DIY Locket Necklace Tutorial from Quiet Lion.

The locket or “wish box pendant” is what makes this necklace special. Allison has linked to her supplier and I was surprised at how many different “wish box pendants” they had (and how reasonable the cost). Also, Quiet Lion has some of the most beautiful  and imaginative photographs of jewelry - so if you are interested in that, I’d check out her site.

My Favorite Supplier of the Unique and Quirky

One of my favorite suppliers is (and I am not sponsored or an affiliate of theirs). My jewelry instructor recommended Ornamentea to me years ago. They have a rotating stock of the most unique jewelry supplies I’ve seen. I posted about them here - see photo collage below (although because it is a rotating stock, not all item still available).

Other favorites from Ornamentea are their frame lockets from $2.00 - $3.50. Search for “frame lockets”. I also like their mini apothecary bottles (top to bottom): Fat Friar Bottles 12 for $4.00, Urchin Shape Round Bottles 12 for $7.50 and Miller’s Shape Vial Charm/Bottle 12 for $5.10.

The Fat Friar Mini Bottles are used in their DIY I Love You/I Hate You Glitter Bottle Rings Tutorial from Onamentea.

DIY Bead Dangle Tutorial from Emerging Creatively


This DIY will teach you how to make a bead dangle/wire wrapped headpin.  

If you are looking for basic to advanced wire work jewelry tutorials or great tips on selling jewelry (online, craft fairs, etc…) this is an excellent site. Seriously, I was just scrolling through her posts for over an hour.

There is a detailed written tutorial and a video tutorial here - the best of both worlds.