etsyfindoftheday | SHOP FEATURE | 4.12.15

featured shop: onthefreshcoast
featured items: mint pyramids pendant

on tumblr: onthefreshcoast

ok followers, one last onthefreshcoast find for you all to fall in love with <3 this necklace features transparent, recycled mint glass beads that have been accented by edgy brass beads and cord for a unique, long-lying look that is sure to turn heads.

whether you’re loving amy’s jewelry aesthetic, or you’re on the hunt for some delectable-smelling bath and body items, or you’ve been searching for an eclectic home decor piece (vintage or handmade!) with an earthy, bohemian vibe, look no further. onthefreshcoast is here to stay. bookmark it. ‘heart’ it. and keep your finger on the pulse of what amy’s got going on in chicago … you’re going to love it. be on the lookout for one last onthefreshcoast find!!


Pokemon Clock (Custom Design) - Here is it in all it’s wall bearing time telling glory, tha Poke-clock! Featuring Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur. No that’s not that right time, I noticed that after I took the shot and yes that is me, goofy smile and all. X3 Enjoy! lol

Perler by: Kiyo Pi (me)

Original Sprites found via google image search, re-colored and re-sized for this project. Clock is original design.