Art trade with <3

I don’t know why but the Httyd Dragons are incredibly hard to make (at least with beads).

What are your favourite dragons ever? Not just from Httyd - I mean OF ALL TIME :D
Mine are Toothless, Smaug and Shinerai <3
And maybe the Ukrainian Ironbelly from Harry Potter. The Gringotts dragon. This one was lovely too.

Httyd © Dreamworks


BJTales by Yulia Ju'llery


It’s not even a week into 2016 and I’ve already received two wonderful commission orders!

Lilac from Freedom Planet was someone I’ve wanted to make for a while, but I couldn’t find a reason to. I’m actually really proud of the way she came out. The Artkal beads really made a difference, I don’t think I could have made her without them!

And we have our first Undertale commission! Keeping it basic, we’ve got Papyrus, Sans, and Mettaton. Can I just say I LOVE Mettaton EX’s overworld sprite so much? It’s the hair…or maybe his colors…or his comically long arms.

Just a reminder that if you wanna commission us for anything, just come send us a message on our Etsy. We’ll be happy to help you with any custom design or sprite that we don’t normally carry in our shop!