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I bought this lovely shirt at Beacon’s Closet. Unfortunately, I don’t like how it fit on me so now I’m forcing myself to sell it instead of letting it sit in my closet (Although I wouldn’t mind that) 

It’s a vintage piece and Beacon’s Closet is very pricey but I’m still selling it for more than 10 dollars cheaper + free shipping in the states. 
(I sell a lot of items on ebay but I never advertise them) Shipped out with lurv.  


Yesterday I paid a visit to Beacons Closet (in Brooklyn) to sell a few items and see what they had in store. I found these Jeffrey Campbell Foxy platforms in my size, in the color I’ve always wanted and for only $19! I seem to have a lot of lucky with finding JC’s in my size. Beacons closet is a REALLY great store. First of all, it’s HUGE. Secondly, they have it well organized with lots of vintage. They have a whole back room dedicated to dresses (mostly vintage) and it’s dreamy.

I shot the shoes with some of my favorites for spring. Can’t wait!