beaded pendants


Today, I took much better pictures of this wooden pendant and bead I painted last year. I thought it’d be nice to share, since some of you probably didn’t see it yet! The original photo was… urgh.
Aujourd’hui, j’ai pris de bien meilleurs photos de ce pendentif que j’ai peint l’an dernier. J’ai décidé de vous partager le résultat, puisque certains d’entre vous ne l’ont probablement pas encore vu ! La photo originale était… eurgh.


BJTales by Yulia Ju'llery


The Mermaid Pendant in Stardew Valley!

I did take some liberty in how it’s designed, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get creative in the meaning behind proposing with the pendant.

I’d like to imagine that in the game, people who propose to their significant other decorate their pendant with whatever symbolizes their relationship. Although in my case I didn’t really have anyone in mind.

But it might be something Haley might wear…