beacon hills lacrosse shirt

Lacrosse Shirt-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#90


Word Count: 1,720

Warnings: Insecurities, comparing self and relationship to others, mentions of repercussions from abuse (just in passing in one sentence) 

A/n:So for Christmas I got a shirt that says Beacon Hills Lacrosse on the Front and Lahey 14 on the back and I was wearing it and putting things away and a piece of dialogue came to mind and this is what become of that! I hope you enjoy it. Also Overweight/Plus Size!Reader!


This is the last imagine for 2016! So I just wanted to say, despite all the shit he put us through, here’s to 2016. We survived! We all my be a little worse for wear but we did it and that’s something to be thankful for. May 2017 be less of everything this year was. I thought of some pretty creative names to call this year but I didn’t think any of them were appropriate enough for an author’s note

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Younger - Stiles Stilinski

Author : @chwendie

Pairing : Stiles x Y/N

Word Count : 2027

Warnings : SMUT

“Do I have to go?” Y/N complained to Mason and Corey who were gussying each other up in front of your vanity. You were sprawled out in your bed covering yourself with your favorite blanket.

“Y/N, come on get up,” Corey said prying the blanket away from you. “And get ready,” he sighed seeing that you were still in the clothes that you went to school in.

“Come on we told Liam that we’d be there in,” Mason checked his watch, “ten minutes.” he said.

“Why do you guys even want me to go? This party is for Juniors and Seniors, and I’m a grade away from the minimum requirement!” You huffed out flaring your arms out.

“It’s Stiles’s birthday party, it’s not like we’re taking you into a snake pit.” Corey assured you.

“You might as well be, and Stiles doesn’t even know me,” you retorted to both of them.

“Don’t you have him for like four classes? Yeah the only sophomore at Beacon Hills who’s taking senior classes, I think he’ll know you.” Corey tried telling you that everything would be fine.

“Liam texted me to get there soon,” Mason said putting his phone away. They both looked at you, waiting for you to get up. You were wearing a pair of Nike leggings with pink fuzzy socks and white high top converse, and a white over sized Beacon Hills Lacrosse shirt. Your hair was in a messy bun and you wore very little natural makeup.

“I’m not changing!” You protested crossing your arms. “If there’s more than ten people going it’s not formal it’s casual.” You hissed at both of them who were starting to think you were right. They both took off their cardigans and tossed them on your bed. “That’s what I thought.” You smirked to both of them.

“Alright well let’s go-” Corey said, but you snatched his keys from his hand.

“I’m driving!” You yelled as you ran down stairs and started his car. Mason and Corey looked at each other and sighed. They both got in and you drove as best as you could to Stiles’s house.

“Slow down,” Mason yelled from the backseat.

“Relax, she’s doing great.” Corey laughed in the front seat.

“She’s going forty five in a residential!” Mason yelled. You laughed and slowed down as you pulled up to the house. Liam was on the front lawn and got scared when you pulled onto the lawn instead of the driveway. Corey was dying of laughter and Mason was running out of the car into Liam’s arms.

“You good?” Liam asked Mason while patting his back and laughing. You and Corey got out of the car.

“You’re not driving back!” Mason yelled at you and you and the guys laughed at how flustered Mason was.

“I’m sorry Mase, I didn’t mean to scare you.” You said while locking your arm with his and walked into the house. Any doubt that you had while you were back home was gone the second you stepped in the house. Scott and Stiles came up to all of you to greet you. Your eyes immediately locked on Stiles.

“Hey guys, it’s about time you all showed up,” Scott made fun of all of you.

“Yeah guys about time. Who’s this?” Stiles asked the group, addressing you, asking about you.

“This is Y/N,” Liam introduced you to Stiles.

“Yeah, you have her for four classes.” Mason explained to Stiles.

“Oh yeah huh, so how you liking senior year?” Stiles asked. It went quiet. Everyone, including Scott, knew you were a sophomore.

“She’s a sophomore,” Corey said to break the silence.

“Right right, of course of course you are!” Stiles rambled on and again it got quiet. “So enjoy the party and I’ll see you around Y/N.” Stiles smiled and Scott pulled him away. Liam followed Scott to talk to Stiles.

I’ll see you around Y/N.” Mason teased you. You blushed and tried hiding it.

“Mase, stop, he’s way older than me.” You said to him.

“You’re sixteen, he’s seventeen. What’s the issue?” Mason was nailing you.

“He’s eighteen today! Which means he’s legal and I’m not and his dad’s a cop!”

“His birthdays on Sunday and they wanted to throw a party on Friday.” Corey explained.

“So he’s seventeen still?” You smiled.

“He’s seventeen.” Mase winked at you. Seventeen and legal for you. You smirked to yourself by the way Stiles was acting earlier you knew you had him wrapped around your finger. You walked with Corey and Mason to get a drink and they left you to dance afterwards. You watched everyone dance and you realized you should’ve listened to Corey and changed your clothes. You realized you must have looked so much younger than everyone else even though they were only a year or two older.

“Hey,” Stiles came up to you.

“Hi,” you voice cracked and you bit your lip in embarrassment.

“So you’re really a sophomore?” He asked running his hand through his hair.

“Yeah,” you said, you didn’t know why you were being short with him but you couldn’t bring yourself to say anything else. He shifted uncomfortably trying to think of something else to say. You decided to take control.

“Sooooo seventeen?” Stiles asked apprehensively before you could say anything.

“Sixteen,” you looked down knowing that the lowest he’d go is seventeen. “But,” you said pulling him down by his collar, “I’d like to show you just how much older I can act, daddy.” You whispered in his ear and you heard him choke on the air.

“You wanna act older and call me daddy at the same time, princess?” Stiles growled in your ear. You felt small as he towered over you waiting for a response. “How about, you be daddy’s little princess and do what he says.” He leaned down and whispered in your ear.

“And what does daddy want me to do?” You whispered back in his ear.

“Listen.” He growled as Scott walked up to you guys.

“Hey Y/N having a good time?” Scott smiled cheekily, he was oblivious trying to get drunk.

“Yeah, are you?” You laughed.

“I’m trying I’m trying,” Scott laughed stepping closer to you.

“Scotty, you know I think I hear Liam calling you.” Stiles pulled him back from you.

“I don’t hear anything man,” Scott smiled at you.

“Your kids calling you.” Stiles glared at Scott. Scott got the hint and left, but not before kissing you on the cheek. Scott turned and winked at Stiles. Stiles scoffed and told you to follow him upstairs to his room.

“So, Scott likes you.” Stiles mumbled closing the door behind you.

“Yeah he’s adorable,” you smirked at him. He had you against the door in seconds. He licked his lips as he looked down at you.

“Think so?” He growled. His tone of voice made your core soaked and you rubbed your legs together. He noticed. “What’s wrong princess?” Stiles nudged his knee between your legs and you whined as he pushed his knee up rubbing against your heat.

“Stiles,” you gasped as he pinned your hands above your head against the door. He looked at you surprised and let go of you as he opened the door. He was going to leave you there, flustered and not knowing what you did wrong. You couldn’t let that happen. “Stiles!” you yelled at out at him down the hall. He didn’t stop. He wasn’t going to come back up if he went downstairs. “Daddy!” You yelled down the hall, not caring who heard. He stopped and for some reason you got scared and went back into his room. You were breathing heavy and sat on his bed anticipating what he would do when he walked back in.

He stormed in locked the door behind him. You stood up and he kissed you hard and slow. Your hands went up to the hem of his pants and you tugged on it as you sunk down to your knees. You unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his throbbing dick. He gasped as the cold air wrapped around it. You slowly rubbed his dick up and down and watched as his face contorted in pleasure. You slowly sucked on the tip of his dick and swirled your tongue around it. He groaned out loud and pulled your hair causing his dick to leave your mouth with a popping sound. He pulled you up and immediately pushed you back on his bed. You looked up at him in a huff from being tossed around.

“What?” You sassed him.

“You made it really hard to take off your pants, princess.” He chuckled while slowly untying your shoes causing him to squirm around just by the way he was looking at you. He tore off your socks and pulled off your undies with your leggings. You took off your shirt and bra while he was lost taking off your clothes.

There you were, a sophomore, naked in front of the hottest senior you’ve ever seen. He pulled you to the edge of the bed and spread your legs apart. As he stood up he took off his shirt and stepped out of his pants, kicking them out of the way. He rubbed the tip of his dick along your soaked heat.

“What do you want me to do, princess?” He whispered.

“I want you to fuck me daddy,” you moaned arching your back needing any contact.

“Oh but you were such a bad girl earlier.” he groaned licking his fingers.

“When?!” You moaned out loud when you felt his fingers enter your heat for the first time.

“When you let Scott kiss you.” he said rubbing you faster.

“I’m sorry daddy!” You gasped as he found your sweet spot. You tried closing your legs but he pried them apart instantly.

“Not yet you’re not,” he smirked and spread your legs as far as they could go just before ramming his dick all the way in your heat. You screamed out loud as Stiles gripped onto your hips and thrusted faster.

“Fuck princess, you’re so tight.” He huffed out as he reached up to squeeze your boobs. He hovered down over you and started kissing your neck. His heavy groans filled the room and his dirty comments were sending you over the edge. He flipped you over so you were on top now as he laid on his back. You placed your hands on his chest as you rocked your hips back and forth.

“Daddy I don’t think I can last any longer,” you moaned out loud.

“Just a few more seconds princess,” he grunted as he took over and thirsted into you not holding back. You were whimpering with every thrust and you shut your eyes tight as his final thrusts sent you over the edge and you both let out the filthiest groans. You felt his load shoot deep in your heat as you cried out loud. Shortly after you collapsed next to him. It took you both a while to catch your breath and once you did you got up and put your clothes back on.

“Princess, where are you going?” Stiles asked you.

“Back to the party, someone has to be missing us.” You smiled at him.

“I’m missing you and you’re not even gone yet.” He mumbled. You finished tying your shoes and squatted down next to him on his bed, and held onto his hand. “Don’t go,” he added.

“Stiles,” you started, and his face looked instantly sad, “I have to go take a shower,” you whispered and you both started laughing. He rubbed his fingers over your hand.

“Will you be back?” He asked.

“Yes, and I promise to come back in a dress,” you kissed the tip of his nose, “with no undies.” You whispered in his ear and ran out of the room leaving Stiles in his room surely flustered. You forgot something and poked your head in his room. “Happy Birthday Daddy,” you winked and left to find Corey and Mason.

Hey guys! So I feel like I’m getting a bit more comfortable but sometimes I really feel like “yikes this is terrible” but I’d like to know what you guys think!

Don’t Forget Me

An: I’m sorry guys… I had the idea, i’m so cruel. It was going to be sadder but I stopped myself

Don’t Forget Me Masterlist

Your gaze wondered out of the car and to the woods, the trees becoming a blur, distracting you from the others in the car. Your mother frowned as you perked up while the car rushed past the abandoned light blue Jeep.

It had been at the edge of the woods since Lydia was younger, the trees and vines nearly claimed it, but you saw it every time. You’d demand to pull over and have a look at it on the way home but your Mom was always too busy helping Malia or Scott to stop.


“Hey, behave… no talking back to Liam, he’s your coach at school not your uncle.” Lydia warned as she kissed your head and let you climb out of the car.


“Yeah, yeah.” You sighed.

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Welcome to the Family – Deputy Jordan Parrish Imagine (Feat. Sheriff Stilinski)

Prompt: hi !! i have a request for an imagine. can it be where the reader and parrish are in a secret relationship and sheriff stilinski is your dad and it turns out you’re pregnant so you’ve been avoiding him in fear of him leaving you and parrish doesn’t know yet and the sheriff finds the pregnancy test. i hope that’s okay, ty(:

Note: I got a bit carried away with this prompt and it’s kind of long. I hope you don’t mind.

My Teen Wolf Master List

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I looked down at my bathroom sink counter and there laid four positive pregnancy tests. Four. Not one, not two, but four. I didn’t know how to process this; how am I supposed to react to this because I’m only a 20 year old college student and in a secret relationship with the father of the baby. Yes, I’m an adult but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to be a mother at 20. I’m in my second year of college and I have dreams, goals, and so much of the world to see before being ready to settle down, get married, and have kids. But now, I have to push all of that aside and figure out how I’m going to raise a baby.

The bad thing about a new and secret relationship is you don’t know where you and your partner stand in the relationship, where you want this to go, or how long you’re willing to make this relationship last. Jordan and I have been together for a few months and we’ve never really talked about what are our future plans and if our plans included each other.

There’s also that lingering question in the back of my mind, how will Jordan take the news? Will he be excited? He’s 24; maybe he’s ready for this kind of thing. What if he’s mad or not ready and wants me to get rid of it? If that’s the case, I love him, but not enough to kill an innocent baby, our baby. What if he wants nothing to do with the baby or me and just walks away? 

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Original Imagine: Convincing Brett to stay the night because you want to sleep with him

Author: Anon

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: smut, first time

You watched as one by on, everyone left your house leaving Brett as the only lingering person.

“I guess that’s my cue…I should get going.” He said as he ran his hand through his blonde hair.

“You don’t have to.” You said softly, licking your lips. “We can hang out. It’s not that late and my parents are out of town, hence the party.”

“Yeah, but…I have a game tomorrow and it’s kind of important. And my pack will probably wonder where I am.”

Thunder rumbled outside causing you to wince. Shit. Brett was watching you as tried to pretend you hadn’t had a mini heart attack. The idea of being alone in a dark hour surrounded by trees made you uneasy.

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Frustrations (Jackson Whittemore smut)

Summary: Jackson comes back from a bad lacrosse practice, extremely pissed and he pretty much fucks the shit out of you to get his frustrations out…

Warnings: Daddy!Jackson, Rough sex, Oral, chocking, spanking (this is kinky as fuck, sorry😂)

You had finally arrived at Jackson’s house after school and unlocked the door with the spare key he gave you for your guys’ sixth month anniversary and made your way to his bedroom. You dumped all your books and notes on his bed, prepared to study for the chem test you had on Friday. You heard the front door slam shut with such force that it made a picture on the wall shake a bit.

“Babe?” You question loudly. Your question is answered when you Jackson storms through his bedroom door and slams down his gear. You slowly push yourself off of his bed and make your way over to him.

“Baby what’s-” you don’t finish your sentence before Jackson forcefully grabs your hips and slams you into the wall, making your back burn with pain, but you couldn’t focus on the pain, only focused on how close your normally gentle boyfriend is to you, his face contorted with rage.

“Don’t talk, I’m over it today.” He growls, you can’t help the rage build inside you from the way he was talking to you, but it strangely turned you on.

“Excuse me, I haven’t done anything to you, you don’t need to act like a di-” he cuts you off with his lips roughly smashing against yours, and forcefully yanking your hands above your head, holding both in his one hand, shoving his tongue into your mouth. You try to wiggle away from his body that’s pressed against yours, and you rolling your hips, and only end up drawing another growl from the back of his throat. He roughly pulls on your bottom lip drawing blood, you whimper still angry, but to hot and bothered to care. He pulls away completely out of breath, and let’s your hands go, but immediately rips through your black blouse, all of the buttons popping off and bouncing on the floor. You gasp and he just looks at you with no sense left, just complete lust for you. He looks down at your breasts that are shown off wonderfully by your wonderful push up bra.

“Fuck.” He sounds almost animalistic. He forcefully brings his hands behind your back and reaches for your bra, and his mouth goes straight to your neck, biting and sucking so harshly that it brings tears to you eyes but feels so incredible that you don’t care about the pain coursing through your body with how rough he’s being. His tongue soothes over the love bites and your fingers lace into his hair and tug harshly on his hair. He unhooks your bra and yanks your blouse and bra off your body, lifting your hips up, and slamming you into the wall again. You immediately latch your legs onto his hips and grind your hips onto his growing boner. The skater skirt you’re wearing is forced up by your thighs spread across his hips, exposing your black lace thong. His hand pushes down in between your bodies, and he ghosts his finger over your clit through your panties, and his mouth mouth latches onto your right nipple, swirling his tongue over it. He looks up at you, his crystal blue eyes meeting yours. You can’t handle the way he’s looking up at you innocently, so you throw your head back and sigh, your lips parting and your eyes screwing shut. One of your hands is planted firmly on his shoulder, and the other is curled into a fist in his hair. A surge of wetness goes straight to your core when he slips his finger into your panties and slides his it over your slick folds. You moan at the much needed contact.

“Always so wet for me.” He says when he pulls his mouth off of your nipple. You whimper when he takes his finger out of your soaked panties. You grind your hips hard onto his already hard cock, and without taking off your skirt he tears the fabric of your panties in half throwing them across the room. He places your hands on the wall, and slides onto his knees, all of your body weight is supported by his shoulders. Right away his tongue presses flat against his clit, and your right hand flies into his hair and the other slams into his desk next to you. Your head slams back into the wall. He laps quickly at your clit and you struggle for breath, your eyes screw shut tightly, jaw hanging open.

“Fuck baby don’t stop, yes, yes, yes.” you moan out breathily. He sucks your clit into his mouth and shakes his head side to side quickly. You cry out, and your legs start to shake around his shoulders. He shoves two fingers into you with no warning and you arch your back, your body pushing off of the wall.

“Come on my fingers princess.” He growls at you still filled with rage, ready to fuck you into oblivion. His mouth goes straight back onto your clit, his fingers pumping in and out of you at a dangerously quick pace. That’s all it takes for your body to be pushed off the cliff into an orgasmic bliss, your entire body convulsing and your legs clamping around Jackson’s head and fingers. You try to breath, to scream out, but nothing comes out. He keeps pumping his fingers into you while you ride out your orgasm. Your eyes are squeezed shut so tightly it almost hurts, and your mouth hanging open wide. Once you come down from your high you take a sharp intake of breath, you didn’t even realize you weren’t breathing during your orgasm. You feel like you just ran a fucking mile with the way you’re breathing. He takes his fingers out of you and takes them into his mouth, sucking your arousal off of them.

“Damn you taste so good baby.” He says as he takes his fingers out of his mouth. He lightly licks across your entrance and your body flinches from still being sensitive from your intense orgasm.

“Fuck.” You breathily laugh. You look down at him licking you clean, and you can’t help but want to keep going. He smirks and let’s your shaky legs down so you can stand. He stands and you slide to the floor, your legs unable to hold you up. You let your head lay against the wall.

“Baby that was so good, holy fuck.” You say breathily thinking he was done. He stands up and flings all of the books and notes off of his bed.

“Oh baby girl, we haven’t even started yet.” He snarls, yanking you off of the floor and throwing you onto the bed. You squeak when you hit the bed, and your eyes are wide. His hands go to your waist and ghost over where you skirt lays lowly on your hips.

“I hope you don’t like this a lot.” He says.

“Why?” You question warily. He doesn’t say anything, he just takes the fabric in his two hands and tears it in half and throwing it away from your body.

“Damn it Jackson!” You yell angrily, you sit up on your knees still immensely shorter than Jackson and grab the top of his ‘Beacon Hills Lacrosse’ T-Shirt and tear it down the middle. He growls at you anomalistically and pushes your shoulders down forcefully onto the sheets. He tears the remaining part of his shirt off, and yanks his shorts off, kicking his cleats off with them. He climbs into his bed angrily, and grabs your arm tightly, almost painfully. He grabs a fistful of your hair and yanks onto it, forcing your head to tip back, revealing all of your neck to him. A mix between a moan and a whimper spills from your mouth. You feel his breath ghost over your neck. And his lips brush just under your ear.

“You’re being a bad girl (Y/N), do you know what bad girls get?-” He questions. He sees you swallow and he continues. “ they get spanked.” He says harshly biting onto your neck. A rush of heat goes down into your core and you can practically feel your arousal dripping onto your thighs.

“I’m gonna spank you, hmmm.” He draws out the sentence and the hand that held onto your arm now slide down to your bare ass, kneading and smoothing over your skin. “ five times, and if you start being a good girl, daddy won’t have to be so harsh anymore. Okay?” He says softly smoothing over the fresh love bites. Now you can literally feel how wet you are, his daddy kink making you feel like you have a Slip n’ Slide between your thighs.

You whimper in response, telling him that you’ll do what he says.

“Face down, ass up.” He says yanking your hair again. You listen to him and place your face against the sheets, you’re legs spread wide and your ass up as far as you could manage. He reaches his left hand down to knead and smooth over the skin of your ass while looking at your flushed face the entire time. He raises his hand and smacks your ass harder than you thought he would, your back arching off of the bed, you yelp loudly at the contact. He smoothed over the stinging skin, and you didn’t think he could make you any wetter but you were very wrong… Your arousal actually dripping onto his sheets and soaking into them.

“That’s for ripping my brand new practice shirt.” He snarled. He laid two more smacks to the same cheek quickly, the impact making your body push away from the bed again, the noise, as well as your moans echoing off of the walls of his bedroom.

“Those are for having an attitude.” He grows at you again. He lays the hardest one to your left cheek, You can feel the tears forming in your eyes from the pleasurable pain.

“That was just for me being mad at the world.” He says sarcastically. He then places his hand over your clit, your wetness spreading over his fingers, as his fingers rub light circles on your clit, he asks “Are you gonna be a good girl now?”

“Yes daddy.” You moan and push yourself back more onto his fingers.

“Good.” He smacks your clit hard and you weren’t expecting it. Your legs close together at the impact and your body pushes away from him. You yelp loudly, a tear escaping your eye.

“That was for making a mess of my sheets sweetheart.” He snaps leaning down to your ear. Pressing two fingers against your entrance, you moan and press yourself over his fingers. You start to rock on his fingers fucking yourself with his fingers until he moves them and you whimper unpleased at the lose of his fingers. Without a warning he flips you onto your back, lifting your legs up past your shoulders. He slams into you, not giving you time to adjust to his size, you cry out in pain, but it soon turns into one of the most pleasurable feeling in the world. He starts to pound into you with and intense rhythm, stroking your G-Spot each time. You reach behind your knees to pull your legs up as high as they can go, you lock eyes with Jackson and you don’t break eye contact, the way he’s pounding into you makes your jaw hang open, and your moans uncontrollably loud. He slows down but you don’t want him too, you want him to keep fucking you hard and fast. He pulls almost all of the way out of you and pushes back into you slowly. You shake your head and whimper at the slow pace.

“What do you want baby. Tell me.” He whispers, grabbing your chin forcefully.

“I want your cock daddy, please give it to me please!” You practically scream and he starts to pound into you again.

“Like that baby, you want it like that.” He strokes your G-spot with every powerful thrust into you. He places his hand onto your neck chocking you, but not so much that you couldn’t breath but it was hard to catch your breath. You loved it, feeling completely dominated…All you could do was nod quickly and moan. You could feel yourself quickly approaching your second orgasm, but way more intense than the first one.

“Baby, I’m gon-gonna-” Jackson cut you off.

“Cum for me princess, come all over daddy’s cock.” He whispered in your ear, while moving his hand to run fast circles in your sensitive clit. With his permission and his nimble fingers working on your clit, you were tossed over the edge and had the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had. You sucked in a loud breath, and forgot that breathing was a necessity for staying alive for ten seconds. Your entire body spasmed uncontrollably, your body did everything physically possible to get away from the object give you this immense pleasure, but Jackson held your hips firmly to his hips. Your upper half clawed at the pillows above your head trying desperately to crawl away from the intense pleasure. He felt you come and tighten around his dick, and after a few thrusts he spilled himself into you, holding your body close to his for a couple of seconds before he collapsed next you. You cuddled into his side, his breathing still labored from fucking you so hard. You placed your head on his chest and listening to his heartbeat slow to a relaxing pace.

He breaks the comfortable silence first.“ Did I hurt you?”

“A little but I’m okay.” You says lowly.

“I’m sorry baby.” He rubs his hand and thumb over your bare back, and kisses your forehead.

“Don’t apologize, that was the best Sex I’ve ever had!” You look up at him a smile. “But I do have one complaint.” You say biting your lip to try and hold back a smile, sitting up on your elbows.

“And what is that my love?” He says smiling at you.

“I umm, I just bought those clothes and-”

“You’re a brat.” He laughs rolling back over you, causing a fit of giggles to come from you.

“But I’m your brat.” You giggle, kissing his nose.

“You are my brat, and I love you.” He places his forehead on yours, and softly kisses you lips.

“ I love you too Daddy.”


Soooo, that was my first time writing smut… That was strangely empowering 😂 but I hope you liked it! Feedback is much appreciated, message me requests too!


Rainey Days- Theo Reaken

Warnings: None. Not yet anyways

Word Count: 1.3k

Disclaimer: There will be a part two so stay tuned. Also this was my first fic so give some feed back. Also request stuff I have a lot of ideas but I would like to hear yours too. Next part is smuttttttttt!!!!!

Netflix was the only thing that could be heard throughout your large two bedroom apartment in upper New York City. You had moved from Beacon Hills, California to New York at the ripe age of 19 and you’re 21 now so the city has been treating you quite well. You have a steady Job as a bartender at a near by club called Trix and you model on the side for some extra money. It helps a lot with your shopping addiction. Most of your friends from Beacon Hills either stayed there or went off to college and went to live in some random city. You kept in touch and saw each other on Holidays since all of your family’s lived back in beacon hills.  The only person that lived anywhere close to you was Theo Reaken, whom lived somewhere in Brooklyn and you rarely saw him. Scratch that you never saw him, you only knew he lived there because Scott told you he wanted to ‘start over’ and he picked the same city as you to do so.

The moon light shined through your window, illuminating your huge living room, with a jaw dropping view of the city. You lived 10 stories up in a quite nice apartment. Your freshly showered skin and recently dried hair were about the only other things illuminated by the bright moon outside your window.  At night you could hear the faint howling of other Werewolf’s in the city, and it almost made you feel at home. The chattering of rain could be heard and started to worsen up, you mentally thanked yourself for having a night in and not going out because you hated the rain. You only liked it when you weren’t in it.  A few more hours later and a few more episodes later nearing around 2:00 AM you decided to head to bad. You almost didn’t hear the knock.


With your short pajama bottoms on and a very tight Beacon Hills lacrosse t-shirt on ,riding up on your stomach,  you were about to give the person on the other side of the door a piece of your mind for coming over at 2 am and knocking quite loudly. Grabbing the door handle and thrusting it open mentally face palming yourself for one: not looking through the pep hole and two: not locking the door. But what was on the opposite side shocked you more than anything. T H E O.

He was wet like really wet, like he had just jumped in a pool kind of wet. His New York Nuggets hat backwards on his head which was also as wet as him. He was wearing a nice white short sleeve shirt and a red and black flannel over it, his jeans were the typical kakis and his shoes were nike and were pristinely white. All and all he looked really good but Theo Reaken never looked bad not even at his worse.

“Y/n?” You were snapped out of your thoughts but his deep but heavenly voice. You made eye contact and you didn’t say anything for a good thirty seconds, you were shocked he looked no different than from in high school, but then again neither did you. You were taking each other in when you finally cleared your throat saying the unthinkable. “What?” He looked taken aback but only for a second. He looked down smirked then lifted his head again, “I didn’t know where else to go.” He stated. Your eyes narrowed at him as you thought of something else to say.  “I was in the club right down the street. Trix? I think I was, I was trying to catch a cab but the rain was too heavy nobody was out there.” He laughed you eyes narrowed once again. Theo whom was still standing in the door way, looked nervous but still kept his clam. “How do you know where I lived?” Sassy but classy is what you were going for. What did he want? But something inside of you wanted to know more so you listened to him. “Well when moved here Scott texted it to me a while back. I just remembered you lived here tonight when it was raining cats and dogs.” Your eyebrows rose. You realized what he wanted. So slowly you moved away from the opening of the door, opening it slightly more.  Theo walked in and gave you a quick and shy smile as he moved to the left of the entry way to remove his wet shoes and his dripping flannel. “You know I was wondering when you were going to come and visit me.” You chuckled. This was you trying to lighten the mood. He smirked as you lead him further in your home. Hearing a clicking sound, it was him locking the door. You knew he could hear your heart beat you tried to keep it steady. Swaying your hips you moved to your Kitchen which was connected to your living room. You turned to see Theo’s eyebrows raised as he took in the large space of your apartment. “Wow it’s really nice in here.” You smiled matter-of-factly.

You turned on your heels making a B line strait to your laundry room next to your kitchen. “Now, we are going to have to get that wet dog smell off of you so take off your clothes throw ‘em in the washer and get in the shower ill bring you down some sweats. The showers right through there.” You pointed to your downstairs bathroom that was right next to your laundry room.  He looked surprised that you knew just what he was implying. You chuckled “I’ll be upstairs.” You started for you stairs to your bedroom. “Hey, thanks for saving me from the rain.” He smirked before starting to take his shirt off. You glanced back just as his shirt came off and his glistening torso was illuminated by the moons light. It sent a rush to your core and you never knew you could feel this way about Theo. Or did you?

Grabbing a pair of sweat pants and a shirt that one of your guy friends left there from a while back you looked at it hopping it would be Theo’s size. Luckily it looked like it would fit him perfectly. You rushed downstairs hoping he wasn’t out of the shower yet. Fuck. Right as you reached for the door it opened with a shirtless Theo and a towel wrapped snuggly around his waist. He looked quickly down at the cloths in your hand and you shoved them at him and went into the laundry room to start the washing machine.

You went to start making a bed for him on the couch. You heard the bathroom door open and him hope on out like he was excited for something. You stuck your butt out just a bit more so he could get a nice view. He chuckled “So I can’t sleep in that other room up there?” For some reason this ticked you off. You snapped your head around and a glared before your whole body turned and tried to make yourself look bigger. “First off, my roommate sleeps in there and she’s gone for the week, so I don’t really think she wants some random chimaera sleeping in her bed. Secondly, if you don’t like the couch you can leave.” He looks at you with a slight smile. “No I’m fine with the couch princess, thank you.” You huffed and started up the stairs, already frustrated with the events that have taken place tonight.   

  “Night.” Calles up to you and you can’t help but smirk. Having a guy in the house kind of feels good. “And remember I’m always here for you.” You smiled. Oh what will the next day bring?

Savior- Liam Dunbar


I don’t care how much you “love” your boyfriend/girlfriend, if they ever put their grubby little hands on you in any way that makes you uncomfortable or puts you in pain.





Now, excuse me while I go sharpen my knives. xxx

Warnings: Abuse, Triggering Material, Non Consensual Behaviors, Mentions of Sexual acts. 

Please read at your own discretion.

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"You Belong with Me" - Isaac Lahey Imagine

Note: This imagine was inspired by Taylor Swift’s song, “You Belong With Me.” Her lyrics are used in this imagine. Those lyrics belong to Taylor Swift. I do NOT own them. 

Part 2: I Belong to You

My Teen Wolf Master List

AU: It’s a typical Tuesday night. The stars are shining and there’s a warm breeze in the air as the full moon hides behind the grey clouds. From my bedroom window, I see Isaac looking cute in his pajama pants with his Beacon Hills lacrosse shirt and running his hand through his curly hair. He looks frustrated as he’s pacing back and forth on the phone in his bedroom. He’s probably arguing once again with his girlfriend, Allison. She’s probably going on about some sarcastic and witty comment he said during lunch that made my stomach hurt from laughing. She’ll never understand his sense of humor like I do.

I watch Isaac throw his phone at the wall. Instantly shattering from it’s impact. Isaac has never had any temper issues until he was bitten and became a werewolf. A few weeks later, I was the first non-pack person Isaac shared his secret with. He told me everything. The full moon transformations, his new fast speed, heighten senses, and powerful strength. Eventually he showed me everything; the terrible facial hair, awesome fangs, beautiful yellow eyes, and some long nails that could really use a manicure. Derek told me Isaac had trouble controlling his anger during the first couple of full moons but eventually he was able to control it when he escaped the chains Derek cuffed him in.

Isaac escaped during his fourth full moon. He climbed the tree between our houses, hopped into my balcony in full werewolf form just hours after telling me his secret. All of a sudden he became calm as his facial hair disappeared, the fangs withdrew and claws were removed. At first, I couldn’t believe it, but I certainly wasn’t afraid of him because at the end of the night he was still Isaac. My Isaac. 

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ethereal // isaac lahey (smut)

This is a repost of my Isaac Lahey short, Ethereal. Someone pointed out that it was similar to sluttylahey’s story but I didn’t plagiarize her story therefore I am reposting it. If I get any more messages pointing out the similarities, they will be deleted. 

Originally posted by theflavourofyourlips

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Warnings: Mature content, swearing.

Walking into the loft, you softly placed down your bag on the soft blue couch, calling out if anyone was home. When you didn’t hear anyone reply, you made your way into the kitchen, grabbing a water bottle out of the refrigerator. Leaning against the counter, you closed your eyes and enjoyed the warm light the poured in from the large windows.

The feeling of tranquility was quickly broken when you heard a loud moan pour out from one of the rooms lining the hallway upstairs. Confused, you set your water down, slowly making your way to the staircase, hand clutching the railing as you made your way up, eyes glued to the hallway entrance the whole time. You quietly walked down the corridor, pressing your ear to the closed doors, pushing open the ones left ajar until you were at the end of the hallway, in the dark corner with a door that was painted a dark blue.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Carrie! I'm looking to get a Beacon Hills Stilinski hoodie for my bestie for Christmas, and I was wondering if you knew any good places to get one? Thanks, you're the best! xoxo

Hey hey! There are a quite a few people who have shops online that sell Teen Wolf merchandise. For hoodies, check out:

  • Rustypolished (Beacon Hills Lacrosse design varsity style, shirts and sweatshirts, with/ without character names) 
  • Haleboundride (Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Dept, Beacon Hills Hospital, Argent Arms International, Beacon Hills Lacrosse design diagonal style, with/ without character names, also various other designs)

For more art and prints, like mugs, bags, pillows, etc, check out:

These are just a few that I know off the top of my head, but please feel free to reblog and add links to more shops if you want to let anon know more! If you follow a certain fanartist whom you’d like to have merchandise for one of their works, check their blog to see if they have a shop or send them a message to let them know you’d be interested in purchasing a thing if they set one up! 

He comforts you

Includes: Scott, Stiles, Derek, Liam, Isaac

A/N: If you do not see the character you wish to see, then message me and I will make an imagine with the same prompt for that character. I will not add him/her to the preference list though. 

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Stars // Ch 2


“Hey Kennedy, it’s Scott.” I held the phone to my ear as I walked to the baggage claim. “My mom is working right now so Stiles and I are here to pick you up. You’ll see his obnoxious blue Jeep when you come out.” I chucked to myself when he called Stiles’s car obnoxious. That car was his baby.

I grabbed my bag and found the exit quickly. When I stepped out, I did indeed find Stiles’s Jeep easily. I hurried over to the car. Scott and Stiles were arguing about something until they saw me approaching.

“Kenny!” Scott exclaimed and picked me up a soon as I neared him. I laughed and threw my arms around his neck.

“Hey Scotty.” I said and waited until he put me down. I gave Stiles a hug as well while Scott put my bag into the back.

“Sorry, my bag’s kinda heavy.” I apologized as I hopped into the back. Scott just brushed off my comment.

“Hey Ken, is it okay if we stop at Stiles’s house before we go to mine?” Scott turned to face me as Stiles pulled out of the parking lot. It was about an hour drive to Beacon Hills. I just nodded and closed my eyes. I got no sleep on the plane because of the asshole in front of me who thought since he had a tee shirt that says “I LOVE JESUS” on that he could keep his seat down and squish my legs for the entire flight. I drifted off to sleep just as Stiles was pulling onto the highway.

“Kenny, we’re at Stiles’s house.” Scott gently shook me awake. I groaned and shook my head. 

“Not getting up,” I mumbled, all the while keeping my eyes closed. I heard Scott sigh and mutter something to Stiles. He reached across me and unbuckled my seatbelt. I felt Scott pick me up like I weighed nothing. 

“I’m gonna put you in Stiles’s room okay Ken?” He whispered in my ear. I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck. I didn’t even feel myself being put down on the bed because I feel asleep in Scott’s arms.





“Hey Liam, can you go get the bulletin board from my room?” Stiles asked me. The pack was strewn across his living room discussing what to do about the sudden supernatural disappearances.

“Why do I have to get it?” I asked from my spot on the carpet. Stiles just looked at me. 

“You’re the youngest. You go get it.” He said. I sighed and pushed myself off the floor. As I was leaving, I heard Malia and Kira discussing their theories. I had no idea what was happening. I was still pretty new to the whole supernatural world and I could barely keep track of all of the creatures in our area, let alone in the whole world.

I climbed the stairs to Stiles’s room and pushed open the door. Sleeping on his bed was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I was so confused as to why she was there, but I couldn’t stop staring at her. She was wearing a Beacon Hills lacrosse shirt and a pair of joggers which kinda confused me because I had never seen her before so how did she have a BH lacrosse shirt? I shook my head to clear my thoughts and started searching for the bulletin board. I found it stashed under the desk. I grabbed it and jogged back downstairs. I tossed the board at Stiles who managed to catch it before it smashed him in the face.

“Why is there a girl sleeping on your bed upstairs?” I asked Stiles. Malia whipped her head around to glare at him and I swear I saw her eyes flash bright blue.

“Woah woah woah calm down.” Stiles put both his hands in the air. “She’s Scott’s cousin.”

“She’s living with us for the year. I’m sure I told you all before.” Scott said and looked around. Everyone nodded.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?” I asked. Scott just shrugged. Great, you miss one pack meeting for family dinner and suddenly you’re out of the loop.

“She doesn’t know about any of this supernatural stuff so no one tell her about it.” Scott said and looked directly at me. Jeez, it’s like he doesn’t trust me. 

“Anyways, this whole disappearance thing. Some of Satomi’s pack has gone missing and no one knows how or why.” Stiles started pointing at random things on the board and rambling about how they connect. I kind of zoned out and started thinking about that girl. 

“Alright, I should probably get Kennedy home.” Scott stood up and walked up to Stiles’s room. I pulled out my phone to call my dad when I read his text. He had to work late at the hospital. I groaned and texted him back with an okay. I hated when he worked late because it meant I had to make my own dinner. 





In my dream, I was outside a house. The door was wide open and the breeze was blowing towards it, almost inviting me inside. I took a hesitant step inside. The lights were on. One of the chairs by the table was flipped over, as if someone had tripped on it. Something urged me towards the stairs. I climbed them slowly, noting the deep scratches in the floor. It looked as if something or someone was dragging something metal. As I neared the top of the stairs, I turned to the right. At the end of the hall, the door was open a crack. There was a light coming from underneath the door. I made my way over and pushed the door open. Standing beside the bed was what looked like a man. I knew it couldn’t be though. He was taller, maybe 7 or 8 feet tall. He had a huge red spear in his hand. His hair was bright red and he was covered in black dirt and red paint. I stepped to the other side of the bed. In it was a teenage boy who looked to be about 16. He was sleeping soundly. The lamp beside his bed was on. In it’s glow, I could see the face of the man. He could’ve been handsome, had his face not been covered with dirt. There was a crude red heart painted on his bare chest. 

“Liam, wake up Liam.” He said. His voice made my skin crawl. Liam stirred in his bed, but did not wake. The man reached down with his free hand and placed it over Liam’s heart. Liam began to twitch and stir in bed like he was having a nightmare. The man dug his hands into Liam’s chest and pulled out his heart. I threw a hand over my mouth to stop myself from gasping out loud. The man swallowed Liam’s heart and smiled. There was no blood anywhere which was impossible. Pulling Liam out of the bed and over his shoulder, the man carried him out of the room. 

I walked to follow them, but I noticed the calendar on the wall. The date was August 27th, 2014. That was today. I heard the metal spear scraping on the ground and ran to catch up with the man. When I made it out to the hall, he was gone.

“Kennedy, wake up.” Scott shook me awake. I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

“Scotty, do you know someone named Liam?” I asked. Scott nodded. “Tell him not to sleep at home tonight or he’s going to die.”

A/N: So this is gonna occur during season 5 time but I’m not going to be following the plot at all. I got the idea for the creature from a picture I saw somewhere so credit to whoever made it.