bead sprites

As of right now, this is totally almost the largest piece I’ve done! And by almost I mean it’s the 2nd largest. My Adventure Time mural is still the largest I’ve done.

She’s about 31″ wide by 27″ tall and used just under 9,400 beads :D

I seriously love the shading on her too. What do you folks think?

Edit: I’m garbage and it took me 65 notes to realize I forgot the credits. If you didn’t recognize the sprite right away, it’s by the amazingly talented AbyssWolf!


Final Fantasy - Beatrix & Terra

Since promising to bring more final fantasy characters/bosses in large scale to the convention I have a variety of sprites I have just finished.This is a sneak peek at two of my favorites. I will be at Phoenix Comicon Artist Alley @ Booth 906! Next week you can expect a variety of posts showing the entirety of my stock so you all can see why I have been so quiet these last few months.

Steven was out in Montreal when this game came out, but we had it preordeded, so when he got back he finally got to play it. He was also on vacation, so he just played it for like 3 days straight and beat it haha. It’s a visually stunning game, and I really wanted to make a sprite from it. I found this one by Toyaken21 on Twitter and had to do it!