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Modern Greek Mythology

 Hestia comforts the children of broken homes, she appears to them as a school councilor that always has cookies. They cry in her arms, and she lets them stay with her for as long as she can. She stopped calling home, stopped making strongly worded comments to the parents. All there is left are broken homes and suffering children.

 Hera sits next to her sister, holds her hand and thinks about the broken marriages that lead to broken homes. She listens to the couples yelling at each other while she walks on the streets. She holds the crying women, she listens to the hopeless men. All of the power that a goddess of marriage possesses cannot help the people who were betrayed by their closest ones.

 After a long day, Demeter sits on the ground in her garden, holds a cup of tea in hands that have dirt all over them. She wishes that more people would remember what is under all of the concrete. She feels the dying of her world, and curses those who do not care for it.

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Where the hell is the Voltron beach episode

I need a beach episode

Every anime has a beach episode
Where is the VLD one
I need to see Lance in a speedo

I need to see Keith’s pale ass being sunburnt as hell

I need to see Pidge hating the outdoors

I need to see Hunk creating a mfing TSUNAMI with his fukkin size

I need to see Shiro asleep on a towel with some funny bullshit written on his back at the hands of the other paladins

I need to see Coran getting sand in his got damn moustache

I need to see Allura letting her uptight ass go for once
I need to see Pidge refusing to do anything for several hours until finally Hunk splashes her in the face and they get into an all-out war

I need to see Coran and Allura insisting on wearing battle-qualified wetsuits at first but changing into normal things when they finally relax
I need to see everybody but Keith building a sandcastle until Shiro convinces him to join in and when Keith joins in it becomes the most BADASS SANDCASTLE EVER
I need to see Keith pulling out his bayard to fight any and every fish he sees in the ocean and then Hunk jumping on him like ‘KEITH NO’
I need to see Lance saying 'hey Mullet catch me if you can’ and then taking off at top speed but then Keith actually catches up and tackles him to the fucking ground and Coran cheers like crazy
I need to see Pidge/Hunk, Allura/Shiro, Keith/Lance chicken fights in the ocean with Coran fighting everyone on his own
I need to see Lance threatening to kiss anyone who gets too close but then an hour later Keith figures he’s done with that and gets close to say 'oh my god shut the fuck up’ and gets kissed
I need to see Keith with a red as hell face punching Lance to the sand and then falling on top of him for another
I need to see Shiro taking turns throwing people into the water but then he fucking runs when he does it to Allura and she looks pissed but then she just picks him up and throws him in instead
I need to see Pidge and Coran constantly taking pictures to save the day, especially of Keith and Lance

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Golden Boy almost walk through heaven’s gate that day and henceforth both of them are deemed too illegal for anymore future beach trips.

Wanted to do a proper comic thingy for this initially but I can’t figure out how to pace it properly so instead, have a quick sketch dump summary behind Jack’s and Gabe’s summerwatch photoshoot. 

I’ve been planning this so hard for Jack since I started on Gabe. ;’D
Jack sends his thanks to the creator of diet biotic drinks. ;) 

At the beach for the Fourth of July? Make sure to pack out your trash! 

Plastic debris has a long, long lifespan and can float a long way from where it starts, endangering marine life. Here, a Hawaiian monk seal pup investigates a large piece of plastic on Lisianski Island in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. The islands within the monument are uninhabited, but tons of trash washes up on their beaches each year, posing a threat to the animals that live there. Help them out and make sure to properly dispose of your trash! 

(Photo: James Watt/NOAA)

the beach au

suggested by my good pal @nerdyknows! (also huge thanks to @actualasamisato for helping with the language discrepancies). this one’s a personal favourite.

  • the whole overwatch team’s gathered in an italian beach house for a three-day vacation, ordered by jack ‘dad’ morrison. unfortunately, italian summers are not for the faint of heart, and daytime finds angela ‘mercy’ ziegler laying on top of the air conditioner, with three fans pointed directly at her prone body.
  • ‘i’m glad i’m a robot who can’t feel heat,’ genji says cheerfully as he walks by.
  • ‘fuck off, you ugly green roomba,’ angela mumbles into the air vent. he chuckles.
  • ‘you shouldn’t aggravate your healer in such a manner, genji,’ comes a serene voice. zenyatta floats by; he takes a look at angela and whirrs in empathy, turning his orbs into a large, spinning fan. she lets out a vague sound of thanks.
  • ‘habibti,’ comes the mellow tone of a wonderful voice. fareeha amari steps into view, leaning over angela to peer down at her with an amused expression.
  • ‘you’re upside down,’ angela says.
  • ‘i am indeed,’ she responds, mouth quirking. ‘is the heat treating you badly?’
  • angela groans, burrows further into the lovely cold of the air conditioner. ‘i miss switzerland.’
  • fareeha laughs. ‘how about this? you come to the beach. the ocean’s colder than the air conditioner.’
  • angela gives her a thoughtful glance. ‘okay. i’ll take you up on that. but only,’ and she holds out a finger, ‘if you buy me a litre of ice cream. ja?’
  • ‘understood,’ fareeha says with a grin, and disappears to spread the word.
  • zenyatta makes a curious sound from where he floats above her. ‘i did not know that overwatch allowed patient-doctor relationships.’
  • angela falls off the air vent.
  • ‘we’re not in a relationship!’ she splutters after she ceases choking on her own tongue.
  • zenyatta, the lovely soul, makes a vague sound of understanding. ‘ah. i am sorry for mistaking it. you and captain amari act like you are romantically attached sometimes, and i apologise if i have offended you through coming to this conclusion.’
  • ‘no, you’re alright, zenny,’ angela says, clambering up to reinstate herself on the air vent. ‘i have… considered it, before. but i want her to be happy.’
  • ‘perhaps you should consider that you make her happy,’ zenyatta says, and angela turns over to look at him. ‘but anyways, it is nearly time to go to the beach.’
  • angela sighs, jumps off the air conditioner, and goes to dig out her bathing suit.
  • the team reconvenes at the beach ten minutes later. angela notes, with almost zero surprise, that the varying members of talon have arrived on the scene. 
  • lena is firmly latched to a desperately trying-to-escape widowmaker, talking a mile a minute. she catches angela’s eyes and mouths ‘help’. angela just grins at her and shoots her a thumbs up. sombra’s sipping a cocktail by the beach. her purple bikini matches her implants. akande has detached his gauntlet for the occasion, and is wearing bright gold swimming trunks. he’s holding a large mai tai, tiny umbrella and all. even reaper is there, floating grumpily over the ocean as jack tries to splash him from below.
  • angela surveys the scene, scanning for the other overwatch members. mccree is swimming happily about, and hanzo’s two dragons are frolicking with genji’s dragon in the waves. as angela watches, a blue dragon detaches itself from a game of play wrestling and wanders gracefully over to curl around mccree’s shoulders. he pets it, treading water. he’s not wearing his hat, thank god.
  • genji and hanzo are chatting on the sand, zenyatta floating a few inches above the sand. lucio’s blasting something from a speaker, and hana’s dancing along to it. she hops down to sombra and drags her out of her magazine. sombra protests a little, laughing, sunglasses falling half off her face, but she gives in, and as they go back up to lucio’s dj booth, sombra tugs a smiling satya up into their dancing circle.
  • zarya and mei are far out in the ocean, but angela can see them laughing. mei freezes a little iceberg for her blaster to sit on. bastion’s there as well, ganymede chirping and resting on its shoulder.
  • torbjorn’s tinkering with a few tiny machines that angela thinks are harmless. probably. winston’s setting up a net to play beach volleyball, and lena tugs an unwilling amelie into joining a team. the junkers are there, too. mako lets out a grunt and splashes in, still wearing his mask. he sends a wave of water flying into reaper. jack takes the opportunity to tug him into the ocean, and he surfaces soaking wet and snarling.
  • reinhardt charges in, wearing thor-themed swimming trunks (he bought them because he liked the hammer design), and jumps in, sending up an enormous splash. ana’s lying on the beach, sunbathing, and flicks up her sunglasses to give reinhardt a grin.
  • speaking of amaris- angela cranes her neck around, trying to see-
  • ‘angela! guess who got put on lifeguard duty?’ fareeha appears in her line of vision, and angela nearly faints.
  • she’s wearing a blue overwatch jacket with the sleeves rolled up, ‘amari’ written across the back in bold gold letters. under that, she’s not wearing much at all. just a black sports bra and a pair of red swimming shorts. angela can see every line of definition on her abs. she thinks she might be hyperventilating.
  • ‘angela? are you alright? is it the heat?’ fareeha hovers in front of her, looking concerned.
  • ‘it’s- yeah-’ angela chokes. ‘it’s, uh, the heat. but i’m alright.’
  • ‘if you’re sure,’ fareeha says with a doubtful expression. then it morphs into a breathtaking smile, and she reaches for angela’s wrist, tugging her into the cool water.
  • she splashes angela once they’re waist deep, and angela yelps, chasing her through the waves. she grabs fareeha’s head and tugs her underwater, and they come up with matching grins and gleeful smiles.
  • they clamber out after an hour or so, and team up for an ultra-aggressive game of volleyball. the ball has barely even left winston’s hands when gabe leaps up and smacks it hard. tracer blinks forward, returning it, and it starts an epic war, all recorded on hana’s livestream.
  • afterwards, angela slumps down on the sand, burying her cheek in the warmth of it. a shadow falls over her, and she looks up to see fareeha, grinning down at her. she’s shed the jacket, leaving her in just a sports bra and shorts.
  • ‘come on, sleepyhead,’ fareeha teases. ‘i promised you ice cream.’
  • angela reaches out a lazy hand, and fareeha takes pity on her, crouching down and scooping her up, bridal style. angela nearly faints then and there, and fareeha shifts her around for a moment before transferring her to a piggyback.
  • ‘hey, jesse!’ she shouts, wearing that wonderful competitive smirk. ‘race you to the ice cream? i’m handicapped, but you’re still going to lose.’
  • ‘oh, it’s on,’ jesse drawls, and then runs off. fareeha laughs, and then sprints after him. she overtakes him at the last second, and turns around to stick her tongue out at him, setting angela down. angela’s still a little red-faced (she spent the whole way here practically groping fareeha and she’s in a mild state of shock).
  • ‘i want caramel,’ fareeha declares, turning to angela. ‘you?’
  • angela studies the gelato. ‘i’ll try the sorbetto alla fragola, please.’
  • fareeha grins, producing a wallet out of nowhere. she hands angela her cone with a sweeping gesture, bowing.
  • ‘thank you,’ angela giggles. the man running the gelato store gives them a secret smile.
  • ‘enjoy your holiday, la mia signorina. i have heard many foreigners think italy is very romantic.’
  • angela waits for fareeha to deny it. instead, she just grins. ‘it is, isn’t it?’
  • and then she takes her cone and tugs angela away.
  • they walk until they reach a little stone bridge, and angela lets out a sound of delight, hopping up to sit on the edge. fareeha smiles at her, eyes crinkling. she shuffles a little closer, and angela is caught by how striking fareeha’s eye of horus is, flowing from her dark eyes.
  • ‘i like italy,’ she says, looking for something to say. fareeha huffs out a laugh.
  • ‘angela,’ she says, ‘may i kiss you?’
  • angela’s eyes go wide as saucers, and then she nods frantically.
  • and when they finally kiss, fareeha tastes like chocolate, and she tastes like coming home.

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I've been swimming a lot this week & reading your Summer of Mutual Pining posts. I think Victor would be the type to look more human in the pool: his perfect hair wilts, skin care routine washed off, etc. But Yuuri in the pool is akin to his Eros persona: no glasses, hair slicked back. I think this works well for both of them.


The night before they go to the beach Victor starts rethinking this plan. His nose starts to run in saltwater. His eyes get really red. And bringing goggles would officially be Too Far.

Chris is like. Let me let you in on a secret. NO ONE actually looks good coming out of the ocean.

Cue Yuuri Katsuki, dragging his hair back as he surfaces, water dripping down his chest like a goddamn photoshoot. He smiles and all Victor hears is Careless Whisper blasting at top volume. The only report Chris gets that day is an all-caps text reading INCORRECT.

Yuuri lends Victor his spare goggles. Victor is suffering.


This morning we rolled up to an overwhelmingly littered beach in Bali. Shortly after, a tourist couple arrived and the girl began to pick up trash while her boyfriend surfed. Nathan Fletcher Wade Goodall and Kyuss King were immediately motivated to join in to help. It took 15 minutes before the beach was nearly spotless and served as an important reminder that we all have the power to help the world and become positive influences to others.

📷 Nolan Hall

i am trash

@varg-writes​ wrote a goddamn beach episode, people. I am not okay. I had to draw Symmetra in her swanky bikini i’m sorry.


James, you’re staring. Also shut up Roadhog you’re wearing crocs and eating tim tams.