beaded necklace

Beaded Necklace | Design*Sponge

I really like the sweet pastel shades of this Sculpey bead necklace combined with the shades of grey. Girly, but not too girly! Sculpey is so easy to craft with and once you get started you’ll find so many things you can make with it. Pro tip though - don’t put your beads in the oven and then forget about them like I did, it does not end well for your beads or oven tray!


Here’s a commission piece I did for a friend for her Mom’s birthday. The tree of life theme for this multi-strand necklace includes leaves for each of her kids and grandchildren. The coolest thing about the leaves is that the maples (which look blueish here) shift color depending on the light. They can also be a light aqua or a pale lavender. The accent beads I used all do the same color shifting thing. Also, the pendant is removable to wear on its own or for the beaded necklace to be worn with or without it.

I love collaborating with people to come up with unique pieces that are meaningful.