beads and petals

crowned in flowers, roses white
and sunset-red circle the shimmer
of dark hair, of peacock-green eyes.
water beads on rose petals,
moves over sweetly scented skin.

iridescence rests in Her voice,
Her hair like the sweeping curves
of a peacock feather. power rests
in Her crown, flowers reaching
out to Her cloud-home. the rain
is kisses, is Her king, is Her kingdom.

Olympus is blessed. Hera Antheia
carries beauty and power in her train,
and roses rejoice to adorn Her,
royalty resplendent in the rain.

—  Hera Antheia probably likes the rain // Reilly falanx

Lets talk about paint samples!!!!

I love paint sample spells, they can be used for storing and projecting energy, this one, for example, is just to store some positive energy around my room.

They can be used to store all kinds of different energy, you can make them for friends, and they are inconspicuous enough that they can be displayed and no one will think they look witchey!

You can get these paper color samples free at any home improvment store (lowes, home depot, even wallmart!)

Pick a color that you think fits whatever type of energy you want to work with (i picked pink for happiness)
Add glitter! Stickers! Sigils, whatever you think would work!
You can add words that fit your purpose too if you want!

Other things you can add:
Small feathers
Little buttons
Flower petals
Lightweight shells or stones (if you can get them to stay with hot glue)
River glass

Then hang it up in a place where you/the intendant would see it!

Good luck- tristin