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Power Rangers head canons that make me sad

cry with me

• Kim is definitely afraid of fire and claustrophobic
- Bonfires happen a lot less often
- They try and find other things to do around town to bond, the beach, bowling, fishing (Jason spends a day teaching them all how to do it properly)
- She tells them she doesn’t mind the bonfires and she can usually stand it for a while
- Trini’s hand in hers is always a great source of comfort, but so it sitting decently far from it lmao
- Billy finds some breathing techniques on the internet for when she starts to get panicked in tight spaces

• Trini is definitely afraid of water
- She skips out on going in the water during beach/pool adventures
- Doesn’t mean she won’t ABSOLUTELY go and look hot in her bikini
- This presents a problem every time they have to go to the ship so someone always holds her hand when they jump in
- It’s usually her gf Kim
• She also has a lot of trouble sleeping in her own room which leads to a LOT of sleepovers, usually with Kim, but she likes to mix it up and kick the boys out of their beds
- They each develop a ritual to help her forget about the shitty things that keep her awake
- Zack likes telling stories his mom told him, Billy will explain the anatomy of an explosive and all the ways it can go wrong, Jason will go therapist and try to really Talk

• Jason has a lot of trouble being decisive for a while because his decisiveness got Billy killed (he says)
- He talks things over more with everyone, which helps him learn to make more informed decisions
- Billy is always really calm and patient with him
- The first Post-Rita Experience is a bit of a shit show because he’s scared to call some of the shots so Kim will fill in the blanks when he hesitates
- He’s always really thankful because she’s always been that for him, especially when Billy was killed (he froze and she took charge)

• Billy hates the way his death makes everyone look at him
- He’ll catch someone occasionally looking at him with this pained, distant expression and he knows exactly what they’re thinking about
- He knows that it’s not exactly something a person can easily get over, seeing your friend die and carrying his dead body for miles, so he tries to bring them to the present with a joke or a grin or an interesting fact about whatever they’re doing
- Jason is the literal worst sometimes
- He just has to touch Billy to know he’s still standing there and breathing
- All of it makes Billy feel like he never really woke up, they all just see him as dead
- He talks to his dad about it a lot which he thinks is funny a “dead” boy talking to his dead dad
- It starts to make him laugh instead of being upset when someone gets The Look™

• Zack will sometimes get flashbacks to that moment where he near passed out during the battle with Goldar
- Everyone takes great care to watch for the signs
- They all know to find him some water and help him sit because he’s always SUPER thirsty when he comes out of it, both from the energy spent and of how parched he was during that moment
- Trini and Jason tell his mom about the flashbacks (in as vague a way they can even though they’re 89% sure she knows who they are) and she teaches everyone meditation tricks to help cut down on their occurrences
- He really works on trying to talk through his emotions of the moment


Why do all Ravenclaw Date Headcanons talk about Ravenclaws wanting to go to a museum? Not all of us are into that, and it’s not ALL we want to do!

If anything, we’re the type of people who want to go out and DO stuff. We want to see the world, observe people, interact with cool things!

With Gryffindors:
• Doing crazy shit all the time like cliff diving because they want to see how adrenaline affects them.
• Laser-tag, because they want to form new strategies and are determined to beat their Gryffindor SO.
• Daring each other to touch the weird animals at petting zoos

With Hufflepuffs:
• Going to the beach on cloudy days and looking for cool rocks and shells. The Hufflepuff finds really cool ones for the Ravenclaw to examine and identify.
• Going on scavenger hunts where the Hufflepuff keeps having to drag the Ravenclaw away from an irrelevant object that piqued their interest.

With Slytherins:
• Going to concerts of the bands that kept them company and kept them awake as they did their Transfiguration homework into the late hours of the night.
• Going bowling. The Slytherin determined to beat the Ravenclaw as they reform their posture with each strike.

With Ravenclaws:
• Going to a coffee shop and analyzing the poems in the poetry slam.
• taking painting/cooking classes for fun.
• Going to the zoo and trying to outdo each other as they spew facts about the animals that aren’t even on the plaques.

Museums are cool and everything, but you can’t expect Ravenclaws to ONLY do that.

Twice[Momo]- Dating Profile
  • Ideal Type:

Someone who can eat well. Someone with a fun personality and someone who is very loving.

  • How they act around their crush:

Really talkative. Not to the point of annoying her crush but she really wants to talk to her crush and get to know them, but she mostly just goes on little rants and she’ll get all flustered. It’d be cute as hell.

  • Confession:

Most likely during one of her rants. Like she’ll be on a rant about something funny her crush did. “…And I guess that’s a reason I like you”

Y/N- “Wait what”

Momo- “What?” *runs away*

Originally posted by myouiminas

  • First Date:

Dinner date. We know she loves food and she really likes her crush so the two couldn’t go wrong. It was an indoor picnic with a few candles for a romantic effect.

  • Regular Dates:

Frozen yogurt shops, ice cream parlors, bowling, beaches, and indoor picnics

  • Next Steps:

Sex- 7 months minimum

Parents- 5 months minimum

Moving In- 2 ½ years minimum

Marriage- 3 ½ years minimum

Originally posted by dahyun

  • PDA:

Loves loves loves it. She’d probably do it so much that she does it without thinking. Holding your hand, kisses, hugs, so much PDA. But if you point out that she does so much she will get all shy and it’d probably be so cute.

  • Pet Names:

Baby, sweetie, some kinda food nickname, and jagi

  • Who says ‘I love you’ first:

Either on a frozen yogurt or ice cream date while you were in the bathroom she’d take some jimmies and spell out ‘I love you’. When you got back you’d smile down at your food then do the same to her yogurt/ice cream.

Originally posted by namo-or-death

  • Anniversary/Birthday Gifts:
  • Often Gifts:

Plushies, food, candles, maybe if you collect something she’ll get you something to add to your collection.

  • Behavior:

Around others-

Not completly clingy but she does like to have some kind of touching when yous are out in public. If it’s hand holding, arm linking, anything she’d do it so people know that you’re taken.


In between a cinnamon roll and a sinnamon roll.Like she’ll want cuddles one minute then the next it is not as innocent. She’ll be even more affectionate then she already is like hope you like affection cause it’s coming non-stop.

Originally posted by 0ncelovestwice

  • Pros:

Probably the kind to use pick up lines on you even if yous have been together for years. And they’d be really cheesy and she would end up cracking up before she’d finish the pick up line. She’d shower you with affection and make sure that you know you’re her one and only.

  • Cons:

She’d be very stubborn during fights until she is proven wrong in the argument. Not being able to see her a lot due to her hectic schedule. Having to deal with all the attention that comes with dating an idol.

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