A Penny Dreadful Mystery

Remember when I was doing all those mystery KALs? This is the second one finished, one is still awaiting blocking.

I was planning to be super nerdy and knit this shawl when, and only when watching Penny Dreadful. Yeah, that didn’t go as planned – I still haven’t seen anything beyond the pilot.

The pattern as written uses 720 beads. I wasn’t sure I’d have enough yardage so I chose to replace the nupps (which consume a lot of yarn) with beads and not place beads where beads should go. Yes, very logical. But I still ran out of beads.

The light purple 8/0 ones pictured above were my first choice, but I ran out of them about halfway through the last clue. Switched to dark purple beads for the remainder of the clue, and then finally to bigger, size 6/0 beads in the same color for the crochet bind off (which was not in the original pattern).

Here’s the video to Paula’s tutorial.