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“Finally having entirely repacked the beaded bag three times, Hermione seemed unable to find any more reasons to delay: she and Harry gasped hands and disapparated, reappearing on a windswept heather-covered hillside. The instant they arrived, Hermione dropped Harry’s hand and walked away from him, finally sitting down on a large rock, her face on her knees, shaking with what he knew were sobs.”

George Harrison, self-portrait (double exposure), Paris, 1964, as featured in (and screen capped from) Living in the Material World

“Well, George, you know, George had two incredible separate personalities. He had the love, bag of beads personality, and the bag of anger. He was very black and white.” - Ringo Starr, Living in the Material World

DIY Stim Toy Master Post, Part 2

Because people have started reblogging the first DIY master post again, and I’ve posted a number of tutorials and DIYs since, here’s the second one. Again, I’ve plenty more in my drafts folder, so I’ll keep on posting these every time I’ve gathered a reasonable amount of links.

Please check out Part 1 for even more DIYs and tutorials!


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General Lists

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How to make a Charm Bag

  Select the material that you would like to use for your bag. Velvet, felt or leather are good choices. You can also use cotton or any other fabric. Because it’s rich texture, velvet is a good choice for charm bags designed to bring money and prosperity to you.

  Select the colour of fabric for your charm bag. The colour you choose depends on the purpose for your bag:

          - Pink is used for love

          - Red is used for passion

          - Black is used for banishing and revenge

          - Blue is used for spirituality and healing

          - Purple is used for protection and also for psychic power

          - Gold is used for wealth and prosperity

          - Green is used for financial matters

          - White is used for purity and cleansing. It can also be used for                                spirituality.

  Cut your material into two square sections. Place the two pieces together with the insides facing each other. Slowly sew three of the sides of the pouch together. While you sew your charm bag, focus your thoughts on the purpose of the charm. Visualize your goal coming true for the charm bag and being sent out into the Universe and to the Goddess.

  Next you can decorate your charm bag in any way that you wish. You may wish to draw meaningful symbols on the bag. You can write your purpose on the bag. Sewing beads, sequins, ribbons or other decorations on the bag is a good idea. The more effort and time you put into decorating and working with your charm, the more of your personal energy you infuse into it. While you are doing this, imagine that the charm bag is working it’s magic for you.

  Now add the ingredients that you want to have in your charm bag. You can use anything that you feel is symbolic of the goal you wish to reach. Dried herbs, crystals, photos, written words, flower petals, trinkets, a small magnet (for magnetism), you can even spray the inside or outside of the bag with a perfume or dab it with essential oil.

  Sew the top of your charm bag closed. If you wish, you can sew a ribbon onto the bag to hang it with. You may also carry the charm bag in your pocketbook, bag or in your pocket.

your-alien-friend  asked:

Do u know any stim toys that can go on a lanyard key chain? Thanks:)

Oh, yes! Yes I do! There are many toys that can go on a lanyard key chain, some as they are, some with a little work/creativity depending on the type of fastener you have for the lanyard! I’ve also got a few DIYs I’ve made myself - bead rings attached to a zip lanyard for double stimmy goodness.

Firstly: many squishies come with a cell phone charm strap or a ball chain attachment. Both of those can attach to a lanyard as they are. In my review post this morning I’ve got the macaron ($1 AUD) which is smaller and might be ideal for hanging from a lanyard; Stimtastic has the Squishy Panda Charms ($1 USD). Any squishy with an attachment point will work.

(As I’ve written about the durability of squishies, I’d coat the foam around the attachment point/plastic ring on the squishy with a layer of thick PVA/white glue and let it dry overnight before adding it to the lanyard. This will help the foam not tear away from the ring. I did this to my apple where the ring sheared away completely and it’s solid after drying.)

Secondly: there are Tangles that have lanyard attachments (linked in this post) although they’re rarer and hard to find. However, if you have a lanyard with a string attachment, like those used to attach USB drives to a lanyard or a keychain, those special attachments aren’t necessary and you can use any old Tangle. Just loop it around the Tangle the way you’d loop the cord around the anchor hole on a USB drive, as below:

[image description: a pink, blue, yellow and clear Tangle Jr Textured attached via a bright yellow plastic and cord lanyard connector to a worn Little Twin Stars lanyard.]

Other things can be attached to the lanyard in the same way, as long as there’s something for the cord’s attachment to hitch around: doughnut chewables and silicone beads, any chewable or pendant with a hole in it, a snake puzzle if you fold it so the attachment is in the centre, a telephone cord bracelet.

Thirdly: bead rings (you can DIY it with instructions here or purchase from @werevampiwolf at their etsy or through Stimtastic) are easily attached to just about anything if they’re made from a split ring or clip ring (they all are).

I’ve attached my own large bead rings (made from 50 cm clip/binder rings, available from the stationery section at Daiso) to zip lanyards (also available from Daiso) by removing the standard attachment and hooking the bead ring with two opened chain links.

[image description: three large silver bead rings attached to zip lanyards. Top left: red and yellow zip lanyard attached to a ring bearing round and square yellow, red and orange wooden beads. Top right: a blue and red zip lanyard attached to a ring bearing oval red and blue wooden beads beside red and blue pony beads. Bottom: a pink and green zip lanyard attached to a ring threaded with rainbow-coloured metallic pony beads.]

Fourthly: any standard keychain stim toy or necklace charm. A fluffy/pompom keychain, a tassel keychain, a roller bead lanyard/chain or a small plushie with a cord loop. If the loop attachment is difficult (too small for the above hitch or the clips shown below, for example), use a large jump ring: open it with a pair of pliers, thread it through the loop attachment and the bottom of the lanyard, close it with the pliers.

Fifthly: prickle animal fidgets. (Available from Stimtastic ($0.90 USD) but I’ve also seen them in multipacks at Toys R Us and in the party sections at the more expensive kind of dollar shop.) They have a closed loop on their back that can be threaded through a lanyard attachment, dog clip or a jump ring, like so:

[image description: a green dinosaur prickle fidget toy attached to a white star-print lanyard with a gold dog clip and an orange dinosaur prickle fidget toy attached to a white G2 My Little Pony print lanyard via a silver lanyard clip. Both toys have a square attachment in the middle of their prickled backs holding the clasp of each lanyard.]

Other Stimtastic offerings ideal for lanyards include the Mobius Flower Lanyard ($4.25 USD) and the Keychain Eni Puzzle ($9.60 USD). (@stimtastic​ here on Tumblr, if you want to see what other stimmers have done with these toys.)

In short: there’s many things that don’t need modding at all, and even more things that only need the application of a pair of pliers and a jump ring or two to make them attachable. I hope this gives you some ideas to find the perfect lanyard-portable toy for you!

ETA: @jaydxnalexandxr says,

With tangles, you can pull apart a bit, slide it onto a key ring loop, close the tangle then clip the key ring to a lanyard! That’s what I do 

I didn’t think of it because my hand pain is so bad I prefer not pulling apart Tangles, but this should have been obvious. Thank you!

another time pt. 2

@girllostinthewoods [part one here]

yeah, alfie’s still not in this one but the time travel is!

You walked into the club, struck by the atmosphere the second the door swung shut behind you.

It was bright, and loud, and warm, and close, and…incredible.

Everything was flush and plush and glittering, people in beaded dresses and suits swinging around. There was a real band, dolled up, playing 20’s versions of modern songs and you laughed to yourself, hovering in the archway that led from the entry to the club proper. People were scattered about the tables that encircled the dancefloor, milling about with fancy drinks in hand. It was incredible. Like nothing you’d ever seen, except for on a screen or a museum.

A few differences you did note, as ‘authentic’ as they had tried to make the experience. No smoking signs, though printed in vintage font, were giant as you entered in the way. They may want people to immerse themselves but they needed to keep their license. A guy walking past you with a cartoon tattoo peaking from his rolled up sleeve wasn’t exactly realistic for the time period. Neither were the people snapping away the night on their phones. Still, exciting.

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Ultimate Beaded Lanyard Tutorial

Apologies for the lousy second photo, but this was too long to photograph without a mirror and my mirror is nowhere near a window!

I’m aware that this sits in the because I can category of crafting, but this is what happens when I decide to make a wearable roller bead lanyard with a bead ring on the end and then attach a beaded gecko to that ring. I really like it! While I find that while this is a little long for walking around in, the gecko sits on my knee such that I can roll it without dropping it or holding it. It’s pretty functional, doesn’t require me to clench or grasp it to use, and it offers me several different ways of stimming with the beads. Plus it’s easy to shorten by using fewer beads for the lanyard part, if you’d rather wear a shorter version.


  • Regular pony beads in whatever colours you like (I used 87 different beads)
  • Rattail cord (you’ll want about 3 metres)
  • A giant pony bead or a wooden bead (the hole needs to be large enough to hold four strands of cord)
  • A couple of star or flower shaped beads for the top of the lanyard and the end of the gecko’s tail (if you’re fancy)
  • Thread and a sewing needle for a few overstitches (or glue)
  • Clear nail polish or glue for finishing the end of the lanyard and the knot on the gecko’s tail (this keeps the cord from unravelling)


First, make a bead ring, a roller bead fidget/lanyard and a beaded gecko using these linked tutorials. Don’t try to put these together - just make one of each so you’re familiar with the process of making them. This tutorial assumes you know how to make each of those three things. It will not make sense if you don’t learn those three tutorials first.

Second, make the lanyard. I cut 1.5 metres of cord (taller people may want it longer still), folded it in half, threaded two pony beads on each end and then threading both ends through a star bead (but any pony bead will do). This just finishes the top of the lanyard nicely. I shifted those three beads down the cord, leaving enough space to pull the lanyard over my head, before I added however many beads I wanted in the normal way of a roller bead lanyard before leaving the usual gap of unthreaded cord. I then threaded on four beads (three rounded pony beads and one giant pony bead or wooden bead) over both ends of the cord (in the way you normally finish a roller bead lanyard) and cut the cord. Dab the cut ends of the cord with clear nail polish or glue. Do not knot the ends. Put the lanyard aside.

Third, make the bead ring in the normal way (threading beads onto a split ring).

Fourth, make the gecko in the normal way. Instead of using a new split ring, I slipknotted the cord for the gecko (I use 1.1 metres of cord) around the bead ring I made, halfway between the beads.

(I diverge from the linked tutorial in that I add a fancy bead like a star or a flower at the bottom of the tail, just because I like how it looks. I also use slightly smaller pony beads for the gecko’s claws, because I think that looks a little better. Neither of these things is necessary, though. I also seal the knot at the end of the tail with clear nail polish to make it a little sturdier.)

Firth, I join the bead-ring-and-gecko fidget to the lanyard. I push the beads at the bottom of the lanyard up to the bottom-most woven pony bead, wrap the cut edges of cord around the top of the ring and sew or glue them together, forming a closed loop of thread. Make sure the edges of the cord, the ones sticking up past the ring, are not longer than the length of your large bead - the purpose of the giant bead is to hide the cut edges of cord!

(If sewing, you’ll want the thread to go in and out of all four pieces of cord, sewing them to each other so they firmly hold the ring. I then coat the sewing with clear nail polish or glue. If gluing, make sure all four pieces are firmly glued to each other.)

Sixth, side the large bead over the four sewn or glued pieces of cord, hiding the join of the lanyard cord around the bead ring gecko - and that’s it!

Mine took less than an hour to make, was quite easy on my hands and only required a tiny bit of handsewing.

Image description under read more cut:

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Alternate Use For Orbeez/Water Beads (headache relief)

Orbeez can have a lot of uses, one that doesn’t get talked about as much is headache relief. Put a few orbeez/water beads in a ziplock bag and put them in the fridge. When you have a headache or you’re just really hot in general, take out the ziplock full of cold orbeez, and put it on your forehead or over your closed eyes. The water beads stay cold longer than a wet washcloth, and are a lot more comfortable than an ice pack. You can even take your hand and move the bag around on your head for a nice, gentle massage. Plus, since they’re in a bag your head/eyes don’t get wet like they would with cold wash clothe or ice pack. I have used them many times for headache relief and it always works very well for me. I keep a baggy of them in my fridge at all times.

harry potter rated by appearances of socks
  • philosphers stone: for harry's 10th birthday he got Dursley's old socks, excellent present. He also found a spider on his socks, cute! And of course Dumbledore's infamous: "I see myself holding a pair of thick, woollen socks", in the Mirror of Erised. A noble desire indeed! and "One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore. I live by those words, give socks to everyone you know. 8/10
  • chamber of secrets: Well, we all know what's coming. First of all, the obscure. Professor Sprout put socks on mandrakes to help them save all the petrified people, socks saving lives again. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: "And he forced the smelly sock into Lucius Malfoy’s hand." SAVAGEEE: then "Master has given Dobby a sock. Dobby is free. YASSSS PRIME USE OF SOCKs 11/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: Ron got a pair of maroon socks for xmas even though he doesn't like maroon! Poor form. Harry kept his sneakoscope in his aforementioned birthday socks. MEh nothing exciting in the sock world. 0/10
  • goblet of fire: Harry's socks got wet, horrible -5 points. But, then the tables turned for socks. Harry gave Dobby mustard yellow socks, and Ron gave him violet socks. Little did they know in 2016, that would be a fashionable colour scheme. Of course Dobby is wrapped! "Socks are Dobby's favourite, favorite clothes, sir!" Thus, he in return gave Harry hand knitted snitch and broomstick pattern socks. Moody himself complimented Harry on his chic socks. Harry proclaimed: he was going to buy Dobby a pair of socks for every day of the year, and he then gave him screaming and flashing socks. Dobby said he had 7 socks- symbolism?? EXCELLENT YEAR FOR SOCKS 10/10
  • order of the phoenix: Mundungus smells like burnt socks -4 points. Hermione knitted a bunch of socks for the house elves but only Dobby wore them.... Ron used socks to hold his prefect badge. not a great year. 2/10
  • half-blood prince: wtf is with harry and using socks as a storage device. Felix Felicis stored in socks. Nothing else so -1/10
  • deathly hallows: Hermione brought Ron's maroon socks that he hated from CoS. Socks are again used a storage... with Hermione's beaded bag placed in her sock. Now, when Dobby died, Ron took off his socks from his feet to place onto Dobby, out of respect for his passion of socks. I'm not crying, you are. sentimental socks... It made me sad but it's a beautiful tribute 9.3/10

anonymous asked:

so i got my first tangle jr recently and ive been stimming with it almost nonstop and the joints in my fingers kinda started hurting is that bad?

Chronic hand pain stimmer speaking! (Six and a half years in pain next month! Great milestone, right?) While I’m not a doctor and cannot diagnose, I can talk about this aspect of stimming safety with some authority.

The short, scary answer is this: it can be bad. Conditions like carpel tunnel and RSI can be caused or aggravated (brought to flare) by repetitive movement (which is, in effect, what stimming is). Underlying conditions you might not know you have (arthritis and its variations or even, I think, something like EDS) can also be the reason you’re in pain, especially if you think the pain happened too quickly/unreasonably. Based on my own experience with repetitive hand movement, I have absolutely no doubt that constant, unvaried stimming over a long period of time - and your own body’s health and makeup is the determining factor of what is long, not our own mental timetable - can cause harm. And while I’ve had repetitive strain injuries heal normally, I’ve had some that have damaged how my nervous system treats and transmits pain in those areas. I’ve had to learn to be super careful in my stimming to keep bad flares to a minimum.

Don’t panic, though. Please, don’t.

First, if your pain isn’t severe, give yourself a week of gentle hand stimming or non-hand-stimming to give your hands a rest. If you see a change in your pain - that it lessens/ebbs or stops by the end of that time - you’re very likely to be okay. (Then just look at the info below.) If you feel it hasn’t lessened enough or not at all after that time, or your pain is so severe you cannot function normally, go see your GP/family doctor. I know that doctors are often incredibly stressful, especially for neurodiverse folk, and most of us can’t easily have a conversation explaining that we hurt ourselves from stimming too much, so I do advocate, for non-severe pain, resting first.

(By ‘severe’ I don’t mean some arbitrary number scale. Those scales are absurd. I mean: how much is the pain stopping you from doing your daily activities? Are you constantly aware of the pain? Is the pain making you struggle to think? Cry? Feel depressed and frustrated? Struggle to hold a book, pick up a cup, eat? If the pain is more than uncomfortable, doesn’t respond to over-the-counter pain meds and you answer “yes” to any of those questions, see a GP as soon as you can. Do this, because you do not need to be in severe pain.)

Secondly, I’m going to talk on how to stim to avoid pain. I know what it’s like when you get the fabulous toy and it feels so good and this form of stimming is perfection and you just want to stim with it forever. I know. But it’s actually pretty dangerous. The human body wasn’t designed to do the same small repetitive movements over and over in a - comparatively - short space of time, and it will, over time, make us regret doing so. Temporary pain becomes permanent. I don’t wish that on anyone.

Safe stimming includes:

- Alternating your toys on a frequent basis. I wouldn’t use the same hand toy for more than an hour. If you’re using that toy intensively or quickly, I wouldn’t use it for more than half an hour or even less. I have many stim toys I cannot use for more than a few minutes. (Doesn’t mean I don’t love them, though.) Even if all your toys are hand toys, they’ll use different muscle groups, different tendons. Think on how you use your Tangle and then how you might use a stress ball or slime. You’re holding them differently, pulling them differently. Your body needs that change, and pain is often a sign of that need.

(This applies for chewables as well. Alternate chewing sites - back teeth a while, front teeth a while. If you need multiple chewables to accomplish this, do so.)

- Cultivating a large selection of stim toys. This means you have plenty of options for alternating. (Yes, I’m giving you permission to have or make lots of stim toys.) I don’t mean fifteen different Tangles, as much as I, personally, want to have fifteen different Tangles. I mean different types of toys. Is there kinetic sand in your hoard? Play-Doh? Chewables? Beaded fidgets? Bean bags? Soft toys/plushies? Stress balls? Puzzles? Visual stim toys? Texture toys? Noise-making stim toys? Does your collection include different textures and materials? Does it encompass, as much as possible, all the different ways you can stim?

(This whole blog is about doing just this; here’s the DIY tag if you want or need to make your own toys.)

- Ensuring you own gentler stim toys for alternating. I’d love to use my Tangle Fuzzy non-stop. But they’re less great for my hands. I know my problems are issues of grip and tension, so when my hands are bad or to rest them, I seek out stim toys that don’t involve gripping. I run my fingers over a Disney Tsum Tsum plush for the texture. I wriggle my fingers through kinetic sand or stretch fluffy slime. I also make sure my squishable toys are pretty soft (no firm stress balls) and search out fidgets that can be pushed and moved without gripping them. Use and love your less-gentle toys, but swap them with gentler ones.

- Paying attention to your body. What hurts when you stim? Where? Are there toys you have that cause you less pain? Is there a specific action with a stim toy that causes pain? Are you always doing the same motions over and over? This sort of awareness is really hard for autistic folk - I struggle with it. It’s worthwhile trying, though, to build some awareness of what your pain means.

- Giving yourself stim breaks. This can mean not stimming for a little while. It can mean putting down your hand toys in favour of chewellery or bouncing up and down to the same song five times in a row. It can mean switching to visual stims or non-toy stimming (if it uses different body parts). I have to alternate my hand stimming - which is my favourite way to stim - with non-hand stims if I wish to continue hand stimming. Just like an office worker should do from a computer screen, take regular, short breaks from stimming with your hands (or chewing).

I know it’s awful to not be able to do That Perfect Stim, and I know how hard it is to be aware of these safety concerns when you’ve fallen into the zone of stimminess. If you need to, set alarms or reminders on your phone. Ask someone to remind you to switch stim toys. But please, please do try. Chances are high that with a little rest and care, you’ll be fine, but the pain you’re describing is a message from your body and you need to listen to it.

Not listening to it means you end up with chronic pain like me, and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

New Orleans Mardi Gras Gothic

• Everywhere you look people are wearing the same purple, green, and gold shirt. Men, women, children, infants. All wearing the same shirt. You have never seen this shirt for sale in any store. You have no memory of these people in any other shirt. They have been here forever and they will remain. 

• You bite into a piece of King Cake. You’re met with something solid; you pull it from your teeth. “You got the baby,” your relatives grin, “Now you have to buy the next King Cake.” Their teeth glisten. The baby bleeds in your hand. 

• “Are you going to the parade?” they ask you. “Which one?” you respond. “Are you going to the parade?” they repeat. You have had this conversation before. To answer “no” would ensure your death. 

• You walk down the street and notice Mardi Gras beads dangling from the electrical wires. There are no parades in this part of town. One strand of beads resembles a noose. You keep walking. 

• You traverse the parade grounds carefully and quickly. You only want to get back to your family. You hope the seven years of bad luck don’t apply to walking under parade ladders. You will soon come to realize that they do. 

• You are walking back to your car. Your neck weighted heavily with beads. The bags in your hand grow heavier with every step. Where did they come from? What do they contain? “Good haul this year,” a man beside you comments. You do not know him. The bags in your hands grow heavier and begin to growl. 

• The Canal Side and the Sidewalk Side do not mix. They never have. Hundreds of years have passed and the two sides have never mixed, nor do they meet at any common point. Through brief gaps in between floats you look across the street to the other Side. You see only fog and discarded cups on the curb. 

• You are watching the people on the floats. They are all the same. One lifts up its mask to take a drink. It has no face. It has no mouth. It replaces its mask and continues throwing. 

• The cheering stops as the tractor passes. The man driving the tractor smiles a toothy smile and waves his limp grey arm, but the crowd remains silent. You do not acknowledge the tractor. To do so would surely bring doom. 


richard the raccoon bag completed

i’ve been meaning to finish sprucing up richard the raccoon bag, since i’ll be needing to use him in town soon. jon obliged by providing some leather scraps and helping me drill out some sections of deer antler. i cut a nice wide shoulder strap, and cut long skinny leather thongs to connect the shoulder strap to the belt loops (this way they can be removed if i want to switch back to using him as a belt pouch). the ends of the thongs got an antler bead put on to add a bit of weight so they hang nicely.

and finally, richard got a nice toggle-and-loop closure, using an antler point and a scrap of leather. now he’s ready to go out on the town with me. let’s see how many people want to come pet him! -5/6-7/17

ash-castle  asked:

8. Breathtaking Kiss - Hermione/Charlie

Happiness. That was Charlie’s first thought.

Hermione tasted like happiness.

He could feel surprise radiate from her at first, but then she leaned into it and Merlin, did it feel incredible. Charlie’s spirits rose through the air, soared in fact. Joining the clouds up high, and he hadn’t needed a broom or dragon to do it.

They parted slowly, ever so slowly, while their breaths mingled and merged, and Charlie watched as Hermione’s eyes had yet to open.

“What was …?” she breathed.

“I don’t know,” he answered.

“There’s Asphodel growing here! Charlie, look!” Hermione waved excitedly at him to get closer, all while inspecting the flower closer. “They look exactly like the ones that grew at Hogwarts!”

Charlie chuckled and climbed up the rocks leading to his girlfriend. “Only you would get excited about two plants being similar.”

“Unlike the man who cheers at discovering dragon droppings?” Hermione teased, not taking her eyes off the plant.

Charlie rolled his eyes, this not being the first time he’d had to endure hearing about it. “When I find dragon droppings now, you’ll be thankful for it. C’mon, it’s getting late, we should set up camp.”

Hermione smiled and joined him, but not before sampling a few flowers and putting them away in her beaded bag.

It had been three days of travelling around the mountain and so far it hadn’t proved too taxing on the young couple. Charlie was tasked with being on the lookout for anything dragon, using his years of experience and expertise, while Hermione made sure they came out alive. It was surprising how many times Charlie forgot what plants were likely to kill you. He argued that it was due to the fact that they were native mostly to Britain, while the ones he’d got used to over the years were of Romanian descent, but Hermione wouldn’t hear it. He got his laugh whenever she got surprised by magical creatures though, however those occasions were too far in-between to make it even. Nevertheless, Charlie enjoyed travelling with her.

Had someone told him a month ago he’d be going on an excursion to find a lost dragon with Hermione Granger, he’d tell them it wouldn’t be impossible. Had they told him that they’d be going as a couple, however …

“Would this spot do?” Hermione asked, ahead of him once again and showing him a leveled patch of grass without too many small rocks in the way. The sun was setting behind her, casting a golden glow on her curly hair, but she was oblivious to the way she looked—and how it affected him. Once Charlie collected himself he nodded approvingly in answer, and she began moving the tent out of her bag and set it up.

He again found himself thankful—probably for the millionth time—that he’d dared take the leap and kiss her all those weeks ago. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t be here with her like this now. He wouldn’t have had the chance to experience …what was the word again? Oh, yes: happiness.