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My darling @blacktofade‘s birthday was, uh, two months ago, so here I am, ten years late with her birthday present. ILU BB!! If this lil au seems like it should be a full-length fic, that’s because it desperately tried to be, and I had to keep chopping at it to keep it under control, like some kind of rouge hedge on meth. (Now on AO3!)

In the hours after the fight, Stiles drives and drives and drives. At first it’s late, and then it’s so late that it’s early, but he keeps on driving, fueled by anger, mostly in silence, though somewhere around the middle of Pennsylvania he thaws enough to put on some music. He stops at a rest stop just past the Ohio border to get a breakfast sandwich, and as he sits at a dirty table and eats, he thinks: shit.

Doubt begins creeping into his thoughts; maybe he’d been too hasty. Maybe he should have given Jay a chance to explain - but no, no, fuck that. He’d always made it really fucking clear that if their relationship ever got to the point where cheating seemed like a good option, he’d rather just be broken up with and yet look what fucking happened. Stiles scoffs scornfully, chucking the wrapper to his sandwich in a nearby trash can. Two and a half years down the drain.

Refreshed by a new wave of anger, Stiles heads back to his car and gets back on the highway. He manages to wrangle his phone from his pocket and, ignoring the multiple text and missed call notifications, he calls his dad, who picks up with a sigh.

“You know what time it is?” his dad asks, and Stiles looks at his dash guiltily. He’s been so worked up that he forgot about the time difference - or the fact that even on the east coast, it’s early, the sun barely above the horizon.

“Sorry,” Stiles says with a wince. “I’ll call back later.”

“It’s fine,” Dad says with another sigh. “I just got home from an overnight shift. Everything all right? You’re not usually up before ten.”

Stiles opens his mouth and then closes his mouth, startled by the raw ache in his eyes.

“Stiles?” his dad presses, somehow gentle and sharp at the same time; Stiles is worrying him.

“I’m - ” Stiles clears his throat, tapping his fingers against the wheel. “Um. How would you feel about me moving home for a while?”

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The Simplest of Plans

So here it is, my first attempt at a whump/sickfic/langst story.  

I would love to get feedback on if I have done the genre justice and where I should improve my writing.

DISCLAIMER: Graphic injury descriptions and explicit language are both used in this story so reader discretion is advised.


Lance groaned as he cracked his eyes open just a little, as he tried to see where he was he realised that he was slumped over the control panel inside Blue.  He winced as he tried to move his body, a sharp pain racing up his body from every direction, he could feel everything so that was a good sign, right?  

Raising his head he looked out through the window in front of him and he realised that he had crashed in Blue as he saw that he was in a large crater with small fires burning all around him.  He croaked out a pained noise, hoping to call out to his team when he realised that his helmet had been knocked loose in the crash and was sitting on the ground a few feet away.  He needed to get in contact with the others, he had to let them know that Blue had no power and couldn’t fight.

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I Hate You {Part Two}

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Theo x Reader

Part Three

“(Y/N)!” Greenburg yelled and you jumped, turning wide eyed until relief ran through you and you saw your friend and neighbour grinning at you.

“Hey, sorry I was…” You muttered and he shrugged tossing you your kit.

“Worried I was Theo out to get you?” He asked playfully which made you blush. “Don’t worry he won’t get through me.” You froze when he tripped over air and almost fell on his face.

“I’m so thrilled that you’re protecting me.” You giggled and headed to the girls changing room.

You could feel Theo watching you from the stands. He never left you alone for long and you could swear that even at night it felt like he was there lurking nearby. Even when girls flocked around him he’d be looking at you, often pushing them out of his way to hurry over to you only for you to run off.

“Can I hit him with a ball, I could do it… ok Danny could do it.” Greenburg grumbled, glaring at Theo who glared right on back.

“You two will you pay attention, (Y/L/N) try and get past McCall.” Coach yelled at you.

“Yes coach.” You mumbled

“Good luck.” Stiles whispered, sneaking forwards to grab you by the waist and give you a shove as you pushed off which propelled you forwards quick enough for Scott to underestimate where you were going.

“Better luck next time McCall.” You hooted and grinned, tapping your helmet against Greenburg’s.

Once you were done with practise you headed to your locker, glancing over at Theo’s where girls had swarmed around him, flirting and laughing despite the fact that he’d fixed his eyes on you. He shook his head when you quickly turned away, a panicked tightness set in your chest until Greenburg came over to walk home with you.

“See you in a bit.” He called heading into his house which was just next door.

“So, you two dating?” Theo asked making you yelp when you turned to see him leaning against the other neighbour’s mail box.

“What’re you doing here?” You asked and shuffled towards your gate, fumbling in your pocket for your keys so you could hurry to the door.

“I came to ask if you wanted dinner at my house… my Mom will cook?” He looked at you expectantly, nodding in defeat.

“I have to go.” You mumbled and ran to the front door.

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Stronger- Theo imagine

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Anonymous said:

Can you do a teen wolf imagine where the reader gets bullied and Theo defends her and turns her into a chimera?

A/N: Currently catching up with teen wolf and have fallen for Theo all over again xx

Words: 1731

“I’ve really enjoyed tonight, I hope you also had a good time” dean spoke softly, his fingers running across your cheek bone down to your lips. You blushed and nodded your head shyly in response. Dean was one of the ‘populars’ and also part of a group of people who seemingly hated you. He had the choice of any girl in beacon hills high, yet he had chosen to go out with you. You were flattered and a tad hesitant but the fact someone like him could like you, gave you confidence in yourself.

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Sister Winchester

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Dean, Sam, Cas, OC Matt

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Basically just fluff, cute fluffy mate stuff, cute brotherly Dean, bits of fighting but nothing too visual or violent. 

Word Count: 1946

Summary: Y/n heads to Beacon Hills, meeting someone she never would’ve thought existed for her. 

A/N: Requested fic by @sallyp-53 - So the female reader is a hunter who is the sister of the winchesters she goes to beacon hills because of all the supernatural events happening. She finds Derek in his wolf form thinking he’s just a hurt animal she takes him. Not wanting to scare her he stays in that form as he heals only to find out she knows about the supernatural. He decides to show her his true form, they end up liking each other and dating but she doesn’t know how to tell her brothers she’s dating a werewolf. Sorry if it’s too long! Also if you want to change it up fine by me, I loved the last time you wrote my request so I just hope you like this one ❤️. So i kinda stuck to it, but not really. I don’t know if this is what you wanted, but i hope you like it. 

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Y/n settled into the little motel room, glad the tiny town actually had one.

It wasn’t that nice. 

She’d been in much prettier, larger ones.

But at least this one was clean. 

It looked as though the town probably didn’t have many visitors, the room looking as though no one had touched it in a while, yet, completely free of dust.

She settled on the bed, tired from her day of running through the woods, chasing down a damn werewolf.

Y/n wished her brothers were here right now, but they were on a mission to find a way to stop Abaddon, sending y/n away.

They loved her too much to risk the Knight of Hell hurting her in any way. 

So they mostly kept her in the bunker, letting her go on a few hunts. 

Nothing too major, but things they knew she could handle on her own.

So she went to Beacon Hills, hearing of large animal attacks, knowing it was most likely something supernatural.

She had no clue what it was until she came face to face with a werewolf.

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Go Home

Request: “Could you do an imagine where the reader(female) is dating Malia and the reader gets nervous meeting the pack and “hides” behind Malia begging to go home and cuddle while watching Netflix.”

Ship: Malia Tate x Fem!Reader

Warnings: fluff, anxious, cuteness, minimal swearing, cuddling, etc. (If you have a problem with two girls cuddling and kissing, do not read this and lowkey leave my blog) 

Notes: None of these gifs are mine, credit to owners. 

Your P.O.V

I head into Beacon Hills High for another riveting day of class. Tossing my lunch and other useless items into my locker, I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist, kissing my cheek before pulling away to kiss my face. I giggle at the action, already knowing that it was my beautiful girlfriend, Malia. Malia and I’ve been dating for about a year and a half now, and I couldn’t have be happier. She brought me great join and made things easier on my life. As a partner does. Whenever we were at an event that required lots of talking, she was there to fill the void of empty space. And, considering that I am a very shy person, and Malia being a very vocal person, always had something to say. 

Not having a filter does that to you, I suppose. I clutch my books to my chest, grinning up at her. Our height difference being not so different. Malia kissed my cheek and lips again, grinning as I attempted to pull away from her. “Malia, not here!” I hissed but smiled. I wasn’t into public affection, not wanting to draw attention to myself anymore than I would need to. But Malia, well, she was a completely different story. She loved to put our PDA on the table. I knew her well enough, not only did she proudly vocalize it when I asked. But she adored me and wanted to show the world how lucky she was to have me. And, being a werewolf and all, liked to show territorial dominance over anyone dared to glance at my direction. 

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

She wanted to show the world that I was hers and she was mine. I intertwine my hand with hers, smiling. Malia grins back down at me, a simple action that I’ve fallen in love with. Whenever she looked at me, her smiles were soft, kind. A thing most people didn’t get the chance to see. I, being the lucky few. She walks me to first block class. I can’t help but glance at how beautiful she was, pure giddiness and adoration ran through me. Malia caught me staring once or twice, smirking to herself as I flushed red. When we got to my classroom, she kissed me goodbye and went to her class. I took my seat, still smiling from what had just happened. How could I have gotten so lucky? After class, Malia laced her hands with mine, stopping at her locker. 

“Okay, don’t freak out, but there’s a few people I want you to meet.” I took a step back, still surprised by her forwardness. “Who?” She grinned, the smile I’ve always loved. “My pack. We’re having a pack party and I really want to introduce you to them.” My heart stopped cold. I wasn’t good with meeting knew people. My anxiety and shyness has continued to let me explore. Deep down though, I wanted to make Malia happy. She noticed an internal war fester within me, wrapping her warm hands around my face, a small action that brought me great comfort. “Please, (Y/n).” She begged. “These people are like my family. Please come. For me?” I look into her eyes, her beautiful pleading eyes. Malia didn’t ask much from me so when she practically begged this from me, I knew these people must’ve meant something big to her. Sighing in defeat, I nod my head. “Fine. I’ll go.” 

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She giggles loudly, wrapping her arms my neck, kissing my face, profusely.  “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you so much! I’ll pick you up at seven! Bye, babe!!” She hops out of the school, almost giddy. I can’t help but grin at the sight. Deep down, however, my heart dropped at the thought of being with a group of people I didn’t know, and or associate with. God, what was I gonna say? Fuck, I’m gonna embarrass myself so badly.. I head on home, debating in my head on what I should wear. I spend the next three hours preparing lines in the bathroom, trying on, what felt like, hundreds, if not thousands of outfits. Finally being beyond fed up, I threw some black jeans on with a beanie, a batman shirt, a black jacket and some converse. Casual and fun? Right? Ugh, fuck it. I need to grow a vagina and woman up. 

My girlfriend needs me tonight, damn it. I ain’t gonna wuss out of this. I put on a determined expression, muttering already planned small talk in my head as a reminder. Glancing down at my watch to check the time, I sigh. 6:58. I spray myself with perfume before walking out, knowing that Malia would be exactly on time. Two minutes passed, and, like I predicted, she was right on time, as always. “Hey there, hot stuff. Ready for some fun!” She said, excitedly. I try to put on an equally cheerful expression, but my girlfriend being a werewolf and all, read my demeanor easily. “Yeah, so excited to have some fun.” I pop open my door, sliding into my seat. I can’t help but shake with nerves, my foot, unknowingly to me, continued to hop up and down as we drove closer to the party. 

Originally posted by flyngdream

As we pulled up, Malia took my face in her hands. I didn’t realize how beautiful she was until now, sporting a white shirt with a pair of light blue jeans and some high tops. Though her hair was short, it cascaded her face perfectly. Her face slightly brighter than normal, but I would assume it was the slight adjustment with her make-up routine. “(Y/n), your heart beat is really fast?!” She says, worriedly. “Deep breaths, babe. Look, I know I am asking a lot of you. But- I really want you to meet them. These people are like my family. And I have been dying to show you off to them and-” I cut her off by pressing my lips to hers, almost needy. Our lips mold together in a happy formation. When I release, her lips are swollen and Malia is completely in awe, literally breath taken. 

“Wow-” She manages to spew out. “What was that for?” I smile, pressing my hand to her cheek. “Malia, though I am very scared, half of the nerves come from you. What can I say, you make me nervous. But I am willing to do absolutely anything for you. Let’s go meet your friends.” She grins, giggly before kissing me again. I hop out of the car, sliding my hand in her palm to pull her back towards me. I kiss her again, more slowly this time. “You look gorgeous, by the way.” I manage to mutter to her. We lace fingers before making our way up to the house. The music practically bled through the windows and doors. Though I said I’d do anything for Malia, which is true, that didn’t stop my heart from racing. The second we reach the door, Malia hit the bell, smiling. Hoping she didn’t notice, I tried to hide behind her. 

A short girl with strawberry blonde hair opened the door, with pursed lips and a hard stare. Though her serious expression lightened greatly once her eyes fell on Malia. “Malia!! Finally! Where’s your girlfriend you keep telling us about?” Oh, fuck. Here we go. Malia moved to show me off to the girl who now eyed me up and down, as if she were scanning me with lazer vision. “Lydia, meet my girlfriend.” My cheeks heat up under her icy gaze. I force my hand out, muttering. “H-Hi, I-I’m (Y/n). Malia’s g-girlfriend.” She takes it, smirking back at Malia. “You got a good one. She’s cute. Come on in.” I sigh in relief, happy that the attention is no longer on me. But deep down, I knew that it wouldn’t last for long. All of a sudden, a group of people came up to Malia. Shit.. Lydia takes the initiative to introduce me. 

“Guys, that’s (Y/n). Malia’s girlfriend.” Their gazes moved to me. Almost immediately, my face flushed and I swear I perspired through my jacket cause I was sweating so bad. “H-Hi.” I embarrassingly croak out. A short Asian girl smiled up at me, her arm wrapped around another boy who towered over her. Boyfriend, I would guess. “Awe she’s shy. It’s okay, sweetheart. We don’t bite. I’m Kira. It’s nice to meet you.” I take her hand, not daring to hold her gaze. “It’s an honor to meet you, Kira. A-All of you. Malia talks so highly of you.” The boy who’s hands were wrapped around Kira spoke, smiling slightly. He looked warm, welcoming. “I hope all good things. I’m Scott, by the way. We’ve actually heard quite a lot about you too.” My eyes went wide as I fidgeted with my hands. “Oh, really? L-Like what?” I say, nervously, glancing back at Malia with fear. 

Before anyone could speak, Kira jumped up, practically shouting. “Oh! You must be parched! Let me grab you a water!” I manage to mutter a quick thank-you before she comes bouncing back. I rather liked her. She seemed nice. As I was taking a sip, boy around the same height as Scott said, with a smirk, still piggy-backing off our previous conversation. “She said, and I quote, ‘My girlfriend’s pretty good at a lot of things. But my favorite quality has to be that she’s great with her hands.’” I choke on the water, completely surprised that Malia said that to them. But then again, it was Malia. I shouldn’t be shocked by her forwardness and filter-less vocabulary. Coughing, I clear my throat, completely flustered. “Good to know.” Malia giggled at my embarrassing state, wrapping her hand around my waist. “Between you and me-” She says towards the group. “If I thought she was good with her hands, I can’t wait to tell you how amazing she is with her tou-” 

Wide eyed, I covered her mouth. “No, no, no. W-We don’t need to finish that sentence.” The boy that spoke earlier, Stiles, rotated our conversation into the kitchen. There, we relaxed, ate and hung out. I only spoke when I needed to. And of course, Malia over-shared and continued to fill the empty silence with her unfiltered words. Not really bothering me as much as I thought it would. However, the only thing that worried me, was being with new people. It’s not like they weren’t great, because they were. I was just not accustomed to them yet. I lace my hand with Malia, whispering only so that she could hear, hoping that they wouldn’t listen in or pry. “Hey babe. Can we go back to my house and watch Netflix?” She glances back at me, pouting. “Awe, we’ve only been here for a few hours!” I sighed, pleading slightly. “Malia. Please. Can we go home and watch Neflix and cuddle?”

I continued, fidgiting. “I met them and they’re really nice and amazing. I just need more time to get use to them. I need more time to break out of this stupid shell. Until then, can we go?” Malia saw the pure desperation in my eyes, sighing before smiling back at me. “Alright guys, we’re gonna head out. We’ll see you Monday morning.” I waved my hand good-bye as we headed out. The second we left the house, I sighed in relief. Though, on the way home, I couldn’t help but feel guilt. “I’m sorry we couldn’t stay longer.” Malia looked back at me with a small smile. “Don’t worry about it. I was kind of getting annoyed with Stiles and Derek giving each other the googly eyes. I am so proud of you though.” I asked, surprised. “Really?” She nodded, grinning from ear to ear. “Yeah, you are a rather quiet person and you took the risk to step out of your comfort zone for me tonight. Thank you.” 

I smile, softly. Feeling a lot better than before. The second we get back to my house, I pulled out the blankets and turned on my Netflix. As I turned around, I couldn’t help but giggle. Malia sat on the couch, curled up in a blanket, hot cocoa in hand. She looked absolutely precious. She slapped the side of the couch, grinning. “Pop a squat, babe.” I do so, wrapping my arms around her as she burrowed the top of her head in my neck. “Thank you.” I mutter, kissing her head. She looked back up at me, smiling. “I love you.” Grinning, I kiss her passionately. “I love you too.” 

(I hope you liked it!!) 

BITE masterpost

PJO and Teen Wolf Crossover

What should have been a simple scouting quest leads to Frank and Hazel being kidnapped by an unknown enemy, and Percy and Annabeth head to Beacon Hills to rescue them. Things go a little awry when some locals take more of interest in them than they’d like, and it soon becomes apparent that Frank isn’t the only shapeshifter in town.

here’s a masterpost for every chapter. i’ll update it as i post new content.

chapter one

chapter two 

chapter three

chapter four

chapter five

chapter six

chapter seven

chapter eight

chapter nine

chapter ten


read on ao3

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Detonate // Teen Wolf and Dolan Twins

Summary: Only two months of being miserably single you try to ignore the impulsive need to message Ethan. Not knowing that he’s just as miserable as you but when something terrible happens bring your Beacon Hills family to New Jersey it seems you don’t have a change to get back together or do you?

Characters: Ethan Dolan x McCall!Reader, Grayson Dolan, Sheriff Ryan (OC), Cameron Dolan, Sean and Lisa Dolan, Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, and Melissa McCall

Words: 4440

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or any characters that are featured in this. I do not know the Dolan family so this is just a work of fiction. Lancaster High I made up for the story so if it’s a real school, I didn’t know.

Warnings: Swearing, school shooting, death, injury, blood, and a shit ton of angst.

Author: Caitsy

Tagged at the bottom.

A/N: Nobody seemed to read our previous post nor cared about it. Do you want sneak peaks of fics? Do you want to have an inkling of what will be posted within a week of seeing it? Then follow our snapchat: caitsyandash or use the image below. We’ll post after three people join. 

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Originally posted by teen-martinski

It was a cold December day that your finger hovered over the contact lit up on your phone in the busy cafeteria making you bite your lip. It had been barely two months since you had last talked to him but you were hurting so bad knowing that you both had thrown your years together away without really trying. He was busy with his career and you were busy trying to survive high school without drowning in the work you were given daily and the decisions about your future.

“Just call him.” Ellen, your best friend, said sympathetically squeezing your forearm.

“I can’t.” You mumbled locking your phone up once again, “He wouldn’t answer and I don’t know what I would say.”

“That you miss him?” Ellen replied, “He misses you.”

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The small Faunus was in town since his school had given the students a day off from classes. Jude was glad that he was able to get a day off since he wanted to head over to his favorite store to see what new books he could find this time. The Faunus enjoyed reading though as it was his favorite hobby when he was able to read. 

Jude never hid his Faunus race though as anyone who saw his cat ears would know what he was because of the animal features that he had. The Faunus were hated on because of their race since they weren’t anything like humans. He didn’t want to fight against the humans though because of their differences. 

Letting out a small breath, Jude pulled out his scroll to see if there was anything that his teammates needed while he was out. He was always willing to get anything that his teammates needed since he was a helpful person. But the one thing that Jude was wanting to do the most was learn as much as he could from a hunter or huntress since he wanted to try and help that way as an official hunter. 


Safe places in Beacon Hills: The Bowling Alley…. and that’s about it :(

Places to avoid in Beacon Hills:

The New Girl

Isaac Lahey x Reader
Could you make one where y/n is like really famous (an actress maybe) and she’s new in Beacon Hills and he wants to ask her out and she says yes xo
Y/N just moved into the small town of Beacon Hill. Which is unusual for her since she is a actress. Well she was a actress until her parents moved her from LA to Beacon Hills.

It was Y/N’s first official day of school, well technically it was yesterday but Y/N was “emotionally” ready for school so her aunt told her it was okay for her to stay home. She loved living with her aunt, all she does is have to ask something and her aunt instantly lets her do it, no questions asked. Y/N goes to her closet and puts on her maroon off the shoulder sweater and some random jeans. She walked downstairs and says goodbye to her aunt and hops into her White Jeep and heads to Beacon Hill High. On her way she noticed how it was very cloudy, which she was used because to L.A’s sunny skies.
Once Y/N got to school, she had to go to the main office to get her schedule, locker # and locker combo. After she got all the unimportant stuff she headed down some random hallway and after 5 minutes of looking, she finally found her locker. Once Y/N got to her locker she noticed the dirty blonde boy next to her kept on looking at her. She didn’t know what to do so she made the first move.
“Hi I’m Y/N,” She bravely said to the boy now blushing since he was caught. “I know who you are, well I mean the whole school does. I swear i’m not a stalker! My names Isaac Lahey by the way,” He said awkwardly smiling at her. Y/N just awkwardly smiled back and tried to turn away when Isaac grabbed her arm.
“I’m so sorry! I’m usually not this awkward I swear” He said while turning Y/N to face him. She was kind of in shocked that she was just grabbed, but she just shook it off. “It’s totally fine, I’m used to a lot worse,” She said looking down on the ground avoiding eye contact. Isaac lifted her chin and just stared into her eyes. He has really beautiful blue eyes, the kind you can stare into for hours. “I’m really sorry to hear that,” He said softly. Once Isaac said that the bell rang and everyone started to rush into their classes. After 5 periods of boring school work that will probably only help with a little bit of life Y/N head back to her locker. After she put in her locker combo a small piece of folded paper fell out of her locker. Once she bent down to get the paper and unfolded it, she read “It would be really cool if you would let me show you around town,”. Y/N looked to the blonde boy with the beautiful blue eyes. He was right there smiling at her blushing.
“I would be honored if you showed me around town Isaac,” Y/N said while giggling. “So, it’s a date?” He asked half smiling at you. Wow this boy has got some balls. Asking a celebrity out on a date. But he is lucky he is so adorable. “Sure Isaac,” Y/N said to him. Isaac then fist bumped the air looking like the biggest goof in the world. But all Y/N did was laugh even more. He then grabbed her hand and walked with her outside.

So, I feel like I kept on forgetting the whole celebrity aspect to this. But I still hope you like it, because I definitely enjoyed writing it!

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Alright No baby talk, no wedding talk, when did you first realize you loved proffesor Oobleck?

Finally, a decent ask! *ahem* It was during my second year when I realized I loved him (A year before we even started dating) He was fighting a Grimm that had made it’s way close to school grounds and was attacking another student. I couldn’t help but realize just how kind and selfless he was. I had never met anyone like that before. Along with what happened my very first class of my first year at Beacon, I fell head over heels for him.

The Message - a CS AU One Shot

@bbjorgman is such a good mate to me so there was never a minute I wasn’t going to write this for her when she sent me this prompt - and she hardly had to nag me or anything!!

So I saw this prompt “I know we were never really officially together or anything but seeing that picture you posted on instagram with her literally felt like you carved my heart out my chest and stomped on it and I’m not really sure why I’m leaving this voicemail but my pillow still smells like you and I miss your stupid face” and I need you to write it pleeeeeease. But obviously a happy ending would be ideal ;)

So it took a few turns and a few things changed from my original vision but I am pretty happy with the result and I made @lifeinahole27 cry a bit so that feels like a win in many ways. And unusual for me, really. (Thanks Sarah for the pep talk when I needed it!) Ms Becka, I hope you enjoy 3000ish words from my brain…thanks for being my friend!!!  

The Message

“Swan?” The hurt on his face was almost painful, his hand running anxiously through his bed-mussed hair as he looked at her in unmasked surprise.

“It’s for the best, Killian,” Emma said quickly, turning towards the window, unable to look at his sad, blue eyes or the dark curls of hair that dusted his bare chest without a physical reaction in her gut. Neither reaction would help steel her resolve, both needed to be pushed down, shackled until her head could come to the fore once again.

It had all seemed so clear when she had woken in his arms, panic rising as he nuzzled his nose into her hair. She didn’t do relationships - couldn’t do relationships - and the thought of losing a friend like Killian Jones when she inevitably screwed this up was more than she could handle. And the thought of Henry losing a friend like Killian Jones was completely untenable.

No matter how good spending the night with him had been.

“I fail to see how it could be, Emma.” His words were clipped, the disbelief clear in his tone as he stepped up behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder. Her skin sparked at his touch, even through the thin cotton of her worn robe, as he turned her to face him, eyes searching her face for some kind of explanation.

“Last night was…” he began, reaching out to brush her hair back from her face, his fingers playing with the golden strands before she shook it away from him.

“A one time thing,” Emma finished. “We got it out of our systems. We’re better as friends. It’s better for Henry.” The lie burned on her tongue as his shoulders slumped before her. She turned away again, unable to bear the look in his eyes, knowing the slightest trembling of his lip would be the end of her willpower.

He sighed deeply and stepped away. Over her shoulder, Emma watched as he gathered his clothes in his arms and made his way to the door, shoulders slumped and head bowed. He was broken, she knew, his heart shattered into pieces - just as hers was as he paused by the door.

He turned to her one last time. “As you wish, Swan.”

He was gone before the tear slipped down her cheek


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Companions (+Leaders and glory) react to sole just burning and blowing shit up as a habit. They see a intact prewar vehicle, they start shooting it immediately. They see an empty building, where did all these gas cans and oil come from???

Lol you mean like how most of us realistically play the game? Of course! P.s. I’m going to start adding Ada now since she is DLC companion. I imagine every day might look something like this:

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Ada: “Excellent tactic to be rid of the enemy. Might I suggest keeping more of the canisters and cans next time? They could be put to better use such as crafting or repair.” She didn’t really mind seeing the rogue robots get blown to pieces after the timely shot of a in tact car but she was a practical robot.

Cait: “Hell yeah!” She loves the shit out of Sole’s personality. Burn shit up! Of course! She grabs a flamethrower and helps them light everything the hell up. The habit was so impressionable on her, she would start competing with who could shoot the gas puddle and make it go boom first.

Codsworth: “HEAVENS mum/sir! Would you please stop doing that? You might hurt yourself, or worse…” He was displeased with the grenade bouquet additions Sole made to his body in order to, as his master eloquently put, ‘fuck shit up.’

Curie: She yelped every time Sole blew something up. Then she would scold them mercilessly because with every explosion came shrapnel or toxic fumes that were harmful to their lungs. Mommy Curie came out. Goodness, always had to ruin Sole’s fun! She even went out of her way to run and snatch all the little gas canisters before Sole could shoot them and toss them out of a nearby window.

Danse: “A-Ad Victorium?” Admittedly even he liked it a bit when they walked away from a burning building after clearing it out of super mutants or something. It was a damn good feeling too. But he underestimated Sole’s pyroist tendencies and began to become concerned for their mental state as they would laugh maniacally burning things even as small as a Boston Bugle.

Deacon: “Is there something you’re not telling me? Like Vault 111 really being a storage facility for criminals charged with property damage or arson?” Weren’t vaulties supposed to be sweet and innocent, not knowing about the world? Sole was too used to the world! They like to go screaming into the fire as they shot every tiny gas canister in sight. At least the raiders were distracted by their completely insane behavior to notice him sneaking up behind them.

Dogmeat: *runs into combat inexplicably right in the middle of an explosion causing Sole to scream bloody murder*

Hancock: “Car” he says as he shoots off a raider’s head with his shot gun. A boom goes off behind him. “Oil slick to the left.” Fwiiish! A wall of fire. Sole was not satisfied until every. last. thing. in the building was blown up. They even went back inside to make sure everything was sufficiently blown to bits. He figured, he might as well help them along.

MacCready: Normally it would have been all good and funny if they just shot things from afar, snickering to each other, which they did do sometimes. HOWEVER, Sole still had this horrible habit of not caring where he was when they shot at cars literally right next to him. He developed a deep seated fear of gas cans because he knew that the second that he saw them, it was already too late.

Nick Valentine: “Look I don’t know if this is some sort of late-blooming coping mechanism to deal with the frustration of traffic in the old days, but kid… It needs to stop.” It was every single car on the road. He wouldn’t even see it but suddenly Sole would veer off the path with their gun out. Not for an enemy, oh no. Just a car. Then all the enemies would see it as a beacon and head straight to them.

Piper: “Yeahh that whole ‘make everything go boom’ thing is fun and all but… just make sure that they’re used for killing the bad guys please?” Sole likes to hold up a hand as hordes of feral ghouls start rushing them. Piper always worries but Sole waits until the exact time to pass for them to stand over an oil slick or timed next to a car then BOOM! Blue was so dangerous. Piper loved it.

Preston: “Geez louise General those oil cans could have been repurposed for lamps at other settlements. Good settlers could have used them.” As cars exploded in tandem causing a chain cluster fuck of explosions Preston looked on in sorrow, thinking about all the settlers that wouldn’t have light in their rooms at night.

Strong: “EXPLOSION GOOD! HUMAN MAKE GOOD ENTRANCE!” Strong loves jumping though the fire to smash enemies on the head. Human make good boom. Good show of leader’s strength.

X6-88: Watches Sole bath in the light of the chain explosion they did as the screams of ferals fill the night. They love it. The pure love of wielding power at their command showed on their face. X6 looks into the camera like an episode on the office. X6 smiles.


Maxson: “Good. Imagine what we could accomplish with you on the front lines. You are the organic form of Liberty Prime and it’s spectacular we have you in our ranks Sentinel.” Sole was like the embodiment of the freedom of childhood he never had. Yesss burn that building. Shoot that oil slick. Perfect.

Father: “Mother/Father! Although it is perfectly appropriate to engage in that sort of behavior on the surface, I must ask you to refrain from starting fires in Bioscience! It is setting off all the alarms and we are getting tired of the water getting sprayed.”

Desdemona: “It was fireworks in your time and now you’ve progressed to oil drums and cars. How does it feel? With this level of progression, I can only assume that the Prydwyn might be next hah. That would truly be a feat to behold.” (Sole’s codename was changed to la bomba)

Glory: She encourages Sole’s behavior. In fact, she now collects all the grenades, mines, and oil canisters to give them to Sole because it was absolutely hilarious seeing those gen-2 synth strider parts go absolutely everywhere.

IT’S DONE!! and Meg, it occured to me that she’d look a lotg better in red so there’s that, her magic doesn’t look vey aesthetic but the end result is amazing dont be fooled. Lindsay the vice-captain has her crown as a circlet that’s very plain and simple because in a fight, you don’t want some stupid, huge, gaudy beacon shining on your head going, “LOOK AT THIS THING ON MY HEAD YOU COULD TOTALLY STEAL,” and look at Gavin’s, his is the prime example, his crown is inspired by flames, has been stolen multiple times and also has been used to stab people before, so Lindsay went for something a lot more practical, (and Michael mad it for her too), and the rose on her vest is thanks to ray and tbh it kinda pissed Michael off for the first few weeks but he got over it (eventually). Meg made her own crown and went for something elegant but sedate, a circlet that looks like its made from lace, with an emerald as its center stone. Michael’s is plain and simple..He also killed that  bear belt he’s wearing. and Gavin, believe me he has a lot more gold on him that you can see, riming and piercings and lots and lots of gold. Michael knitted that scarf for him (it took months and lots of lessons from Meg) for their coronation day and Gavin? Gavin spent weeks, from three weeks before their coronation day to five minutes before their coronation actually took place to find, and craft that diamond sword Michael has. It was still hot from the forge when Gavin walked up, knelt and presented it to Michael as Michael draped the scarf over Gavin’s neck. Meg and Lindsay didn’t stop affectionately teasing them for weeks.

so yay! King Au Mavinseg!

you like? then get one of your own! [commissions are open] 

Finally Realizing --- Liam Dunbar Imagine

Requested by: Anon Alrighty then, hi! :D Could you please write an imagine where the reader is truly madly deeply in love with Liam, but he doesn’t notice, and he begins to spend more and more time with Hayden, so the reader starts ignoring Liam. He’s confused and does not know what he has done until he talks to (y/n)’s sister, lydia, and she tells him everything, about (y/n) being jealous af and in love with Liam, so he walks up to her and they talk about everything and end up kissing? Thank you so much! ♥️

warnings: I don’t there’s any.

Sorry I kinda tweaked it a little bit.


“We’re still hanging out tonight, right?” I ask my best friend as we’re walking down the hall.

“Of course. Wouldn’t miss it.” Liam smiles at me. I hope not…I just got his birthday present in the mail last night. I really want to give it to him early because he’s been wanting this game for weeks and he hasn’t had the money to get it. But if he gets money for his birthday tomorrow then he’ll buy it himself…and I’m stuck with a game I don’t have a console for.

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It’s been almost two days since Autumn has been home. Winter got sick of waiting and feeling a bit worried she heads to Beacon and quickly locates her wife in her office. She slams the door open with a bit too,much firce. “What are you still doing here?”

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i have a bit of an upset stomach since last thursday so like, tell me something cute you usually think about stiles and derek if you need a pick me up, please!!!

i like thinking about derek finding a nice old farmhouse and doing it up. i like the idea of him buying comfy shirts and warm henleys, winter boots and thick scarves, getting out in the fresh air and cleaning up the land around the farm. i like thinking about stiles turning up a year or two into college, bored and stressed, not really enjoying it. he and derek have traded emails, maybe stiles got derek into snapchat and all of stiles’ are of things that make him think of derek, which touches him every time he sees one (and he doesn’t realise you can see when someone saves a picture, stiles teases the hell out of him the first time derek saves a picture of stiles, doesn’t tell derek it makes him super happy to know derek has pictures of him) and all of derek’s are of the farm, the countryside, the sky, and he thinks it’s hilarious (and adorable) that derek’s an accidental earth hipster. but he shows up after the summer, not wanting to go back to school, and derek’s leaning against the porch not even looking surprised. 

and then stiles gets to hang out on the farm, to start with he just follows derek around, but eventually he gets his own chores, finds his own stuff to do, and he writes, does work for school when he feels like it (does it all online so he doesn’t have to go back right away) and derek never questions him sticking around. they head into beacon hills at weekends, go to farmer’s markets and browse, visit the sheriff and take him muffins (bran, always healthy, makes the sheriff sigh but it’s always fond). then maybe one day derek’s fixing up a fence and stiles just throws his arms around derek’s back, leans into him with his whole weight, and derek lets him, holds stiles’ hands close against his chest fr the longest time, and then he turns and crooks stiles this soft, private smile and then they’re kissing and it’s in the peace of their land, derek’s land and now stiles’ land and they’re safe and together. 

and then they slow bone in derek’s massive comfy farm bed. that stiles was probably already sharing for reasons. and neither of them even realised. they roll together the next morning, like every morning before, except this time they’re just in their socks and the room is cool but under the covers it’s warm and cozy and they’re grinning at each other like total nerds and stiles’ eyes go wide suddenly and derek panics but then stiles is like we have to snapchat this and shock the hell out of everyone!

and nobody is surprised when they see derek’s half sleepy face, eyes adoring as he looks at stiles instead of the camera.