bead sculpture

This morning, we’re getting a first look at the 2017 Biennial. Here’s Raúl de Nieves’s site-specific work on the fifth floor. The artist covered six floor-to-ceiling windows with eighteen “stained-glass” panels he made using paper, wood, glue, tape, beads, and acetate sheets. They create a vivid backdrop for the beaded sculptures, especially in the morning sun!

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Ok, so this is only a rough play around with placement on the head collar. So please excuse the coloured pins ..and the blue tack! ;)) 

 All of this will have to come back off for actual sewing of the collar first etc before it’s then embellished, but I needed to visualise the workings out before I could do that. Also.. I don’t think I’m so keen on the gold so will possibly change that and maybe some of the bead/pearl colours. 

Anyway, wanted to share with you even though the finished piece will no doubt be quite different?! #alwaysis 



“I would never hurt you my little biscuit!”

The unintentionally popular resized box from that one Amnesia custom story: Tiny Box Tim!

Now you can have your own Tiny Box Tim to keep all your change safe, go on adventures, and make sure there aren’t any butt-stabbers in the immediate vicinity.

Design was inspired by Lixian:


I’m thinking about making little abstract sculpey sculptures.  They would be to represent different things such as emotions or states of mind.  The idea came from @crepuscularperiphery ‘s school project with little tiny abstract pieces representing anxiety, of which I have one piece and I adore it.

I’m curious as to whether people would have any interest in these, and what a good selling point would be?