beaded leather wrap bracelet


.:Imagine Luke coming back to you after his fight with Vader:.

Request for anon:

“Luke x reader before he goes to Vader… Reader gives him a bracelet or something as a tradition from their home planet to wish them to come back…”

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Let’s see how this one goes.

“Will you come back?” Y/N asks Luke, curiosity in their eyes. He takes their hand in his, giving them a small squeeze.

“I don’t know.” He gives them a small smile. Y/N nods then proceeds to take the leather bracelet ,wrapped around a small blue bead, off their wrist. “Please take this.” They place it into Luke’s gloves hand.

Luke raises his hand and observes the object. “But it’s yours. I can’t take something like this from you.”

Y/N closes his hand around it with theirs. “Well, how about when you come back, you can return it to me. It’s a tradition of my planet to give it to someone you hold dear to you. Please take it.”

Luke nods his head respectfully and places a kiss on Y/N’s forehead.

Luke spots Y/N sitting around the fire chatting with Han. Y/N looks up and sees Luke. They excuse themselves and walks over to Luke.

They embrace each other in a tight hug. “Tell me Y/N, how does someone from your planet ask someone out?”

Y/N smiles. “Well remember how I gave you the bracelet earlier? I was kind of asking you out first.”

They both laugh.