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why do arts and crafts come in such large quantities i only need to replace one bead i dont need 500 other beads in colors i dont want and yes i understand that “other people” have “needs”  but its inconveniencing me and i dont appreciate this kind of treatment michaels 


New Online Shop Item: Animal Crossing Characters - Custom-Designed Perler Bead Sprite Figures with Leaf Stands

New in our shop are these cute critters from Animal Crossing. We have designed Blanca, Isabelle, Reese and Cyrus so far! Boy these were fun to draw… such cuties! We’ll certainly be designing more in the future, but feel free to message us with commissions if you’d like to purchase a particular character not shown here! Each one comes with his or her own Animal Crossing leaf stand. Enjoy!

Available in our Etsy Shop

Sometimes, when the King and his Queen had just about enough of diplomats, uninvited guests and petitioners they escape the crowd of dwarves, Men and elves in their other form.

Thorin the cat (courtesy of Radagast) and Billa the squirrel (this is something that every hobbit can do, Belladonna Took was the prettiest otter the Shire has ever seen, ask anyone) will explore the tunnels of Erebor. Thorin takes his beloved to the places the Durin siblings have played as dwarflings before the Fall, shows her everything from the smallest crevice to the grandest hall. 

Erebor is huge and Billa is tiny in this form, so Thorin will take her onto his back when she tires out and bear her back to their rooms. Maybe with a little detour to the kitchens. Bombur always leaves a heap of nuts and a bowl of milk by the door to the astonishment of the other cooks.