beaded cuff

etsyfindoftheday | CURATION REQUEST 3 | 2.28.14

requested by: anonymous
looking for: non-pierced earrings

my third option to adorn your non-pierced ears is actually pretty trendy right now – you could rock an ear cuff!!

FEATURED: the leafy silver ear cuff pictured comes from cosmicrage; if you dig this style, check out all their cool options!

additional shops with ear cuff listings:

i’ll post an example from each of these additional shops right now. i hope that this non-pierced earrings post series was helpful for you, anon!

DIY Hammered Wire Bracelet Tutorial from Bead It & Weep. Excellent tutorial for making these skinny cuff bangles. Types of wire are covered thoroughly and did you know that you should buy jewelry grade brass wire because if you don’t there may me some lead in regular brass wire? I didn’t. For wire DIY jewelry go here:

You may find these posts useful for wire type. DIY Everything You Need to Know About Jewelry Wire from Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters. 

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This beautiful cuff is from kandicuff So much rainbow. The flower is so fucking cool and it has a little rainbow bead in the middle. Plus there’s glitter beads for the xbase 💓 The cuff says “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “EDC” I really love this :DD