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Preference - As Your Neighbor


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     Scott was the mysterious neighbor. His mom and your mom had been close for years, but you hadn’t really talked to Scott in awhile. He was always gone somewhere, or busy studying for school. One time he opened his window to ask you for help with his homework, but most of the time you really didn’t see him.


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     You’d always catch Stiles through his window doing the funniest/weirdest/cutest things, like dancing, or you’d watch his bizarre facial expressions while he was on the phone. As soon as he noticed you standing in your room, just chuckling at him, his cheeks would turn a deep red, and he’d either stand still, embarrassed, or he’d run away. Either way, he was the cutest neighbor you’d ever seen.


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     Liam was also a super cute neighbor, but there was this little line that separated Stiles cuteness from Liam cuteness. Like, Stiles was cute because he danced around his room and whatnot, but Liam was cute because he was, well, basically a lil baby. One of his fears was thunderstorms, and whenever one happened, he’d ALWAYS keep his window unlocked. Carefully (as not to get struck by lightning), you would open your window, reach over and open his, and climb into his bed. He’d hold onto you tight, which made you laugh at how scared he was. 


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     Brett was the hot and mysterious/evil-looking neighbor. When changing, you made it a point to close the blinds because of him. The two of you used to be friends when you were little but it kind of faded away. Now you only saw him at the lacrosse games against Devenford, or when, miraculously, both of your blinds were open, and you could exchange quick glances.

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