Can I just say that when I think of the term “relationship goals”, I always think of Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren? They are both very young and extremely successful for their age. From my point of view, they seem content with life and who they are individually and how their relationship is. I don’t like to call things or people perfect, but when I do it’s because I see it (or they) as art. Art is always perfect, and they are perfect- they are beautiful, so beautiful that I imagine one day following their path and becoming successful with someone whom I love dearly, and that’s what makes them perfect. #relationshipgoals


If not, you are the prototype. 🎀 http://howtobedope.com/2015/05/its-my-birthday/ Wearing rebdolls and readytostare. Photography: lex-the-creative Makeup: me