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Adelaide Kane as Mary Queen of Scots in ‘Reign’ (2013-). Perhaps not strictly an historical drama, but who doesn’t love a bit of historical fantasy as well? 👑

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yeahhhh boyyyyyy also, I love that Azaghal is a she

Azaghâl knew, objectively, that the elf was a woman and not a girl but the bare face made that hard to keep in mind. Tall or not, she should be sweeping up the ash in her parents’ forge, not leading war parties of children just as young.

“I’m older than your great grandfather,” said the elf when, after a few drinks, Azaghâl put this to her. “Older than that, even, but you can only say ‘great’ so many times before it becomes tedious.”

“Older in years, maybe,” said Azaghâl, because it sounded very wise. “But what do years mean to you? Ten centuries, a hundred, and you won’t have aged. You’ll still be the same overgrown children.”

“Very philosophical.” There was the proper amount of respect in those words but she spoilt it all by adding, “I can see you staring at my chin.”

“It’s obscene. My daughter has more stubble than you and she’s not yet learnt to walk. How can anyone know your rank? Your clan?”

“You know because I introduced myself as Lord of the House of Fëanor,” said the elf, a little peevishly. She was not long irked, though. “How would a beard tell you those things? Do the braids have meanings? The beads?”

“Yes and yes. Each clan has their own braid, see?” She tugged at the interlocking ladder of plaits that fell from her chin down to her belt. “And beads are given when they’re earnt. By masters when an apprenticeship is completed, by commanders for a battle well fought, by lovers for- well.” Azaghâl was king for a reason and fair jangled when she walked, so heavy was her beard with metal, shining like veins of precious ore against her coal dark hair. “How can anyone respect you or trust you if they can’t see the record of your deeds?”

The elf laughed as though Azaghâl had said something very funny. “Does saving your life not suffice as an introduction?”

“It was a lovely battle, well planned and well fought. I’d weave one of these-”, she tapped the golden marker of a victory, “-into your hair if you had any. Did the Enemy take it along with your hand?”

“That’s a conversation I’m not drunk enough to have,” said the elf and changed the subject. “What of dwarves that can’t grow beards?”

Azaghâl debated between getting the elf drunker and keeping the mead for herself. Curiosity won out and she tossed the flask in a high arc that sent it sailing over their campfire. “I’ve never known it to be a problem - what great deeds can a babe in arms achieve?”

The elf snatched the bottle from the air one- handed, but did not drink. “And do your women have no great deeds to adorn themselves with?”

“Are you mocking me, girl?” Metal chimed angrily as Azaghâl stood. The light of the campfire dripped and ran across gemstones and worked gold so that it seemed that she was garbed in flame. “Just because those orcs caught me off guard, do you think I’m not your match? Take up your sword and I’ll show you what a dwarven woman can do.”

Despite the twitch, swiftly arrested, towards the knife at her belt, the elf made no attempt to rise. Her expression shifted into something conciliatory and her voice went soft. “My apologies, I intended no offence. No woman of my people has ever grown a beard. To the best of my knowledge, anyway - I have cousins that might do so out of spite now that I’ve said it. Certainly no elf, man or woman, has a beard so fine as yours.”

“That’s not much of a compliment,” Azaghâl said, barely mollified.

“Would you believe I’m the diplomat of the family?” The elf tossed the flask back to her, which did a good deal more to settle her mood.

“Easily,” she said, plopping back down onto a cushion. “But only because I’ve met your sister.”

“How do dwarves tell men from women?” the elf said abruptly. She leant forwards, tilting her head so that the dark stones set in her circlet caught the firelight. “It can’t be braids- Is it the jewels you wear?”

“A fair guess,” Azaghâl said, something itching at the back of her mind. “I don’t know how you Children do it - nothing but hurt to be had in making assumptions about these things.”

“That’s logical,” said the elf, her hand twitched again, not for the knife but a scroll sticking from the pack beside her. A quick kick to the fire dislodged a stick of charcoal and she took it up to write. “As long as all know the system. I assume it’s rubies for a girl?”

“Not just rubies. Any red sto- hmph.” Too used to being among civilised folk, she thought, glaring at the blood-dark gems upon the elf’s brow. “You might have said something sooner. Is it ‘boy’ then?”

“Hardly.” There was charcoal smudged across the elf’s cheek when he looked up at her, eyes narrowing in feigned ire. “I’m still older than your great grandmother.”

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my own marionette/ akuma marinette design/// still not finished !

her skin becomes porcelain white and her eyes become completely black and lifeless, while her hair is curled and frames/ hides her face. oh and black lipstick and red dots on her cheeks.i  tried to mix some chinese clothing with my personal aesthetic into her clothes. she also has a wedding veil ahaha idk the color yet. the beads on her belt are the stripe colors on adrien’s shirt.

her weapons are sewing needles attached to strings. if the needle hits someone, they become her puppets.

Moonlight (Lafayette x Reader Modern AU!)

It was a week before prom, and you still didn’t have a date. You honestly didn’t mind not having a date, it would be nice yes, but as long as you went and have fun, even if just hanging out with friends, you would be satisfied. Today you were going out with your small group of friends to go help them find some suits for prom. You already had a dress picked out weeks before your friends, Alexander, Hercules, Lafayette, and John, who decided it was now time to go find some suits, a week before prom. You sighed lightly as you thought about their stupidity for waiting so long. “I doubt they’ll have any good ones left guys, there is one week left. Usually people go looking for dresses or suits the moment they hear about prom.” You sat down in a chair while the others laughed at you. “Come one Y/N, it isn’t that bad.” John joked with you as he went to go pick out a suit. The others agreed and followed him quickly. You shook your head at them and chilled in the chair, scrolling through a variety of apps. Not much later, they boys all came out in suits that so happened to fit them perfectly. “I can’t help but think you four previously had these made ahead of time and just dragged me along because you could.” You sighed as you saw the boys checking themselves out. “No why would we do that to one our best friends?” John teased as he and the other boys finally faced you. You shrugged with a smile on your face as you got up. “Well if that is all, I’ll be heading home to get some homework done.” You notified them as you where heading to the exit. You got home and went straight to your room to sit at your desk, spreading out all of yours papers. Halfway through your homework you stopped to take a break. You started to ruminate about what John said about getting you and a certain someone together. He came up with the idea when he went with you to go find a dress.  
You and John were heading towards the boutique to go get your dress. “Hey John, do you have a date for prom yet?” You asked him curiously. He shook his head no with a small laugh. “Why? You want to go with me?” He teased you. You just giggled at his response. You entered the dress boutique, amazed by all the beautiful dresses on display. You quickly picked out a couple of dresses and went straight to the dressing room. You put the first dress on and came out of the dressing room. It was a gorgeous red dress with a sweetheart neckline, with the bodice being beaded. “Looking good Y/N, but I don’t think it suites you.” You looked in the mirror as he talked and silently nodded. It was pretty but it wasn’t what you were looking for. The next you tried on was a light pink sleeveless dress. It was also a sweetheart heart neckline. It had a silver beaded belt and it was one of the high-low dress. It had many ruffles as well. “What about this one John?” He looked up from his cell phone. You could tell by his face that it was a ‘no’ dress. You didn’t wait for him to say anything and went to go try on the last dress. You put on the last dress and you instantly fell in love with its light and flowy material. It had small sleeves and a silver beaded belt. The dress ended just at the top of your foot, so it wasn’t too long either. You came out of the dressing room and John instantly liked it. “Y/N, that is the one.” You nodded in agreement as you looked in the mirror. “Agreed.” You went back into the dressing room to change back into your everyday clothes. You then quickly went to pay and started heading home. “Yo Y/N, you need a date for prom?” You just laughed at John and his weird antics. “I am perfectly capable to get my own date thank you.” You smiled in response. “But, if I really need help, i’ll come to you alright?” He nodded and bid you farewell as you got to your house. “Y/N, before I go, even if you don’t need help with a date for prom, i’ll get you and Lafayette together.” You just smiled and shook your head as you shut your front door. He was the only one who knew of your crush on Lafayette.
You smiled at those small memories. It was true you still haven’t gotten a date and you still didn’t mind, but if John says he’s going to get you together with Lafayette, then it’s going to happen. A few days later and it was time to get ready for prom. You haven’t heard from John within the last two days but you weren’t too worried, he was probably busy. You put on the dress you bought a few weeks ago and put some light makeup one. You were never too fond of makeup anyway. You made your way out your door before you heard honking. You looked up and see the boys in a fancy car. You just giggled as you got in the car. “Good evening everyone” You smiled at them all. Not much later you all got to the place where your prom was being held. Everyone made their way into the place and you were about to follow until someone grabbed your arm. You turned to look and you saw John and sighed in relief. “What is it John?” You asked him with interest. “You can’t go in quite yet. Go around back, there’s a surprise there for you.” He told you and then went inside. You stared at his retreating figure in confusion. “Uh…okay?” You shrugged and walked towards the back of the building. As you got closer to the back of the building, you could hear some classical music playing a long with some candles here and there. When you where able to see fully what everything looked like, you were awestruck. Candles, rose petals, and other miscellaneous things. As you got to the middle of the area, you heard footsteps from behind you. You turned around and saw Lafayette walking up. He looked fairly nervous and you giggled. You never saw him as the nervous type. “Bonsoir Y/N.” He smiled at you. You smiled back at him. “Good evening, Laf.” You could see his nervousness slowly go away as you greeted him. You both spent the night outside, occasionally dancing to the music that was playing through some speakers. You both were sitting down on a bench that was outside as you looked up to the night sky. “It’s so beautiful tonight…I..I don’t want it to end Laf.” You said as you proceeded to look up at the moon. Little did you know Lafayette wasn’t looking at the sky, but he was looking at you. “It is, but the moon doesn’t nearly match your beauty, mon amour.” He smiled at her as you looked over at him with widened eyes. “Laf….I…oh geez…what am I doing…” You sighed as you shook your head. Instead of telling him how you felt you, you decided to show him with a kiss to make it easier on you. So you kissed him softly to see what he’d do and he slowly returned it. You both separated from each other with love in your eyes. Well, this is now the best day in forever for you because you were finally satisfied with how things turned out for you.

A Court of War and Starlight: Part 10

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For once, Keir did not let me down. The invitation to the Autumn Court was in my foyer bright and early two mornings after I had requested it. I smirked as I fingered the parchment, which smelled of crisp, dying leaves. Threats were crass, it was true, but they certainly did garner results.

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