Interested in a trade ?

here is what i have - shells , beach pottery ,stones, small fossils ,4 types of wire , beads , watch coggs, found washers, wood slices, hand carved mushroom , jewellery charms , Amethyst arrow head , willow wood for bead making and small willow hoop and keyring rings . 

what am i looking for? something new to make jewellery with, although some things are common to the world over some are unique to country and area etc so be interesting what i can trade, i love all old jewellery bits n pieces n beads and of course natural beads shells stones flint fossils etc, so open to offers, im in uk open to trading worldwide. what you see in pictures is what you get apart from backround wood and foliage of course ;-) ;-)

Inbox me with pics and list ;-)


Captured on home security camera: bored guy passing out flyers in Rice Military area of Houston borrows some beads, and for 8 seconds he’s at Mardi Gras in New Orleans


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