bead sprites

More MTT-Brand sprites to cheer me up 💖

Finally got more Hama beads to make more Mettaton sprites for my wall! 💛
Will be doing another EX in his overworld sprite (the other one was made with glow-in-the-dark beads). I’ll also make a second, possibly third battle sprite of Mettaton EX, but this time with his colors instead of the regular black & white.
Gonna make Neo & Box MTT too, after my room gets repainted.
I’m just so happy when I’m surrounded by Mettaton 💛✨
- I’m one self-loving Robot lmao
Niko's Perler Shop by NikosPerlerShop
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Hey guys! Just set up a perler shop. I will be doing custom commissions of perler bead pixel art. My prices are listed on the listing on my shop, and if you want to commission me send me a message on etsy about what sprite you want to commision. 

The price is $6.00 plus shipping for a sprite within  a board of 29x29 pixels, and $6.00 per extra board.

Please reblog and support my shop!


Come check out my Etsy shop! I make Perler bead sprites. My shop is new and doesn’t have too much but I am working on growing it and adding new stuff! Some stuff listed in the pictures is not in the shop but I can take custom orders if you message me! 


“Welcome, beauties!”

So here’s a cool project I did. Saw a design a while back for 3D Mettaton and wanted to try my own version of it. Haven’t made a 3D thing in a while, so I had some hiccups, and his design still isn’t perfect, but I’m happy with him for now.

I’ll have this one at Super Megafest. He’s probably going to become a regular convention item, maybe one or two per convention. I’m also thinking about making the Floweypot I made a while back. He won’t be on the shop, though. But he’ll probably end up on the commission-only list.