Guide - Alexis Ren’s Style

Hi there! I see you guys are excited about the guides so am I! This guide is going to be inspired on what Alexis wears on her daily basis. We are so used to see her wearing bikinis but she has a very cute style that I’m going to try to put it together so you guys can get inspired on that.
Alexis loves to wear crop tops, it’s the closest to bikinis we can find, right? She owns cute and simple ones. She’s almost always wearing crop tops with jeans shorts, leggings with normal shirts or crop tops too and sun dresses. 
Fun fact: Alexis absolutely adores thrift shops! One of her favorite shirts that says “Whiskey & Yoga, she bought for a very low price at one  thrift shop. So, consider going to one because you can really find interesting things for a very good price! 

Some stores that you can find clothes similar to what Alexis wears are: Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, PacSun, Brandy Melville, Planet Blue, Free People, American Apparel, H&M, Lulu’s & etc


Alexis wears crop tops & bralettes all the time. They are super comfortable & they fit with pretty much anything. She wears them on black & white mostly. Here some options & places you can get them: 

• Victoria’s Secrets Bralettes Forever 21 Bralettes Free People Bralettes American Eagle Outfitters Bralettes |   Nasty Gal BralettesNordstrom BralettesUrban Outfitters BralettesCharlotte Russe BralettesPacsun Bralettes |  

 Crop tops:

I love them because you can put them together and literally get a casual or fancy outfit.

 Free People Crop Tops Charlotte Russe Crop Tops Forever 21 Crop Tops American Apparel Crop Tops Boohoo Crop Tops Asos Crop Tops New Look Crop Tops Nasty Gal Crop Tops  Top Shop Crop Tops Tobi Crop Tops |  Missguided Crop Tops Choies Crop Tops Urban Outfitters Crop Tops Rue 21 Crop Tops Express Crop Tops & many many other places you can get them. They fit with almost everything, I swear.


Alexis’ style is very simple & cute. Besides the crop tops she loves, she also wears some sweaters & regular tank tops. Most of them are very simple and almost never emblazoned (but her sun dresses are. Floral dresses are the cutest thing. Keep reading the guide & you will find sun dresses down there). American Eagle has really cute & affordable ones.

 American Eagle Tank Tops |   Old Navy Tank Tops |   Forever 21 Tank Tops |   Rose Gal Tank Tops Pacsun Tank Tops Tillys Tank Tops Boohoo Tank Tops Free People Tank Tops American Apparel Tank Tops Brandy Melville Tank Tops


Alexis loves sun dresses & rompers. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t? They are amazing, super comfortable & just like the crop tops, they can go from casual to fancy real quick. So here you go some stores that sell them & places you can find really beautiful ones.

  Lulu’s Dresses 1  Lulu’s Dresses 2 |    Lulu’s Dresses 3 |   H&M Dresses/Jumpsuits (favs) Boohoo Dresses Asos DressesPacsun Dresses Free People Dresses Old Navy Dresses Nasty Gal Dresses  Top Shop Dresses Brandy Melville Rompers


When it comes to Jeans, Hollister is probably my favorite store & Alexis has some jeans she bought there. Sometimes the prices aren’t the best but they are high quality products. I love floral & soft shorts too, they are very sweet and fit with almost everything. When you put them together with a crop top & a body chain, you can be sure your outfit is very simple but on point. 

 Jeans/Soft/Twill |   Amercian Apparel Shorts Brandy Melville Shorts Forever 21 Shorts Pacsun Shorts Urban Outfitters Shorts


They are so comforatble & since Alexis is always adventuring, she wears them all the time. There are different types & prices that you can find:

 Urban Outfitters Leggings |   Tillys LeggingsVictoria’s Secret Leggings FULL TILT Sport Printed Womens Capri Leggings (exact ones Alexis wore) LuluLemon Leggings | Beyond Yoga Forever 21 Leggings H&M Leggings


Alexis almost never wear shoes… Just kidding lol she’s very basic when it comes to shoes but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a killer style when it comes to them. She usually wears sandals, boots & birkenstocks. Make yourself comfortable too look for them:

• Steven Madden Sandals |  • Arizona Birkenstocks

Well guys, this was Alexis’ Style guide. I hope it’s helpful & I hope you can get inspired by it. If you have any specific question or if you want me to put some outfits together, let me know! My ask box is always open! :)


If not, you are the prototype. 🎀 Wearing rebdolls and readytostare. Photography: lex-the-creative Makeup: me