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✨Natural Hair Magick✨

Please note this post is for BLACK witches. Black witches please feel free to add! Non-black witches please don’t add. Thanks! ☺️
(These can be adjusted for those with relaxers too of course!)

✨keep moon/sun water in your spray bottle

✨use your correspondences and assign intentions to your hair oils & moisturizers.

✨choose your deep conditioner ingredients based on intent or how they make you feel.

✨while waiting; visualize issues in your life getting softened and smoothed out.

✨during detangling (I detangle w deep conditioner), visualize physically removing stress, neg feelings from your life.

✨washing it out activates intentions.


✨if you section your hair to shampoo/co wash it, assign each section on an aspect of your life you’d like to reflect or work on.

✨as you work shampoo/conditioner through, visualize obtaining what you want out of the ritual.

✨as you wash it out, visualize negative energies in your life spinning down the drain.

⚫️PROTECTIVE STYLING (nighttime wrapping)⚫️

✨twists, braids, Bantu knots, etc. can be used for knot magick.

✨set your intentions for the next day when styling.


✨similar to nighttime wrapping knot magick, but used for longer term intentions.

✨sync protective styles to the Lunar cycle.

✨my boyfriends mom told me to clip my ends on the New Moon

✨choose hair colors to match intent.

✨use moon water & oils to match intentions when you dip braids.


✨color magick can be used for scarves, turbans, beads, rubber bands, headbands, etc.

✨charge/enchant scarves & bonnets for good sleep/prophetic dreams.

Elaborate and Sweet

Title: Elaborate and Sweet

 Summary: When Dwalin and you get in a huge fight, things are said, feelings are hurt, love is questioned…until he makes an elaborate and sweet apology that sets everything right.  

 Warnings: Mild Language. Angst. Fluff.  Arguments.  

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

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You loved Dwalin, you really did, with all of your heart.  He was strong, courageous, and such a sweetie.  No one who didn’t know him personally wouldn’t have guessed that, but it was true.  When he had a moment alone with you he would just pull you into his arms and lavish you with kisses and praise.  You loved the little moments like that.


But Dwalin was also stubborn, pig-headed, prideful side, and also had a short fuse.  It was a very volatile combination.  You knew this, ever since you had met him on the journey.  You learned it first hand in fact as he was stubborn and pissy about you, a human girl, joining their company to reclaim Erebor.

But all that had worked out.  You were skilled in fighting and healing, was quick to prove your worth, and around the time you all got to Beorn’s, had won over Dwalin’s heart.  That was a night you liked to re-visit when you and Dwalin had your little spats or arguments, remembering how gentle he was, how all his walls came tumbling down as he bared his heart to you, how he kissed you when you both admitted your love for each other…

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Pink and cream silk chiffon layered over silver lamé, metallic lace hem studded with sequins, short sleeve bodice decorated with crossed stylized flowers in white, crystal and ombreéd pink beads, metallic lace insert under tulle, sleeves having cutouts edged in paste jewels, off-center beaded band with ombreéd tassel and three lotus flowers, chiffon underskirt edged in crystal beads, corset interior

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Some solace and happy for our little reverse Obi wan, please. Or the bittersweet return to the battlefield but also the 501st. Obi probably aged a decade mentally with all that stress. ((P.S. you rock <3))

“Are they sure he’s ready? He didn’t look ready last time I saw him. He looked like a shell shocked shiny.” Hardcase fretted a bit, frowning at everything and nothing at the same time while rubbing the back of his neck with a hand.

“Its not for us to decide or say.” Rex sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. “If General Skywalker is taking him along though, we’ll have to trust them to have made the right decision.” He shrugged.


“We’ll do what we can about it Hardcase, but the Commander is still just that…commander.” Rex settled the case for them. Though honestly he was worried. The unrest happening in the Senate, rumors about Palpatine around every corner, their to young and now traumatized commander, Krell…

So many things happening that was just…

He shifted when he saw the familiar shape of General Skywalker coming towards them, saluting him before glancing around. His shoulders relaxed when he saw Obi-Wan right behind his master, hand tucked into the others belt as he followed.

He looked better then last time Rex had seen him honestly.

His armor had been fixed, repainted in blue and orange, his braid was properly tied with its bead and colored band and his clothes were clean and proper. He was even wearing a lightsaber again though this one looked a bit bulkier then the one Rex remembered. ‘Did he rebuild it?’

But then Rex got a good look at the kids face and his heart felt like it got stepped on.

Obi-Wan had aged a decade behind the baby fat in his cheeks.

“General, Commander.” He greeted.

“Rex, at ease. We ready to head out to the Resolute?” Anakin questioned lightly and the captain nodded, falling into step with the two Jedi. “Yes sir, all cargo is loaded, most of the men are ready and only we are the ones missing along with a small team.”

Obi-Wan said nothing as he followed, keeping a hold on the belt like a little duckling as he followed.

“Good, lets get going then.”

They stepped onto the shuttle and Anakin reached for the straps along with everyone but Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan only stepped closer to Anakin and rested his head against the others side. The older man rested his arm around the others shoulders, holding him close and helping support him as they jostled around. Obi-Wan’s hands are a tight grasp of his master’s belt.

‘He’s not ready to be out here yet…’ Rex feels his heart stutter, fear closing around it like a claw. He doesn’t want to lose another commander.


Obi-Wan is quiet.

No one likes it. He spends more time meditating then he used to and when he doesn’t meditate or do his duties, he follows either Anakin, Fives or Rex around like a little duckling.

And when he and Anakin sparred…

There was a level of need to improve that had not been there before, a seriousness in green eyes that spoke of learning because he needed to know to protect and kill.

War had not taken Obi-Wan’s childishness from him.

Krell had.

FYI: Padawan Braids

All Padawans of races that grow hair have a braid behind their right ear. Braids have a yellow band at the top and a red band at the bottom. Additional beads or other color bands are added to mark the Padawan’s area/s of study. 

The yellow band is applied when a Master takes on the Padawan before 13 standard years of age. The red band is applied after 16 standard years of age when he/she completes their Temple courses and starts studying independently under the guidance of his or her Master.

White: Healing

Blue: Mechanics

Red: Piloting

Green: The Living Force/Meditation/Precognitive Visions

Yellow: Lightsaber and other weapons 

Black: Jedi version of Covert Operations

Anakin had red and blue bands. Mechanics and piloting.

Obi Wan had red and yellow bands. Piloting and weapons. 

Ahsoka in Clone Wars is still young and so has only one yellow bead for her notable saber technique. 

Braids are cut by the Master’s lightsaber upon the Padawan’s completion of the Trials (generally around 20 standard years but often earlier or later depending on the student). Jedi who are expelled from the Order prior to completing their training have their braids ripped out rather than cut. Ouch! 

Source: Various SWEU books, but mostly “The Jedi Apprentice”


Genre: College!AU, bad boy Jeffrey on the loose!

Character: Jaehyun, OC

A/N: A short one, after so long. Excuse for the bad grammar and plot!

“Why do you keep losing your hairbands? Didn’t you get a new one yesterday?”, you heard the door of your small apartment slammed close after your mom waved you goodbye.

What your mom don’t know is - your hairbands don’t get lost intentionally. What you know is that your same pink hairband, that you apparently bought it on almost a daily basis, is bound to always get pulled off by the so called delinquent who takes the same class as you and no one knows what he does with all the hairband he took.

It was just another day of school, except the fact that you’re done with Jung Jaehyun pulling his tricks again (or you could say pulling extra strands of your hair too). You weren’t having it today. A test was coming up soon and you spent the entire night drowning in your revision notes.

You were walking through the hallway of your campus when you heard the same familiar voice echoing across the walls. Your dashed pass all the people in your way to avoid him and- “Hi honey, got a new hairband?” You groaned and turned to face him, he smirked.

Yes, can’t you see? And not this time Jaehyun, please.” You weren’t kidding. You were so doggone tired of his antics and this was so far your most favourite hairband that your mom had gotten for you when she travelled to Singapore for her business trip.

Feisty aren’t we?” It was one moment you rolled your eyes at him and it took another for him to quickly hold onto your shoulders, turned you around and grabbed your hairband. He pulled it. Hard. You heard the sound of the beads falling onto the ground and rolled towards your sneakers and you looked up to the delinquent’s horrified face. This was the first time he had seen your face looking so- angry and tears were threatened to fall. He went too far.

Honestly Jaehyun do you ever grow up?!”, you stomped your feet and grab the hairband on his hand - no beads left and band left torn. You head to a nearby restroom and locked yourself behind one of the cubicle. Tears streamed down your face as you clenched the hairband that was on your fist. You were figuring out on what to explain to your mom if she sees the condition of the hairband she got for you.

Of course you wouldn’t tell her some delinquent in your class were the culprit, your mom had gone banging through your headmaster’s office demanding Jaehyun to get expelled - over a hairband. You went out of the campus to get a new hairband to replace the one you had in your hand, hoping it will look similar to the one your mom had gotten for you, skipping a good 2 hours of lecture.

Heading back to your campus, you had to go to your locker to retrieve your notes for your next few lectures. You were caught by surprise when you see a pink hairband hanging on the lock, seemingly new, there was also note sticked next to it; 

“I’m really sorry… I hope you like it. -JH”




2-piece black chiffon over cream silk having boned short sleeve bodice trimmed in cream applique lace, silver sequins and steel beads, with black silk and beaded tassels, self belt with fancy buckle. Skirt decorated with beaded and sequined bands, the uppermost joined by vertical bands, lined in cream silk.

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Can you give me a snippet of what your pwp would be with kaisoo and kyungsoo bracelets? pls ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

  • Title: sexy gestures-gestures, baby (your gestures-gestures)
  • Rating: nc-17 // pwp, smut??, hand/wrist partialism
  • Loosely inspired by the lyrics from “Touch It” and Kyungsoo’s stage look for KOKOBOP on Music Core 170722.
  • Disclaimer: This is unbeta-ed and probably not the best but it’s 8AM and I haven’t slept yet and ksoo’s wrists are really beautiful fam

“Why don’t you keep them on for a bit?” Jongin asks, watching wearily as Kyungsoo retrieves a pair of fabric scissors from somewhere up in the cabinet. The tool is still in the plastic packaging, and Jongin watches as Kyungsoo bites at a corner of cardboard and attempts to rip it open, burgundy lips curled back and thick brows furrowed. Fuck. Jongin swallows thickly around the waves of saliva piling under his tongue.

His eyes skitter down to the bands of beads and rolled string layering over the other’s wrists, setting his jaw as Kyungsoo spits a tiny cardboard piece into the air.

“I’ve had them on all day,” he says, distractedly, and uses his fingers this time to pick at the little hole he’s just made. Jongin deflates a little. That’s true. But then again, Jongin didn’t get the pleasure to indulge in the sight of Kyungsoo wearing them all day, so it still feels like an injustice to humanity. And most importantly his dick.

Kyungsoo never wears bracelets. Never wears accessories, in general - so Jongin really has to make the most of the incredibly rare occasions when a stylist decides to include any piece of jewelry in the vocalists’ attire. It’d been a long fucking drought for him, too. He’d almost forgotten how well they looked on Kyungsoo when holy fucking damn shit fuck there they were, in all their beautiful magical wonder, those blessed bracelets on those blessed wrists. They were Jongin’s favorite kind, too, the loose type that hung down against the heels of Kyungsoo’s palms and accentuated the skinny dip from forearm to wrist. Bouts of color and beads. There were a couple tighter ones, knotted beautifully beside the wrist joint. Thin chains and dangly ends. Contrasting like utter art to the broadness of his palms, shaped by heaven, and glossed with long… long…round fingers and blue veins faintly protruding under soft skin.

Jongin had to check his pants and make sure cum wasn’t already leaking out of his dick. There wasn’t any. Thank God for biology and super tight boner-killer jeans.

“They suit you, though.” Jongin tries softly, but he isn’t holding onto much hope. Kyungsoo’s already got the scissors out. Dammit.

He’d come back to the dorm with them on after forgetting to take them off in the dressing room, and Jongin really could’ve cried jizz because that meant Kyungsoo would have to keep wearing them until tomorrow, at least - and that meant he’d get pure, unadulterated extra hours of Those Bracelets on Those Wrists. Heavenly quality content. There were no words to properly convey of the amount of emotions swirled up inside Jongin; he was no better than a sexually frustrated teenager at this point.

He wanted to touch them. He wanted to feel the edges of the strings with his fingertips, and roll the beads against his palms. Dig his fingertips over the veins on the back of Kyungsoo’s hands as he laced their fingers. Press his lips against those flat palms, or maybe tremble at the loose threads tickling against his skin as Kyungsoo pressed him into the sheets. Oh God, how he wanted. Kyungsoo didn’t understand the amount of power he possessed.

He’s brought out of his reverie when he realizes Kyungsoo is cocking a brow at him, curious. “What’s that face?” He mumbles, fiddling with one if the knots of the rolled string ones as a last attempt of removing it without cutting it in half. Kyungsoo and breaking jewelry were two peas in a pod - so maybe that’s why the stylists rarely give him any to wear. Such a pity. He’s already taken the beaded ones off along with the couple chains, leaving only three. Two on his right wrist, one on his left. All black and dangling and pretty.

Jongin blinks slowly, shrinking minimally against the couch cushions. “What face?”

Kyungsoo’s lips edge into a subtle smirk, leaning his weight to one side from where he’s standing near the kitchen entryway. “You look like you could cry.”

Jongin snickers, rubbing the side of his nose as he looks at his socks. It’s not far from the truth, honestly. His cock is already in mourning.

A brief silence lulls between them, and then suddenly Kyungsoo is stood closer to him, hand held out and wrist turned up towards the ceiling. Jongin’s stomach flutters and his shoulders tingle, and it looks so soft - his arm, it looks so soft and firm and smooth and steady and– “Can you try? I can’t get the knot undone.”

Jongin’s throat bobs, lips pressing into a thin line as he swallows, and his eyes dance along the length of Kyungsoo - hand, forearm, bicep, chest, collarbones, lips, eyes, and back down again - in quick little jumps. He can touch. Kyungsoo’s even asking him to. Good God. He tentatively raises his left hand, softly grazing the underside of the older’s right forearm before his fingers circle around, inching down to the narrowing of his wrist were the bracelets rest.

He traces along the protrusion of a vein, following it all the way to the joint on the side, then over to the inner seam of his wrist, where he rolls the strings under the pad of his thumb and sinks his teeth into his lower lip. Kyungsoo shifts barely, raising his other hand to slowly rotate the bracelet until the little knot comes up beside Jongin’s thumb.

“It’s really tight.” He mumbles, and Jongin can feel the burning heat of being watched. Kyungsoo’s gaze, like fire, is searing his senses with warmth and frying his nerves. He silently revels in it, thumbing over the knot so it presses into Kyungsoo’s skin.

“You could just leave them on.” He says, using his thumbnail to pick at one of the taut ties. It doesn’t budge, so he brings his other hand up to hold Kyungsoo’s hand steady and pull him a little closer, for better leverage. He uses his index finger this time, trying to pry one of the strings loose from the knot - but it’s ultimately futile.

He ponders for a moment. He wets his lips, then leans down, carefully taking the knot between his teeth. He can feel the heat of Kyungsoo’s skin beneath his lips; wonders if he could feel his pulse if he pressed hard enough. His nose nudges into the other’s arm as he cranes his neck slightly, closing his lips around the knot and scraping at it lightly with his lower set of teeth, searching for an edge. He hears Kyungsoo’s deep breath above him, and tilts his head a little more to try with his canines. He nibbles at it, but the knot keeps popping out his hold, dampened from his saliva and impressively stubborn. He leans back, fingering the bracelet as he reevaluates the tie.

Kyungsoo tastes of stale cologne and hairspray. Which should be- and probably would be in any other situation- unappealing, but Jongin likes the way it lingers vaguely on his mouth as he licks his lips again. His gaze flits up and finds Kyungsoo’s glossy orbs already settled on him, hooded and dark in the soft lamp light, lips pouted out barely from the way he’s looking down at the younger.

Jongin maintains eye contact the second time he leans down, closing his eyes just as his lips meet the inside of Kyungsoo’s wrist once more in a soft, light kiss - chapped skin against smooth. “Leave them on.” He whispers in a small puff of breath, feeling Kyungsoo’s fingers curl against the underside of his chin.

“You like them that much?” Kyungsoo rasps softly, harmlessly pinching some skin between his fingers and nudging his knuckles against the faint stubble already growing back in.

Jongin nods barely, eyes faintly scrunched  as his jaw goes lax and his tongue peeks out to quickly dab against a blue vein hidden under thin lays of pale skin. So beautiful. “Tonight,” he says, and his eyes slowly open, half-lidded and pupils blown, pleading and earnest, “leave them on for me, Soo.”