At the National Park of American Samoa, you can see amazing tropical animals, learn about the culture of Pacific Islanders and enjoy snorkeling in gorgeous blue water. Or you can just find the perfect place to lay on the beach and do nothing. No judgment. Photo by National Park Service.

Beach Day

Created for Voltron Whump Week

Prompt: Day 6- Poison

Summary: The paladins finally get a break. Lance somehow always finds trouble though…

Notes: A direct continuation of my fic Within, you don’t have to read it, but it provides a nice little background for this fic. I do try to explain things briefly anyway, there’s just no details.

Warnings for injuries, venomous creatures, blood, illness.

 Beach day

There were thousands of miles of beaches and sun and beautiful oceans. They had already been visiting this planet for over a week, but everyone kept finding excuses not to leave. They were situated in a more remote location, so they weren’t sharing this beach with anyone else besides the team. It was their private beach getaway. At first, it was only supposed to be for Lance’s birthday, but then they decided to stay a few more days and then a week went by… but nobody wanted to be the one that suggested they go back to being defenders of the universe just yet. They had needed the vacation, especially Lance, who had been so sick just a short while ago. It was good to see him smiling again.

However, while nobody said it, Lance knew that they would be leaving soon. He felt the shift in the energy; the little bit of regret that started to creep in on Shiro’s and Coran’s faces. They didn’t want to tell him it was time to go, but he knew that it was. So Lance started saying goodbye. He spent a whole day in the ocean, playing in the waves. The next day he decided to go walk to the tide pools that he actually hadn’t visited yet.

“Pidge, want to take a walk with me?”

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Mystic Messenger Imagine

Where would the members of the RFA take you on holiday?


  • Yoosung wouldn’t be able to afford an expensive trip like the rest of the RFA (he’s a student after all)
  • But he still wants to treat you to a break away
  • You end up going on a camping trip
  • And it rains loads
  • Yoosung gets really annoyed by the rain as he wanted to go to the beach and sit in the sun
  • He’d planned to go to arcades and eat fish and chips on the sea front
  • Now you were stuck in a tent together, with water leaking through one corner
  • There wasn’t even wifi
  • You were still determined to make the most of it
  • ‘Yoosung, come play cards.’
  • Yoosung agreed reluctantly but you both became more and more competitive until you were both completely invested in the game.
  • After that, Yoosung brightened up and you started to make the most of the holiday, despite the weather
  • You both bought matching wellies and raincoats and went out wearing them
  • You went to the seaside wearing them and ate soggy fish and chips in the rain
  • You went to the arcade and Yoosung spent ages trying to win you a toy on the claw machine(Damn it, he was getting his girl a pikachu soft toy)
  • He eventually managed to win it and gave it to you, proudly
  • There’s a game similar to LOLOL in the arcade and you have to stand and watch as Yoosung beats the high score (which takes a long time. You enjoy watching how excited he gets though when he eventually beats it)


  • Zen wants to take you on the trip of a life time so he plans it all behind your back and doesn’t tell you where you’re going.
  • You even fly without him telling you what airport you’re going to
  • He’s taken you to New York City :)
  • You stay at a 5* hotel overlooking Central Park because only the best will do for his girl
  • Zen takes you around all the tourist attractions of New York: the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Met Museum, Central Park, Top of the Rock and Brooklyn Bridge
  • So many selfies sent to the other members of you at all the different attractions
  • And selfies all over social media
  • You get lost all the time as Zen isn’t very good with directions but he insists on guiding you around
  • ‘I’m sure it’s this way, MC. Just trust me.’
  • Half hour later you have to go back the way you came because you went in totally the wrong direction
  • On your final evening in NYC, Zen takes you to see a Broadway musical
  • As you’re watching the show, you can see that Zen is longing to be on the stage rather than in the audience
  • It makes you remember how much passion the boy you love has and how important acting is to him
  • Both of you are in tears by the end of the show as it’s so emotional and the actors are so good
  • 'I bet that one day you’ll be among those actors, Zen. You deserve to be on that stage.’


  • When Jaehee goes on holiday, she wants to relax completely
  • So, you plan a break away to a beach/island getaway for the two of you
  • You go to the most luxurious hotel you can afford and get a premium room overlooking the sea with a jacuzzi on the balcony
  • When Jaehee sees the hotel you’ve booked, she’s stunned
  • 'MC, you shouldn’t have booked such an extravagant hotel! We could have managed with a basic hotel as long as it had a coffee machine. Can we even afford this?’
  • Okay, so maybe you went a little over the top but you wanted to treat Jaehee and help her to unwind
  • You promised to work extra hard to make back the money that the holiday cost
  • When you arrive at the hotel, Jaehee has to admit that it was worth the price you paid
  • The atmosphere of the holiday is really light hearted and you’ve never seen Jaehee so relaxed
  • Jaehee and you spent a lot of time in the pool, swimming and splashing around together
  • You also went for romantic walks on the beach in the evening
  • Jaehee researched before going and found a historical building that she wanted to visit one day
  • Every morning started by visiting a different coffee shop in the nearby town and drinking unique coffee flavours
  • And eating pastries for breakfast
  • You don’t want to go back home when the holiday is over but Jaehee has so many ideas for her cafe and can’t wait to go home (even if it does mean working hard again)
  • She’s also really grateful to you for booking the really nice holiday, as it’s something she wouldn’t usually treat herself to (so you’re forgiven for overspending)


  • Jumin travels a lot, so a holiday doesn’t sound that appealing to him
  • But you’ve been begging him to take you somewhere exotic so he books a fancy trip around Europe as a Christmas present (he doesn’t trust his assistant to do it as it’s a gift for you and he doesn’t want anything to go wrong)
  • You’re really excited when he tells you and start to pack immediately
  • Jumin buys you new clothes for you holiday
  • Damn it, that man can’t help but spoil you
  • The vacation is definitely the best you’ve ever been on
  • You visit so many places in Europe
  • Jumin takes you to see the Acropolis in Athens and treats you like a modern day goddess (doesn’t he do that every day though?)
  • You eat calzone in Venice and ride in a gondola
  • You go skiing in the alps and drink hot chocolate at the ski lodge
  • You go to the Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market) in Germany and buy toasted almonds and traditional German cookies
  • In France, you obviously visit Paris and see the tourist sites such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre
  • You go to Spain and visit Barcelona to see the La Sagrada Familia and drink sangria in the sun
  • Jumin finds himself enjoying the experience more and more as the holiday goes on
  • Sure, he’s seen most (if not all) of these generic tourist attractions before but he’s never seen them with you
  • Your enthusiasm and energy makes Jumin realise how he’d taken his life of travel for granted
  • It feels like he’s never seen these sights before and it’s the first time he’s seeing them because you’re making him view them differently
  • Bonus: Jumin ends up buying a tacky fridge magnet and postcard from every place you visit (the postcards he sends home to Elizabeth to show her where he is)


  • When Seven finds out that you’ve always wanted to visit Disney World, he books the holiday immediately
  • Because he’s secretly always wanted to go there too
  • He’s as excited as a five year old the day you travel
  • To be honest, you both act like children throughout the whole holiday
  • One of the highlights of the trip is when Seven meets Woody and Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story is probably his favourite Disney film)
  • He really enjoys Epcot as Future World is so scientific and interesting to him (especially Test Track as it allows him to design his own car and drive it so you end up doing this ride about ten times)
  • You Disneybound together as Peter Pan and Wendy one day and get stopped by cast members who tell you how great your Disneybound is
  • Seven obviously goes over the top with the Disney bound as he loves to dress up anyway (It wouldn’t be surprising if he’s dressed as Wendy honestly)
  • Seven really gets into the character of Peter Pan that day (as if that boy needed another excuse to be mischievous and childlike)
  • You both share a mickey shaped ice cream and Seven ends up getting it all over your nose (of course you blame Seven but it was probably your fault really :p)
  • Seven teases you for crying at the fireworks but by the end of the show, he’s bawling his eyes out too
  • Both of you declaring it the best holiday ever, but that’s probably because you had each other)
  • You both promise to take your children there when you have them, as it’s the most magical place either of you has been to
Oh, Baby

Originally posted by claracivry

Request:  Hi there. Can I request prompt 35 with bruce banner please. Thank you.

Pairing: Bruce Banner x Pregnant!reader, Tony x Pepper

Summary:  35: “ About the baby… Its yours. ”

You and Bruce have been the science power couple for years. You had never planned on children but after a night of unbridled passion, fate made the decision for you but is Bruce willing to accept it? Bold and italic is a memory just italic is thought

Words Count: 1453

Genre: a lil angsty but mostly fluff! I tried writing smut but I got too embarrassed and deleted it, sorry!

Warning: nothing, I think…

     You and Bruce had claimed the title of Science power couple since the beginning. Together for 6 years married for one, you easily beat out Tony and Pepper and you had made yourself the self proclaimed cutest couple as well. It all started when you got an internship with Stark as a mechanical consultant.

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Vacation (Jooheon smut)

Pairing: Jooheon X Reader

Request: Yes

WC: 1,562

POV: 1st person

Rating: M

Warnings: None

A/N: Not my best, but I hope you like it. 

“Jooheon swimming/beach smut scenario please?”

Originally posted by wonyeols

“Working so much…” He placed a kiss on my jaw as he slowly set me down on the bed and switched positions with me and moved to hover over me. “…made me almost forget…” He kept kissing down my neck and this time went down my chest as he reached back and soon I felt my bra come off. “… how beautiful…” He kissed down the valley of my breasts and made sure to take one into his mouth and the other into his hand. “…my baby is, and how needy…” He started making his way further, as he kissed down my stomach he pulled down my panties. He slowly spread my legs more and he sucked my clit into his mouth before slowly pulling off. I moaned softly before biting my lip, “…I must have left her.” He smirked as he placed a few kisses on my thighs. “I can’t believe I missed out on such pretty noises for so long.”

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Spa Getaway AU

Characters A, B, C, and D are all in need of some major rest and relaxation, so as a group, they decide to treat themselves to a spa getaway. Packing up the car, they arrive at their relaxing beach/mountaintop/secluded spa getaway location…only to find that Character D accidentally made the appointments as ‘couples spa’ appointments and not ‘singles spa’ appointments.

anonymous asked:

If they had been a part of the whole beach getaway (oh lord that would have been.. interesting), what swimsuits do you think the HT and SF bros would have chosen for the main character?


Much like Stretch, Mutt happens to like the fascination humans have with skeleton-print, and the idea of seeing it on you is something he can’t resist.  He doesn’t go with one that shows a lot of skin because he’d rather see that part of you privately.


He’s fine with you showing skin, as long as he’s by your side to slip an arm around you.  He likes the many straps on this one; they make his imagination run wild.


You stare at the swimsuit, and then to Axe.

It’s a cheeseburger.

“Seriously?”  Your mouth twitches; you can’t tell if he’s serious or joking.  

He shrugs.  “you already look good enough to eat, so why not?”


Crooks like this one because it’s blue–like the ocean!–but still leaves so much to the imagination.  The peek of the skin of your sides, visible beneath the mesh stretched across it, is something he can’t resist. 
Beware his love bites, or he may devour you.  

a concept: seven-drink amy. the squad goes away for another beach house getaway and everyone decides to go all out on the drinking since they don’t get to do it that often. amy decides to test her limits, with rosa and gina keeping a close eye on her, and before long she makes it to six drinks. it’s way past midnight and she’s dancing around the living room - no music is playing - holding her seventh drink in hand, quickly downing it when she remembers she doesn’t have work the next morning. jake catches her, looking a little bit woozy, and gets her to sit down. “guys, maybe we need to start slowing down”. everyone is almost passed out at this stage and charles turns the tv on; a random movie is playing so they all settle in to watch it. amy looks at jake with bleary eyes and snuggles into his side, throwing an arm across his waist and kissing his neck. “i love you so much babe” she slurs. jake rolls his eyes and smiles. “love you too, ames,” he says, kissing the top of her head and pulling her closer to him. everyone falls asleep to the romcom playing on the tv and amy wakes up the next morning feeling more sorry for herself than she’s ever been.