Intricate little Outsiders facts

- Dallas is a jockey (when he’s not in jail)

- The car that Dally drives to pick up Pony and Johnny from the church belongs to Buck Merrel and is most likely a 1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

- The name of the drive-in movie place is called The Nightly Double, where they play two movies per night, hence the name

- The movie that they watch at The Nightly Double is called Beach Blanket Bingo (hence why Dallas says its a beach movie to Johnny on the way there) and was released in 1965

- The Dingo and Jay’s are the diners greasers usually go to. Socs prefer The Way Out or Rusty’s

- Cherry and Marcia barrel race

- Johnny and Dally died in mid May if you take into account the date on the newspaper they were featured on (It says Tuesday May 10th 1966 on cover)