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There have been weeks were, when I step on the scale, I think “the scale is going up.” I always prepare myself for it even though it never happens and it’s just a number. But today when I stepped on the scale, the number was the same as last week. And you know what, I’m perfectly ok with that. I wasn’t really working out because of this stupid head cold, and I know so many people with March birthdays that I went out for supper twice. But you know I see it? I’m letting my body rest and heal, and I lived a little bit - nothing wrong with that. The biggest thing I’m taking away from this is that this shitty week is not going to turn into a shitty month or a shitty year. What’s in the past is in the past; I don’t have to bring it with me to the future. To quote Autumn Calabrese, “don’t worry what happened before, don’t worry about what’s coming next, just focus on what your doing right now.” 💪 Stay strong my friends 💕

Weekly Update time!

So, here it is! I have finished my second week of T25! I didn’t get a four pound weight loss again, but I did get a nice 2 pound loss. So now I’m down 6 whole pounds in 2 weeks!

Although I can’t personally see a difference unless I’m looking at my side by sides I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER than usual. I have more energy and I don’t get tired out doing stuff with the kids. Plus a non-scale victory! My wedding ring is fitting a lot better! Yay! :) It’s been a little tight since my 4th kiddo was born. That really isn’t a problem now.

Anyway, this hasn’t been a cakewalk and if it weren’t for people encouraging and motivating me I probably would have stopped after no being able to just see a change without my pictures. I’m so happy. :) Thank you to everyone who has been encouraging me especially my husband: Without him I wouldn’t have made the big changes in my life that I have the last couple weeks.

I just started Shakeology today too. I know I always hear people talk about how it helped them. I see their results and now I’m going after my own. :) I’ll let everyone know how that goes!

If anyone of y'all wanna make changes but need some extra support, let me know! I’ll add you to my accountability group and I’ll do what I can to keep you on your toes! :)

PS If you wanna jumpstart into your workouts and stuff there’s a challenge group I’m going to be helping out with. Message me and I’ll give you more details. ❤✌️

Getting real with today’s sweaty selfie because I decided to workout without a shirt since I get too hot 😵It was so liberating!! 💃🏻Plus it was leg day today and I felt like showing off my legs 💁 yes I have stretch marks and rolls, no I don’t love them even though I’ll probably always have stretch marks. But I love myself, and I love what my mind and body have been accomplishing in the past month 💪

Not sure how I’m still standing after leg day today, but it’s gonna take some serious will power to get up once I sit down 😓 I don’t know why, but I could not catch my breath while working out. I’m still a little out of breath. I’m trying not to get discouraged but this feels a step in the wrong direction.
The smile though is because I stuck it out and crushed my workout today 👊

Stats (without weight)

Feb 20: 47
Mar 13: 45.5

Feb 20: 48.5
Mar 13: 47.25

Feb 20: 51
Mar 13: 48.75

Feb 20:
-right: 17.75
-left: 17.5

Mar 13:
-right: 16.5
-left: 16.5

Feb 20:
-right: 30
-left: 30

Mar 13:
-right: 28.5
-left: 28.5

Total inches lost: 10.25 inches

I started Beta Round of T25. :) Looking forward to more results. I’ll be starting the 21 day fix workouts after I finish this.

Omg a little bit of muscle is peeking through!! 💪💪
But first, I wanna thank everybody for their kind words yesterday 😊 you guys have no idea how much it means to me 💕💕
I did not want to workout again today. I don’t know, my motivation is low again 😒 but if I quit, the only person I’m quitting on is myself, and I love myself too much to do that 🙈

Check this out, 72 pounds down now! The first picture was January 1st and the second is May 22! I lost 14 pounds since last month! And I bought my first ever size 10s last week and I’m now considered normal weight! I’m so happy and proud of myself for not ever giving up even when I wanted to so bad.