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Persephone Prayer Beads: $24.99 + shipping

I never get tired of making beads for Persephone. I love it. They always end up so lovely and bold. I just love it. These beads include all natural amethyst and aventurine beads, Czech crystal beads, gold and silver plated spacer beads, glass beads, gold plated flower charms, and adorable purple clay skull charms ♡ Message me if you’re interested in purchasing ♡♡

ash-castle  asked:

"Once Upon a Dream" ummmmm either Luna/Theo OR any pairing that comes to mind. If you haven't already done this song. Please and thank you!!!!!

Hope you don’t mind that I changed this to Luna/Rolf? Between working on my own Luna/Rolf fic and the awesome update of Toothpaste Kisses from @calebski … I’ve been in this kind of mood. This also keeps with this crazy headcanon I have of their first meeting. 

Have you seen the Luna soaking wet art by @upthehillart ? Imagine that…

Rolf couldn’t believe his eyes, so much so that he cast a quick clearing charm to his sight to ensure he was really, truly seeing the woman…the goddess..before him. At first, he had wondered if she was a nymph or a veela, for her beauty was so entrancing but the charmed beads around his neck would have vibrated if he was near a creature like that. A necessary protection for a wizard who spent most of his time alone amongst many magical creatures, many of whom would use beauty as a trap.

She was though the most, glorious… thing he had ever seen before and felt pulled to move closer from his place behind an oak tree to watch her. The young woman had long blonde hair spotted with the occasional small plait and silver bead that was dripping wet midway down her back. down her back. Her skin, her body, was barely covered by a soaked, sheer white dress that accentuated the curves of her hips and… oh sweet Circe… her delicious derriere. There was nothing hidden from his greedy eyes to devour except for the front of her which he prayed would be revealed soon.

There was something about her, something that was stirring more than just lust inside of him. Something he could not yet place. She swayed her hips back and forth slowly, her bum mesmerizing him like a Muggle hypnotist’s watch as she hummed a soft melody and walked deeper into the lake.

“Damn,” he whispered, wishing she would walk in the opposite direction as his body was becoming more and more…eh, alert... to her stunning presence. He could have stayed there for hours watching her but knew there was no honor in that. Rolf stepped even closer, preparing to call out to her to at least let her know she wasn’t alone but as he did, she turned her head and smiled at him.

Like a flash of lighting, everything in his world changed. Her smile alone had him wanting to fall to his knees in worship but then he saw her eyes. Gray, blue and silver all together surrounded by soft, brown lashes that beckoned him to her. He was ready in an instant to do whatever it would take to smile at him that way again. He was unexplainable completely hers in that moment, his entire being feeling as if she had come from a hidden dream within his own soul.

“Do I know you, miss?” The words felt funny to him to even ask because of course he knew her. He felt it the moment she had turned to look at him, that she was part of him. Whoever this goddess of woman was, she was his. There was a magic he had never before discovered coming alive within him and then buzzing all around him, confirming what he was feeling.

He was made for her and she was made for him. No reason was needed, not now, he only had to listen to his heart and soul to know everything he wanted in this world resided with this woman.

She turned then, revealing more splendors hardly hidden by the wet dress that was clinging to her every curve and smiled again. He barely registered that he had sunk to his knees in awe of her and the intense emotions awakening in him until he noticed that she was coming closer to him, the sound of the water sloshing around her as she walked like a matching tattoo to his heart’s own rhythm.

Slowly she came out of the water, and he watched transfixed as one particular drop ran a path down her pale neck passed her collarbone to rest where the sheer fabric clung right above the swell of her breasts. Then she was there, standing in front of him as he gazed up to where her fair hair was illuminated by the sun, thanking every god and ancient wizard he knew of for the pleasure of being at her feet.

“Of course you know me,” she said in a voice that sang right into his very soul before she kneeled down and pressed her forehead against his, both taking a moment to breathe and feel the connection between them. They embraced suddenly and he pulled her tight against him, cradling her in his arms as if he had known her his whole life and was just now finding her again after years apart.  

It was unexplainable in ordinary terms, but for once he didn’t care to explain it. Before she pressed her pink lips to his and exploded his world into a million, shining pieces to solidify their soul’s bond together, she added, “I dreamt of you once upon a dream.”


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akise  asked:

top 5 ways to maintain an old car that is actually functioning due to some miracle of the universe

1. keep her nice and lubed up with oil and other liquids

2. pray

3. check all belts or chains

4. put prayer beads and charms inside the car

5. a fuzzy steering wheel grip