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How cool would it be tho if there were tribes of tauren around Tanaris or Uldum that looked more like zebu cattle? Like maybe they’re super skilled at working glass since they’re surrounded by sand and rocks. Glass beads and pendants and whatnot. Dang that’d be neat.

What to Do if Witchcraft Drains You

Witchcraft requires summoning and manipulating energy. It takes a lot of work. As a result, sometimes spellwork can end up tiring people mentally, emotionally, or physically. If you find yourself drained after a spell, you can do many things:

  1. Eat something sugary, carbs, or fruit. This runs along the same vein as a nurse advising you to eat sugar after drawing blood: The sugar will reenergize you.
  2. Drink tea or water. Stay hydrated! even when not casting spells. In general, oolongs, blacks, and fruity teas can help energize you, whereas green teas and herbals (especially lavender, chamomile, mints and rose) can relax you.
  3. Light your favorite incense or candle. Frankincense, sage, cedar, dragon’s blood, patchouli, cinnamon, pine, and sandalwood are good cleansing and promoting positive energy. Or, light your favorite scent–it’ll automatically calm and re-energize you.
  4. Carry a stone with you. Amethyst, citrine, obsidian, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, jade, and hematite are good considerations for re-energizing and healing spiritual energy. 
  5. …or, carry another special item with you! If you have a special pendant, prayer beads, necklace or other item that means a lot to you and comforts you, it can help restore your energy just by being in your presence.
  6. Take a bath or shower
  7. Take a walk out in nature. Even though you may not feel like working out, exercising can actually energize you rather than deplete you. You can absorb nature’s energies to replenish yours, too.
  8. Take a nap, or get a good night’s sleep. If you want an extra boost, place a healing stone under your pillow to recharge you while you sleep.
  9. Watch a funny movie or video, or read a good book. It’ll relax you, take your mind off your drained feeling, and correct any “off” feelings you may have.
  10. Work on something else that requires minimal energy. This could be crafting, knitting, watering your plants, or even doing your homework. Getting back into the groove of things will help reset your energy and stabilize you for daily life.
  11. Friends! If calling a friend or socializing will relax you, go for it! It’ll make you happier, too.

I hope you may rest well, take care of yourself and have a blessed path! (◕‿◕✿) Sincerely, a witch who’s exhausted after performing spells for four hours.
White Rabbit Silver Crescent Moon// Hand-painted Lake Stone Pendant Necklace
Made with beautiful Czech glass matte black beads and fire-polished grey faceted glass beads.

New jewelry in the shop. I’m in love with these matte black beads!

HandToHeartCreations is an independent handmade jewellery business by @fenland-witch.

Fenland offers very reasonable prices for her beautiful high-quality jewellery and even better postage prices, being completely free for UK citizens and consistently low for the US. She has just transferred her store from Etsy to self-managing it on her blog for the time being. Due to this, her prices are currently lower than usual without Etsy fees having to be paid.

Everything she creates is handmade and there is a large range of pieces to choose from such as pendants, bead bracelets and necklaces, crystal chip bracelets, rings, bag charms and more which can all be found on her page. To inquire about purchasing a piece of jewellery message her blog.


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In this drawing of Pidge I tried to incorporate some traditional Udmurt jewelries into modern clothing.

Kushilvesh - an unique Udmurt ornament - a thread of beads, worn around the body, draping from one shoulder to the opposing hip, like a garter sash.

Kondonvesh - a necklase from beads and coins.

Gyrpinvesh - a more traditional necklace, from beads and cowry shells.

Bird pendant and earrings are based on ancient jewelries found in Idnakar.

Tips For The Broke/Cheap/Baby Witch

This year has been the worst financially for me, but it’s been the best for my craft. I’m going to share some tips for the broke witches, the thrifty witches, and the baby witches out there :)💜 ✨The dollar store is your best friend, seriously. From candles to ground herbs, it’s the perfect place to go if things are tight. I go to my local Dollar Tree. Their candle color section is sparse, but I somehow always find what I’m looking for. They also always have 7 day candles, 4 white votives for $1, vanilla and apple incenses, $1 teas, ground herbs, & spices, sand, glass drops, and fake flowers.

✨But like with all candles bought and not made, you’re going to need to cleanse them before use. You don’t know who’s touched them! ✨Fake flowers can be used to decorate your altar or an offering to the Gods ✨Great places to find crystals if you don’t live close to/aren’t allowed to go to any occult shops are Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Marshalls. Craft stores carry beautiful crystal beads that are almost always on sale. Your crystals dont have to be big hunks of rock, it’s perfectly okay if they’re little jewelry beads or pendants. However, if you want big ones, Marshalls always has beautiful crystals in their clearance section.

✨Walmart is a good place for incense, oils, and wax melts, and they have $5 Himalayan salt lamps. They’re the cheapest with the widest selection.

✨ Some witches may disagree (which is perfectly fine!), but I believe that $2 scented oils work just fine if you can’t afford a tiny $10 bottle of essential oil.

✨ A lot of people don’t include wax melts in their crafts but I think it works great if you make it your own. What I like to do is take a cube and let it melt, then sprinkle some corresponding herbs in before pouring it back into the pack.

✨ Go for nature walks often and see what you can find! There are tons of herbs around your neighborhood alone. You don’t even have to recognize them, just pick things you like and try to discover what they are with Google. This is actually really fun and helps with herb study.

✨ Your grimoire or book of shadows does not need to be fancy. With back to school coming up, there are tons of cute notebooks out there that cost a dollar or less and would work just fine.

✨ Your tools don’t need to be fancy either. Your wand could just be a straight branch from a tree (try to find one off the ground, but if you have to take one off a tree, be sure to ask it first. If you suddenly get a bad feeling, that’s the tree’s way of saying ‘no, thank you’). Your chalice can literally just be a wine or margarita glass (I got mine from Dollar Tree). You can use a household pot as your cauldron. Your athame can just be a black handled knife until you can find/afford one that better fits the description. Also, remember that while witchy tools may help, you don’t need them. Your power lies within yourself, they just pose as ways to direct that power.

✨ Save all of the ashes you make! You can use them to make ink by mixing them with egg whites. Use it to draw sigils

✨ Many witches don’t recommend using Vaseline to make a magical salve, but popular ingredients such as coconut oil and beeswax are expensive. Until you can afford to use better products, Vaseline is totally fine.

✨ ALDI is a lifesaver. Their herbs and spices ring up for around $0.49, and their fruits, vegetables, oils, breads, etc are super cheap too. Sometimes they’ll have really cute plants for sale too!

✨ Witchy/spiritual books can be pricey. Your local library is a great place to find and check some out. The selection depends on what area you live in, and if it’s especially sparse, you can look at their online resources. You can also sit down for a few hours every week with a witchy book at a book store. It’s a little inconvenient, but at least you’re getting the information without having to buy it.

Remember, you power lies in you. You don’t need some huge collection to be a great witch. You are talented, your spells work, you can do anything. Blessed be!

your-alien-friend  asked:

Do u know any stim toys that can go on a lanyard key chain? Thanks:)

Oh, yes! Yes I do! There are many toys that can go on a lanyard key chain, some as they are, some with a little work/creativity depending on the type of fastener you have for the lanyard! I’ve also got a few DIYs I’ve made myself - bead rings attached to a zip lanyard for double stimmy goodness.

Firstly: many squishies come with a cell phone charm strap or a ball chain attachment. Both of those can attach to a lanyard as they are. In my review post this morning I’ve got the macaron ($1 AUD) which is smaller and might be ideal for hanging from a lanyard; Stimtastic has the Squishy Panda Charms ($1 USD). Any squishy with an attachment point will work.

(As I’ve written about the durability of squishies, I’d coat the foam around the attachment point/plastic ring on the squishy with a layer of thick PVA/white glue and let it dry overnight before adding it to the lanyard. This will help the foam not tear away from the ring. I did this to my apple where the ring sheared away completely and it’s solid after drying.)

Secondly: there are Tangles that have lanyard attachments (linked in this post) although they’re rarer and hard to find. However, if you have a lanyard with a string attachment, like those used to attach USB drives to a lanyard or a keychain, those special attachments aren’t necessary and you can use any old Tangle. Just loop it around the Tangle the way you’d loop the cord around the anchor hole on a USB drive, as below:

[image description: a pink, blue, yellow and clear Tangle Jr Textured attached via a bright yellow plastic and cord lanyard connector to a worn Little Twin Stars lanyard.]

Other things can be attached to the lanyard in the same way, as long as there’s something for the cord’s attachment to hitch around: doughnut chewables and silicone beads, any chewable or pendant with a hole in it, a snake puzzle if you fold it so the attachment is in the centre, a telephone cord bracelet.

Thirdly: bead rings (you can DIY it with instructions here or purchase from @werevampiwolf at their etsy or through Stimtastic) are easily attached to just about anything if they’re made from a split ring or clip ring (they all are).

I’ve attached my own large bead rings (made from 50 cm clip/binder rings, available from the stationery section at Daiso) to zip lanyards (also available from Daiso) by removing the standard attachment and hooking the bead ring with two opened chain links.

[image description: three large silver bead rings attached to zip lanyards. Top left: red and yellow zip lanyard attached to a ring bearing round and square yellow, red and orange wooden beads. Top right: a blue and red zip lanyard attached to a ring bearing oval red and blue wooden beads beside red and blue pony beads. Bottom: a pink and green zip lanyard attached to a ring threaded with rainbow-coloured metallic pony beads.]

Fourthly: any standard keychain stim toy or necklace charm. A fluffy/pompom keychain, a tassel keychain, a roller bead lanyard/chain or a small plushie with a cord loop. If the loop attachment is difficult (too small for the above hitch or the clips shown below, for example), use a large jump ring: open it with a pair of pliers, thread it through the loop attachment and the bottom of the lanyard, close it with the pliers.

Fifthly: prickle animal fidgets. (Available from Stimtastic ($0.90 USD) but I’ve also seen them in multipacks at Toys R Us and in the party sections at the more expensive kind of dollar shop.) They have a closed loop on their back that can be threaded through a lanyard attachment, dog clip or a jump ring, like so:

[image description: a green dinosaur prickle fidget toy attached to a white star-print lanyard with a gold dog clip and an orange dinosaur prickle fidget toy attached to a white G2 My Little Pony print lanyard via a silver lanyard clip. Both toys have a square attachment in the middle of their prickled backs holding the clasp of each lanyard.]

Other Stimtastic offerings ideal for lanyards include the Mobius Flower Lanyard ($4.25 USD) and the Keychain Eni Puzzle ($9.60 USD). (@stimtastic​ here on Tumblr, if you want to see what other stimmers have done with these toys.)

In short: there’s many things that don’t need modding at all, and even more things that only need the application of a pair of pliers and a jump ring or two to make them attachable. I hope this gives you some ideas to find the perfect lanyard-portable toy for you!

ETA: @jaydxnalexandxr says,

With tangles, you can pull apart a bit, slide it onto a key ring loop, close the tangle then clip the key ring to a lanyard! That’s what I do 

I didn’t think of it because my hand pain is so bad I prefer not pulling apart Tangles, but this should have been obvious. Thank you!


I was heading out to have a snack when I noticed this … creature sitting at the edge of the picnic table. It was festooned with pendants, beads and a garland of clementine skins. This creature seems really peaceful, and we sat and shared some strawberries for a while, then I invited them in for some air conditioning. This gentle collector spirit will be up in the shop tonight at 6pm if you’re interested ✖


Energy: Receptive

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Deities: Diana, Selene, Isis, all lunar goddesses

Associated metal: Silver

Powers: Love, divination, psychism, sleep, gardening, protection, youth, dieting

Magical/ritual lore: The moonstone, a blue, white, or pink opalescent feldspar, it intimately connected with the Moon in magical lore. So much so, in fact, that many use it in accordance with the lunar phases. Some say it is more magically potent during the Waxing Moon and less so during the Waning Moon. Other, however, use this stone during the Moon’s apparent lessening for divinatory rituals.

Moonstone has long been dedicated to Moon Goddesses. Wiccan ritual jewelry if often fashioned of silver and moonstones. A lunar wand can be constructed of silver tubing topped with a large moonstone. It is used for magical ritual.

This stone is a receptive and love-drawing. Wear or carry a moonstone to bring a love into your life. On the night of the Full Moon and by its light, ring a pink candle with moonstone cabochons. Light the candle and visualize yourself in a loving relationship.

The moonstone is also prized for its ability to workout problems between lovers, especially those who have bitterly fought. Hold a moonstone, empower it with loving vibrations, and give it to your troubled mate. Best of all, share this ritual with him or her by exchanging stones.

Because of its associations with the Moon, the bringer of sleep, the stone is often placed beneath the pillow, or moonstone beads are worn to bed in order to ensure restful sleep.

Like malachite and jade, the moonstone is associated with gardening. Wear during planting, or watering, or bury a small moonstone while visualizing your garden bursting with fertility. To entice a tree into abundant fruiting, tie or attach a moonstone to one of the tree’s limbs.

The moonstone is also gently protective. Because the Moon seems to travel through the zodiac, its stone is a traveler’s protective charm. Carry or wear when away from home, especially during travel in or over the water. This is a perfect gift for vacational or vocational sailors and friends leaving on cruises. Empower the stone with protective energies before presenting it. Moonstone rings can be worn while swimming for protection in the water.

An old ritual to determine future events can be performed at least three days after the Full Moon. Hold a moonstone in your hands while visualizing a possible future course of action, such as selling a house or accepting a new job.

Then, place the moonstone beneath your tongue and continue visualizing. After a few moments, remove the stone and end your conscious effort to retain the image. If it remains or if your thoughts continue to revolve around the possible act, it is a favorable one. If your mind turns to other matters, it’s better to take a different route.

If in doubt perform this rite once again.

Moonstone beads or pendants are worn during divinatory acts and produce psychism in general. Psychics keep moonstones with their tarot cards or rune stones to heighten their ability to use such tools. A quartz crystal sphere is also encircled with a moonstone prior to scrying.

This stone is worn or used in rituals designed to renew or maintain a youthful appearance and attitude (which can be more convincing than outward looks).

(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic)

(Photo source: