cute things harold finch has done
  • tried to pronounce discombobulated while high on ecstasy and just blubbered instead
  • really earnestly googled “canine depression” when bear was feeling under the weather
  • while we’re talking about bear, has several times referred to “discussions” he has had with bear about things, like, he really earnestly talks to this dog… i love him
  • flew a tiny plane through a massive storm and landed it in a puddle because john reese was in danger
  • called carter to give his condolences when beacher died (he was the only one who bothered)
  • phoned bear to tell him he’s a good dog when bear missed him too much to eat
  • attempted to read a book while doing push ups
  • didn’t tell john about an upsetting case on his birthday because he didn’t want him to be sad
  • bought john books and a cushion after he got shot to cheer him up and emphatically urged him to USE THE CUSHION
  • his to go to rebellious thing to do while high on drugs was hacking the pentagon
  • patiently spent an entire day teaching the machine to play chess because she asked him to
  • bought root bunny slippers and a lava lamp so she’s cosy
  • insisted on taking john’s suit measures by himself while rambling at him about what an ideal suit should be tailored like (IT NEEDS TO SHIVER ON THE SHOE, MR. REESE)
  • fistbumped john before their attempted robbery
  • got super excited and nerdy about being able to help shaw blow things up with his chemistry knowledge
  • turned on the taxi meter to annoy carter when he ferried her around in one
  • held an entire really passionate earnest speech about the wonders of pi to a completely disinterested high school class
  • got really excited when he rode on the back of a moped and went “that was… exhilarating” in his nerd voice
  • i could go on
  • i won’t this is long and embarrassing enough but i could

This playlist is full of inspiring songs that have helped me in my life when I’m at a low point. Helping you with break ups, hardship, loneliness, friends, jobs…

01. Landslide - Fleetwood Mac// 02. Be Alright - Ariana Grande // 03. Beautiful - Christina Aguilera // 04. Not Ready To Make Nice - Dixie Chicks // 05. Break Free - Ariana Grande // 06. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor // 07. Don’t Dream It Over - Crowded House  // 08. Happy - Marina & The Diamonds // 09. I’m Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman - Britney Spears // 10. You Gotta Be - Des’ree // 11. Wake Up - Arcade Fire// 12. Sissy That Walk - Rupaul // 13. Landslide - Dixie Chicks // 14. Nightmare - Miley Cyrus // 15. I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers // 16. I’m Coming Out - Diana Ross // 17. Flawless - Beyonce & Nicki Minaj // 18. Work Bitch - Britney Spears // 19. We Don’t Talk Anymore - Selena Gomez & Charlie Puth // 20. Really Don’t Care - Demi Lovato // 21. The Queen - Lady Gaga //

Link: Spotify

Aizen’s photo postcards from the romantic getaway...he took with his chair

Aizen’s chair feature requested by junko222. :) And also anon. ;)

Aizen’s chair very quickly became a popular character in the fandom, because come on. It is a bondage chair, Aizen isn’t allowed out of it, and Aizen calls it a “good chair.” Plus you have to imagine him either hopping along using his spiritual pressure or being carried around on a little platform or possibly just being dragged around. All images of Aizen in his favorite bondage chair are good. So naturally when this war is over, Aizen and his chair are going to go on a long romantic getaway. And Aizen will take pictures and send them as postcards to all of his “friends.” What sort of pictures will Aizen take? 

Picture #1: Surfing The Waves

Here my chair and I try out surfing. Nothing but sun, surf, and fun. Wish you were here, Kurosaki Ichigo!

Ichigo: H-how does he stay on the surfboard while bound to a chair??

Renji: I’m pretty sure I see duct tape. 

Picture #2: Surfing The “Waves”

And here my chair and I surf again, this time on the invisible waves of my spiritual pressure. My fellow beachers were very impressed, I think.

Renji: “Show-off” just feels so inadequate. 

Picture #3: On the Beach with my Chair

Truly the greatest characteristic of my excellent chair is that I have my own place to sit, wherever we go. Here we are sitting on the beach together.

Urahara: Must be pretty hot to be on the beach in bondage wear, though.

Tessai: He does have a beach umbrella. 

Picture #4: A Romantic Dinner

The waiter asked, “Table for one?” And I said, “No. A table for two. But you can put us at a table for one. Because I will be sitting on my date’s lap all night long.”

Shinji: …why did Aizen send this one to me?

Rose: Probably wants you to be jealous.

Shinji: Of a CHAIR?!

Picture #5: A Toast To Us

Ordered some champagne at dinner. Just to celebrate my time with my chair.

Hinamori: He’s drinking the champagne through a very long straw.

Hinamori: That’s so - sad.

Shinji: Yeah, this postcard feels a little accusatory. 

Picture #6: The Hot Balloon Ride

Hitsugaya, I know how much you like views from a height. Please enjoy this lovely panoramic I took while taking a hot balloon ride with my chair.

Hitsugaya: D-did he tie a bunch of helium balloons to his chair??

Matsumoto: Just like that Pixar movie with the house!


Picture #7: Skydiving

My enormous spiritual pressure did not allow the balloons to last very long when I went hot air ballooning with my chair. Luckily, I had a parachute. Here my chair and I are, enjoying a skydiving thrill.

Grimmjow: Fuck this guy and his “massive spiritual pressure,” seriously!

Picture #8: On The Ground, All Okay!

Even skydiving did not damage this chair. Such a good chair.

Hiyori: His hair looks good even after skydiving??


Picture #9: Our Lovely Inn

Here is the bed & breakfast my chair and I stayed at. Beautiful flowers, excellent architecture, a lovely couple running it. Very pleasant.

Gin: Three stories, huh?

Gin: I’d kill to know how you got up those stairs in that chair, Aizen.

Picture #10: Our Room

We may not have been able to sleep in the bed, tied together as we were, but my chair and I still had a pleasant stay. Our hostess kindly threw this homemade comforter around my shoulders.

Orihime: The hostess looks kinda weirded out.

Rukia: Wouldn’t you be??

Picture #11: A Beautiful Night For A Soak

Even a hot bath does not damage the chair. Or my bonds. Or my hair.

Ulquiorra: Aizen-sama sent me…a bath picture? 

Ulquiorra: My brain cannot process that.

Picture #12: Chair Selfie!

I may not be able to move my hands, but I can hold a selfie stick in my mouth. And my spiritual pressure can press a button. The result is this picture.

Halibel: …disturbing.

Picture #13: A Walking Tour

Nothing like a leisurely walking tour to get to know a seaside town.


Kyoraku: It’s a mystery, Nanao-chan!

Picture #14: A Beautiful Sunset

Just the sort of thing you want to share with somebody else. Like your chair.

Rose: He knows the chair isn’t alive…doesn’t he?

Kira: You’re one to talk.

Picture #15: A Little Shopping

Look, Urahara. My chair and I are wearing green & white striped hats. Just our way of saying - thank you for bringing the two of us together. We would not be here together, had it not been for you.

Urahara: …

Urahara: I think Aizen might be losing it.

nbalec-moved  asked:

✿ Clizzy au where Izzy is a lesbian Mermaid and Clary is a Lesbian Beach goer that Belives

ur lucky i love u or else i wouldnt have done both. also the blogrates are at the very end whoops. also i love :) how :) you :) haven’t :) blocked :) me :) yet :)

  • anyways so as we have established both clary and izzy are lesbians and izzy is a mermaid and clary is a beacher (shut up its gonna catch on)
  • anyways bc i can we’re gonna pretend like its a monarchy like in the little mermaid ( @warlockboner​ can tell you all about being a mermaid princess right ariel :)))) )
  • and the lightwoods are a royal family and have wealth and shit
  • or you know whatever counts as wealth underwater (again,,,,ask ariel :)) she knows more)
  • anyways izzy is A Curious Rebel and is also really curious about humans bc theyre so strange?? and weird?? tell me more??
  • anyways so the frays + lewis’s always go to the beach for the summer bc why not
  • actually interestingly enough simon and clary met on that beach and then realized they live in the same area and #bonding
  • also for this au luke, joce and alaric are already married and are disgustingly domestic it makes me cry thinking about it
  • anyways so simon and clary met on the beach looking for mermaids
  • okay well. to be fair clary was looking for this rare fish and simon was searching for mermaid
  • and then he got her hooked on mermaids okay
  • anyways back to the topic. so they go to the beach every summer and its great and the beach is called Pandemoniom (or whatever the name is yall know what i mean)
  • now clary never really went too deep into the ocean bc like her mom was paranoid when she was younger but now shes like 17 shes allowed to swim in
  • and so she does. simon is on the boat bc last summer a whale nearly killed him
  • “it wasnt a whale simon.” “oh yeah then what was it?” “your imagination” “shut up i’m not going in that thing”
  • okay so simon is chilling on the boat doing whatever it is simons do on boats. and clary is swimming around and like her mind starts wandering right?
  • and so she isnt really thinking straight like shes distracted
  • and so she doesnt realize that she might have swam off to a different area AND HOLYSHIT SHE HAS NO FUCKING CLUE HOW TO GET BACK OH MYGOD
  • cue izzy. who is swimming around ignoring her mom and looking for meliorn another mermaid w. powers (really rare mermaids. magnus is another one and uh…lets just say that alec is very interested in these,,,,rare abilities that few mermaids posses)
  • (ofc hes only interested to strengthen the kingdoms powers,,,,ofc,,,,no other reason,,,,did you know that magnus’s eyes get this light in them when he talks about healing others)
  • and back on topic. izzy then just hears a girl floating talking to herself like ‘chill clar. it’ll be okay. someone will find you, mom, or dads they’ll find you its okay’
  • and izzy is really interested in her
  • not by the talking no shes used to hearing humans talk to themselves when they think no one is there
  • but by the hair
  • shes never seen anyone with red hair before and she honestly thinks its magic
  • so she very quietly swims over and looks at this girl who has reallyreally pretty eyes too
  • and it stays like that for a while but the thing is izzy cant really help herself?? so she comes out of the shadows 
  • like a fucking nerd whos seen too many superhero movies and is trying to be ~mysterious~
  • and is like ‘hi. i’m isabelle’ and clary does what shes been taught by alaric if someone strange sneaks up on you.
  • she punches. hard
  • and poor izzy is just swimming, being gay helpful and the girl punches her and literally the only thing that comes to mind is ‘ow’
  • and clary blinks because wth is another person doing here??? wat??
  • and izzy tries again and shes like ‘hey. i’m isabelle don’t punch me’
  • and clary asks wth shes doing in the water in the middle of no where
  • and izzy grins and comes in closer (izzy is also wearing the bare minimum,,,and its wet,,,,,,and clary is just,,,,shes feeling a lot of things,,,,)
  • and she whispers (her breath smells really good. and clean) ‘do you believe in mermaids’
  • clary nods bc she cant really say anything poor girl
  • and izzy laughs (its such a pretty sound clary thinks) and claps her hand like shes a child
  • and she does a flip showing off her tail
  • and the thing is about royal mermaids,,,,they have gorgeous tails
  • who knows if its a genetic thing or what but god they have really pretty tails? and izzy takes care of herself and her tail is beautiful. for lack of a better word is stunning, exquisite
  • like its shades of pink and some purple at the end and its all mixed really well not like in stripes or spots its just blended so well
  • also on the topic of blending and mermaids do you think mermaids have makeup?? were they the first to come up w. waterproof makeup? these are the real question guys.
  • okay so back to this au i’m starting to get into it
  • clary is a m a z e d and izzy is so happy
  • like her whole life humans have been insulted for being mundane and boring and they wouldn’t understand mermaid life
  • but this girl, she likes it (that much izzy knows)
  • and so clary also just bursts out saying ‘holyeverlivingfuck thats so cool. but also i’m kinda cold could you like help me get to shore?’
  • and izzy knows the area by heart and she guides clary back to shore
  • but the thing is, its a very long trip
  • and so izzy talks the entire time bc clary needs to save her strength
  • and izzy tells her about her life, and her home, and her brothers and how much she loves them. and she tells clary about what shes found out about humans
  • and some of it is really silly. like fans as plates and clary tells her the proper function and name for all of them
  • eventually they reach shore and its dark by then and also they’re miles from where clarys folks are so clary just sighs and lies on the beach
  • izzy is near the ocean still, like her tail is in so she doesn’t you know. die. and clary lies next to her and they watch the sky
  • and naturally clary starts talking and its her turn to talk and thats what they do except for that little times when izzy has to go back in the water and redrink or whatever it is mermaids have to do to not die
  • and clary tells her about her family, and her friends and school and her two dads and izzy is so interested in poly like thats a real thing? tell me more?
  • and they just spend the night talking and its about everything about space and they get so deep and gay and philosophical and exchange beliefs
  • and then the sun starts coming out. and clary realizes she needs to get back they must all be worried sick
  • so they say goodbye for the time being and clary finds her way back and tells her parents that she was out with some other friends sorry
  • and its selfish of her but she doesn’t tell simon about izzy. its selfish, they’re best friends but something in her just wants to keep izzy for herself
  • so anyways that spot becomes their regular meetup and ofc people would notice a mermaid and human talking
  • so clary swims out and they talk for hours before swimming back at around sunset
  • and their first kiss. boi lemme tell you their first kiss is so good and cheesy i cry
  • like its in the water and its perfect. the sun is dipping low into the sky, some stars are already coming out, its in that evening point where the moon is also visible and shades of pink and orange are coming out and isabelle’s tail just flows perfectly, the water is still except for the ripples around them, their hair is a little messed up, both of them have a sudden shortness of breath and then it all happens so very fast they just lunge for each other at the same time and clary wraps her leg around izzy’s torso (upper tail?) and isabelle grabs a hold of clarys face and is minimizing the distance between them and her tail is flapping? in the water and its messy and wet and completely them and fingers are caught in hair and its so fucking good let me tell you
  • and it becomes a thing with them, kissing as they see each other, and as clary leaves
  • luke knows somethings up with his daughter so he crashes on her bed and they talk and clary doesnt say that its a mermaid but that theres this girl and shes really pretty
  • and luke’s the first person clary has come out too and it takes her a few nights but then she can finally say the word and its. its terrifying to say it.
  • like the word feels like home, it feels like belonging, something she knows is hers. and its just. its comforting and she didnt know it was possible for a word to be comfort but it is and fuckfuckfuck what does this mean??
  • luke calms her down, tells her there’s nothing wrong with being that way. they bond more on being gay.
  • and then alas, summer must come to an end. and its such a bittersweet thing like they spend so much time and clary even stays with her all night (after calling her mom) and they try not to talk about it but they know shes leaving in the morning
  • and they have one last kiss, and its full of broken promises, and tears and it feels wrong. nothing like before, like heartbreak and years of pain came crashing in between
  • and they leave. clary tries not to think about her and izzy can’t stop.
  • eventually izzy becomes so lonely she strays out and there are other people who come to the beach
  • mean people with nets and terrifying thoughts in their mind
  • and they’ve heard rumors
  • and all of a sudden a net goes flying and isabelle is too weak, or maybe too tired to fight and shes in the net
  • and they say that she loved so fiercely, and they tell this story to ever mermaid who listens to warn them never to go near humans. or else sever consequences follow
  • (they don’t tell the part about how clary came back to try and find her. and she left, tears falling from her eyes when she couldn’t and the sky never painted itself in the same way, it was as if nature itself was crying over the loss of two stars)

wow that was a great story and ur welcome alec for not making it too angsty. under the cut is your blograte

              [want one?]

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Beaches (Michael Clifford Oneshot)

Rating: R

Pairing: Michael Clifford

Word Count: 1,649

Beachers were positively the best thing in the summer. Especially when the boys were home from tour and you got to show off your new suits to your boyfriend. It was always funny how easy it was to get Mikey hard, all you need was a strap swim top, or barely-there bottoms. His hands would be all over you in seconds, rubbing down your thighs or the sides of your ribcage. You’d push him away, needing to finish getting dressed for the beach trip that you and the rest of the boys had been planning for weeks. Pulling away from Michael’s roaming hands, you lightly padded over to your dresser to dig around for a cover-up. Upon realizing that you didn’t actually have one, you decided on a pair of ripped jean shorts and one of Michael’s shirts. Why bother, you’d only be wearing the clothes themselves in the car.


The radio turned up as loud as it could go, a mixtape of blink-182, All Time Low, Good Charlotte, and Green Day blasted throughout the car. Windows rolled down as Ashton drove through the deserted back streets of Los Angeles, making his way to Malibu. With Luke up in front with Ash, you laughed as everyone screamed lyrics at the top of their lungs. You sat next to Michael in the backseat of the vehicle, Calum to his left. Hair blowing out the window, you half-hazardly ran your hand through the tangled strands as the boys shouted “Holiday” out the window. Weaving down Old Topanga Canyon Road, where there were only two ends. One in Malibu, and one where apartment buildings rested. Trees surrounded the old road, sharp turns and dark paths.


A soft kiss was placed on the side of your head, causing you to flinch back in surprise.


“Didn’t mean to scare you, babe.” Michael chuckled, running a large hand through his red hair. He rested the same hand on your bare thigh, running fingertips across the soft skin. You smiled back up at him, running a hand through his rough hair before pulling his lips to your own. Calum groaned loudly behind Michael, a soft smirk becoming apparent on your lips.


“C’mon guys, can’t you make out later?” The red-haired boy turned around to glare at Cal, sending a stupid remark about how “at least i’m getting some.” You simply shook your head, intertwining Michael’s fingers with yours before turning back to look out the window. Resting your head against the glass, you watched the dusty mountains that you drove by, and the houses nestled on the side.

“Y/N,” a soft voice murmured. “We’re here.” Michael slowly shook you awake, coaxing you into reality with soft kisses and touches of his calloused fingertips. Blinking yourself out of your sleep, sat up to find yourself parked along a busy street.


“Why are we here?” You asked, wondering why the boys had decided on such a busy place. “It’s too crowded.” The words weren’t harsh, only curious.


“Don’t worry, I read online that behind these houses,” he gestured to the beach homes to his right. “There is a private beach that we can sneak into.” Instantly you were relieved, not wanting to spend the day with fans and mobs. Sighing, you stretched your arms over your head before placing a light kiss on Michael’s lips. Pushing the door of the car open, you quickly slipped on your flats behind heading to the back of the car to grab the items the boys had piled in the trunk.


“Why the fuck is Daniel in the freezer?” Michael asked, astounded. Ashton sheepishly shrugged, watching as the red-haired boy grabbed the furry animals from it’s cold confines.


“I thought he’d get warm on the ride over and I wanted him to stay cool. So I put him in the freezer.” A bubbly laugh burst from your lips at Ash’s response, quickly booping his nose before grabbing a lounge chair and shuffling to the gate. Luke grabbed the handle and shoved the hot metal barrier open, slightly bowing and a muttered ‘after you, m’lady.’ You shrugged once more, a crooked smile on your face as you stumbled down the sandy steps.


It was only mere moments before you had unfurled the folded chair, setting it up few yards from where the waves lapped at the sand. Peeling off Michael’s oversized shirt, you threw it over the back of the chair before shimming awkwardly out of your shorts. Throwing them in the same spot as the shirt, you adjusted the red bikini top you had on, making sure that nothing was, well, spilling out. Laying back on the lounger, you drew one leg towards your body, reveling in the feeling of warmth on your skin.


“Looking good, Y/N!” Calum called out from the water, you only smiled back at him. Laughing at his flirty comment.


“Agreed.” Was Ashton’s response as he walked by you, a beer in hand. Glancing over at your boyfriend, you could see that his mood had instantly darkened. Green eyes bored into your body, mouth curved into a frown. Michael set the cooler down next to the chair you lounged in, grabbing another and setting it up beside you. Tilting your head back, you rearranged your sunglasses over your face before closing your eyes and soaking up the sun.


You jumped for the second time that day, as a towel was thrown over your body. Instantly snapping your eyes open, you sat up to see Michael staring over you.


“What the fuck?” Were the first words out of your mouth, wondering why Mikey had suddenly decided to cover you up.


“The boys keep staring at your tits, and I don’t like it.” Was his only response, deep jealously radiating in his every movement. “I don’t like how their eyes roam over what’s mine,” his voice was gruff, hand trailing under the colorful beach towel. “How they’re imaging that skimpy bikini you’re wearing on the floor.” His rough hand made it’s own path to your clothed core, massaging your inner thighs before cupping your heat.


“Then do something about it.” It was a soft whisper, one that ignited a blaze in his eyes. A simply lust that you knew would drive him wild. Quickly his fingers were shoving the matching red bottoms to the side, sliding up your wet folds.


“You’re already wet, baby.” Michael partially moaned, teasing fingers dancing across your clit. His thumb rubbed circles on the swollen nub, your hips bucking at the contact. A small whimper escaped your lips and his fingers slid around your entrance, dipping shallowly in before pulling back. “Gotta keep quiet, Y/N.” The green-eyed boy growled, harshly thrusting a digit into you. A cry left your lips, by which the other three boys instantly turned to look at you. Michael’s hand stilled, raising his eyebrows and looking at you as if he had no clue what was happened.


“You okay there, love?” Ashton asked, a smile playing at his lips. The tall boy walked towards you, a questioning gaze lingering upon his face.


“Yeah, I’m fine.” You replied quickly, smiling back at him. Ashton lent down next to you to grab a beer from the cooler, straightening up before training his eyes on your exposed chest.


“You want to join us in the water?” He asked, popped the glass bottle open. “I know the boys wanted to see that suit in action.” Ashton’s left eye dropped into a wink, not a moment later did one of Michael’s fingers thrust into you. Your mind went blank, searching for an answer to a question you had long forgotten. Mikey’s digit quickly pumped into your tight confines, your breathing becoming labored as he curled them towards your g-spot. “Y/N?” Ashton spoke again, drawing your attention.


“Oh,” you spoke, voice breathless. “Not at the moment, but thanks!” You weren’t even sure if you were saying the right thing, or if it even made sense. All you knew was the sensation of Michael’s fingers thrusting in and out of your. The cheeky boy plunged another finger into you, your back arching as he massaged your g-spot.


“Is my dirty girl going to come for me?” He asked, breath hot in your ear. Grasping Michael’s forearm, you dug your painted nails into his skin, barely containing a moan as his thumb once more drew random letters on your slit. Knots in your stomach were forming all too quickly, a breathless whimper as your back arched. Hips bucking towards his digits, you moaned once more as he gave you permission to come.


The world went white, thrown over the edge of waves of pleasure coursed through your skin. Eyes squeezing shut, your mouth dropping open as you came. Michael’s fingers worked you all throughout your orgasm, prolonging the ecstasy. You couldn’t catch your breath as you came down, opening your eyes to three boys staring at you with wide eyes. Drinks in their hands, cheeks flushing red as you realized what they’d just witnessed.


“Did you just finger her?” Calum asked, his mouth dropped wide. His voice was low, gruff. Lustful. “In fucking public?” Ashton awkwardly wrapped a towel around himself, fumbling to cover the slight tent in his pants. You could clearly see the outline of his cock, Ashton’s adam’s apple bobbing as his swallowed nervously. Luke simply stood and stared in awe, eyes wide with disbelief. His long fingers dug themselves into the side of his ribs as he tried to get himself under wraps.

“What can I say?” Michael smirked. “I had to let you guys know who she belonged to.” The cheeky boy slipped his fingers out from under the towel, popping the soaked digits into his mouth. His red hair bright against the blue sky, throwing his head back as he enjoyed the taste of you on his fingers.

Women’s History at the Academy Library: From Suffragettes to Sanger

Although the Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library is dedicated primarily to the study of motion pictures, cinema can serve as a cultural touchstone that encompasses all aspects of life, and our Special Collections holdings include many items documenting political and social movements over the years. 

In honor of Women’s History Month, we present some highlights that illuminate the women’s rights movement in a unique way.

As these release fliers from the William Selig papers demonstrate, some films from the early 1910s reflect the zeitgeist of the time as the movement for women’s suffrage was gaining traction. 

In the 1912 Selig Polyscope Company production When Helen Was Elected, a married couple, Beacher and Helen Summers, are preparing for his campaign for mayor. Trouble arises in the form of Helen’s aunt Frances who, according to the film’s release flier, is a “violent advocate of woman’s rights” who “pulls her husband…around by the nose.” 

Frances convinces Helen to run for mayor herself even though she “knows nothing and cares less about politics.” Helen is elected but, too “worn out” by the campaign, tries to cede her place to her husband. Her efforts to abdicate fail until it’s realized that she is “not yet of legal age.”

Another 1912 film, When Women Rule, advertised as “A Screaming Farce on the coming of Equal Suffrage,” also involves a woman running for political office. “The quiet and peaceful home of John O’Connell has been invaded by the growing spirit of the suffragette, and what was once a happy fireside now finds O’Connell doing the family washing, and Mrs. O’Connell a candidate for Mayor.” 

She wins the race and once she and her followers (dubbed the O’Connellites)  are in office, they “demonstrate, at least to their own satisfaction, that no city Government is complete without them.”

A 1913 Marshall Stedman production, The Suffragette, or The Trials of a Tenderfoot, is another satirical look at the social movement of the day. 

The release flier tells us that our heroine, Samantha Roundtree, is visiting a western town “to lecture on Votes for Women” when some local cowboys decide to have some fun at her expense. They disguise themselves in “wigs and Indian Costumes” and kidnap her. The leader of the pack then sneaks away, slips off his costume, bursts back onto the scene and “empties blank cartridges at the crowd with such effect that he decimates the Indians and rescues Samantha,” who is “more than grateful to her hero” and “clings” to him like a “leach [sic].” Once back in town, “having gotten a man,” she “forgets all about votes for women.” 

These films’ misogynistic humor perhaps echoed some citizens’ reactions to the growing women’s movement.

For an opposing – and more serious – view of women’s suffrage, the Katharine Hepburn papers offer other highlights. Hepburn’s mother, Katharine Houghton Hepburn, was a leader of the suffrage movement in the United States. She also co-founded, along with Margaret Sanger, the American Birth Control League, which would evolve into the organization we know today as Planned Parenthood. 

Two photos illustrate the Hepburn family’s social activism. In the photo above, we see Katharine Houghton Hepburn at a rally in front of the Hartford Times building in Hartford, Connecticut, in the spring of 1912. 

Another photo shows a young Kate Hepburn (pictured, below), circa 1914, dressed in a suffragette costume. 

A final standout is a 1951 letter from Sanger to the actress in which the activist writes, “I’ve always loved the directness & clarity of thinking your mother expressed. I love to think of our work together in Washington.”

The influence of Katharine Houghton Hepburn on her daughter’s life and career is undeniable. Self-assured from the very start, Hepburn demanded – and won – a high salary for her first role, in the 1932 George Cukor film A Bill of Divorcement. She became a famously independent woman in her own right, wearing pants at a time when it was simply not done, and, more importantly, eschewing the Hollywood publicity machine in an effort to protect her privacy – another bold move, especially at the height of the Studio Era, when the studios could make or break a star’s reputation.

These intriguing items from our collection are just a few examples of the library’s holdings related to women’s history. They serve as a reminder of how current events can permeate popular culture, a phenomenon that continues today.

Quick video a generous Rob made for the wife of the Johnny Depp lookalike at a party on Saturday night in Los Angeles he attended with FKA twigs in Beverly Hills at the home of Jeff Beacher, prior to the American Music Awards.  11.19.16

From IG with caption:

“So this is happened last night it’s so cute my husband @hollywoodjohnnydepp got #robertpattinson @official_robertpattinson to do this cute video for me:)❤️❤️❤️ I love it that’s so awesome and he such a great sport!! The best part is he is my favorite actor and has been for many years- I actually watched twilight and Breaking Dawn part 1 yesterday with my daughter don’t ask me why the order was out of whack LOL!!! #VIP coolest guys on earth! #amazingpeople #hellya #twilight #twimom #twihard #nicestactors #celebs"

Black Lace Romper and Chuck Taylors

By Song of Style

Get inspired by one of the biggest fashion bloggers on the Internet.

Couple of weeks ago, I was running errands on a beautiful weekend in L.A. so instead of dressing up this pretty romper from Ministry of Style, I dressed it down with my Converse chuck taylors. As soon as I saw this pretty lace romper, I wanted to save it for Coachella and possibly style it with my Isabel Marant studded sandals (seen here) or Tibi gladiator sandals (as seen here,) but I couldn’t wait to wear it! Sometimes, I lack patience and want to wear new pieces right away. 

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Photos by Jacopo Moschin

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