Night Vale Beach Visit

Sorry this isn’t cecilos, more whole nightvale!!

  • Cecil basically freaks out at first because OH MY GOD THE BLUE STUFF IS GONNA EAT MY CARLOS NOOOOOO
  • Carlos is just having fun in the water, trying to get Cecil to come swim
  • Tamkia tries to fight the water when it gets her book wet
  • Dana chills on the beach, dipping her toes in every once and a while
  • The Erikas and Old Woman Josie build the best sandcastle
  • Kevin refuses to touch the water because it’s too cold
  • Maureen and Michelle make a beachside mixtape from throwing sand in the air and screaming into the water
  • The Hooded Figures kinda just hover and watch everything
  • The Glow Cloud (all hail) can’t swim and that makes our glowing overlord very angry
  • Lauren tries to stop the waves

and that’s all I’ve got this time! Sorry for so many, I just can’t believe there’s actually a place I can share my wtnv headcanons and people will actually get what im talking about