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A potion for new beginnings

Hello everyone! 💎🔮🌙
This is a moment of big changes in my life, both practically and spiritually. I decided to celebrate the new beginnings in my life with a potion that promotes changes, evolution and self-love. Tonight is also this month’s new moon, so this is really the best time to prepare this potion. 

Ingredients 🌸

  • Green tea for energy and cleansing
  • Dried rosebuds for new beginnings
  • Dried jasmine flowers for a clear vision of the future
  • Blackberries for protection and healing 
  • Maple syrup (or sweetener of choice) for self-love and self-indulgence

Recipe 🔮

Bring a pot of water to a boil, then turn off the heat and add the green tea leaves, rosebuds and jasmine. Let the herbs infuse for 5 minutes. Filter the herbs and add the berries while the tea is still hot, smash them with a fork and let them sit in the tea for about 10 minutes. Filter the potion, add the sweetener (to taste) and pour it in a bottle. You can refrigerate the potion or drink it warm. I also put a sigil on the bottle to reinforce the power of the potion, and i decorated it with rose quartz beads. 

May the new moon light your way!
Astrea 🔮🌙💎

Icarus’s Self-Love Powder

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This is something I made today, and hopefully will be including in a back-to-school spell bottle I’ll make later in the week. I was fortunate to have both time and ingredients on my hands, and figured I’d write this up for my personal reference. 

Self-Love Powder

Intent: to promote self-love, confidence, self-esteem, and comfort


- container of some sort

- Himalayan Pink Salt (self-love, purification, healing, Venus associations) 

- Dried Lavender (peace and calm, love, personal strong connection of home and comfort) 

- Nutmeg (protection, strong personal connection of comfort and familial love) 

- Cocoa (comfort, sweetness, love) 


Grind all of the ingredients together with a mortar and pestle. Make sure there’s enough of the pink salt in it that the color is still strongly visible. Keep grinding until it’s a powder, and then pour it into whatever container you have. 

I threw in some rose quartz beads I had, a piece of amethyst, and a clear quartz to help charge it, and plan to charge it tonight under the waxing moon. If you’re big on sigils, you could draw that on the container as well! Or whatever other charging methods you like. 

Mulan - Mala bracelet

“Be as swift as the wind. As silent as the forest. As fierce as the fire. As unshakable as the mountain. And you can do anything…”
― Renee Ahdieh, Flame in the Mist

Hello lovelies, I am back with new creations!!  This bracelet is my first bookish inspired one, as it is a mix of the story of Mulan and the recent release Flame in the Mist. I wanted it to show the boldness and bravery of Mariko and Mulan, as well as their beauty and good heart! This bracelet is here to inspire you such courage and kindness!

*** Howlite for expressing your emotions and feminine side. To bring your inner strength to light, just as Mulan did.
*** Rose quartz to represent the gentle heart our hero always keep, and to welcome love in your life despite its hardness.
*** Jade to represent the importance of the intellect in Mariko, her great strength, and wisdom when choices need to be made.
*** Charm option: add a dragon charm to your bracelet, symbol of wisdom, abundance, and power!

I hope that this bracelet will help you find all that in your own tale <3 

Note:  The bracelet you’ll receive will be cleansed and charged by me before shipping.


Set up my spell working space at my new home. Not done but got a lot put together. Worked on a mini spell jar for anxiety. These little boxes are perfect to put in your bag so you have your jar with you when you need it.

Here is what goes inside if you do a tiny jar, just enough to make a small layer is all you need. A base of sea salt, flaxseed, 4 coriander seeds placed on each corner (4 just felt right to me), Angelica root, mugwort, peppermint, 2 cinnamon pieces, and finally 2 rose quartz beads. You absolutely don’t need all of this, I chose each ingredient with a purpose of protection, spiritual growth, and healing because I felt that was what most helps with my anxiety. :) Note: Yes I know I misspelled protection in my book