beads and petals

Hogwarts Houses Aesthetics

Hufflepuff: Large yawns early in the morning. Scuffed floors. A question left unanswered. Honey. One hand catching another. The lies that old clocks tell. Tea that is swallowed for its warmth, not the taste. Footprints in the mud. Faded patterns on well-loved t-shirts. A spoon scraping the bottom of a mug. Splinters. Dew beading on flower petals. The imprints tight socks leave behind.  Wanderlust’s yearning pull.

Ravenclaw: Lightning. Fingertips stained with ink. Shattered glass. The whoosh as an umbrella springs open. A night where the clouds hide the moon. Chipped nail polish. A chord of music that breaks the silence. Blood smeared like paint upon skinned knees. Rosemary. A pause for the sake of pausing. Unopened envelopes. A dancer when no one is watching. The taste of melancholy.

Gryffindor: The soft breathy sound of a whisper. Paperclips. A cat rubbing against your legs. The flickering of dying light. Cinnamon. A laugh that is started by one but shared by many. The crunch of crumpling paper. Autumn leaves. A map with coffee-stained edges. Cookies that are two minutes over-baked. Hair woven in a careful braid. Shoes dragging against pavement. That ache that only loneliness knows.

Slytherin: Chapped lips. A puddle dimpled by falling rain. Peppermint. Old journals pushed far back on the shelves. A sky dressed in gray as it waits for rain. Mittens. Warm soup on a December day. A list of things you used to love. Fingerprints in the windowsill dust. An unlocked door. The call of a rooster as it welcomes the day. Rain. The chill of an empty fireplace. Nostalgia’s voice cutting through the silence.

An Apology and Brushes

I’m sorry for my absence these last few months. I’ve had some stuff going on, but I am feeling better now. And I come bearing apology gifts for Ani and EFA’s followers. 

Super Versatile Brush:

(know that settings change as I need them to. This is basically the default for my brushes tho. This means all brushes.)

If you’ve ever used tegaki (e) this is a brush I made that is similar to how it works on there. Truthfully, the opacity should be manually changed to be like tegaki e, but this is my default brush. Great for blending with color picker. (basically a plain pencil brush with settings changes.)

Now for my absolute fave. The chunky chalk brush by Mark Winters.

Bonus stuff:

Snow/speckles (works great with the new scatter feature.)


petals (set to scatter)


anonymous asked:

hello, i was wondering if you could help me with a problem i have been having. i know a lot of witches are devoted to a certain deity/god/goddess/fae and etc. I have felt a strong connection to Persephone ever since i was a child, and i look up to Aphrodite. I'd like to become devoted to these two goddesses and so i'd like to begin by creating and alter, to hopefully invite them into my home. i just don't really know how to set up a alter, or what to offer them. i don't to be disrespectful.

hey! 💖 :-) i am totally on board with creating respectful altars to dieties and things you connect with - as long as your offerings pertain to these beings and you welcome them with an open heart, strong respect, and a will to learn, you should be absolutely fine. 😌 as far as objects go, try some of these ideas: ✨ Persephone: black crystals + flowers, pomegranate seeds, spring flowers + herbs (like daisies or lavender), dried parsley, pale green and black candles, vanilla incense, obsidian stones/rocks, floral scented oils.
✨ Aphrodite: sea shells, red and pink candles, rose quartz in any form (tumble stones, crystals, mala beads); as well as rose (petals, fresh flowers, buds, hips, incense, scented candles); a pretty tray, something to represent Aphrodite herself - like a statue or a photograph.

The Angel

Drusilla was eaten up with holiness. She was high on holiness, and wished to be burned up with it. She aspired to a martyrdom of sainthood, body pierced and torn, blissful and sacrificial. She felt, low in her abdomen and hot in the beating of her heart, an erotic love for the Son of God, for the voices of angels and the unknowable force of Spirit; moving, moving, moving.

As a vast monster in the dark, oceanic depths; Spirit moved.

She was eaten up with the dark green gloss and blood red of holly, a pagan tribute that decorated the dark wood of the chapel and sang to her those things she couldn’t speak. Visions. Gods, not unlike Jesus, who walked wild lands with horns upon their heads and hot need riding shameless cocks.

She was dizzy with the scent of lilies, like dewy-fresh girls, like untried sex and the waxy skin of the funeral dead. The lilies whispered, Mary; but they also whispered the names of older goddesses, women as wild as the wild gods, whose paths were bloody with both love and war.

She closed her eyes, awash in visions and taken, seduced by holiness. She swooned to the honey scent of beeswax candles, and – wishing to be good, to be scented with rosary beads of crushed rose petals; to be scented with the dove-feather scent of bibles and confessionals – she covered the wild-animal and tempestuous note of her hair with a bridal veil of white.

She would be washed in the Blood of the Lamb, and the visions would transform, showing her only a golden light of Heaven. The witches, the fae; the bare-legged and loose-haired women would trouble her no more.

Drusilla opened her eyes and beheld an Angel.

to you, i thee wed (chapter four)

They didn’t know they were marrying each other until the bride got to the altar. And then panic ensued. Married at First Sight AU.


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“Oh, Marinette,” her mother breathes, her chin quivering, eyes glossy with unshed tears. “You look beautiful.”

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Lets talk about paint samples!!!!

I love paint sample spells, they can be used for storing and projecting energy, this one, for example, is just to store some positive energy around my room.

They can be used to store all kinds of different energy, you can make them for friends, and they are inconspicuous enough that they can be displayed and no one will think they look witchey!

You can get these paper color samples free at any home improvment store (lowes, home depot, even wallmart!)

Pick a color that you think fits whatever type of energy you want to work with (i picked pink for happiness)
Add glitter! Stickers! Sigils, whatever you think would work!
You can add words that fit your purpose too if you want!

Other things you can add:
Small feathers
Little buttons
Flower petals
Lightweight shells or stones (if you can get them to stay with hot glue)
River glass

Then hang it up in a place where you/the intendant would see it!

Good luck- tristin

crowned in flowers, roses white
and sunset-red circle the shimmer
of dark hair, of peacock-green eyes.
water beads on rose petals,
moves over sweetly scented skin.

iridescence rests in Her voice,
Her hair like the sweeping curves
of a peacock feather. power rests
in Her crown, flowers reaching
out to Her cloud-home. the rain
is kisses, is Her king, is Her kingdom.

Olympus is blessed. Hera Antheia
carries beauty and power in her train,
and roses rejoice to adorn Her,
royalty resplendent in the rain.

—  Hera Antheia probably likes the rain // Reilly falanx