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Game of Thrones - Season 4 (2014) - Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister wearing a dark blue dress with gold embroideries.

According to Michele Carragher, who embroidered the costume, “Cersei had a new kimono style costume and for this dress Michele Clapton [the show’s costume designer] wanted lions embroidered on the sleeves and wanted it to be bolder and more armour like." 

She continues: "For this costume I embroidered stumpwork lions heads so they were particularly 3D and the decoration around was metallic and heavily encrusted with beads and metal rings.”

Cassandra Pentaghast Headcanons:

- She doesn’t sleep well in a room completely dark. If possible, the Seeker always has a little candle on her desk, like when she was a child frightened by the darkness and her mother lit one for helping her to sleep well.

- “Allegra” was her mother name.

- Her uncle tried to betrothed her, when she was a child. Cassandra challenged her “fiancè” with her wooden sword. She won and declared the engagement canceled.

- She trained the youngest Seekers recruits and when someone was struggling with the exercises, she helped them personally. Even during her free time, if necessary.

- The Divine Beatrix gave her her first romance novel, for helping her to relax from time to time.

- The Divine Justinia tried to teach her cooking (she was an excellent baker). Cassandra is still a near - disaster cook, but the smell of the fresh bread is her favorite scent.

- When she worked with Leliana for the Divine, they had the rule to not speak about work during meals. They broke it several times.

- She secretely greatly approves Sera pranks against insolent nobles.

- She helps the young mages apprentices to socialize with the other children in Skyhold and she always blushes when a child hugs her legs smiling happily.

- She forces Cullen to stop his work for having a proper meal or a walk in the fresh air. She unconsciously consider him a younger brother.

- She has her favorite shield inscribed with the name of all her friends, old and new. She feels like they’ll be forever all together, despite the distances and the different lifes.

- She likes a lot refined clothes, but she thinks she’s too masculine and too little gracious for dressing one.
(if romanced) The Inquisitor knows that and he gives her one for her birthday. Long, simple, elegant, with a train encrusted with beads. And she is perfect.

Masquerade, Chapter 18

TITLE: Masquerade


AUTHOR: Losille2000


GENRE: Romance

FIC SUMMARY: It started with a sly glance across a Venetian ballroom during Carnivale, even though both parties should have ignored it.  However, it most certainly cannot go beyond the confines of anonymous, masked revelry… or can it?

RATING: Mature (sexual situations, language)

AUTHORS NOTES: Thank you all for being so supportive and amazing. :D I’ll be handing out “I Hate Georgina” badges at the door.  The Spanish included in this chapter is courtesy of Google translate and three years of high school foreign language many, many moons ago.  There are only two words, hopefully they are correct.

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Chapter 18

I had considered escaping to my little guest house as soon as we returned to Tom’s after a very long morning and afternoon at Emma’s photoshoot, but with only one foot inside the house, I realized that wish would be impossible. Georgina had walked inside before me and had tossed her bag and coat over an obliging chair in the entrance instead of hanging them on the coat rack one foot to the left of it. She turned to say something to me as I grunted my way into the house with two heavy garment bags in addition to a tote with accessories we had taken with us to the shoot. However, Georgina never had the opportunity to speak because we were both startled by what sounded like a thundering herd throughout the house.

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Azure Starchild / Leo Starchild / Jared Starchild

Jared Starchild grew up in a bead-encrusted trailer permanently situated in a Wholefoods parking lot. His dad is a herbalist (WINK WINK) and his mom is an astrologist on the internet. In an old Starchild family tradition, the shirt his dad is wearing will eventually be passed down to him (it’s their most treasured possession).