and something else underneath, and he felt entirely too heavy to hold up. He looked at who the bottle pointed towards and wished the floorboards would give way to send him plummeting into whatever room was beneath them.

And Ron was assuring him that no, if he really didn’t want to, he didn’t have to do it, but Pansy started chanting “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” and made everyone else join in. Hell, even Hermione was pumping her fists and chanting, and all of the blood in Harry’s body rushed to his head. He was most definitely a deep shade of scarlet now.

He looked up from his lap, though, and inches in front of him was the one person he never thought he’d touch in a way that wasn’t with malintent, and his eyes were already closed.

Draco tasted like peppermint and booze. The first time, at least.

Their first kiss was full of fire and anger and sweat, and they were seventeen. There was no one left in the showers after Slytherin lost another Quidditch match to Gryffindor, and Draco was convinced Harry had cheated. He’d almost had the snitch. He could have beat him for the first time in his life. Draco punched first, hitting the hard brick wall and bloodying his knuckles when Harry ducked out of the way. Harry’s face was covered in dirt and neither of them had much in the way of a hairstyle after playing out in a rainstorm for several hours. But Draco couldn’t think about Harry’s unkempt hair or muddy face right now, because somehow Harry had pinned him up against the wall, breathing hard and muttering something about how Draco should think very hard about what he did next…

Harry had hickeys landscaped across his chest for days.

Their first kiss was confusing for both of them. Of course Snape had paired them together for potions again, and Harry was prepared to sit back and let Draco do all the work again, but they were being watched so Draco thrust into Harry’s arms some things to chop up that had nothing to do with what they were brewing. Harry was getting a Dreadful in this class and he wasn’t sure how he was going to finish school if he flunked out.

“I’ll help you,” Draco mumbled, and Harry became aware that he had somehow managed to say all of this out loud.

“You’ll what?” asked Harry, dumbfounded.

“I said I’ll help you, you git,” Draco sneered, “McGonagall wants me to do something for the less fortunate because it might help me get a job when we get out of here.”

So Harry agreed, and for two hours on Saturday nights Harry and Draco had a scheduled slot of time to argue study. They’d never spent time alone together though, at least not for this long, and Harry began to notice little things about Draco. Like how when Draco was thinking hard about something, he flossed his hands through his hair, pulling it all off of his forehead and accentuating his widow’s peak. He looked like a blond vampire like that. It was a good look on him.

“What did you just say?” questioned Draco, one eyebrow raised. Harry had thought out loud again. Shit. He tried to think of something to cover up what he’d just said, but it was all out in the open now. He couldn’t backtrack on something like that. Draco looked beyond pleased with himself, and Harry felt his jaw clench. That git.

God, Draco got under his skin, but here, in the empty potions classroom, alone, he looked…


He got under his skin so much that skin was all Harry could think about now. Draco’s skin. It was softer than he’d ever imagined. And his lips were another story.

And that’s what I love about fanfiction. The fact that we can write into existence hundreds of first kiss, each one unique in it’s own way, but each one dripping with more magic than anything you can cast with your wand. Each one the jumping off point for an infinite universe of stories, love, heartbreak, and laughter. So here’s to beginnings. Here’s to more first kisses.

Thank you @parkkate for reminding me of the post I made a few months ago that fell along this line! I figured I’d have at it once again like I did with the other post I made yesterday since I don’t really remember anything I wrote last time! 

Mind the Ferns
Tan skin rippled across taut muscles, delicately framing the sinewed shape of lean, strong arms that glistened with beads of sweat mixed with dirt.

“D’you get a new landscaper, Nick?” you asked your friend, continuing to watch as the man knelt over a flowerbed while yanking out weeds. He tossed it aside into a bucket for clippings, and as if he felt your gaze on him, he turned around and spotted you standing at the window. Catching the way you straightened, affirming that you had been staring at him, he chuckled with a smirk, wiping his damp brow with the back of his hand and turned back to his task.

“Hmm?” Nick asked, coming out of the fridge with two beers and handing one of them to you. He caught sight of your shy expression and the man working hard out in his garden, nodding as he understood your question. “No, that’s Harry. He owns the company, but I guess they’re understaffed since Harry’s covering for Marcus while he’s on holiday. We hang out sometimes–he’s pretty chill. Watch romcoms together. He’ll be hangin’ around after he’s finished.”

You were only half listening as your attention fell back to the man—Harry, as Nick had said—watching his back curve perfectly as he struggled with a stubborn weed, the hem of his florescent yellow t-shirt riding up to expose more tanned skin and more sweat.

“Alright, then,” Nick continued, with an annoyed yet amused smile as he took a sip of his beer. “Let’s head outside so you can enjoy the view.”

“Sure,” you agreed without thinking about his comment. Head in the clouds, you followed him toward the sliding glass door that led out to the patio, stepping halfway through before realizing what he said. “Hey!”

“What?” he laughed. “Should I have added, more than you already are?” he teased. You had to laugh because of course he was right, and honestly you didn’t mind removing the layer of glass between you and this gardener from the heavens.

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oh boy here we go again Alright! I meant to do this months ago but… Things Happened. Finally got back to it though, so here’s what I’m starting with! We got some Steven Universe, and we got some Portal 2. The bottle caps are 1.25 inches in diameter, and the chains are 22 inches long. One necklace is $12, shipping is $3, that totals to $15.

  • I can only ship within the United States right now, sorry international people! Maybe in the future c:
  • Please specify whether or not you’d like beads on your necklace, as they are optional!
  • The necklaces are somewhat waterproof, but too much water will ruin them! Avoid getting water on the cap part.
  • Yes, I do custom orders! :D for $17 (plus shipping, so more like $20) I’ll draw any character of your choice (can be from a fandom, your OC, doesn’t matter), stick it in a bottle cap and send it to you!
  • Contact me through DMs or email ( if you’d like one, and please include the following: Which necklace(s) you want*, if you’d like beads on it, and if you do want beads - what color and order you want them in!
  • *If you want a custom order, please send the references for the character you’d like me to draw! I need at least two references.
  • Payment is accepted through paypal, and I will only ship the item after payment has been received.

Feel free to DM me with any questions you may have!

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Steam, part 1

A/N:  Thanks as always to my brilliant betas:  @little-black-dress-24, @emulateharry and @niallandharrymakemestrong!  Couldn’t do this without their ongoing support and encouragement.  

“Excuse me,” you mutter, as you push aside the young men and women to get to the gym entrance.   Shouldering the next person gently aside as you approach the gym door, you hear an “Oi!” in return as he moves his gym bag, but you don’t stop to acknowledge the voice.  He notices you, the way you move, and the way you casually ignore the situation.  “Excuse me,” you respond wearily.  

Harry pauses in signing autographs to check you out.  Today, you saw a string of patients, and your shoulders are weighed down by their troubled souls.  Your grey pencil skirt, black knit shirt, and high heeled black ankle boots mask the heaviness of your spirit as you stride with purpose.  He can’t help but observe the sway of your ass in that skirt as your heels make it wiggle from side to side, although it’s mostly your exhaustion and the fact that your feet hurt that moves your hips rather than any desire to be seductive.  His mouth and throat dry as he watches you reach for the gym door handle, shifting your bag higher on your left shoulder, pulling open the door with your right hand.  Inside his jeans, he feels his cock twitch; the woman standing in front of him prods him with a salty “Sign it to Char, please,” as she flashes him a look at her cleavage in the push-up bra and low-cut shirt, drawing his attention back to the crowd around him.  Why he bothered to start signing shit tonight escapes him at the moment.  Now he’ll never get his full workout in.  Taking a deep breath, he tells the group, “I’ll sign five more, and that’s it.”  Over the years he’s learned to set boundaries.

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DIY Stim Toy Master Post, Part 3

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we all have our vices (between heaven & hell)

Happy birthday @kliomuse

To my dear friend Cass, for all the times you’ve let me ramble on about this story and for being my sounding board in all things angel & demon, here is a little something to say thank you! Some sinful fun for a late Saturday night/early Sunday morning - which I think is very fitting for this fic!


Also on A03 here

Boston - 1993

A demon walked into a bar.

It was a dump, the lowest of dives with flickering neon, cheap beer, and a literal angel perched on a stool with a flock of admiring men around her.

Killian felt a flare of jealousy low in his gut at the sight, his vision going red for a moment as he pulled out a pack of smokes from the inside pocket of his jacket and jammed one in his mouth. He lit a match one handed, flicking it to life with his thumb and a touch of infernal fire and taking a deep drag, tasting the bitter flecks of tobacco on his tongue and filling his lungs with harmless smoke.

Well, harmless to him.

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anonymous asked:

If i remember correctly, a couple of months back somebody asked you about bruce and jason; if they'd ever have a normal, deep conversation addressing their problems. How it'd go? I mean... do they maybe find themselves at a bar after some very peculiar set of events? We're never gonna get a truthful conversation with those two so i'm relying heavily on you to satisfy my curiosity. You're free to make me ache all over from the pain since you can do that well. :D

“If you wanted to watch the game with me, you could’ve just invited me to the manor,” Jason says as he opens the door to the bar. Better food, less drama, and more comfortable seats make Gotham Knights on the 200" batscreen more real and enjoyable than actually being at the stadium. There’s something to be said about the occasional bat flying past your head, but you get used to it. The alternative is some greasy guy’s saliva sprayed all over your hair while he’s screaming to some player to stop dragging his feet.

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Water Witchcraft: Tools & Associations

Tools: Aquariums, Bath Beads, Bath Bomb, Bathtub, Beach Sand, Body Wash, Bottles (bottled water), Bowl, Bubble Bath, Cauldron, Chalice, Coral, Cork, Crab/Lobster Shells, Cup, Dew, Driftwood, Epsom/Bathing Salt, Fish Bones, Fish/Aquatic Imagery, Fish Oil, Fishing Hooks, Fishing Lures, Fishing Nets, Fountains, Goblet, Himalayan Pink Salt, Ice, Lake/River/Stream Water, Lotion and Moisturizers, Moon Imagery, Merfolk Imagery, Misters, Ocean/River/Rain Sounds, Pendulum, Pitcher, River Stones, Rain Water, Ring, Ropes, Sand Dollars, Sea Glass, Sea Salt, Sea Shells, Sea Water,Sensory Bottles/Jars, Shark/Gator Teeth, Ship Imagery, Ship Wood, Shower Jelly, Sickle, Soap/Foam, Sponges, Spray Bottles, Starfish, Turtle Shell, Vaporizer, Water (tap/general), Well

Colors: White, Blue, Silver, Indigo, Green, Turquoise, Purple

Corresponds to: Ocean/sea, healing, cleansing, purification, empathy/emotions, peace, serenity, meditation, travel (by sea), love, understanding, dreams/sleep/rest, rebirth, psychic awareness, patience, friendship, sadness, compassion, loss, melancholy 

Crystals: Aquamarine, Pearl, Mother of Pearl, Moonstone, Sapphire, Ocean Jasper, Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Limestone, Marble, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Beryl, Blue Tourmaline, Amethyst, Chrysoscolla, Selenite, coral, Opal, Opalite 

Metals: Silver, Platinum, Copper, *Mercury

*extremely toxic!

Plants/Herbs: Seaweed, Kelp, Sea Beans, Sea Grass, Grapes, Cucumber, Water chestnut, Watercress, Waterlily, Apple, Buckthorn, Burdock, Belladona, Coltsfoot, Bulrush, Lobelia, Lotus, Periwinkle, Indigo, Reed, Cattail, Spearmint, Aloe Vera, Alder, Hazel, Weeping Willow, Lemon, Yarrow, American Elm, Violet, Mesquite, Wax Myrtle

Animals: All Sea/Aquatic Life; Fish, Crab, Lobster, Seal, Sea Lion, Walrus, Manatee, Whale, Orca, Beluga, Dolphin, Otter, Shrimp, Clam, Sea Slug, Snail, Anemone, Urchin, Conch, Starfish, Sea Turtle, Jellyfish, Eel, Snapping Turtle, Frog, Tadpole, Narwhal, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid, Barnacles

Elementals & Beasts/Creatures: Sea Serpent, Merfolk, Water Nymphs, Kraken, Selkie, Kappa, Cecaelia, Undine, Naiads, Kelpie, Hippocampus, Nereid, Merrow, Siren, Hydra

Sense: Taste

Body: Intestines, Mouth, Tongue, Stomach, Neck, Torso

Water Related Magick: Bath, Sea, Lake, River, Rain, Weather, Swamp, Cleansing, Sleep, Calming, Purification, Emotional, Healing, Rejuvenation, Love, Self-Love, Scrying, Meditation, Understanding, Moon/Lunar

The Walls Sweat

I think I need to move again.

The doctor called it agoraphobia. I call it a rational reaction after being stalked for two years by an ex boyfriend. The moment he was finally jailed, I picked up everything and got out of there. Mom said I could move in with her, but I didn’t want her to see what I’d become.

The new apartment was across the state, cheap, and had plenty of delivery services. Once I entered that building, I resolved the closest I’d get to leaving it was to get the mail every other day. I worked from home, freelance writing. Unpredictable, at best, but I’d managed to get it to work for me.

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Captain & Corruptor

Summary: A night out with friends turns from playful to sinful when you decide to have a little more fun with a certain super soldier.  
Pairing: Steve x Reader
Word Count: 2997
Warnings: NSFW, explicit content, language, dirty talk, unprotected sex.
A/N: So I went from writing Steve as a stubborn little shit to pure filth in the matter of a weekend. Alrighty then!! Well, it’s Sinful Sunday and this is a thing that happened!

Originally posted by sheisraging

Sleazy bars were not hard to come by in New York City, and tonight, you and your friends found the perfect one. They might as well have named the damn place Debauchery. Dark, crowded, provocative music blaring through speakers; the air was stifling because of all the bodies grinding on the cramped dance floor. Definitely perfect.

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In before S7 fucks with a happy ending and we don’t get to see any of this. Unequivocally here for Emma Swan being a mom from day one on her terms. I love Killian as a pop don’t get me wrong, but I wanted this, ok? Let me have it. Oh, and disclaimer, I am not pregnant nor have I ever been pregnant, so forgive me if some of the details are totally incorrect. We’re going for mood here, okay?

+ There’s an odd, fleeting moment in which she worries that her body is made of nothing more than wet paper. It’s odd for a few reasons, one of them being she’s been pregnant before; the other being the all-powerful magic coursing through her veins acting in direct contradiction to that concern. All those blue, river-like rivulets running beneath her pale, vulnerable flesh, and she feels like she may as well be nothing more than a paper doll for a few hellish moments.

She thinks of how easily the body breaks, how the tip of an especially sharp sword can run straight through as if you weren’t even there. Only you are, and she was, and it fucking hurts. It’s a difficult thing to forget when you’ve felt that particular sting, that strange, unsettling feeling of being something akin to a leaky faucet.

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