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hurricane during a beach trip au~?

“Oh god,” Lydia cringes beside Stiles, and he looks up from where he’s arranging their bags in the trunk, glances over her shoulder.  

“What? Are Scott and Allison making gross, sappy—” he trails off as his eyes land on Derek, wearing board shorts and flip flops. 

Derek has feet. 

Nice, perhaps slightly over excessively hairy toes. 

Toe nails. 

Two years of frat boys at college has still not adequately prepared Stiles for the sight of Derek Hale wearing flip flops. And board shorts. Black ones, of course— heaven forbid he actually deviate too much from the norm— but also a bright red vest that clings to his waist, and shows off his arms and, oh Jesus. 

Christ,” he blurts out. 

“I know,” Lydia agrees, for no doubt totally different reasons. “What a mess.”

Of course, she’s worried about his apparel for its style related reasons. Not because Derek looks hot like the burning sun, and Stiles might have a meltdown before lunch.

Derek glowers across at them, “What. What are you looking at?”

“Shins,” Stiles says faintly, and then shakes himself when Derek arches an eyebrow and Lydia turns to stare at him incredulously. “I mean, I just— have never seen your uh, calves before.”

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Friends or Enemies?


 In which the reader is secretly dating Aiden, but her brother Scott doesn’t know. What would happen if he finds out… 

A/N: I love getting requests with you guys, and I can do multiple fandoms, not just teen wolf so let me know if you’re interested! Also I wrote this a about 2 am my time so it’s not me best work, but I hope you all enjoy!!

 The whole pack seems to be overly stressed about the new alpha pack in town. I always try to reassure them that there is nothing we have to worry about, but that always leads to eye rolls and the question “how could you be so sure”. I want to tell them I know because Aiden, one of the new alphas in town (and my new boyfriend), promised he wouldn’t hurt any of us. 

 If any of my pack members knew I was dating Aiden, I would be dead. Especially if my brother Scott knew. He’s already pissed that I found out about him being a werewolf ( thanks to Stiles not being able to keep his mouth shut). What’s even worse, is since I now know about werewolves and other supernatural creatures, Scott forbids me to date any supernatural being. Which makes being with Aiden even worse. 

 I really do hate keeping secrets from my pack, and especially my brother. He is like one of my best friends and we would always tell each other everything. But I don’t want to see him or Aiden get hurt, so I need to keep this a secret. At least for now. 

 I never knew that dating in secret would be so hard. I have to be extra cautious that I don’t come home covered in Aiden’s scent and he can’t be strutting around covered in mine either. Scarves have also become a new fashion necessity for me due to Aiden’s love of marking my neck. I do love that boy, but he drives me crazy sometimes. There are some perks of our relationship though. We have secret make out sessions any time we have a chance, and my personal favorite is opening my locker to see little love notes hidden in there.

 Thankfully tonight is a full moon, so Scott, Stiles, and Isaac are all going to Lydia’s beach house, which has become sort of a ritual for them to go to. With my mom also working a night shift, that means it’s a perfect opportunity for Aiden and I to spend the night together. We still haven’t done anything more than kiss, but I feel as though I’m ready to take the next step. I’m absolutely sure that I’m in love with him and that there is no one else I’d rather be with, so tonight could be the night.

“You sure you don’t want to come with us?” my brother questioned.

“Nahh, it’s ok. I have to write this English paper. And I’d rather not be around a bunch of people who are trying not to wolf-out” I respond.

“Well I can keep you company if you want” Stiles suggests.

“No” I say a bit too quickly and harshly. “I mean, I love you Stiles, but you know you would just completely distract me from my paper and I would never finish. But thanks for the offer.”

“If you say so” Scott says.

“I insist. Then that way I can also watch the notebook without any of you guys complaining, and maybe do a facial mask or something. Who knows, all I’m tying to say is that I could use some alone time.” I attempt to stay calm as I talk so that Scott doesn’t hear my heart skip any beats. 

“Alright, well, we’ll see you later kiddo” Scott says. 

I let out a silent cheer as I watch them pull away and leave for the night. I immediately run to my room to start getting ready. I pick out a simple outfit, nothing special. Aiden always says he loves when I wear what I feel most comfortable in, because that’s what makes me most beautiful. So taking his advice, I slip on my favorite pair of blue skinny jeans and and my favorite top. I quickly add on some eyeliner and mascara and take one final look in the mirror. 

“Ok (Y/N), you can do this. You’re ready” I say to reassure myself. 

I know Aiden wouldn’t pressure me into anything I wasn’t ready to do. But he won’t be able to talk me out of this because I am certain this is what I want. The door bell rings causing me to get out of my thoughts and run downstairs.

“Hey babe” Aiden greets with a kiss to my cheek.

“Thank God you’re here. I thought Scott and Stiles would never leave” I say jokingly. “But now we have the house to ourselves all night so we have nothing to worry about.” My heart flutters briefly and hope that Aiden doesn’t really notice. 

Closing the door behind us, Aiden and I make our way into the living room and start setting up to watch a movie. As he is looking through a bunch of different movie selections, I go and grab some popcorn. When I get back to the living room I see he has decided on some lame action movie. Good thing we probably won’t be watching much of it anyways. He is sitting on the couch with his left arm already open, knowing that’s the spot that I fit perfectly into.

“Can I ask you a question?” I spoke quietly, the movie softly playing in the background.

“Of course, anything” he says with a smile.

“Why do you love me?” I say hesitantly as I lace my fingers with his.

He lets out a small laugh but then notices the seriousness in my features. “(Y/N) I could name a million reasons as to why I love you. But if I must name a few… hmm this is harder than I though” he says while laughing.

“Come on, I’m being serious. Like I love that you try and act all tough and strong, but in reality you’re like my giant teddy bear. You are also really funny, and contrary to my brother and his pack’s beliefs you have the biggest heart out of anyone I know.” I glance up at Aiden to see him staring back at me with so much adoration in his eyes.

“I love that you can see the good in any person, including me. I love the way you scrunch your nose when you’re confused about something. And I love the way you make me feel whenever I’m around you.” While he speaks I try to calm my already racing heart beat. 

I decide to unlace my fingers from his and move them to his neck. We stare into one another’s eyes for what feels like an eternity, but with us there is zero awkwardness, and that’s another thing I love. He is the first to move his face closer and close the gap between us for a kiss. It’s soft and slow, and the kind that makes me weak. 

As the kiss intensifies we quicken our pace, taking little time for breaths. I switch my position to where I am now straddling Aiden with my fingers intertwined in his hair. He moves his hands to my waist and I let out a small laugh, he should know by now that I’m super ticklish. 

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to” he says in between kisses.

“Will you shut up. I’ve already made up my mind. I love you” I retort.

“Well if you insist” he replies with a smile.Thanks to Aiden’s werewolf strength he is able to lift us both off of the couch so that we can start heading towards my room. He slowly walks towards the stairs but then completely stops all movements and sets me down to the floor.

“Hey Aiden, whats wrong” I asked concerned. There was no answer as I saw him staring ahead. But that’s when I heard it. The low growl of an alpha. Scott. “Shit” I mumble.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing” Scott questions harshly. He wasn’t alone either. Issac was with him, and I’m sure Stiles was waiting in his jeep outside.

“Scott please just let me explain.”

“You, get out. Right now.” He spoke slowly and clearly. His eyes were their bright red and his fangs were visible under his lips.

“No Aiden can stay. Scott just listen to me” I demand. His red eyes switched to mine as I began to feel fear spread through my veins. I wasn’t scared of Scott hurting me, I was scared of him not approving of us. “Scott, I’m in love with Aiden. I have been for awhile now.”

“But he’s the enemy!”

“No, he’s not! He is the only one in the alpha pack trying to help us. How do you think I was able to come up with so many ideas at the pack meetings?” I look intently into his eyes. “It’s because Aiden told me the alpha’s plans so I could counter them. Don’t you see, he is on our side. I  really do love him Scott.” As I spoke, I felt my boyfriend lacing his fingers with mine as if to give me a boost of confidence. 

“Issac, Aiden, can you please give us a moment” Scott spoke softly. The two werewolves walked out of the room, Issac letting out a small growl as he walked by Aiden. 

“Look Scott, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you or mom, I just knew you wouldn’t approve.”

“Of course I wouldn’t approve (Y/N)! You aren’t going to see him again, you know that right?” He says forcefully.

“You can’t decide that. I know you’re trying to protect me, but I don’t need your help. I can take care of myself. Either way, you aren’t dad so stop trying to act like you are!” I instantly regretted the last thing I said and noticed as his once red eyes now switched back to their usual brown ones. Our voices were both growing louder and I was sure you didn’t need to be a wolf to hear us.

“You’re right” he mumbled. I look at him confused as to what he meant and he took a deep breath. “I’m not dad and I shouldn’t try to act like it. I just don’t want to see you get hurt, and I could never forgive myself if it was because of the supernatural. I’m sorry I ruined your date, the guys and I will head out now.” When he finishes speaking he wraps me in one of his signature hugs and places a soft kiss to my head.

“I forgive you. But why did you come back anyways?” I ask curiously.

“Oh uhh… Stiles wanted to see if he could steal some of your facial stuff. He’s been complaining about his complexion all day” he says through laughter. I let out a small laugh and I give my brother one more big hug.

Scott and I make our way outside as we see Isaac, Stiles and Aiden all in deep conversation, and dare I say, enjoying themselves. However, my body tenses up as I see Scott approach Aiden. To my surprise, Scott holds out his hand and so Aiden matches him, and they give each other a firm handshake and a smile.   I start to wonder if maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if I had told them sooner. 

My brother and his friends get back into the blue jeep and once again I wave goodbye as they drive off, this time with Aiden by my side. 

“So, where were we?” Aiden questions with a devilish grin. 

I think it’s safe to say that what just happened, my nerves for being intimate with Aiden have all washed away. He is the one.  

Top 10 one direction fics that you might not have read but I feel like you should.

Nice long title for you there, but a pretty simple concept. Ten fics that I love and that I don’t think got the love they deserved. I think all of these have a hits under 5k. I’ve also linked to peoples Tumblr’s where I have them =) So if you read the fics and want to hit them with some praise, GO FOR IT. (Or comment on Ao3, that’d be a lovely thing to do.) 

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Beach Vacation

@kiti-the-warrior-poet | AO3 - Hope you like it, kiti, and I hope you’re having a great summer!

by @stacinadia

The Hale Pack rents a beach house for a week the summer before heading to college.

Derek stood outside the beach house, feeling the sand under his bare feet.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day.  He breathed deeply and immediately picked up the salt in the air from the ocean, but underneath that was the scent of each of his pack members and the happiness radiating from all of them.  He closed his eyes and felt the light ocean breeze brushing through his hair and over his skin, listening to everyone’s laughter and the splashes they made in the water.  He opened his eyes again and watched his pack play.

Scott, Isaac, and Jackson were roughhousing in the water, splashing and tossing each other into the water.  A short distance away, Erica clung to Boyd’s back as he swam in the water.  On the shore, Allison was building an elaborate sandcastle, complete with moat and towers.  Next to her was Lydia, sitting in a beach chair under an umbrella and reading a book.  Only Stiles was missing from the scene.  Derek was so proud to be their alpha.

They had finally made it.  All of the new Hale pack, with the exception of Derek himself, had just graduated a few weeks before.  They had all survived both the supernatural world and four years of high school.  And now they were renting a quaint little beach house for a week of fun in the sun, one last big hurrah before they all separated to go to college.

It pained Derek to think of any of his pack not being nearby anymore.  Some of them, like Erica, Boyd, and Scott, were going to nearby colleges that weren’t too far away, only an hour or so from Beacon Hills.  Stiles was going further away to Stanford, but he would still be in the state, at least.  And then there was brilliant Lydia, who was well on her way to Harvard on the other side of the country.

“Penny for your thoughts, big guy?”

Derek didn’t have to turn around to know who had come up behind him.  “Stiles.”

A pair of mole-spotted arms wrapped around his waist and a soft kiss was placed on his cheek.  “Thinking about joining them?” Stiles asked.

Derek rested his own arms on Stiles’.  “Not yet.  Want to enjoy some time with just you.”

Stiles beamed at him.  “You say the sweetest things, Sourwolf,” he teased.

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1. white mustang, lana del rey
2. i’m for real, howard hewett
3. bad, wale + rihanna
4. lose control, silk
5. just the two of us, grover washington jr + bill withers
6. supermodel, sza
7. say it, flume + tove lo
8. days of candy, beach house
9. in my feelings, lana del rey
10. disco medley, selena

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Sorry for the complete lack of posts lol I am at the beach with Jackie’s family! I’m surprisingly completely comfortable in my bathing suit (probably because of the frequency I go swimming) but there’s not that much food stocked in their beach house so I just feel… weird eating it? Like, I don’t want to use up the food that someone else could eat. I am also ashamed to be hungry and want a snack, even though I know that’s completely normal and no one would judge me. There’s just really not that much to eat, so it’s sort of hard.  

Side note, we’d been here four hours and I’d already overheard three separate conversations from strangers about weight/dieting, so that’s great. I’d really like to enjoy my vacation without hearing about how wonderful fat-free mayo is. 

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Midnight and 11-11 ;)

midnight: are you a different person late at night than in the early morning?

yes i think so !! at night i am much more emotional and much more dreamy, and in the morning i’m usually like kinda motivated and i want to Do something like clean or work or whatever like i think/daydream less

11-11: what’s something you want, but feel like you will never have?

a gf lol !! and also a beach house


“Come on!” Tony pleaded, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him.
“Tonyyyy…” She gritted through her teeth, bare feet hitting the wet sand.
“I do not want to get this dress all wet,” she complained.
“Did Ziva David just sound like a girl?” He smirked, teasing her when he received a glare.
“I like this dress, Tony” she reasoned.
“So do I,” his body pressed up against hers.
Ziva wrapped her arms around his neck, staring into his emerald eyes “it is good to be back…”
“Christ, I was going to lose my fucking mind if you stayed one more minute in Israel” Tonys eyes grew closer to hers as he brought his forehead to rest on hers.
“How many other women did you bring to this little hide away on the beach while I was gone?” she questioned and saw the defeat in his eyes.
With a discontented sigh, Tony spoke “None. I swear to god, Zi…ask anyone, you were the only person on my mind for a year. I just couldn’t function or move on…” His pupils watched as hers soundly became cloudy.
Knowing something was up and the unusualness in her demeanor, he stepped back, unhooking his arms from around her waist “why….did you..did you see someone?” He coughed the words out, not wanting to believe this was how things were going tonight. For the past year, he’d spent every night dreaming about what he was going to do with his ninja when she set foot back in the country.
“Tony, I…” She paused, crossing her arms and rubbing them as she caught a cold chill “I had a date…”
Every feature on his face fell and Tony looked up at the sky, the sunlight hitting the horizon over the water.
“Tony,” Ziva sternly stated, “Tony, look at me… Do not shut me out now,”
He gave out a deep side before glaring at her. The look made her heart grow cold and tears fill in her eyes, “I went to dinner with an extremely nice man. He was cracking jokes and being very charming, but” she watched Tony look away “but he suggested we go back to place and watch a movie…” She watched him step back away from her, still looking away.
“Tony, I left before our dinner even arrived to the table”
Tony moved to face her again, she could see all the emotions going on in his mind “why…why’d ya leave?”
She moved closer to him, bringing her palm up to caress the side of his face and noticed how he leaned into her touch “Because, Anthony Dinozzo Jr…” she smiled “in that moment, I realized that I felt like I was cheating on you. No, we were not together, but the idea of dinner and a movie with a man who isn’t you, really made me realize that the only man I want to do that with is you..” Her thumb moved around his jaw “and the only man who can make me truly laugh… is you”
He chuckled, kissing her hand “Ziva David, are you admitting that I can make you laugh better than he could?”
A smile crept on her face knowing he understood and she giggled “He was funny, yes? But, he was not you.” She smiled up at him, her eyes giving him all the answers he needed to know.
Before she could react, Tony leaned down and connected their lips together. It was soft at first, neither of them barely moving. Quite different from the kiss they shared on the tarmac in Israel that was filled passion and need. Now however, was filled with love and new beginnings as they started to move against each other’s mouths. Tony stroked her bottom lip with his tongue, her mouth letting him in and groaning at the contact.
Moments later, the kiss heated up and Ziva pulled away. Her forehead rested against his, both trying to regain their breath.
“It’s been too long since we last did that,” He nipped at the bare skin on her neck.
“I have been waiting for you to kiss me again,” Ziva giggled, moving her head to allow him better access as he sucked at her pulse point.
Tony lifted his head and grinned at her. His eyes telling her all she needed to know.
“I am glad you waited for me,” she grabbed his hand and interlocked their fingers as they started walking back towards the beach house.
“I’d wait forever, sweet cheeks” he squeezed her palm.
“Good to know you were not just selling out because of this dress,” she teased.
“It does looks beautiful on you, but…. I wonder how it would look off you” Tony smirked, raising his eye brows suggestively at her.
Just then, Ziva broke free from his hand and started running in the sand ahead of him. “Catch me if you can Dinozzo,” she smirked.
“Hey! That’s not fair!” he started to chase after her.
“Is the hair on your butt slowing you down, mon petit pois?” Ziva giggled, run faster towards the beach house.
Feeling his lungs needed to recuperate, Tony slowed down and watched as the love of his life kept giggling like a little girl as she ran into the beach house.
Damn, this was a beautiful life.

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Timestamp for "Oh how happy we'll be" prompt: sunrise. Thanks!

Original fic!

The second time Bellamy goes to the beach, it’s almost nothing like the first.

Well, okay, it’s similar in a lot of ways. He’s going to the same beach and the same house, and he’s going with Clarke. But it doesn’t feel the same. It’s only been three months since that first visit, but his entire life has been upended in that time.

It’s not just Clarke; it might not even primarily be Clarke. Not that she isn’t a huge, amazing, wonderful change. She’s up there in the best things that have ever happened to him, he’s pretty sure, which feels weird to think about. Most of his positive life events have been humans, but it feels odd to think about them in those terms. Octavia’s birth is the most important thing that’s ever happened to him, but she’s a person, not a plot point.

It’s something he’s reminded himself of a lot, in the last three months. Just because Octavia feels like the fulcrum on which his existence turns, it doesn’t mean she is, or that she should be. She doesn’t owe him that. And–she’s going to be happy.

That’s all he’s ever wanted for her. But it’s still a change, and a huge one.

One he’s not confident he would have gotten through without Clarke. Not in a bad way; he hasn’t been leaning on her, he doesn’t think. Mostly, it just gives him something to do aside from from fret about how she’s doing. He has a new girlfriend to focus on, and that’s great.

It’s her idea to go back to the beach. It’s not for long, just for the long weekend at Labor Day. He’s between summer and fall semesters and has spent the rest of his break stressing out about how to redo all of his lesson plans based on his experiences in the summer term. Which wouldn’t be bad, except he’s done it about a thousand times, and if he does it any more, he’s probably going to give himself an aneurysm.

Clarke suggested the beach, and found flights cheap enough that even he didn’t mind flying instead of driving. When you’re only going for a weekend, driving for fifteen hours just doesn’t work, honestly.

And there’s something weirdly exciting about flying with Clarke. About taking a trip with her, just her.

So, yeah. Watching Clarke unlock the beach house, it feels completely different.

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Is it ok to see a band by yourself? I really wanna see Beach House but I feel weird about going alone.