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  • me watching the prequels: anakin's storyline is sad
  • me after watching the clone wars: wow anakin skywalker's fall to the dark side is heartbreakingly depressing and wow did you see ahsoka close his hand when he tried to hand her back her padawan beads more Sad than anything else I've ever watched I'll never get over it
The Etiquette of Herb-Gathering

As a practicing Witch and small-scale herbalist, I often find that when I’m out and about I’m also absentmindedly on the lookout for any new, interesting or useful herb species that might help me in my practice. I even carry a small clean jam jar and a sharp penknife in my handbag at all times for if I spot a herb I just can’t resist and need to take a cutting of it for my collection back home. However, while I’m avidly seeking out roadside feverfew or happily snipping cuttings of a rare cultivar of lavender or sage, I’m always acutely aware of why I call the etiquette of herb-gathering.

These are a few simple rules by which I suggest all foraging Witches, alchemists and herbalists should abide that dictate the correct course of action for those who seek to collect herbs from places other than their own gardens. They are mostly fairly common-sense, but a few are ones that might be overlooked, but which can actually be of profound importance!

I will list the rules below, but bear in mind that it’s not like this is some onerous obligation that must be fulfilled, and nor is it some sort of “Witchcraft commandment” or infallible and unchanging list of sacred laws. These are a few things that I created for my own usage, and nobody else is under any obligation to use them. If you choose to do so, I’ll be thrilled; if you find a way to improve them, please do reblog this post with your corrections! 

The Etiquette of Herb-Gathering

  1. Remember that all plants are living things, and if you harvest them too severely, they will die. This seems obvious, but you’d be shocked how many people forget! This is especially important when what you’re harvesting is the plant’s leaves - always remember that leaves are how plants make their food, so leave enough of them to enable the plant to keep growing strongly.

  2. Never forget that you may not be the only one foraging. Make sure that, when you harvest a wild growth of a herb, there may be others in the area who would also like to harvest that plant. Take only a little from a lot of patches, rather than using only two or three patches, but taking almost all of what is available at each one. This will not only ensure that other foragers can use that patch too, but will mean that when the patch regrows, you’ll know where to go back to in order to find it again instead of needing to hunt down a new patch each time.

  3. When foraging on another’s land, ask their permission first! This seems so straightforward, but sadly people forget that plants growing in other people’s gardens (yes, even their front lawn) are that person’s private property! Taking cuttings or fruits from plants on that property without the owner’s permission is legally theft, and can be punished just like shoplifting or stealing a bike from a railing. It also means that the owner will know that their plant is looking smaller because it’s been harvested, rather than them thinking it’s died or been eaten by some wild herbivore.

  4. Always cut stems at a diagonal angle. Never snip a stem so that it forms a circular, blunted end, because this can allow rainwater to build up on the surface of the cut. This rainwater can trap fungal spores, and cause the plant to get a serious fungal infection that may damage or even kill that whole patch. Instead, cut the stems at a roughly 45° angle, so that water beads up and rolls off more easily. 

  5. When collecting flowers, remember that other people like to look at wildflowers. Never take ALL the flowers from any wild plant, both because it prevents that plant from reproducing as it naturally wants to do, and because it means others who walk past the plant don’t get to see it’s beautiful blooms! If you own the plant, that’s another matter - you may WANT to snip off all flowers to prevent it from bolting, like with parsley. However, with wildflowers, always leave at least half the flowers on the plant so that it can continue to reproduce as nature intended.

  6. Never pick a plant you can’t identify with total certainty. Yet another seemingly-obvious one that is nevertheless often ignored. This is often quoted for fungi, because some fungi can be quite poisonous, but if anything it’s even worse for plants. The medicinally fabulous plant known as yarrow, Achillea millefolia, is a very useful plant and a common component of herbal medicines. However, it looks almost identical to spotted water-hemlock, a species of plant so deadly that one bite can kill you in 20 minutes. Make completely certain that all plants you collect are positively identified, and that you flag all plants with commonly-confused poisonous cousins for further identification later if you’re not 100% sure.

  7. Never harvest flowers from plants around beehives. Bees are one of the most important families in the natural world, being responsible for the pollination of tens of thousands of species of flowering plants all over the world and on every forested continent. Whilst most species of bees are solitary, and don’t form the large hives we assume are common to all bees, those that DO form vast colonies need similarly vast numbers of flowers to support themselves. When you come across a beehive, especially a boxed hive that’s clearly domesticated by humans, try to avoid harvesting any flowers from within 500 metres (about a third of a mile) around the hive(s). The hive needs all the nectar and pollen it can get, and due to the rising threat of colony collapse disorder the life of every single hive is a precious thing that must be preserved at all costs. It might be inconvenient for you, but it’s worth it.


These are just a few of the major rules that I personally suggest all foragers and herb-gatherers take to heart. Remember that you’re not the only Witch who needs their supplies! Thank you for reading :)

– Juniper

Court of Nightmares

For the @acotarkinkmeme here is Nesta and Cassian’s visit into the the Hewn City!

Prompt: Pretend Dating Trope; Nesta and Cassian go to an event in The Court of Nightmares and they have to pretend to be dating. Cassian loves it a bit too much, Nesta is a bit overwhelmed but decides that two can play at that game. Feel free to make it as sexually tense as possible. Bonus points if Nesta gets to wear a dress like the one Feyre wore under the mountain and makes Cassian forget his own name (this is basically the scene where Feyre + the Inner Circle go to the Court of Nightmares but for Nessian)

The plan was straightforward. Go to the Court of Nightmares and figure out who was the traitor that gave away secret intelligence to Hybern.

Cassian and Nesta were the ones chosen to go on the mission.

Their roles were simple. Cassian was to maintain the persona of the High Lord’s General who eagerly waited to sink his sharpened blade into anyone who so much as gave him a wrong look.

And Nesta was to be a meek female who was Cassian’s latest conquest.

The amount livid words that spewed from Nesta’s mouth was more colorful than the Rainbow of Velaris.

Even more so when she found out that the dress she was to wear was a sheer fabric that revealed more than it covered up.

She strode to the large room where she was to meet Cassian and Rhysand who would winnow them there since Cassian’s wings were still in recovery.

Outside the door she stopped when Cassian’s voice filtered out.

“I’m not going with her Rhysand,” Cassian said loud enough that Nesta could tell he had been arguing with his High Lord for some time.

“We don’t have a choice with Mor and Azriel on their own mission,” Rhysand replied in a controlled tone. “Why are you so afraid to let her go to the Hewn City? She can handle herself and with you there no other male will approach her if they believe she has been claimed by you.”

“She’s not ready,” Cassian gritted out. “Honestly I’m not ready for her to be in that wretched place. How can you expect me to treat her like a whore?”

“The same way I had to with Feyre for the sake of human and fae alike,” Rhysand said a bit sharply. For a moment there was silence before Rhysand continued softly enough that Nesta barely caught.

“I know you care for her and you don’t want to ruin the trust you’ve built so far with her, but we need you to do this Cassian. You and Nesta could be what shifts the war in our favor if this goes well.”

Cassian said nothing. Nesta decided that she didn’t want to hear anymore of this if Cassian decided to keep talking about her as though she were some child who couldn’t handle herself.

She would show him that the Court of Nightmares should tremble before her.

Nesta glided into the room, Making sure that Cassian saw the full effect of her entrance.

And his reaction did not disappoint.

His eyes widened as they took in the sheer silver fabric that hugged every curve of her body. Whorls of black beading covered the more intimate areas of her cleavage and lower regions. Enough to tease, but clearly showed off the emphasis of her shape.

Pale skin was visible through the sheer fabric that plunged between her breasts and the low cut line in the back of the dress.

She stepped forward with her long leg slipping through the long slit that ran up the length of her lower thigh. One wrong step could mean a disaster of modesty if Nesta wasn’t careful to walk in even strides. Yet considering this dress and all that it showed rather than hid perhaps modesty was already tossed to the side.

Cassian’s gaze wandered her entire body. Devouring the unexpected sight of Nesta revealing so much skin with that flimsy piece of fabric he couldn’t even believe was a dress. He could easily tear it apart with a flick of his fingers.

He watched her in rapt interest as she closed the distance between them. Her stormy blue eyes were lined with kohl to give the illusion of smoke and stardust intertwined. That look of fierce determination accompanied by that revealing dress made Cassian forget his own name for a second.

The only thoughts running through his head were of Nesta and how it would feel to run his fingers between that slit in her dress to find her core and see if he could bring his name from those glossy lips of hers.

Ravenous hunger written openly across his face made Nesta shiver in triumph though that was short-lived when Rhysand interrupted the moment asking if they were ready to leave.

“I’m more than ready,” Nesta answered. “So let’s stop wasting time. Unless Cassian wants to keep acting like a drooling dog with his mouth open.”

Cassian blinked and realized the baiting tone she was using. “If you don’t like me drooling then perhaps you would prefer licking sweetheart.”

Because we both know how much you like my tongue on your body.

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Forgive Me, Father

Summary: Cas dressed up in costume as a priest for a hunt has you hot and bothered. You become even more excited when you learn that he’s still a virgin.

A/N: Absolutely no plot. Absolutely tons of smut.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Lots of smut, Oral (male receiving), the use of a rosary for a sex toy, sinful smut, but Chuck’s not here, so…

Word Cout: 1.5k

nsfw photo that inspired this below the cut.

Originally posted by timetraveldean

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Made With Adrenaline

An angsty sterek drabble – written during a delirious 2am bought of inspiration – as promised♥ Based very loosely on this prompt.

rated G, 2.3 Also on ao3!

“Yo, dude.”

The mans eyelids twitch - an absent flutter that sets off a deep, nasally inhale.

“God, you could’ve told me you’d be passed out when I found you.”

Before his mind has caught up, his eyes open. He blinks, focusing his vision, performing a routine sweep of his surroundings. A little girl with a green beanie over tangly blonde hair is kneeling in front of him. He watches the pom-pom on the top of her hat bobble as she talks.

“I’m totally gonna be late for school. You said this would be quick.”

His eyebrows furrow. There’s a pressure in his head, the pulsing ghost of something forgotten that’s desperately trying to be remembered. He tries grasping for it and falls through air, and keeps falling, and falling. There’s nothing. No ledges or vines or steps to catch his bearing on.

He can’t remember.

He can’t remember in the way that, if remembering is a skill, a task to be performed, he’d have never been taught how.

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A Witch’s Jar of Souls

Hey witches! 

I was inspired by my companion Horror to teach witches how to make their own “jar of souls”

A bit about Horror: His kind keep and care for lost souls by keeping them in jars. It is their purpose and life’s goal to take care of as many souls as possible and see them all flourish in their care. Each of them has one jar and will have it for all of their days as their most prized possession.

Now let’s talk about how a witch can do something similar with a jar. In my mind, we should care for things just the same, but instead of souls, let’s use something that is entirely ours: Wishes, hopes, dreams, memories we want to hold close and watch flourish. These can be as big or as small as you like, but keep them within the realm of possibility for you. (What I mean by that: Say you wish to become a famous author but never write, never intend to write, and hate writing with a passion. Maybe that’s not the best wish. But, if you wish to become a famous author and you write whenever you can, will write in the future, and love writing, that’s a great wish!)

We will be taking our hopes, wishes, and dreams and assigning them to beads we will keep in a jar of our own. The jar I will be showing you how to make will look similar to the jars Horror’s people have when finished, but the way your jar looks is ultimately 100% your choice, so get creative and feel free to personalize this as much or as little as you feel is right.

What you need-

        - A jar (as big or small as you want)

        - Blue/clear beads (Marbles, buttons, or other objects can also work)

        - A bowl

        - Some time to spend alone with your thoughts

Other instructions: I recommend doing this on a table or the floor just in case you drop a bead on accident. Make yourself comfortable, maybe light a candle or put on music to heighten mental energy and decrease possible distractions.


    1- Put your beads into the bowl to keep them contained. Take the lid off your jar/open it. Set both the bowl and jar in front of you.

     2- Begin clearing your mind. Empty your mind of thoughts that are not wanted. Think only on what you want to accomplish or hold dear. At this point, be general with these thoughts and let their mood fill you.

     3- When you are ready, pick up a bead and find a specific wish, hope, or memory you want to keep and watch flourish in the future with your care. Maybe say it aloud. Hold the bead for a moment, focusing on that thought, and when you are ready drop the bead gently into the jar. *(Side note for this: You can also make a list of these thoughts before you begin so you don’t forget something important. Take the pressure of remembering each little thing off your mind.)

      4- Repeat until you have filled your jar or feel you are done.

      5- Place the lid on the jar saying or thinking, "I will keep these close. I will value them, and seek to see them become reality.” (You can add in anything else that you would like to say at this time) Seal your jar tightly.

And you’re done! You now have your own witchy “jar of souls” of sorts. Now you can put your jar in a place that you will see it often and be reminded of your hopes and dreams. Look at it daily and think on it. Feel free to open your jar to add more beads or completely redo these steps if your thoughts change or you have more to add.

Remember, things like this will only help you accomplish your hopes and dreams if you actively go after them. This is why I made a big deal about keeping wishes realistic. Go after what you want and get it. That’s just good life advice in general.

Hope you guys like this and found it as nice as I did! Let me know what you think, ideas you have about it, and how you did it yourself, I’d love to hear all about it.

          - Max the Death Witch

anonymous asked:

I actually find the notion of tooth fairy Jimothy kinda adorable! Does he cherish the teeth? Does he remember which child each one came from? Are they important to him? Tooth fairy Jimothy sounds like a friend and I hope he knows that we appreciate all the work he does.

He doesn’t cherish them as much as he does plastic beads; I’m more concerned at how he apparently jams them into his own mouth until needed. They’re his now. All the teeth are his.

Stalker Alert!

Request: “Hi!! Can i request a scenario where it’s late at night and y/n is stalked by a dude and phonecall shownu for help(?) He shows up scaring her but then she clings to him cause she’s scared to death. You can decide the finale :) Happened to me the other night and shtted my pants lmao ;__;”

Ship: Shownu x [y/n]

Word Count: 982

i deeply apologize if this scenario is really dry ;^; i really am sorry tho ;-; but i hope that you’ll like it? huhu i also apologize for any misspelled words and wrong grammar. credits to the owner for this gif


Originally posted by porkbunwonho

There were barely any life-forms roaming around the street as it was already past 10. You just got out from the study center and was making your way towards your apartment. The small light illuminated by your phone caught your attention, bringing your phone up to your face, only to see a text from your boyfriend, Shownu.

  • appa nu (10:07 pm): Babe, where are you?

Quickly tapping your fingers away, you replied a ‘I’m on my way home now… I’m still at the deokbokki shop’ and transferred your gaze back towards the road right ahead of you. Scanning your surroundings, you couldn’t help but have a eerie feeling creeping on your back.

Your heart was starting to beat really fast and you could feel the pit of your stomach churn. Cold sweat ran down through your back and temples, making you swallow a huge amount of saliva. The sound of footsteps echoed through the empty streets. 

This was the last thing that you’ve wanted to have at the end of the day and that was having someone follow you and probably kill you or something. Fastening up your pace, you turned to the right and started to fumble on your phone, trying to unlock it without dropping it on the concrete ground.

Oh God, help me…. I’m being stalked oh gosh… I’m still young… I don’t want to dieeee!!!! you mentally screamed, trying to fight back the tears when you heard the footsteps once more. Unlocking your phone with your thumbprint, you immediately dialed Shownu’s number.

The number that you have dialed is currently not available, please try again later. Beeeeeeeep

Feeling that the footsteps behind you were starting to catch up, you didn’t think twice but to run as fast as you can. Turning at the nearest intersection, you brisked walk and dialed Shownu’s number once more, crossing your fingers.


Babe, where are you? I need you right now….” your voice trailed off as you tried to calm your beating heart down. You could feel your throat parched from running. Looking at your back, you heaved a sigh and continued to walk towards your apartment.

(Why? What’s wrong?)

I’ve been followed by some stalker and I don’t know what to do… I just keep on turning and running and turning–”

(Babe, calm down. I’ll be there, alright? Just give me– Beeeeeeeep)

You could feel your world crashing down when you saw that your battery just died. Stopping for a moment, you looked through your bag to search for your power bank but then froze by the second you heard those footsteps once more. Zipping your bag up, you continued to walk, fastening your pace.

The thought that it might be a rapist or some freak scared the heck out of you. There were barely any life-form around and you wouldn’t want your name to be plastered on every single news station with a ‘Lady was raped and killed at ****** street. The suspect has been…’ as a headline. 

Coming to a halt, you felt the chills running down your spine when the footsteps vanished. You had only two options, beat the pulp out of that creep or ran for your freaking life. And being the person that you are, you wouldn’t want to back out without any fight. Positioning your self into a fighting position, you stayed quiet and listened to the footsteps.

When the footsteps was already near you, it vanished once more. Beads of sweat trickled down your temples, your heart beat raced and your stomach churned once more. Your lips quivered and tears were already welling up in your eyes. Taking a step back, you felt your back meet something hard to which literally made you freeze.


Without any hesitations, you screamed your lungs out and cried your eyes out. “Hey, calm down. It’s just me, babe.” The sound of Shownu’s voice made you calm down. He grabbed both of your shoulders and made you face him, making you throw your arms around his neck and bawl your eyes out.

“I was freaking scared, Hyunwoo!” you cried out. Shownu hugged you back and gave you a light pat on the back. “There’s no need to cry now. Hey, look at me.” He slowly loosen your grip around him and cupped your cheeks, looking straight into your eyes.

“Hey, you’re safe now… and I have to confess something…” He whispered while wiping your tears with his thumb. “What?” you asked and sniffled at the same time. “I was the one who’s been following you this whole time… hehe, sorry.” Shownu flashed you a sheepish smile. 

Hearing his confession, your arms lifelessly dropped at your side. Your eyebrows furrowed and you stared at him in disbelief. “Why didn’t you make any sound?! Arghh… I got scared for nothing?!” Shownu just chuckled in response as he continued to watch you whine.

“It’s not my fault when you walked so fast! I was about to call you but then you decided to run!”

“No! You should’ve called out my name so that I would be this freaking scared right now!” you retorted and continued to whine. Showing no signs of stopping, Shownu sighed and offered, “How ‘bout I buy you some ramen or fish cake or ice cream to make it up to you?”

Just hearing the words related to food made your ears perk up and you immediately stopped and looked at Shownu with a cheeky grin. “How many?” you asked. “As many as you want.” Pumping your fist in the air you couldn’t help but do a small victory dance. “Asa! Well then, let’s go!”

Letting out a soft chuckle, Shownu just let you drag him towards who-knows-where you’d take him. 

Hey, [y/n].”

“Yes, babe?”

“Next time, you should wait for me outside of the study center or maybe if you want to experience this again–”

“I’ll wait!”

Black leather (Taeyong)

anon requested: Can you do a Taeyong smut? Where the reader and him have been dating for awhile but they haven’t seen each other in a while? (idk if this makes sense) but thanks in advance! :))

author: admin ri

genre: smut

word count: 1627

admin note: ~ Hi guys! This is my first imagine on this blog so I hope you guys enjoy, stay lovely and smutty and hope this quenches your thirst just a little bit. It’s my first so please forgive me if it’s not too good. Ehehe thenks~

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Characters: AJ Styles x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, sexual content

Summary: Being on the road for so long makes AJ super appreciative to be home.

Basically I’ve been in love with the idea of a pussy worship fic for weeks but I’ve only just found enough time to write it! It’s hard to write a lot of description without getting repetitive, so I’ve kept it quite short! Requests are closed until I can catch up on the fics I haven’t written yet!

Tagging my faves @toosweetme @llowkeys @livingthestrongstyle @alexahood21 @the-geekgoddes @wrestlingbabe @that-lolachick @lolabradbury @vebner37 @reigns420 @crowleysqueenofhell @iwannadiehere @devittslegos @mox-midget @blondekel77 @thephenomofdeathvalley-blog @skrillexslays13

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A Lion Amongst Dwarves

Warning: fighting, blood

Pairing: Fili x reader, Thorin, Kili, Bofur, Balin, the rest of the company, Gandalf

A/n: I know there are quite a few shifter!reader fics but I liked this idea and had to write it. Hope you all like it. Tag list is still open

Tag list:  @douchepoolonsie @a-lonely-string @fandoms-writer @theoneandonlysaucymo @petlaufeyson @panic-angel3314 @feelmyroarrrr @nea90sweetie @mysaria @hymnofthevalkyries @idorkish @ladyjayelehnsherr @holding-on-to-francis @maxifuckoff @originalwinchestervamp @kylieisnotnormal @pureimagination01

Originally posted by fili-raffe

               Thorin ordered everyone up the trees. You followed Fili and Kili up, your eyes trained on the wargs that were quickly approaching all of you. They circled the trees you all were in. The trees began to topple over like dominos which caused all of you to jump from tree to tree until all of you were in one tree. You saw the white Orc that Thorin had once told you was dead but there he was, on top of a white warg. One of the others behind you had said the Orcs name was Azog. Thorin was pissed and the only thing that flashed in his eyes was revenge.

               Thorin walked along the truck of the tree towards Azog. You looked at both Fili and Kili, knowing just what their uncle meant to them, you saw fear in their eyes. Your eyes went back to Thorin just as Azog hit Thorin for what could have been the second time. Azog stalked Thorin, his warg was about to attack him and you knew you had to do something.

               You pulled yourself to a standing position on the tree and quickly stripped yourself of your coat and your good leather. Despite the fierce shouts behind you, you ran straight towards the white warg. You leaped into the air and shifted seconds before shoving Thorin out of the way and the wargs teeth dug into your side and back. Thorin looked stunned as he saw your beast form in between the wargs teeth, your golden fur starting to stain with your own blood. The warg released you and Azog smirked at how your body was starting to go limp. The last thoughts that went through your mind was Fili and Kili still had their uncle and they were safe. Then your body hit the ground in a thud and everything went dark.

               You had no idea how long you were out. A groan fell from your lips as you tried to move slightly. You felt a hand on your bare shoulder and you slowly opened your eyes. Gandalf was right in front of you with a small smile on his face. The look he gave you was one of you should lie back down and you did as you were silently told. You heard voices nearby and they weren’t too happy. The voices sounded like Thorin, Fili, Dwalin and Balin.

               “Why did she decide to hide such a thing like this?” The voice sounded like Balin. “A skin-changer definitely changes things a bit.”

               “It changes nothing. She is still of Dwarven kin due to her mother. Smaug would know as soon as she steps into the treasure room. She won’t be going.” Thorin knew that you were a skin-changer and he knew your mother before her untimely death many years ago. “I want to know what possessed her to risk her own life.”

               “Maybe she fancies you?” Bofur walked up to the dwarves. “That could be…”

               “No, that wouldn’t be it. I knew her mother and (Y/n) is like the child I never had.” Thorin was, in fact, like a father to you but you wouldn’t have risked yourself if Fili never looked as if his whole world would come crashing down around him if Thorin would have died.

               “She is also awake.” You sat up despite Gandalf and Oin trying to keep you from hurting yourself even more. You pulled the cloak up higher to make sure you were covered despite knowing that at least one of them had seen you naked. Being injured only made you a bit shy or it could have been that now the whole company knew you were a skin-changer.

               “Now that you’re awake, tell me. Why in Mahal’s name did you risk yourself to save me?” Thorin’s voice was stern and yet held a lot of anger.

               “I, um, I didn’t want Fili nor Kili to lose their only uncle.” You pushed yourself up and stood in front of everyone with the cloak now wrapped around your body, shielding everyone from the wrappings around your waist. “You didn’t see the fear in their eyes when you walked towards Azog. It would have killed me if I just let you get hurt.”

               “But instead you got injured. I’ve told you, I do not need to be saved.”

               “Get off that high horse of yours Thorin. Before I departed from Ered Luin, after you, Fili and Kili, I vowed to keep both Fili and Kili happy and keeping your stubborn ass alive will make them happy.” Despite the protests of Gandalf and Oin, you turned and faced the stubborn Dwarf. “Like I said Thorin, you never saw the fear in their eyes.” You glanced down for a moment and saw that ether Fili or Kili had grabbed your coat and leather. Ignoring the pain you felt, you bent down and grabbed your coat then slipped it on while letting the cloak fall to the ground. Your coat covered your body down just past your ass and you held it closed. With a single glare at Thorin, you walked away not wanting to argue with him any longer than you already had.

               You walked away from the fire, being consumed by the darkness that surrounded the campsite. Your heart broke when you saw fear in Fili’s eyes when Thorin walked willingly towards Azog. That same heart that had belonged to Fili for so many years, since you had met the Dwarf. None of the company knew you were a skin-changer before setting off on this quest, now everyone knows. Being a skin-changer doesn’t change who they had come to know, you were still the stubborn Dwarrowdam that some of the others had seen grow.

               The sound of footsteps alerted you of an approaching figure. Your eyes looked over to the being and saw that it was Kili. You released a heavy sigh that surely didn’t go unnoticed by the approaching Dwarf.

               “What are you doing all the way out here, alone at that?” Concern written all over his face.

               “I am not alone, you’re here now.”

               “That still doesn’t answer my question on why you’re out here.”

               “Your uncle was starting to get on my nerves. Despite growing up around him, he still irritates me to no end.”

               “From what I heard, he was being his protective self when you threw yourself in front of him.”

               “He may be protective but he did not see the fear and pain in yours or Fili’s eyes. I’ve known you both for so long and I honestly hate seeing that on both of your faces.”

               “How come you never told us that you were a skin-changer?”

               “So you can try to drag me into scaring other Dwarves. I know you both have a habit of pranking and I didn’t want more attention than I already did.” You thought back to hearing many Dwarves talking about the Dwarven skin-changer, hearing parents telling their young ones that the Dwarven skin-changer will get them if they didn’t act right. You had thought that this journey would help change minds but you doubt that it will help.

               “What attention? The stories the floated around Ered Luin were about you, weren’t they?” Kili looked at you as if he was smacked in the face. He ran his hand across his face and whispered a few curse words which you heard loud and clear. “Fee and I may love pranking but we would never use you like that. Besides Fee would hurt me for even thinking of it.” You smirked at the thought of Fili smacking Kili up the side of his head.

               “That would be fun to see though.” You continued to smirk, thinking of Fili being protective of you. “I’m sorry for not telling you guys sooner. I, um, I didn’t want you guys to think of me any different. Thorin had known about me being a skin-changer all because he knew my mother before she died.” You knew Thorin kept things from both Fili and Kili because he thought they only needed to know what he wanted them to know. The thought of your mother had brought a few tears to your eyes and tried so hard not to let them fall. Thankful that it was dark out but it didn’t completely conceal from his Dwarven eyes.

               “Oh (Y/n).” Kili tried to pull you into a hug but your side protested the sideways movement and you raised your hand to his advance. There was only one you really wanted to comfort you and hold you in his arms was Fili, your amralime. Kili takes notice and nods his head. “I forgot for a moment that you were still hurt. Sorry.”

               “It’s fine, Kee. Fee gives a bit better hugs than you.” He looked at you with a mock hurt expression.

               “That hurts, (Y/n), that really hurt. I thought you care for me.” You heard a different pair of boots make their way towards the two of you, recognizing they belong to Fili.

               “Oh Kee, I care for you. As one would care for an annoying brother and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.” You place a hand on his shoulder as you spoke. Turning to look at Fili and seeing a smile grace his lips. Seeing the beads that clasped the two small braids on either side of his mouth, the same ones that you had wanted to feel touch your skin while he nuzzles his face into your neck. Oh the thoughts of the other places you wanted to feel those beads even more of his hands, mouth, and other parts.

               “Here you two are.”

               “Has your uncle calmed down or is he still upset that I prevented him becoming Warg-chow?” You heard both Fili and Kili chuckle before you glared at Kili, hopefully silently telling him to go away. Kili looked from you to his brother and smirked. He raised his hands as if surrendering and started to back away from the two of you.

               “I clearly see that I’m not needed here. I’ll go and bug uncle.” With that, he was gone. You turn and go to look up at Fili, only to find him already looking at you with a look of concern written on his face.

               “(Y/n), what you did was brave but incredibly stupid.”

               “You think I didn’t know what I was doing. I made that choice because your uncle was there for me, he allowed me to come with all of you on this journey and I would make the same choice if it happened again. If it means throwing myself into danger to save Thorin so you could still have him and I would never have to see that look of pain and fear in your eyes, I would do it without a second thought.” Your eyes went wide when you realized that you just said to him and not both him and his brother. You looked down at the ground so you didn’t have to look at Fili before rejecting you. Suddenly you felt a hand just under your chin, the Dwarf in front of you gently lifted your chin so you can look him in the eyes.

               “I had that same look when that warg hurt you.” Your eyes went wide again as his words sunk in. “You mean more to me than all of treasure in Middle-Earth and I do not want to see you get hurt that badly again.” You smiled softly as his hand slide into your hair.

               “On this journey, I foresee me getting hurt Fee.” You suddenly become aware of how close the two of you were and how little you were wearing. You could feel yourself lean towards Fili. Then all of a sudden a complete different pair of boots came towards you which caused you both to step away from each other.

               “Supper is ready you two.” Bofur was the one to come collect you two. You dropped your head and chuckled softly to yourself as Fili did the same. You both walked past him without a word to him. “Did I just miss something or ruin a moment? Guys?”

               “Bofur, stop wondering about it and let’s get food before Bombur tries to eat our portions.” You gently turn and look at him as you walk away from him. Bofur stood there for a moment before tilting his head a little and following behind you and Fili.

Sunrise Forest

For @mustardyellowsunshine ’s writing prompt. I don’t know if its more than a hundred words but I did it on my Notes app on my iPhone.

Inu: “What are you doing?
Kag: “I’m trying *huffs* to climb *huffs* a tree.”
Inu: “Why?”
Kag: “ARGH Because I want to!”
Inu: “Hmph. Hold on.”
“There. Comfortable?”
Kag: “Ah. Yes. What a view! Must be nice seeing this all the time.”
Inu: “What? The sunrise? Eh. It gets boring after seeing it so many times.
"Is that why you wanted up here? All you had to do was ask, baka.”
Kag: “But I want to learn how to do it myself, even though I can’t just jump up here like you can.”
Inu: “Why bother, Kagome? I’ll always be around to leap into trees with you.”
Kag: “While I wholly appreciate it, that’s not the idea here.”
Inu: “Then what is?”
Kag: “I want to be able to reach you no matter where you are. That’s the point.”
Inu: “What? You wanna meet me in the trees?”
Kag: “I-”
Inu: “You can always just tell me to sit if I’m being stupid and avoiding you. Or you can ask me to get you up here. Simple.”
Kag: “But what if you’re injured? And you can’t move, and I can’t use the beads without hurting you even more?”
Inu: “That’ll never happen.”
Kag: “UGH And why not?!”
Inu: “Ow! Don’t hit me!”
Inu: “Kagome”
Kag: “…”
Inu: “You make me happy everyday, regardless of what you do.”
“Just being with you is what makes me happy, no matter where we are.”
Kag: “…”
“*sighs* When did you get to be so good with words? I miss my cute sputtering dogboy.”
Inu: “Oi. Knock it off. And I’m no boy anymore and I haven’t been for decades.”
Kag: “Oh, but I just love your ears. I can’t help it!”
“I know you’re not a boy anymore. You’re my husband.”
Inu: “Keh. Would it kill you to call me a man?”
Kag: “Now now. We both know that would stroke your ego too much.”
???: “Mama?”
Kag: “Careful! I don’t know how much weight this branch can take!”
???: “What are you two doing?”
Inu: “Watchin the sunrise.”
“Oi. You two are a bunch of cuddle freaks.”
Kag: “I don’t see you complaining.”
Inu: “Keh.”
???: “Uwaaaahh. Its pretty!”
Kag: “Yes, it is beautiful isn’t it?”
Inu: “Not as beautiful as you two.”
???: “Papa. You’re chee-zee.”
Inu: “Quit laughing would ya?”
Kag: “Gomen ne.”

So, I just found out about the new Eurovision 2017 slogan (personally I find it really cool) and I look at the YouTube comments, and it’s full of hate for the logo and slogan “Celebrate Diversity,” most of which I find atrocious.

This is the slogan:

First off, I saw a comment saying, and I quote, “the emblem of anal beads”. This is mocking Ukrainian culture and the Namysto that the logo is based on. On the official Eurovision website, it states that “Celebrate Diversity is the central message for this year’s event and is complimented by a creative logo design based around a traditional Ukrainian bead necklace known as Namysto. More than just a piece of jewellery, Namysto is a protective amulet and a symbol of beauty and health. It is made up of many different beads, each with its own design and celebrates both diversity and individuality.” Comparing a unique aspect of Ukrainian culture to a sex toy is just unfathomable. It disgusts me how immature people are these days. Sure, it doesn’t look like all the other logos, but that’s because Ukraine wants to do something unique and keep a theme that is beautiful and honestly, should be taken more seriously.

There’s also a comment from a person, I won’t say names, so let’s just call him Steve. Steve commented on the YouTube video, “Celebrate Diversity….what liberal bullshit is this? Its all fun when Diversity means unique countries with a strong national image, but if every country has the same “diversity” of people, then nothing is unique about them and the actual diversity is lost.“ It’s a little hard to understand, but I think they are trying to say that in every country and culture there are the same types of people and true diversity is not prominent. But I think that the logo and slogan wants to celebrate and acknowledge the diversity between cultures as well as people, because we all are different and unique. Every person has their own personality and belong in a different culture. As the executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest Jon Ola Sand says, “The notion of celebrating diversity builds on last year’s theme of ‘Come Together’ and is at the heart of Eurovision values: it is all-inclusive and all about countries around Europe, and beyond, joining together to celebrate both our common ground and our unique differences, as well as some great music”.

So, my final question is, why criticize Ukraine’s effort to celebrate the diversity of the Contest and people around the world? Why make fun of the logo if it is an unprecedented sight? The production team worked long and hard to create a slogan with meaning to Eurovision and Ukraine’s message that they want to portray (even if we’ve heard or seen the words diversity many times), and a logo filled with meaning and historical culture to go along with it. 

So why do people hate it so much?


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Be of some angelic leaning. Angelkin/fallen angel/ex-angelic demon/shard/incarnate/etc. This is for my divine sibs. (Love the rest of you though!)

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The Songbird (Thorin x female reader)

Title: The Songbird
The Hobbit
Genre: Smut. Kinda PWP.
Rating: R
Summary:  Imagine Thorin tying a ponytail before going down on you, because his hair gets in the way. (Based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit and Admin Kim’s request for a drabble.)
Warnings/Notes: Every time I write something based on imaginexhobbit, I try to keep it under 1k words so I can just submit it to the blog instead of sending in a link, but I never manage it. I’m just a wordy person, I guess. I hope y’all like this!

You thought you were alone. You were sitting at the table, working on a very important, very intricate little bead, and, because you thought you were alone, you had allowed yourself to sing. You’d started out humming to yourself: first a jaunty little nonsense melody that made you smile to yourself, which then transformed into a cheerful song you remembered from your childhood, which finally turned into full-on singing complete with lyrics made up as you went along. Of course, you were careful not to let yourself get too carried away–this was delicate work, after all, and much more important than amusing yourself in song.

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anonymous asked:

Moth, did Riddler ever hurt you? You seemed very scared of him.

He didn’t exactly hurt me, but he was rather sharp with me.  He…well, he never seemed to like me very much.  He never wanted me around, and he was always scolding me for this or that thing, telling me I was being silly or too emotional.  It got to the point where I wondered why he kept me around…and then I found out.  You know how…snuggly he gets with some of his henchgirls?  Well, he tried that on me–he’d wrap his arms around my waist and pull me in close and try to talk me into doing something.  And I guess that meant he liked me–probably because I still liked him at that point–so at first I let him.  But the more he did it… I don’t know if he meant anything by it, I really don’t.  But it was such a change to the way he usually was that it kind of put me on edge.  It was weird.  But no, it’s not like he ever hit me or anything like that.