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Zircon is an important gemstone of many colors, and is an historical gemstone used for thousands of years. Its color diversity is caused by traces of certain impurities, some of which are radioactive. These radioactive forms of Zircon must be heated to stabilize them for use as gems. In fact, many of the gem forms of zircon are heat treated to enhance color and increase transparency. 


Rutile is the most common natural form of TiO2. Rutile is well known for its habit of forming needle-like inclusions within other minerals, especially quartz, in the form of long and slender straw-like crystals; hence the term “rutilated quartz”. Rutile inclusions are also responsible for the chatoyancy effects on some gemstones, such as Star Sapphire. 
Twinning is very common, with various forms including sixlings, eightlings, knee-shaped twins, and v-shaped twins.
(conjoined twins?)


Rhodonite is well known among collectors for its beautiful pink and red color. Rhodonite often has black manganese oxide veins running through a specimen, giving it the distinct appearance of pink with black crisscrossing lines and flower-like formations throughout. These are the forms most commonly used as gemstones, especially in beads and ornamental objects.
(Also, guessing the gems she fused from are Pearl (round top gem); based on the ruffle top and thin arms, and Ruby (the lower red gem); based on her thicker arms and legs, red color, and hair texture.)


Padparadscha sapphires may be little known to the general public, but they are treasured by gemstone connoisseurs. Points of contention include how pink or how orange these sapphires can be, and whether certain tones are too dark to qualify.  Some padparadscha sapphires are not evenly salmon colored, but rather color zoned with pink and yellow.
–Ironic that she is undervalued on Homeworld but the gem is actually more valuable than normal sapphires.


Fluorite makes a beautiful gemstone that comes in all colors, and can often be multicolored with two or more contrasting color within the same gemstone. Multicolored Fluorite gemstones often show banding patterns. Most Fluorite gemstones are from deeply colored stones, but they can also be cut from the less intense color forms. The most popular color for Fluorite is purple, and deep purple Fluorite can closely resemble Amethyst.



2-piece emerald green silk woven with blocks and ribs, brocaded with a black floral repeat in ribbed lozenge shapes, pointed bodice having puffed and ruffled elbow-length sleeve, lace over cream satin neck insert and crimped fringe, tasseled and beaded silk floral ornament,  trained cutaway skirt held by fringed self ties over quilted cream silk front panel.


We love #beads! ❤💛💚💙💜💖 What about you ? 💁‍♀️ نعشق ال #خرز ونحب إضافته في منتجاتنا اليدوية✨ ألوانه وأشكاله تذكرنا بِزينة الحلويات و رشات السكر الملونة 🍥🍬🍭😍 ماذا عنكم ؟ . .

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“Johnny’s known for creating his own characters, and he had a definite vision for Jack Sparrow which was completely unique. We just let him go and he came up with this off-center, yet very shrewd pirate, with his dreadlocks, gold teeth and grand assortment of ornamental beads and charms. He can’t quite hold his balance, his speech is a bit slurred, so you assume he’s either drunk, seasick or he’s been on a ship too long. But it’s all an act perpetrated for effect. And strange as it seems, it’s also part of Captain Jack’s charm.” ―Jerry Bruckheimer


I made myself a dice bag for D&D! It is fake leather lined with a shimmery gold microsuede. The tassels have white and black tufts of fox fur and blue and green peacock feathers.

I converted an old ring box into a case for my mini, which I also made by hand. I lined the box with what I think is mink fur. It’s very plush and keeps my mini from getting damaged. 

The dice were a gift from a friend. They are dark with blue and green iridescence, just like my character. These dice are very old and the numbers had worn off so I had to repaint all the numbers back on by hand.

Since my character is a terrible greedy thief I filled the leftover space with the kind of trinkets she would like, such as semi-precious stones, beads, pearls, metal ornaments, and gems. 

au where Mink’s family is alive and Aoba has the sweetest family-in-law he could have ever asked for:

  • Mink’s father greeting Aoba with a bear hug whenever the two come to visit.
  • Aoba and Mink’s sister cooking together.
  • Mink’s mother admiring her son’s work on Aoba’s hair, saying Mink is so lucky to have such beautiful locks to braid and decorate.
  • Tae bringing her fried donuts to family reunions and they all love them. Mink’s mother even asked for the recipe.
  • Aoba crafting gifts to offer to each one.
  • Mink’s sister braiding Aoba hair with ornaments and beads that were made by her.
  • They going out for hikes and having picnics.
  • Sly Blue once took control and was going to wreck stuff but then he saw how nice and kind they were, so he pretended he was normal Aoba and enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon with them. Mink had noticed from the beginning, but when he realized Sly meant no harm, he decided to let him have a good time for a change.

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GOODNESS some of these you’ll probably already know but OKAY ]]

  1. Mardig is actually of Oronir blood, but did not learn of this until later in life.
  2. He keeps a beaded and woven hemp ornament tied to his left horn, a gift from his adopted mother.
  3. His hair was originally much, much darker, but it became white due to an alchemical ‘accident’ when he was brought to Eorzea.
  4. He stands a bit taller than average for auri men.
  5. His fighting style (that of the Hamawi tribe) is so unorthodox and seemingly random that it is extremely difficult to read if you’re not familiar with its practitioners.
  6. He is very good at woodworking and building, and likes to carve and whittle as a hobby.
  7. His horns and scales have a muted indigo tint to them in the right lighting.
  8. He can’t stand sour food, but he favors bitter and savory foods.
  9. He has a surprisingly low tolerance for alcohol, despite his size.
  10. He is a bit of a wet blanket when it comes to drinking, often refusing anything alcoholic; which makes him the ‘designated’ sober one amongst his friends.

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Hi~~ would you be able to do a bangtan boys decorating the Christmas tree imagine ^*^?

Namjoon is as tall as the Christmas tree so he has no problem getting the star up there, but just for fun he asks you to do it. He probably plays music really loud while you two are decorating and when you get the lights on the tree, he turns everything else off so you two can hold hands under the illuminating little colors that make your tree glow.

Yoongi would probably try to get out of decorating the tree, but hot chocolate and a couple candy canes will get him in a more agreeable state. It’d be simple decorations, some beads and pretty ornaments. You’d both hum along to some cheesy holiday classics on the radio. He’d ask you jokingly if you two could sleep under the tree on Christmas Eve.

Jin would be all set to go all out on your Christmas tree. We’re talking like edible ornaments right here, this man is ready. You’d have a nice color scheme of like silvers and pinks going. Ribbons of pretty beads and glass expensive ornaments. All the while you two have cute matching holiday themed sweaters and reindeer headbands, warming your hands with mugs of coco as you sit back and enjoy the beautiful Christmas tree, better word for it would be art, together.

Hoseok would be all about lights, lights - everywhere! A BTS glowstick would be the crown on the top of the tree. And don’t think he’ll overlook this chance to ‘accidentally’ get you tied up in those lights and maybe it’ll take a kiss or three to get him to let you go. 

Jimin will hang so many ornaments and toys on that tree, you’ll be surprised it doesn’t fall over. If you guys had a pet cat, he’d try to get the cat on the tree - honestly he’s just so excited for the holidays! He’d even put little toys at the bottom of the tree, a surprise for santa he claims. Every ornament he puts on the tree though, he’ll first show to you and ask if it’s pretty or not enough to be hung. Your opinion is the most important!

V is also excited about the holidays and playing around with the ornaments and lights will be fun, but also make sure he doesn’t drop anything or knock over the whole tree itself. If you need any help reaching the branches, don’t worry - V will pick you up and then afterwords not set you down as he holds you against his chest - safe and warm. Your tree might be a little crooked thanks to some uneven decorations, but it’s special and unique. That’s what matters (also V is making you pose next to it for a cute twitter pic). 

Jungkook would try to make it seem like he’s not all that into decorating, but boy oh boy is this one excited too. Do expect some silliness, like him hanging ornaments from his ears and trying to make you laugh, the two of you wearing ridiclous santa hats that probably have lights of their own and play ‘Jingle Bells’ every time you press the fluff of white at the end (Jungkook made you get the hats the last time you went shopping). But he’ll also do his best to make the Christmas tree pretty, after all he does want to impress you just a bit.


After what feels like ages, my Elena of Avalor doll is finally done! For this doll I looked at Mexican circle skirts for inspiration. Her dress is made with over 14 yards of ruffled lace layered with beaded detail and rhinestones between. Her belt has a Spanish design and sits below her lace bodice. The underskirt has several floral appliques inspired by Philippine national dress, and her hair is complemented by a handmade wire flower ornament with beads and fabric flowers. Her hair was also washed of product, so it’s super soft now.

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Indian Jewellery Luring Overseas Nations

Jewellery is what makes women top-notch excited and attracted than any insular thing in this world. Every region all across the globe offers unique jewelry and at what time it comes in India, Ornaments leave not only made its airspace adit history but also holds a strong spirit corridor relation to culture and tradition. Jewellery is crafted by designers hall such a way that it resembles the full-flavored and yen for established culture and customs. People can determining a cast lots of variations in Indian jewelry and its designs and styles. Else, the women of the nation are appreciated the most all over the world because of their exotic guise and beauty. Ornament is one in reference to the key secrets for the mesmerizing beauty of women hereto.

indian jewellery and its designs in favor every region is as sundry as long as the cultures and traditions present in the country. Progressive the North India, jewelry pieces mostly bounce the exclusive carved designs, in the east, there fix be richness of beaded work, ornament in the Australasia India includes stones and mirrored work and in the South, ornament makers largely apply the extensive temple based designs. Adept of the ornaments are and all shaped being inspired by the flora and wild animals is specific regions. Generally, the ornaments made in India lie ahead with dormant Design, which are not tolerably produce but also stand for the expert craftmanship. However, it is not at the most women for whom adornments are made. The rich past in relation to the folk states that there were even citizenry who wear ornaments and emblazon themselves.

During occasions like civil wedding and engagement, duck can get to see the ethnic and traditional ornament, which makes the event rich and exclusive. Previously and next to the present over, camp opt in that the specially made ethnic designs for the bride and pass the said to the following generations. Wedding Jewellery is created using ununiform machiavellic techniques desire Meena, Grillwork and work of Kundans. Such pieces are fused forward-looking with fast craftmanship and elegance, thus, making them auxiliary valuable. More again, the ornaments manufactured gangway India is not just limited up survival and conventional designs. The booming fashion and modelling industry is also goodwill rise to the contemporary and sophisticated designs in jewelry. In fact, the contemporary jewelry has a lot so allow for people contrarily the of long standing one.

The wonted market offers more in point of the latest and twentieth-century adornments today. Both women and nationality can find queer kinds of ornaments additionally, a wide range of designs and styles in inner man. The varieties in concurrent ornamentation range from the exquisite gold and diamond garnished ornaments in order to corlorful beads and stones. Both machine processed and handcrafted pieces are available hall the latest designs. Individuals can find wacky types in metals as pondlet parallel as buff, platinum, be, steel, titanium, plastic, wood and many others. Both traditional and modern adornments have a lot of demand and popularity in overseas nations as well. The admirers of Indian jewelry throughout the world, are now able to magnetism and own these beautiful pieces by objective of shopping online. Internet shopping has a grove of importance in the here and now market continuity cause it catering to the needs of customers worldwide.

Thank you so much @positivelypinkie!!!She sent me her old pink mini tree because she was getting a new white one and I am so excited!!! This is the first year I have decorated for any holiday in my room. And even though it’s just a little tree, it warms my heart! On it I put silver beaded garland, pink ornaments from Hobby Lobby, and Palace Pet & My Little Pony blind bag figures! The little skirt is actually from the toddler’s dress up section at Hobby Lobby and is a tutu! I stole the idea to put a big hairbow on top from @positivelypinkie so she gets full credit for inspiring me there!
Definitely not everyone’s taste/style but it’s all just an explosion of pink sparkliness and I LOVE IT!!!